“War Against White People”: “Teen” Flash Mob Strikes Nordstrom’s



I take it these are the same “youths” who have spent so much of their spare time enriching Portland’s trains and buses with the benefits of “diversity”:

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Note: Sorry HAC, but you can’t run away from the Black Undertow in the Northwest Republic. It always catches up with you eventually. Black people must be confronted. Integration must be labeled a failure.

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  1. I haven’t checked the MSM comment threads.

    I don’t even have to anymore. We can definitively say that black people acting black is our most effective wedge issue. There is no other issue that even comes close in its efficacy of stirring up explicit racial consciousness.

  2. The store owners are guilty of “trying to turn a profit while white”. (or asian)

    These youth have had a hard life, the legacy reaching back into the generations of oppression and reaching forward into their future of hate and prejudice causes them to act this way. The only way to end it is more welfare and more “understanding”, whatever the fuck that is.

  3. lol at the ‘northwest promised land’. You are damn right about propositional nations being a failure. There is no soul it it.

    My soul is more north, and less northwest. It’s always wintertime in my heart.

  4. Black retards to start with and then their poisonous culture to top it off. Like I have said before blacks are taking liberalism out back and shooting it dead. I cannot imagine what goes thru a white liberals head when the black undertow does what it does best.

  5. “I cannot imagine what goes thru a white liberals head when the black undertow does what it does best.”

    They ignore it, then call you a racist if you notice.

  6. Ah, home. fyi, Lloyd Center is the central shopping mall on the scummy east side of Portland. NO SWPL shop there, though some of young hipsters work there. It is a few blocks from the center of Portland’s small Black population. Which, although very, very small, is the center of police activity.

    Seattle, however, has a very large black population and should always be avoided.

    Everyone in PDX knows “Lloyd Center” = trouble.

  7. In my graduate degree around 2001, I designed a wargame based on Mogadishu. I anticipated this flashmob low intensity war. Game Theory. The thesis extended back to riot control in western cities. I predicted the cops would not be able to adapt under current ROE as it was geared toward mass confrontations. Not on packs of loosely organized crooks. One critique I got from Pentagon and GCHQ players was that it was too easy for the niggers to win…everytime. I didn’t realize I was gaming a race war.

    I merely replied that it was miracle that the entire US force was not wiped out and that a conventional force would be gubbed by swarm tactics. They should have hired me I think. The game wasn’t a game it was a warning.

  8. The cops will need to become a signals intelligence force if they are to stand a chance against the flash mob. Every black knows they can avoid conviction if they act in packs.

    Of course that is until the cops use CBU or 20 mm cannon.

  9. Actually Hunter, you can run away from the black undertow especially in the Pacific Northwest as there are few blacks and they are concentrated in big city ghettoes. Hell, you can get away from blacks even in states like Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut.

    Where you can’t avoid them is in the deep South where they are ALL OVER THE PLACE! But you already know this. Just look at a national map of black population by county. And quit trying to repeatedly deny it.


  10. Portland and Seattle show there is nothing stopping blacks from moving to the Pacific Northwest. They are already there. Oregon and Washington also have Upper South demographics.

  11. “The cops will need to become a signals intelligence force if they are to stand a chance against the flash mob. Every black knows they can avoid conviction if they act in packs.

    Of course that is until the cops use CBU or 20 mm cannon.”

    Great Britain is doing some interesting work on that front, though this probably falls under changing the ROEs significantly if such a thing can be used and defended.

  12. Simple.

    Kill the sail foams. That’s what it will eventually come to in large cities. Wholesale signal shutdowns and signal jamming vehicles.

  13. Sci-Fi author Larry Niven described hi-tech Flash Mobs in his short stories and novels as far back as the late 60s-early 70s. He didn’t mention the Nigger part tho.

