Vox Day’s John Derbyshire Interview


John Derbyshire writes:

“I’m sorry to sound defensive on National Review’s behalf, but it is something they have to do, to some degree. I actually spoke to Bill Buckley about this a couple of times. As a committed conservative, it hurts to say this, but there are a lot of crazy people on the political right, and if you’re going to have any kind of presentation in the media marketplace at all, you do have to keep fending them off.”

In the eyes of National Review, racialism is “crazy” by definition. There has been an extensive discussion at The Corner about the need to police the borders of “conservatism” in order to maintain the “mainstream” anti-racist consensus.

It is true that this is fundamentally driven by the need of the official Right to have a “presentation in the media marketplace.” At the same time, it is also true that the “media marketplace” (another way of saying the Mainstream Media) is based in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC and the people who live there are unrepresentative of the conservative base which doesn’t live in the Northeast or the West Coast.

“Unfortunately, it’s a matter of judgment about which ones you fend off and which ones you let into the tent. It’s awfully hard to get right, and I know, Bill Buckley had said to me, that he didn’t think he’d always gotten it exactly right. It’s an approximate art. You sometimes boot out the wrong person and sometimes keep in the wrong person. Bill called it a policing exercise, and it does have to be done. If you’re going to be a, oh dear, respectable publication, and get your ideas out there in the marketplace, you do have to draw a line against the craziest of the crazies.”

Obviously, The Standard is that racialism is by definition outside the “mainstream” in Black Run Amerika. This should be qualified to note that White racialism is by definition outside the mainstream whereas non-White racialism is completely mainstream.

Black racialists like Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Touré work for MSNBC. Black racialists like Henry Louis Gates and Cornel West work for Harvard and Princeton University. Black racialist websites like NewsOne and The Grio are sponsored by Corporate America.

The promotion of black people on the grounds of blackness pervades every institution in our society – the news media, the entertainment media, the universities, churches and religious organizations, sports and athletics, even the “conservative” movement which has a long history of promoting black people like Herman Cain, Allen West, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell and many others on the grounds of blackness.

“It’s not an easy line to draw. It’s not an easy judgment to make. Sometimes you get it wrong. I think Bill got it wrong with Sam Francis.”

That’s the rub.

In order to participate in “mainstream” conservatism, you are required by definition to embrace Black Run Amerika and the Civil Rights Movement, the radical liberal ideals of social justice and social equality that drove the Civil Rights Movement, and sign on to the destruction of Southern conservatism.

This is done to appease BRA’s elite media in the New York City-Los Angeles-Washington, DC media axis. Once again, you can’t be a Southern conservative (someone who is real like Sam Francis and who genuinely wants to preserve the traditional Southern way of life) and participate in the mainstream “conservative” movement, as it is defined by Rich Lowry’s National Review which is based in New York City.

What do FOX News, MSNBC, and National Review all have in common? They are based in Manhattan. The FOX News studios are a 4 minute walk from the MSNBC studios at 30 Rock. National Review is less than 10 minutes away down 5th avenue in Manhattan.

New York City is 866 miles from Birmingham. Isn’t it a bit ludicrous to allow a bunch of people based in Manhattan to define the parameters of “conservatism” in Alabama? What would they know about “conservatism” anyway?

Nothing obviously … judging by the content of National Review.

Note: We are the only people who are capable of preserving the traditional Southern way of life. The aliens who write for National Review do not have a stake in the future of Dixie like we do.

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  1. Vdare, Alt Right, Amren, James Edwards, none of them are in Manhattan. Nor is NumbersUSA or even Fairus.

  2. My sympathy for John Derbyshire has worn off already. He openly admits to being part of Buckley’s con, continues to defend Rich Lorwy National Review,, and clearly buys into the idea that there are “crazies” on the right that need “policing” and that it must be done.

    This line is telling and decisive. By implication, it reveals exactly where John Derbyshire stands.

    I think Bill got it wrong with Sam Francis. – John Derbyshire.

    He thinks Bill got it wrong with Sam Francis but not Joe Sobran? Sam Francis, of course, was purged for telling the truth on race; Sobran for telling the truth about Jews.

    John Derbyshire epitomizes the problem with mainstream conservatism. He just can’t resist attacking to the right.

  3. Hunter – you may delete or edit my comment after correcting your post, but the Henry Louis Gates Jr. is not dead, he is still spreading the hate. Black racialists like Henry Louis Gates (now deceased) and Cornel West work for Harvard and Princeton University. It is his father who died.

    As for HLG Jr. this was another AA nigger … from Wikipedia: Gates graduated from Piedmont High School in 1968 and attended Potomac State College in Keyser, West Virginia. He went on to complete his undergraduate B.A. degree at Yale University, summa cum laude, in History.

    Another person in a school that transfers into IVY …. sound familiar. Occidental is much better than Potomac State though. And of course he graduated with honors ….

    One thing I did not know is that POS is from my home state, the state I legally reside in.

    As for HLG Sr., he looks like a white man: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/washingtonpost/obituary.aspx?n=henry-l-gates&pid=147606033

    He was a graduate of Frederick Street High School and in 1998 received an honorary doctorate degree from Seton Hall University.

    So now you get an honorary doctorate for fathering a “no limit nigga”?

  4. Buckley didn’t get it wrong with Francis.

    Francis was smart enough to know exactly where the “mainstream” line is crossed. The line is crossed at explicit White racial consciousness. BRA’s racial etiquette celebrates non-White racial consciousness while pathologizing White racial consciousness.

