New Jersey: The Color of Crime

New Jersey

I’ve been sitting on New Jersey: The Color of Crime for several months now. In light of Paul Kersey’s investigation, now seems the appropriate time to publish it for OD readers in the Garden State:

In New Jersey, African-Americans are 13.7 percent of the population, but are responsible for 68 percent of homicide, 46 percent of rape, 63 percent of robbery, 45 percent of aggravated assault, and 35 percent of burglary.

Note: New Jersey is unusual in that the New Jersey state police also provide the information necessary to estimate the Hispanic contribution to violent crime.

In New Jersey, Hispanics are 17.7 percent of the population, but are responsible for 20 percent or homicide, 30 percent of rape, 20 percent of robbery, 25 percent of aggravated assault, 18 percent of burglary.

Combined, African-Americans and Hispanics in New Jersey are responsible for 88 percent of homicide, 76 percent of rape, 83 percent of robbery, 70 percent of aggravated assault, and 53 percent of burglary.

Source: Crime in New Jersey, 2010

Update: I’ve included a little video which illustrates when and how “White Nationalism” (i.e., the Southern ideal of the “White Man’s Country”) spread to the Northeast. Negro Fatigue had set in big time by the 1910s.

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  1. I find it disingenuous to use filmed treatments of our concerns, made by Hollyweird.

    There is never an unbiased angle to Tarnishedtown’s filming of things such as this- they will either make a mockery of it, or denigrate it to the point of making such views so ludicrous, no [sic] ‘sane’ Man will believe it.

    The reason for the ‘hoods’ of the KKK was to strike fear into simple negro hearts, and to maintain anonymity. We all know that. We also should remember this was done at night, in an age before electric illumination, so that these men would appear as ‘avenging spirits’ rather than mere men. If this filmed treatment was to keep the ‘observers’ from knowing identities, then THEY should have been blindfolded, rather than the ‘true believers’ wearing hoods (?) indoors, and then having their responses dubbed in the soundtrack, clearly showing the ‘layering’ of Hollywood’s lies.

    Better to show stills from a prior era, and/or to determine how one can best be ‘anonymous’ (wearing white masks instead of black, like the ‘antifa’ crowd?) for such communal ‘justice’, should such a scenario again be necessary, rather than give us the lies of Hollyweird.

  2. You know the public thinks there is only one Klan and that they are still active in every Southern small town in America and includes the local doctors, lawyers, and county sheriff. The system exaggerates their strength, influence, numbers, and power in order to control and frighten liberal donors and their non-white base. If they only knew how fractionalized, powerless, and dysfunctional they truly are.

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