The Atlantic Wire’s Witch Hunt

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The Atlantic Wire

A shrill little bitch with a massive overbite called Elspeth Reeve has a new article at The Atlantic Wire called Racist Writers Are Right to Feel Threatened:

“It’s unfortunate Lowry didn’t notice what Weissberg was hinting at, but it’s heartening to see the writer get canned for being so explicit about “Whitopias.”

The term “Whitopia” comes from the black writer Rich Benjamin’s book Searching for Whitopia:

“A Whitopia is whiter than the nation, its respective region, and its state. It has posted at least 6 percent population growth since 2000. The majority of that growth (often upward of 90 percent) is from white migrants. And a Whitopia has je ne sais quoi — an ineffable social charisma, a pleasant look and feel.”

In Black Run America (BRA), a black writer can write an entire book that introduces the concept of “Whitopia” into the English language (not to mention New York Times articles about the same subject), but it is a “heartening” career ending violation of BRA’s racial etiquette for a White conservative to give an “explicit” lecture about “Whitopias.”

Elspeth Reeve then draws an erroneous conclusion in a giddy moment of triumph:

“It’s more accurate to say that professional racists are an endangered species. They can no longer hide in plain sight.”

It is worth noting that communism didn’t collapse in the Soviet Union because it was challenged from within the political mainstream.

On the contrary, there was a slow glacial erosion in its legitimacy over the course of several decades. The official ideology became more and more decadent, implausible in the eyes of the public, and unresponsive to the social and economic needs of the Russian population.

It is far easier for “professional racists” in America to take shots at BRA that change racial attitudes than it was ever was for anti-communist dissidents in the Soviet Union to operate underneath the Iron Curtain:

This “hate graph” shows the White perception of “anti-White bias” now exceeds the perception of anti-black racism. This explains the mystery of what some have labeled the rise of “anti-anti-racism.”

In a social media world, it doesn’t matter if “racists” are witch hunted off “mainstream” websites. A website is just a website that propagates a type of discourse in the same way that file sharing websites allow you to download music. Some other competitive website like VDARE or Takimag that doesn’t march to the tune of the Inquisition will pop up and the memes will be propagated through the White population all the same.

Feel free to continue hunting the Great White Whale. That actually makes it easier for us to spread our propaganda and discredit craven eunuchs like Rich Lowry and the farce known as “mainstream” conservatism.

Note: Derb has resurfaced at Takimag.

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  1. Anyone familiar with Derb’s oeuvre over the past five years or so knows that little he said in The Talk was surprising or unpredictable. Lowry’s knee-jerk reaction to Weissberg now really makes one wonder whether Lowry has even really been paying attention. Maybe there was some cognitive dissonance that got harder and harder for him to bear.

    Derb gave Jared Taylor an extremely friendly and supportive interview in Taki magazine over a year ago. And “We Are Doomed” has long been listed in the AmRen storefront. So that was okay, but Weissberg giving a talk at AmRen is (suddenly) not? What’s the overriding principle here? That the MSM finally took notice?

    Here is Derb’s interview of Taylor that somehow passed NR muster at that time.

  2. “That the MSM finally took notice?”

    Yep, that’s about it.

    Jews (because the are psychopathic as a race) will ALWAYS over-reach themselves.

    And it’s pretty typical of them as a whole. A people who are psychopatic, believe they are ‘above the goyim’, which tends toward pride. Ergo, Jews have egos the size of Cadillacs; the old-fashioned kind, i.e., the ‘land yacht’ kind. Because Jews (falsely) see themselves as ‘Chosen’ (a feat only enacted by themselves, for themselves…. YHWH God doesn’t even care about a jewish fingernail…. in soteriological terms, frankly – and just think how God’s SON feels about them! [John Chapter 8]) I wonder if there isn’t a subconscious fear of retribution- a ‘holocaust of the Jewish mind’ going on in their psyches, for all of the evil that they have amassed over the centuries, starting with Decide- that makes them always ‘tip their hand’ when they think they are, at a certain point in time, ‘invincible.’

    Otherwise, how explain a book entitled ‘The Jewish Century’? Do you REALLY want to let your enemies (and all non-Jews, black OR White, are the Jews’ enemies, in their eyes) know what you think of them, when every utterance from your supposed ‘holy books’ on down to the condescenion of a Madoff- even in prison- is so utterly hubris-laden?