    You can’t be a Southern conservative and a “mainstream” conservative. To be a “mainstream” conservative, you have to reject the traditional Southern way of life and celebrate its destruction by Washington, DC and Organized Blackness.

  5. As for Sobran, “anti-Semitism” is another “mainstream” taboo.

    BRA’s racial etiquette is designed to delegitimize and pathologize Whites while glorifying blacks and Jews. The people who control the parameters of the “mainstream” have left behind unmistakable evidence of their identity.

  6. “In order to participate in “mainstream” conservatism, you are required by definition to embrace Black Run Amerika and the Civil Rights Movement, the radical liberal ideals of social justice and social equality that drove the Civil Rights Movement, and sign on to the destruction of Southern conservatism.”

    I will say this as clearly as I can.

    To embrace Black Run Amerika and the Civil Wrongs Movement, you cross the Rubicon to embrace theological and racial/covenantal heresy. Cambria has noted time and again on his blog that the new Religion of the Atheists, is to worship the Negro.

    But Christendom can worship only ONE man- Jesus Christ. And he, being the last Adam, shares with His race, those characteristics that put him forever on the OPPOSTITE SIDE of the fence from the Negro Idolators.


    We are dealing with the devotees of a CULT- a false religion that posits ANOTHER SAVIOUR- or worse yet, NIGGERIZES THE INCARNATE SON OF GOD, by denying Him his own Racial heritage as the last ‘Adam’ (which is Hebrew, comes from a word, that means ‘fair, ruddy, ABLE TO [visibly] Blush’- a characteristic noteable ONLY with Caucasoid individuals.

    The ENTIRE EDIFICE OF MODERN WESTERN SOCIETY is APOSTATE. And to think, a punk nigger like the Trayvons of the world, has opened the wound to let us see the West crucifying Christ anew, on a cross made of Ebony.

    Misericordie, Domine.

  7. “He just can’t resist attacking to the right.”

    Well he did work for National Review. If they made machine gun mounts they’d only point right.

  8. Derb grovels and apologizes. Prolly wants his gig back. Not going to get it. We’ve seen this many, many times before…once you start apologizing to the Jews and their enforcers, they simply tighten the noose. The best of the entire NR lot was Revilo Oliver; Buckley didn’t have to expel him from the congregation. Very early on, R.O. realized Buckley craved approval from the Jews – in the form of TV time and $$$. So he walked away from the kosher stink…and wrote THE JEWISH STRATEGY, best short intro to Tribal machinations that I know of.

  9. IMO you have good political instincts HW. For one you do not run off into a self serving diatribe of shrieking “nigger and kike” at the drop of a hat and you understand the neccesity of mainstreaming.

    MSNBC, nigras and NR are our allies, I couldn’t script their actions any better (though I would like to see the nigras burn out some SWPLs and their gentrified neighborhoods, but I know that is a bit much).

    “Anti-racism” is a deceit put upon whites and whites only. Who likes to be deceived? Who likes to be treated like shit because of deceit? We have millions of whites just waiting for that spark. Any org. who doesn’t recognize the deceit being put upon whites will perish (think LOS and the other paleo/faleo outfits), those that do will flourish.

  10. When all is said and done Derbyshire is just another respectable conservative who wandered over the line of respectability and got caught.

    Respectables are not our friends and never have been. To keep their jobs they must remain implicitly, if not explicitly, anti-White. They have to be professional “anti-racists” and deliberately keep that spark from coming.

    Nevertheless, I believe it will come. That scares the hell out of our enemies more than anything else and rightly so.

  11. “Respectables” are perpetrating the deceit known as “anti-racism”, their base is awakening to that fact.

    I only ask this question; Is the “anti-racism” that Chastain peddles beneficial to white children? I myself doubt it since “anti-racism” seems to only be aimed at whites for the benefit of non-whites and an out of touch elite, therefor I conclude that Chastain is not a nice person.

    Insert any name you wish into the above paragraph.

  12. “Derbyshire is just another respectable conservative”

    Is he “respectable”, i.e. worthy of respect?

    Is he “conservative”, i.e. an actual opponent of the actual agenda of the Left?

    If he labels Joe Sobran “the craziest of the crazies”, I suspect he is neither.

  13. The white community rallied to defend Derbyshire’s essay, and he paid them back by publicly agreeing with William F. Buckley that the right needs policing and that there are a lot of crazies on the right.

    If Derbyshire helped the white community by exposing his friends as anti-White, it is perfectly clear he did it inadvertently, not intentionally.

    Vox Day: Lowry seemed to view the article as some sort of resignation, was that your intention?

    JD: Not at all. I thought it was just a routine piece.

    On reflection, I don’t see why John Derbyshire is worthy of respect.

  14. Reasons he’s worthy of respect, based on his response page:

    1. He hasn’t apologized for the piece. He confirms that it was not satirical, that parents really should give a talk like that and that the talk really did contain good points.

    2. His reply to “‘data’ is not the plural of ‘anecdote'”.

    3. His reply to “Please tell this [smart, wonderful, etc.] black woman about her … intelligence.”

    You should respect him enough to be willing to go read #2 and #3, because his replies are worth reusing as your own replies to such challenges. And I automatically like anyone who pulls a #1.

    Also, the article he got fired for is damned good. I don’t think we’d suffer from one less person agreeing out loud that NR is awful; I think we’d suffer if he stopped writing.

  15. “ayrnieu says:
    April 17, 2012 at 8:59 am ”

    Good list. Anyone who won’t crawl back to them is worthy of respect. No matter how
    much of their grime still sticks to him.

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