George Zimmerman … Final Result, What We Already Knew

BRA is nothing but a hideous tyranny


“The one great evil from which all other evils have flowed, is the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States. The Government of the United States is no longer the government of a confederate republic, but of a consolidated democracy. It is no longer a free government, but a despotism.”
– Robert Barnwell Rhett

At the end of the exhausting Trayvon Martin national saga, I find myself standing on exactly the same ground where I was two months ago before anyone had ever heard of George Zimmerman.

(1) First, we are living in Black Run Amerika (BRA), the foundation of which is that our entire society is explicitly run for the benefit of black people, which is an epoch of American history that began in March 1965 when Lyndon Johnson said “their cause must be our cause” before a joint session of Congress.

(2) Second, we have seen once again how the “mainstream” actually works. The Left is culturally dominant and controls all major cultural institutions from the media to the universities where it ruthlessly censors all deviant voices through excommunication to “the fringe.” The Left determines what is “mainstream” by hand selecting its controlled opposition on the “Right.”

(3) Third, we have seen that the Mainstream Media has a transparently anti-White agenda, and that the Democratic Party (in spite of what it says about gun control) was determined (as we saw with Gabrielle Giffords) to exploit the Trayvon Martin shooting to disarm the public.

I’m coming away from this more convinced than ever before that secession, the dissolution of the United States, and the creation of a new federal government in the South is the only viable solution to our problems. I can’t stand most of the people who live in this country and have no desire to be governed by or associated with them.

Let us separate.

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  1. Debating the facts of the case is wonderful an all, but preface your arguments with the phrase “anti-white”, it is to remove the automatic notion of moral superiority the left presumes (destroy it).

  2. In what sense are these parasites left wing, when they promote the economics of the right? The distinction between the two spectrums are of economics, not of social or power-structure. In the US, the democrats and liberals are merely wall-street, corporate, and BRA jockeys. They still fall under the right spectrum.

  3. So they finally went ahead and gave the order to lynch this guy. Why did I ever doubt it? I didn’t really. I just thought the monstrous overreach would be too much to succeed even with all the White traitors and fools in BRA. It is worse than you think every time there is an occasion to prove it so.

  4. As a centralist (which in itself is more left-wing than the democratic party), I am wary and even disgusted with the ideals and policies of the two right-wing parties. I feel that classical liberal policies (of the neocons) and the speculative wall-street/BRA/illegal-immigrant jockeying of the liberals have both led to economic and social degradation. I don’t see it as a matter of left and right, both parties are equally the parasite.

  5. I gave Zimmerman $40.00 today. The rest of you guys and gals better start chipping in, he needs all the help he can get now.

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