Touré’s “The Racial Cold War Is Heating Up”

Touré's latest "niggawhine" in Time is about the "racial cold war"


The black racialist Touré who invoked his blackness in the epic “niggawhine” on Piers Morgan has a race baiting article about “the racial cold war” in Time magazine. Jew neocon Ben Shapiro has a dog whistling response at the Breitbart website.

Note: In Black Run America (BRA), you can observe that racial consciousness is something that is celebrated and encouraged if you are non-White, and in the case of Al Sharpton and Touré and Melissa Harris-Perry it can even be an affirmative action stepping stone to a lucrative job at MSNBC and Time magazine.

In the case of Derb and Robert Weissberg, it is a career ending move in the “mainstream” for a White man to get uppity and forget his place and to violate BRA’s racial etiquette by arguing for anything other than pure “I Had a Dream” colorblindness, or even just being in the same room as someone who is skeptical of that position.

It doesn’t matter that the prescription of radical individualism, ritual shaming, collective guilt, and mandatory colorblindness only applies to White people. The system has been consciously designed to ensure the marginalization and destruction of White people.

That’s its organizing principle.

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  1. The black racialist Touré is half-Jewish. This was confirmed several months ago live on air during a Dylan Ratigan Show mega panel discussion, courtesy of The Nation’s Ari Melber, also a Jew. (Both of these Jews are regular commentators on this MSNBC news program.) Remember, the Self Chosen People come packaged in many different colors!

  2. So what are the leaders of BRA going to do? Do they back off or escalate?

    If we realists are waging an insurgency do they then take it to the next level which includes physcial violence? Or do they maintain this steady drum beat of hysteria and drive the white middle lumpen proles of all wealth classes either to insanity or our camp?

    Honestly I don’t think a ruling class has ever been this aggressive in the propaganda spiritual war since maybe the Nazis, but they didn’t have as large a media presence.

    Myself I see over reach being conducted by people caught up in a mania that has taken advantage of their personalities which tend towards mania or manic/depression.

    Personally I want them to escalate their two minute hate.

  3. I like the way Toure has mastered the snide art of the antiracist.

    Although I see a very heavy handed bit of editing here. This is NOT the same stumbling bumbling black on the Piers Morgan show.

  4. Who actually edits these Time articles? Is there a staffer associated with that part if the magazine?

    There’s also a tacit admission that blacks are waging a low intensity war on whites as well.

  5. this guy looks like the type of guy that doesn’t approach ghetto thugs unless in a controlled environment.

  6. The black racialist Touré is half-Jewish.

    OMG, that explains why he struck me as especially irritating when I saw him on Pierce’s show a few weeks ago. There was a certain snarky feminine twist to his personality that you almost never see with Black people.

    One hallmark of authentic Black people is that even their attempts at framing themselves as victims manage to have an aggressive edge to them.

  7. I knew this was the case, when I read the comment, ‘Equal Rights laws were never meant to apply to whites.”

    Bakke was the first (and last) attempt to actually practice what they were presumed to preach.

    I wonder what HIS views on all this Trayvonning and lynch mob attitudes are… oh yeah, he’s white. Don’t matter.

    Gulags, this way, comrades.

  8. The Toureyvon was not as concise on Morgan as the written edited version in Time.

    Methinks the black has a very hood editor.

  9. nice touch the Hendrix shirt. how many black do think have ever listened to Hendrix? i’m guessing 3-5.

  10. This term ‘BRA’ is really a misnomer. Negroes, including the mulatto in the White House, control nothing! They are simply useful idiots for the REAL POWER behind the throne. The following short video illustrates this fact quite convincingly:

  11. The Arrogance of Race
    Editorial Review

    A selection of 17 essays written over a 20-year period by Fredickson (History/Stanford), author of The Inner Civil War (1965), The Black Image in the White Mind (1971), and White Supremacy (1981). Fredrickson has moved over the years to embrace an interactive blend of two major historical currents of thinking about race-consciousness: the traditional, which posits racial prejudice as a primordial attitude ensconced in the human psyche; and the neo-Marxist view that subordinates race to class. The author finds truth in the interplay of these two distinct forms of social stratification. His essays are divided into three sections. The first concerns the intellectual history of the race question, both ante- and post-bellum; the second deals with the historiography of the 19th-century South–which concludes by criticizing Joel Williamson’s The Crucible of Race (1984) for overemphasizing psychocultural tensions as an explanation for the rise and decline of racial extremism, and for paying too little attention to social structure and politics; and the third part consists of five essays on slavery and white supremacy. The most interesting of these five compares white responses to black freedom in the American South, Jamaica, and South Africa. In general, white responses have reflected whether whites viewed the emancipation as coming from a legitimate authority, as in the case of the British colonies, or as being imposed arbitrarily, as Southern whites saw it. Prime Fredrickson, a good sampling of the life’s work of one of our most gifted historians.

  12. This term ‘BRA’ is really a misnomer. Negroes, including the mulatto in the White House, control nothing! They are simply useful idiots for the REAL POWER behind the throne. The following short video illustrates this fact quite convincingly

    It has certain charms. As I pointed out in the other thread, Blacks are the weak part of the wall surrounding the insane anti-White regime, and keeping out the forces of racial sanity. That’s where the siege engines and sappers and engineers should be deployed. So, in a sense, “BRA” is apropos; as goes the Black section of the wall, so goes the regime. If we take down Blacks, we take down the regime.

    Hmmm. I think I might actually be talking myself into going dark about the Jews. I’ve never given it this much thought before…

  13. Svigor, I would agree that blacks constitute the weakest part of the multi-faceted wall surrounding the genocidal American regime that has been in place ever since that war-mongering cripple wheeled himself into the White House back in 1933.

    Indeed, nothing produces a more negative, visceral response in the white man more thoroughly than having a good, strong dose of TNB [typical nigger behavior] forced down his throat. The after taste is quite bitter, y’know. But such emotional responses, even if accompanied by physical sensations such as nausea, vomiting and headaches, are temporary in nature and are not enough to motivate our people to fight over the long run.

    Americans, it seems, may privately complain about it but will eventually shrug it off and move on with their lives, apparently having had their collective sanity, manhood and self-respect completely leached away.

    Who can forget the Planet of the Apes spectacle of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina? Hell, the media coverage produced by that act of God was priceless! It was TNB triple-cubed, night after night, for weeks! The white man’s greatest fear: rampaging simians looting everything that wasn’t nailed down. Yet, that didn’t stop Boobus Americanus [the American boob public] just a few years later from electing a half-breed Kenyan to lord over them, did it?

    I’m certainly not opposed to playing the negro card against our enemies as a tactical ploy to draw attention to the nightmare world we find ourselves living in today so long as everyone following understands that a far more destructive power is pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

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