  14. Mr. Wallace- Having read your earlier column from April, 2011, (from before I truly began to avidly read your sight) and having been introduced (I don’t know how, but I remember his name clearly) to the position known as ‘White Homeland Advocacy’ by Mr. Covington back in the late 1990’s, (he actually started sending me, unbidden, articles of a ‘white racially conscious’ nature, until I asked him to ‘cease and desist’ via email) I would like to ponder…..

    If what you wrote (which was very pessimistically real) in April of last year is true, what, then, is our raison d’etre in continuing to talk about this sort of ‘Kulturkampf’ as Europhiles? How do we justify continuing to chronicle the dissolution of America, (and not doing anything) without becoming so cynical, and ‘innig’ that we ALL end up the equivalent of a crotchety old man, sitting on a porch in our small town somewhere, with a shotgun on our lap, yelling at the increasing hordes of thuggish ‘youfs’ (black OR white) that pass us by, just to taunt the ‘harmless old fool,’ while we just wait to die, or be ‘multiculturalized’ eventually? That’s not a scenario I would like to dwell on, frankly.

    In other words, do we just sit and wait for the ENTIRE BRA EDIFICE to come crashing down around us? How is that noble, righteous, or even worthy of all this invective, this ‘rage against the machine’? And, what makes you think that ANYONE will want to listen to us THEN, if they are not listening to us, NOW?

    Your posts have been heretofore most illuminative, but when you point out the utter futility of the struggle against the Leviathan state that “Amurrika” has become, one wonders if you truly are who you say you are, when comments such as that article about Mr. C (and the sad part is, I tend to agree with you on him/this) show up the impossible nature of the ’cause’ – whatever that ’cause’ happens to be, except that it is critical of the PTB.

    I am of the opinion that true religion is the first place to engage, (and the last bulwark to defend) toward reversal of this sort of hopeless nihilism. For, without an understanding of the nature of the TRUE Church of Jesus Christ, how are we even to ‘comfort the comfortless’? But one cannot do it alone, or in an isolated manner.
    You yourself know that, and have iterated that fact countless times. So, if this post from 2011 is merely to point out the futility of HAC’s Pacific NW as ‘the’ homeland, I could understand it. But (and loathe as I am to give him any credence) when someone like Rudel notes that the South has such a high concentration of non-whites, that to remain there seems pointless, I wonder where you DO think we can ‘retreat’ to- or is that the point? That there is NO ‘retreat’ available to us, anymore, en masse?

    But doesn’t that just bring us back to the beginning of my question? If Boston T. Party’s Wyoming initiative (have a bunch of libertarian naive fools move to WY, and then ‘take over’) is as flawed as HAC’s, if James Wesley, Rawles’ multicultural/Yid-friendly “Personal White-aho” is merely to line his coffers in Latah County and environs, and nothing more….

    Then shouldn’t we bow down to Baal, get it over with, and ask to be given space (say) near/bordering the Nez Pierce Indian Reservation in NW ID, there to be quietly sent, to ‘retire from the world’ and not fight the Beast? We could make ‘Grangeville’ our National capital, and there live like the Amish, until someone in DC wins another term, and announces himself Emperor Jones….. or would the RFID chipping happen, anyway?

    I mean, what is the PURPOSE of all this, if not to take back what is rightfully ours? Clearly, not via the organs of ‘democracy’. Clearly, not by ‘relocation.’ And the utterly vapid ‘Rohan Nation’ construct is utter rubbish. One cannot ‘start over’ when one’s race has been Christendom for 2000 years.

    So, what’s it all about, Alfie?

  15. Clearly, I hadn’t read my weekly Cam, yet….

    “The Christ bearers! Listen to your blood, look back through the mists, and behold your God. He looks at us now, as He looked at Peter after the third denial, with infinite love and compassion. Truly that Man, fully human and fully divine, is worth fighting for. No other race will fight for Him if the European race does not. Multiculturalism and multiracialism are lies perpetuated by the father of lies. If we fight for the full restoration of the European people we fight for His reign of charity. “They shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.” – http://cambriawillnotyield.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/and-there-reigns-love/

  16. Hunter writes:

    “Portland and Seattle show there is nothing stopping blacks from moving to the Pacific Northwest. They are already there. Oregon and Washington also have Upper South demographics.”