    Truly, those who think all men are like us- that is, lovely, altruistic, moral White Folk- (lol) are deluding themselves, BIG TIME. There are those (like psychopaths) who are irredeemable. Add to that idea, an entire race of such, who are guilty of Deicide, and you have a potent mix for psychological ‘trigger mechanisms’ such as we are seeing here and now, while the Jewsmedia goes on an orgy of ‘slashing’ people like Derby and Weissberg (one of those expedient Jews to ‘get rid of’ – just like Finkelstein when he wrote his book ‘The holocaust Industry”) and then has the chutzpah to say such are ‘self-hating Jews.’

    Frankly, I think ALL Jews are ‘self-hating Jews’ until and unless they convert OUT of Judaism/Talmudic supremacism, and lay their egos at the foot of the Cross……

  3. “Racism” is a good way for white women to bash white guys. They can “deconstruct” the social construct of our “essentialism” to their heart’s content.

    They really are a bunch if fuckin vipers. I think Denise might be onto to something.

    They need to hear fellow hipsterish females and gays say that blacks are inferior and a drag.

    It’s not much use having any of us say it. Women hate they dads brothers sons and boyfriends more than they hate thugs and sheboons.

  4. What on earth did her pop and brothers do to her to make her like this? Or did she imagine it?
    The pathology of the DWL femal. Is something that out to be deconstructed. Sprinkle in some examples of coal burner fates to enrich the message.

  5. She and her logic are easily refuted, she means whites should feel threatened, she is anti-white and nothing more. It is the latest mania that some whites have taken to and is being fanned by the anti-white cult, who no doubt have a tingle these days.

  6. yeah, white chicks have, with minor exception, been treason and trouble. when it all collapses and the rebuilding begins, keep that in mind always. no more labor saving devices (vacuums, wash machines, etc), no more worship, no more “rights.” y’all had your chance.

  7. by the way, that chick in the picture looks like she’s been pummeled about a million times. she’s one her way to abandonment, dyke discovery, dyke abandonment, then cats.

  8. John,
    I’m thinking, from first sight, that this devil is a Kike. My Jewdar’s going RIGHT off. No time to research now. Later.

  9. I must concede your point about having hipsters and gays front this stuff. The Screeching Red Guard have this image of 250 lb sweating Bull Connor’s chomping on cigars keeping the neegrahs down. Instead, much of it is actually just guys born in the 70s who saw the rhetoric of rainbow nations and candy racial unicorns in the 80s and have since then realized it was a pile of biased anti European crap.

    In her case: White women just hate white men. It can’t be anything else. Enthnogendercide.

  10. right on John. white chick hate white men. it is not because “they won’t stand up for themselves” (they would hate you more if you did that anyway). they just hate us and only when they lack “rights” and labor saving devices do they act nice. it’s true.

  11. Not all white women are like this, trust me. It’s partly a regional thing, I’m sure. Don’t feel bad that she and others like her are miserable shrews. Move on to better women!

  12. @Republicrat

    fair enough. but….we can;t keep excusing them with this NAWWALT argument. And those good ones; do they do anything to keep the others in line? My original point is correct.

  13. Nah I’ve seen too many examples of women like this. They actually enjoy torturing men with this crap. They want to have their cake and eat it too. The want the 6ft 175 lb pretty boy who puts up shelves and earns more than her in some profession or other
    AND have blacks take their slots in university or at jobs. They are all stark raving mad. See what these cunts do in November.

  14. To look at this from a Christian perspective, this is what happens when women invert the natural order and expect to be the ones that are “honored and obeyed”. Women like her, when left to their own devices, seek out a dim man (often a minority) whom they believe they can manipulate and order around. To make the description even worse, the most wicked of these women reduce men to a particular anatomical appendage whose sole purpose in life is to give them pleasure. When a large percentage of women are allowed to live double lives playing both sides of the fence and acting out these beliefs and where they give their best to out-group thugs and the worst to in-group honorable males what do we expect but societal collapse? Of course, men are partly to blame for going along with female foolishness and need to reacquaint themselves with certain foundational myths like that of the Romans and the Sabine women. The type of woman in evidence here would probably take it as a great complement that there was some measure of violence present in her “wooing”.

