Norway’s Punisher


Breivik was planning a much larger scale attack:

OSLO — There were 569 people on the island the day that Anders Behrig Breivik opened fire — and he told a court on Thursday he would have liked to kill them all — including beheading former premier Gro Harlem Brundtland . .

In the bomb attack in Oslo, he said his goal “…was to kill the entire Norwegian government, including the PM… and everyone in the building.” . . .

Breivik said that originally he had planned three car bombs and a shooting. He said he had considered placing a second bomb near the headquarters of the Labour Party, which he accuses of triggering a “Muslim invasion” with its generous immigration policies. . .

He said he then planned to ride a motorcycle to a far-left squatter community, then to the Dagsavisen daily and finally to the headquarters of the Socialist Left Party, “executing as many people as possible” in each place. . . .

The 33-year-old far-right extremist also testified he had given his murder weapons names from Norse mythology, calling his rifle “Gungnir” after Odin’s magical spear and his Glock pistol “Mjoelner” after Thor’s hammer. . . .

Apparently, Breivik has been exchanging letters with hundreds of people in Europe and North America, and has even won himself a German girlfriend. Women are notorious for dating prisoners.

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  1. The death toll is high indeed, but Anders Breivik’s actions would have been better served had he successfully targeted a group of movers and shakers as was the case in William Pierce’s book ‘Hunter’.

    In that fictional novel, the hero, Oscar Yeager, pulls off what the media decries as “the Hate Crime of the Century” when he successfully bombs a church that was hosting a meeting of the People’s Committee Against Hate.

    The list of victims killed by the blast is priceless, including two governors, three congressmen, a senator, a cardinal, two bishops, a prominent rabbi, a TV talk show host, two leading Hollywood actors, an acclaimed feminist writer, the head of a homosexual rights organization, the president of the NAACP, and the leader of B’nai B’rith!

    I think Norway’s punisher would have garnered much more support had he concentrated his efforts on these types (which can be found throughout the Norwegian government) rather than a defenseless horde of brainwashed, teenage lemmings in the process of being indoctrinated at a political youth camp.

  2. Agreed about targeting. However score one Brievik. German girlfriend, nice one.

    Monitor how the Prog Party there is doing in polls. That’s the basic measure of his success or failure.

  3. A German girlfriend is nice, hell I could use one. But it would’ve been great if he got a Norwegian one. Imagine the mass hysteria that would follow! “Those nazis are out to seduce and defile our proud feminist, immigrant loving women!!!”

  4. I concurr. He ought to have gotten the Gubmint Debbils. Not the teemies.

    Gosh. I’ve really been fantasizing about the beheadings….

    All public executions are Theater.

    All of them. Since forever.

    Drat. Too bad…. he could have pulled it off.

  5. XYZ – blah blah blah.

    The Deicides are geting sloppier by the day. The Supreme Rule of the Universe – the Law of Unintended Consequences – will take root, with Brave if Goofy Anders.

  6. Beantown Boy and Breivik have more friends in America than they think they do. Many people that I talked to in KY and TX about Ander’s culling felt that Norway is on the same road that America is on, but they are a long way farther down that road, so something atrocious needed to be done.

    I don’t think any of the people I spoke with are currently ready to follow Ander’s example, but that could change in a heartbeat.

  7. Brievik had to do what he did. The Norwegian people have no voice in their own government, no dialogue, no say. This was an attention getter. The targets provided the most bang for the buck–the heirs of the cultural marxists. Note too that he is keeping his actions and story wrapped in Norse tradition (naming his weapons after Norse gods, etc). He is going to force the courts, jury and government to come out publicly against Norwegian culture.

  8. The real test isn’t in terms of the short term polls for the party targetted. The real question is in their long term retention and recruitment of their party bureaucrats and behind the scenes administrators.
    See, people who run for national office generally have no shortage of actual courage. In the US, for instance, a pretty healthy fraction of presidents have been assasinated. To sign up for that job requires a fair amount of stone, much as I detest most of those in recent years who have.