    Except that they don’t. Most of them moved here for industrial jobs in WWII.

    You consistently and disingenuously conflate state and county data. Yankeedom is in fact nothing like the South. You can drive for days outside the Confederacy and not see one single black if you stay out of the big cities (or even just certain neighborhoods in the big cities.) Not so in the South. There are niggers everywhere you go! Stop lying about it.



  17. Rudel, why don’t you stop shilling for HAC? You’ve admitted that you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve told people on here that they need to “get their asses up there”, and now you seem to be insistent on proving that the Deep South has more niggers than the PNW, as if to legitimize Covington & his horseshit by proxy.

    Uh yeah, the Deep South has more niggers than the PNW. And the PNW, Washington state alone just for example, has more social-marxist whites than New England, more Chinese gooks than the SF Bay area, and in the very near future will have as many beaners as the Southwest. How do those demographics make for a potential “homeland” for white people?

  18. Your homeland is a cordon of mealie sacks, a circled wagontrain, a barbed wire fence, a trench. It’s always been where you find yourself beseiged by savages.

  19. @Fr. John

    I don’t think anybody is saying we should do nothing. But, given the circunstances, what action would honestly make a difference in our favor? I say, if someone wants to move to a whiter part of the country, like for the safety and well-being of their loved ones, then absolutely they should. But moving to some place specifically because some washed-up professional race-pimp wrote a few fantasy novels about an alternate-reality version of white people and America, and for the explicit purpose of trying to make that fiction into reality, is absolutely worse than staying wherever you currently happen to be.

    I don’t claim to have any ultimate solution. If anybody asked my advice, I would say to:

    1. Get some land, far way from major cities.
    2. Legally obtain firearms, and learn how to use them correctly.
    3. Start buying gold, and keep it someplace secure.
    4. Have a dependable exit strategy, and at least to back-up routes, out of your current area.
    5. VOTE in the Nov. election. FOR ROMNEY.
    6. Decide for yourself when it’s time to get out of the population centers, and have a plan to live away from them for a realistic span of time.

    I’m not saying people need to go full “Doomsday Preppers”, but it’s not a bad idea, considering America’s current trajectory, to have to some plan, no matter how minimal, on retainer in the event that everything goes Katrina, which it always could.

    Just do the best you can each day, but be ready the worst if it happens.

  20. You really are a moron Chris. Many thousands of whites have been moving to the PNW for the last 25 years for the white schools, clean air and water, outdoor sports and all around general congeniality of the folk. 99.9% of them had never even heard of Richard Butler or HAC before doing so including yours truly and they wouldn’t know HAC from a hole in the ground now.

    As for social-democratic politics, lots of people of Scandinavian descent have those leanings. Doesn’t bother me one bit as long as they don’t breed with niggers (which they don’t.) That’s a lot more than you can say for you white trash who have given America the mulatto population we now have.

    Go fuck yourself. Oh wait… you live in Detroit so you already have! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  21. The PNW is beautiful but a waste of time for most people in terms of getting away from non-Whites. The places in the PNW with the most economic opportunity (the cities) are packed with non-Whites and nigs. I saw it with my own eyes on a recent business trip to Seattle.

  22. The key point being “if you avoid the cities.” County level maps tell you nothing because most counties are sparsely populated and blacks are concentrated in urban areas.

  23. No the key point is if you avoid the ghetto areas in “big” cities. The countryside and their towns in Yankeedom are white. The countryside and towns in the Confederacy are full of niggers.

  24. False. The percentage of Negroes in the PNW is not rising. What has risen is the number of spics but at least that has leveled off and even declined a bit because of the Great Recession.

  25. Just a few decades ago, California was the Promised Land for Yankees. It was the “Golden State.” It was synonymous with surf and sun and White middle class suburban living.

