“War Against White People”: “Teen” Flash Mob Strikes Nordstrom’s



I take it these are the same “youths” who have spent so much of their spare time enriching Portland’s trains and buses with the benefits of “diversity”:

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Note: Sorry HAC, but you can’t run away from the Black Undertow in the Northwest Republic. It always catches up with you eventually. Black people must be confronted. Integration must be labeled a failure.

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  1. @Rudel

    “Again you don’t count for shit because you haven’t fathered and raised any white children.”

    So that’s the sum total of what YOU have done for white people? Created more mouths to feed? Well done. You want a medal for that? Reality check, asshole: YOU don’t count for shit. It was your probably now-ex wife who I imagine did all of whatever work went into raising your kids. Quit hiding under her skirt.

    “And just because you got beaten up by some niggers when you got arrested doesn’t give you any cred at all.”

    Heh, if you believe that’s what happened, then you REALLY don’t know me. I’ve never in my life come up against one of those filthy spooks who I didn’t leave a bleeding, broken, mess. Try it sometime when you’re not in the Army and carrying a rifle, or however you claim to have made your bones. Punk.

    “Grow up and raise a white family and maybe folks will take you seriously. In the meantime you and your opinions count for nothing as you haven’t done diddly squat for our race.”

    There you go again with that “raise a family” shit, as if that alone legitimizes you as a man. Even a goddam dog can have puppies, you simple fuck. Yeah, so you’ve had a few kids, you and every nigger on the planet. You’re in appropriate company then. And don’t you dare call into question what I’ve done, and continue to do for my friends & family, or my worth to them. You don’t know me to do that, motherfucker. I never walked away from the people who need me, or the place I call home, unlike you, who has probably been running for whiter pastures his whole life.

    “None of you latent homosexual non-breeders have”.

    Now where the hell outta left field did that come from? Really, are you trying get something off your chest? Maybe it’s just getting a little hard to breathe, crammed-up in that closet, eh? Get bent. I’m sick of playing with you.

  2. Chris – are you on Facebook? We have GOT to be related for real. You “sound” just like the rest of my family.

  3. @Denise

    Yes, I’m on facebook, but I hardly ever use it anymore.

    Could we be related? Dunno, it might be a stretch. You’re a Brythonic Celt, whereas my father is Italian — half Lombard, and half Roman, and my mother is Polish with a little Tatar blood. I’m just a garden-variety white ethnic Northerner.

    Far as I’m concerned though, you’ll always be my big sister! 🙂

  4. So in addition to being a closet case with no children you turn out to be an Asiatic wop!

    Please, don’t have any kids. We need white people!

  5. Rudel – drop dead you POS. Chris is WHITE, and he is my beleved Bruder.

    You are most likely a Kike. Piss off.

  6. Sorry girlie. I’m Irish and German (no Ashkenazi genes either) and unlike that queer 313 I have blue eyed blonde grandchildren.

  7. I am also of partial Italian descent. I was under the impression that if you are of European descent, from *any* part of Europe, you are White. It seems the whole notion of what part of Europe you are from, and whether there were outside influences in the part of Europe your ancestors are from, feeds the whole notion from liberals that race is just a social construct.

  8. To Miss Lily Della Valle

    We are honored to have a White person of partial Italian descent visiting us here on O.D. White Italians have traditionally been the most solid, pro White people in our White Indo European family. Italians are tough and known throughout the world as being racist – which is a good thing here on O.D.

    Some of the toughest, best fighters for our people/culture in the US have been Italian Americans.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    Police Chief and Phily Mayor Frank Rizo
    NY Mayor Guliani
    That Great anti Illegal Immigrant mayor of (town I forgot) in New Jersey, ran strong for Congress.
    The Northern Italian League.

    Argentina is full of great Italians. Argentina never bombed Hamburg and Dresden Germany like idiot Brits.

    God bless you and all those Whites of Italian heritage.

  9. There are MANY variations of “White”. I regard Italians as wonderfully White. Blissfully, brilliantly. blessedly White. Slavs as well, ARE White.

    Don’t listen to vain and foolish hybrids, who hurl un-founded insults, and slur others of varying White descent. We ARE all White.

  10. @Ashkenazi Jewdel

    My youngest sister is 6 feet tall and has natural red hair and blue eyes. Most of my cousins, male and female, are blondes. Shove it up your ass.

    @jack ryan

    Don’t forget Rocky Marciano — the only undefeated heavyweight champion in the history of boxing.

  11. Thanks, Jack Ryan, Chris 313 and Denise, for your kind words towards Italians and towards me. I enjoy reading all your posts. It’s interesting to note how impoverished Italians were when they immigrated to the US and the extent they were discriminated against, yet they successfully assimilated into their new country. But yet the blacks, who were here before us, still can’t seem to get their act together despite AA and a whole spectrum of social programs. Oh well.

  12. wats yur problem aginsts blacks i mean you guys have not been adressed for slaveing us and the tionos and makeing us suffer for your costs people ask why this why that well why slave us and why shoot TRAVON MARTIN why cut off the finger and our toes so we will never run again or maby the killing of my uncle that was shot with a bean bag a was shot for reaching to the pain were he was shot since you have made this page i think of all these events as a come back for makeing us suffer and now you guys want to say its a WAR and now you all are suffering but these are the same people who throw raves and use illigal drugs that will kill you first hit im not saying that we dont use them but you all are crazy i think of this as that water hose yall sprayed us with it comes hard and fast and it wil how dose it feel let me know this is how we feel and i think i am speaking up for a lot of us i dont care what yall have to say im just a young black that goes to jefferson high school male and i find this page RACIST

  13. Hey Torrell. Stop whining. Start thanking us.

    Unless you think you’d be happier in Africa, I think we can all pitch in for free tix. Kind of a parting gift. Don’t let the door hit yah!

  14. Hay Jim yu yur probaly old and crusty and dont have nothing to do with your life yu needa get one if all yu can do is sit at a comeputer and make racist remarks agingst black people and will never say it too ones face but it dosent matter cuz our presidents black how do yu like that?? I mean be real yur a grown man most likely and yu still makeing childish kid racist remarks but yu won’t be a grown man and adress one out loud n see what happen cuz yu wont b on a computer any more yull b on the floor or n a hospital

  15. Just cuz I spelled a word or three in my own language its not English but yet I can understand what it says

  16. Just cuz I spelled a word or three in my own language… its not English but yet I can understand what it says and its called slang and thats a form of english

  17. The same blame to the workers at Nordstroms. Unless they’re the entourage of a tinpot dictator or a rap mogul why is security not notified when a pack of Negroes are in a store? This is a mall, not a social services office, use your head.

  18. What are you doing on the Internet? It’s a bit rich to criticize others for using the Internet when you are using it yourself.

  19. No white children means there is no white population.

    According to Chris more children equals “more mouths to feed”.

    What utter lunacy. Having three white kids means that you replenishing your numbers for the future battles. They are not mouths to feed. They are fists and swords and rifles.

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