Return of the “White Man’s Party”

District of Corruption

H/T Amren

Briefly, I will simply note that revolutionary white supremacy emerged in the South in the institutional form of the Confederacy and the postwar form of White paramilitary organizations as an organic response to the threat of Black Republicanism and Radical Reconstruction.

The push for emancipation and civil rights destroyed the bonds of American nationalism. The whole edifice of American nationalism collapsed in the Lower South in just ten years.

As Whites are pushed to extremes by the Left, they will increasingly respond in extreme ways. What’s more, as the North and West become more like the South in racial demographics, the traditional Southern view of race relations will make inroads outside of Dixie.

Note: White men are abandoning the Democrats.

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  1. White Vote By State, 2004 vs 2008 (Note, reduce from one to several points to find the ‘White Gentile Vote’, depending on state: Jews voted four-to-one for Obama)

    The Obama Candidacy had the effect of severely depressing the White Vote for the Democrats in the South.

    White Vote for the Democratic Candidate
    Alabama……19% ……….10%

    In racially-naive areas (Oregon, Minnesota, Vermont, e.g.), Obama actually boosted the White vote for the Democrats. It’s was all identified back in the 2008 primaries. They called it The Race Chasm

  2. i’m all for a white man’s party too, but will it be a takeover of the Repblican Party or a new third party?

  3. We radicalize the Republicans. That’s what we should do. Beat the Jews at their own game.

    WN 3.0

  4. I use to think it would be easier for us to radicalize the GOP then start a new party, now I’m not so sure. I’m not a politician but even the local guys I know who are solid on the race question keep it under wraps during local elections, and we don’t have a negro problem or much in the way of negro voters

  5. Partial Mantra posted in response to one of the “top comments”. If you have an account at the Washington Post, make sure to “recommend” it.

  6. What might be interesting to watch is if a GOPer stands up and says:

    “white men have no serious future in the Democratic Party.”

    they are all prison bitches now, as it stands.

  7. The democrat party is blatantly anti-white, and this needs to be pointed out at every turn. Hispandering is a dead end. White pandering is a veritable gold mine by comparison. They don’t call the GOP the stupid party for nothin’.

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