    In the 1970s, Washington and Oregon were also 90 percent White when Pastor Butler started advocating his Northwest Migration. In the decades that have passed since then, California has become majority non-White, and Oregon and Washington (which have the same SWPL problem on The Left Coast) have approached the demographics of Arkansas and Tennessee.

    The Deep South has always been synonymous in the Yankee mind with our nigger problem. The truth is that Alabama is now whiter than New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. States like Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana are whiter today than they were a century ago.

    Washington and Oregon are less White than Missouri, Iowa, West Virginia, and Kentucky. In ten years, Washington and Oregon will be less White than Alabama at the rate their demographics are changing.

    There is a “Northwest Migration” going on: a migration of blacks, Hispanics, and Asians into the Pacific Northwest that dwarfs any WN migration. Running away isn’t any solution to our racial problems because the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide always follow.

  26. I stayed at the Seattle Hyatt on Pine street. The neighborhood didn’t look like a ghetto to me. There were plenty of blacks around as well as sundry Asians and Latinos. There are definitely more blacks in the South. However, racial attitudes are more hardened and realistic in the South than elsewhere partly because there are so many blacks. I’ve traveled all over the northeast. Outside of the cities, the areas are White. However, in my experience, these areas draw White people who wail about “racism” and would cross the street rather than come into contact with a person who uses the word nigger.

  27. @Rudel

    What, are you pissed because demographic facts disecredit your little regurgitated Northwest Front squib?

    The tri-state PNW overwhelmingly voted for Obama. The tri-state PNW has more sanctuary cities than anywhere else in the country. The only white people who have moved there over the past 25 years, are liberal California transplants who, upon resettling in comparitively whiter surroundings, resumed their anti-white liberal voting habits and lifestyle — enthusiastically supporting shit like AA, welfare for niggers, school-of-choice, etc. Your PNW is just a giant Section-8 complex waiting to fill all it’s units.

    Heh, “white trash” like myself didn’t give America a mulatto population, and I don’t know what bug is up your ass, but mulatto’s and race-mixed couples are pretty rare around here. Maybe you just made a slip because your so used to seeing Elin & Tiger knock-offs everywhere up there? Condolences.

    But look on the bright side. Maybe HAC will take you with him next time he has to skip town when his legal troubles catch up with him.

    Saoirse an dath Ban, shit-for-brains. And fuck YOURself.

  28. “Running away isn’t any solution to our racial problems because the Black Undertow and the Brown Tide always follow.”


    I always hear “run away, start again” from people on our side. Are we all out of fight? I think the point isn’t to tell anyone else their particular region is hopeless, it’s to reject this bohemian habit whites have adopted. Claim the soil that is yours.

  29. Those who own the culture own the soil.

    Ask South African farmers.

    DC and Hollywood own the soil. They’ve got the noose around our necks.

  30. 313Chris is a high school kid with delusions of grandeur. And unlike him I have fathered and raised a generation of white children who now have given me grandchildren. Not only that I’ve sent non-whites to their well deserved graves. Can you claim any of the same you piece of white trash? No? I didn’t think so. You count for nothing in our struggle you sorry ass shithead. Zero.

  31. But the enemy isn’t local. The enemy churns out drones from bases in Hollywood and DC.

    Zimmerman found that out.

  32. I hear you in theory Hunter, but whites defending the ground they are standing on hasn’t been a winning strategy in this country for over 100 years. Less so now that local cultures have all but disappeared.

    We need to become hunters and gatherers again. Go where the food is and stay mobile.

  33. Well, probably not. Just thinking out loud. I think of the A-holes we have running the show out here and they are no different than the A-holes in DC and they get their orders from the same people and the kids are taught the same shit in school and they create enemies 100x faster than we can reeducate them.

    Not that there’s anyplace left to go. But if you’re surrounded I have no problem with anyone pulling their families out to safer locales.