  15. Interesting that you use the USSR as instructive, because as something akin to what you believe “Communism” represented there, was gradually used as a mere prop to bolster what became Great Russian ethnic socialist domination. Now, of course Russia has so many “white racists” afoot, Ms. Reeve would be quite unsettled.

  16. Do these PC chicks not realize the USSR was a cover
    for Russian ethnic supremacy in the satellite states? Without leftist universalism equality there was no USSR. It was the only way the Russian Emprire could continue.

    The Anglo’s have done nothing but give away their Legitimate patrimony over the last 50 years. Even in the motherland. London is a jamaiconigeripakicongo.
    That’s the epicenter of the Language, Cuture, People. Wiped out.
    What more can be given away short of existence itself?

    These cows can’t see it.

  17. “It’s unfortunate Lowry didn’t notice what Weissberg was hinting at, but it’s heartening to see the writer get canned for being so explicit about “Whitopias.””
    His name is basically WhiteCity isn’t it?

    “It’s not much use having any of us say it.”
    They are barraged with the media message, but a sufficiently strong dose of reality is enough to permenantly fix this. I’ve got a great graph of the states that voted during the 2008 primaries, and only the whites that lived far away from blacks supported Obama.

    “Women hate they dads brothers sons and boyfriends more than they hate thugs and sheboons.”
    They say this, but their private decisions do not reflect this. Abortion and feminism have been the wedges that have driven women to the left, not a love of diversity, and those forces get weaker every year thanks to basic demographics. Republicans can and should be making the case that abortion is a state issue, not a national one, but there are plenty of corrupt national republicans who have benefitted from the system as it is.

    “In her case: White women just hate white men. It can’t be anything else. Enthnogendercide.”
    In her case her rationalization hamster is running at 120% on the reactor. everything bad in her life MUST be someone elses fault, and that someone is us.

  18. It just needs one Republican to say:

    “White women SHOULD not have abortions given the Euro Anerican birth rate. Even if we should not ban it either.”

    short term Her/his career would be smoked but if sufficiently well prepared it might
    be the making of a great victory.

  19. Women like this buy into the liberal/feminist/grrl power mindset because it gives them, power without any real accountability. The basic idea is for the young college types is, the foreign “other” guy doesn’t know better (primative culture etc.) and the white/western man does. They’re racist even though they deny it. The gals get to sow their wild oats with the bad boy other, forgiving them for their faults (not their fault, its all their bad culture, she’ll set them right!) then settle down with the doormat feminized beta western male, who’s bought/been shamed into equality. Feminists have become the very thing they supposedly fought against in the 60s-70s, the selfish playboy reading sexist cad who dumps the wife for a younger model.

    Search for the Marie Clare article “why I dumped my beta husband” to read it from the horse’s mouth, a modern liberal “media elite” white woman.

  20. Ethnic European men have for tens of thousands of years worked hard, sacrificed and died for their people and their women. And this is what we get in return? These type of European-American women!

    When Reeve says racist, what she means is European-American caucasian. “Racist” is a code word for European-American caucasian. Similar to the word bourgeois or kulak being a codeword for an ethnic russian in the jewish run Soviet Union in the 1920’s.

  21. i like to think as the charade becomes more absurd (i.e. whites becoming minorities and yet still bashed) the media finds it harder to find white guys to write these kinds of b.s. articles. They can only get white PC chicks to write this shit. Most political readers are white. And most really don’t want this bullshit. They prefer Steve Sailer.

  22. this “white supremacist” term is so dumb. we just want the west to survive. we are preservationists just like all the other races. They don’t call the chinese “asian supremacists” for wanting to stay the majority in china.

  23. Mrs. Reeve helped me greatly while I was in the service. Without her diligence, the Army would still be breaking protocol and subjecting soldiers with depression to ridiculous practices like wearing orange construction vests all over base. These practices existed only to punish those wise enough to admit that they needed help, rather than help them. I wouldn’t be surprised if her actions directly contributed to saving a few lives out there. Mrs. Reeve, if you’re reading this, that young army private from Fort Benning that you interviewed 3 years ago still thanks you.

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