Ogletree: I Want ‘First White Victim’ from Stand Your Ground


Here’s the latest race baiting video from the Breitbart website: it goes without saying here that only in Black Run Amerika (BRA) could someone like Charles Ogletree be a respected Harvard professor.

Note: OD discussed this in the “Stormfrontization of Conservatism.” Alt Right noticed this in “Race Baiting and Its Discontents.” The “mainstream conservatives” (Drudge, Breitbart, Daily Caller, American Thinker, The Blaze, etc.) are dog whistling harder than ever before in response to hardening racial attitudes among the conservative base.

I’ve written for years about “discourse poisoning” as a social media strategy for racialists. In a social media environment where videos like “Kony 2012” can get millions of views in a single day, it is impossible for censors to police the border between self anointed “mainstream” and “extremist” websites.

A little butterfly like Kyle Rogers can flap his wings on CofCC.org, create a rival narrative, and the memes can spread like wildfire through Facebook and Twitter to the point where a “discourse poisoning” hurricane (the conscious act of inverting a symbol into its opposite in order to “poison” leftwing media generated narratives) hits the Mainstream Media like a Katrina and undermines its credibility and legitimacy.

So who is creating this discourse that “White people are under attack by niggers” that has suddenly become so popular on “mainstream” conservative websites? It is SBPDL, OD, CofCC, Stormfront and a number of other websites consciously engaged in “discourse poisoning” that are generating these narratives which are spreading through the conservative base.

Fortunately for us, we have plenty of black people ready to volunteer for their assigned role in our script!!

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  1. One thing Mr. Ogletree got right, any one of the audience could have been Trayvon that night, trying to jack a white person.

    For now though they are stuck with trying to Trayvon the culture. Unfortunately they will ultimately run headlong into Zimmermaned discourse.

  2. Funny. The reason they applaud is that every third black man there has been convicted
    for some sort of violent crime. They know they are in the clink immediately if they are standing over a corpse with a smoking gun.

    They are probably thinking: “PoPo ain’t that dumb Mr Pofeser. No lawdie!”

  3. A “little butterfly like Kyle Rogers”????

    Oh dear. He’s never going to be allowed to forget THAT. Not for…ever….

    Poor Kyle….LOL!!!

  4. “Discourse poisoning” needs some antidotes, to purge the bile from one’s system. I volunteer my own ideological emetics, for your perusal.


    Take one, and call me in the morning. Bye, y’all.

  5. Well he’s right, anyone of those niggers including Ogletree could have been Martin. All you have to do is look at the extreme high crime rate of niggers. Blacks rape White women at the rate of 100 a day. How many white women have been raped since a Hispanic man defended himself against being beaten to death by a black man?

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