  34. I’m not saying you surrender from the intellectual fight and build a chainlink fence. I think pro-white ides have greater reach than ever before. I’m just saying picking up stakes and running for the hills isn’t a good cultural strategy. It works for the Taliban because they are in a shooting war.

  35. @Rudel

    No, cocksucker, I’m 35 years old, I went to college, and I work two jobs. I could give a shit about ” what I count for” to some cowardly shit like you. Unlike yourself, I have the balls to stay where I’m at, and believe me, I make enough money to live someplace else. No, you huff and puff about what a killer you supposedly are, but in truth, you ran away the moment some nigger showed you his ass.

    Tell me, did you grow up the niggerized east-side of Detroit in 1980’s, forced by law to reside in the city because your parents were Detroit cops? Have you ever had to fight for your life at the age of 9, through packs niggers across 3 blocks to get back to your house when you stayed out too late? Ever take on 4 niggers in a holding cell in a county jail? You don’t know shit about me or my life, you middle-aged, impotent, blowhard.

    And take that “I’ve put non-whites in their graves” corny bullshit and put up your ass sideways. I’ve been through as much as anyone else, but I don’t wear it in my sleeve. You don’t impress me. Fuck off.

  36. Chris – you are my spiritual brother!!!! This is why I love you – you stand your ground.

    There is NO place LEFT to go. the Nigs follow us EVERYWHERE. The HATE us – destroy everything – yet HATE us for not wanting them anywhere near us.

    I don’t want any-one to place themselves in harm’s way. I don’t advocate that any-one go anywhere NEAR Nigs. But month’s ago, I was lamented on this blog, that I want total seperation. Hunter had just begin to discuss actual White SUPREMACY. I said something about supremacy inferring rule – that I don’t want to rule them – I don’t want any contacy whatsoever. Hunter, bless him, wisely pointed out that we are a multi racial society (in so many words) and that was must with reailty ,as it is. It’s better to re-establish rule, than to cross our fingers and wish for them to vanish overnight. (I’m paraphrasing).

    A few nights ago, I was reviewing my direct experiences with Negroes, over the course of my life – and I was astonished to to recall exactly how many times I have told them off, put them in their place, nipped their crap in the bud, fought them off, etc.

    I’m sorry that I had to waste so much time on dealing with their bad behavior – but I’ve learned how to deal with them. I have NO llusions about ’em what-so-ever.

    So have you. Neither do you. And no apologies, either. Bless you.

    Rudel comes across as a pretentious git. The people I loathe the most are Whites that have no contact wioth Negroes – but force ’em on every-one else. The denizens of White enclaves need to be puled fro mtheir cocoons – and forced to fight.

  37. Whenever HAC is brought up, it always ends up in infighting.

    I don’t much care about him. I have read his novels and was impressed. I have also researched him, his lifestlye seems to be a cluster fuck.

    Running away achieves nothing, but at the same time there is no organised White resistance. All White areas exist, for now. The jews have control of the media and 90% of Whites have no idea of their agenda. Non Whites will continue to flood in until the White people of the world wake up.

    Time is not on our side. I grew up similiar to Chris in the NE around niggers and Puerto Ricans that hated me due to my skin color. Had to fight them a few times myself. I still live in an innercity around them. They are savages. I don’t see a real uprising in the future and may end up moving to an all White area, not to join a ficticious army, just to be away from niggers and mestizos.

    Quality of life has a great deal to do with who you live around. Usually this is not realized until one moves away from their current enviroment. I don’t consider this running away, just choosing not to live around animals.

  38. 313Chris writes:

    “No, cocksucker, I’m 35 years old, I went to college, and I work two jobs.”

    Again, you don’t count for shit because you haven’t fathered and raised any white children. And just because you got beaten up by some niggers when you were arrested doesn’t give you any cred at all.

    Grow up and raise a white family and maybe folks will take you seriously. In the meantime you and your opinions count for nothing as you haven’t done diddly squat for our race. None of you latent homosexual non-breeders have.

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