    But administrators and the like at the upper levels, those whose teenage and low 20s offspring were likely on that island are a different story. Ask yourself this: If it was clear that there was a very significant risk to your family from continuing to work at the particular company you work at, would you find work elsewhere?
    Might you not decide that maybe you’re a Deep Green afterall and not Labour?
    If my narrative is close to fact, you’d expect to see Labour briefly somewhat invigorated but over the long horizon is serious decline for lack of the nuts and bolts of election and governance.

  9. Breivik is the prototype of an alpha male necessary in a race war foisted on us by liberalism. He’s self-sacrificing, heroic, intelligent, sensitive, idealistic, moral, thoughtful, and brave. I felt an instant kinship of spirit. A man who thinks and sees what I think and see. I just don’t have his guts and will.

  10. Breivik was a fanatical psychopath, not a hero.
    A psychopath is a person who is totally amoral and anti-social, totally egocentric, absolutely unable to love and form meaningfull, personal relationships, and fails to learn from experiance. This fits your man Breivik to a T. BTW, a psychopath isn’t the same thing as a psychotic. Psychopaths don’t have impairments in their ability to perceive the real world. They don’t have hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders, or catatonia. The thing that a psychopath lacks is a conscience. They have no sense of right or wrong. Just like your man Breivik. To save yourselves some trouble, read Robert O. Hare “Without Conscience”. It’s the best book on psychopathyfor laymen.

  11. Con, you’re an effeminate faggot. We all see through your wimpy, vacuous moralizing fear and cowardice. We all hear your lisp and see your limp mannerisms and we laugh at you in disgust. Come back here when you get a pair of testes. For now, fuck off.

  12. A psychopath wouldn’t care about the things Breivik talks about and has acted in defence of. They have no conscience, no sense of right and wrong. So why would it concern him that Norway is being overrun by Islam?.

    Why would he care that his country and countrymen/women are being attacked on a daily basis?. And why develop a self-sacrificing urge to do something about it?.

    Breivik is no psychopath. Far from it.

  13. “Working for the Jews, are you Mr. Breivik, to unite all European right-wing extremists under your false banner? To make sure the focus on the Jewish enemy of Europe is moved to something else? Or maybe you don’t even know that you have been used by sinister Jews?”
    Vikernes – True Norwegian nationalist
    Breivik – Fundamentalist Christian, Zionist, pro-homosexual, and pathetic weeabo

  14. The people destroying Norway to enrich themselves are the psychopaths.

    Is giving one’s life for one’s people psychopathic behavior? Maybe in the inverse world of liberaldom, but out hear in realandia, that’s called patriotism. I’ve said you can question his tactics and maintain intellectual honesty. To question his patriotism and love of his people is dishonest and disgraceful.

  15. Maybe Brievik wrapped his rationale up in Zionism and anti-Islam to make it harder for him to be accused being a white surpremacist. He’s basically demanding the same thing for Norway that Zionists get for Israel.

  16. uKn_Leo, a person with a conscience would not have murdered dozens of innocent kids. What part of that don’t you understand?
    FB, you must be having a bad day. Get back to me when you can converse with some degree of rationality.
    Pavan, I don’t agree with what you say about Christianity, but what you said about Breivik being influenced by fundamentalist, Christian Zionism (not accepted by everybody here in the US BTW), pro-homosexual , (something the commentators here overlook) and selling out to another culture. (Japanese) is true. And as I have said, he’s a stinking psychopath with no heart. All his ‘great act of valor’ was was an act of criminal depravity from a mind without a conscience. He’s no better than the Uni-Bomber that terrorized the US a few years ago. And if I recall, he put out a manifesto to justify his crusade too. I can sum up his (and Breivik’s) manifesto in these few words: I don’t like you, so I will kill you.

  17. There are a few things to say here that I think people miss. Let me try to be brief here.

    First, violent acts themselves are inherently meaningless without comment. To illustrate: in situation A a man arms himself with a gun, targets a fellow human being, shoots him in the head, killing him; in situation B a man arms himself with a gun, targets a fellow human being, shoots him in the head.

    In both situations, the actual physical, violent act is identical. As you can see, without more, without the moral *context* of the act, we are left unable to determine the character of the violence.

    Let us say in Situation A, the man is targeting two elementary school children because he hates children and wants them to die. This motivation transforms the inherently meaningless physical activity into evil.

    Let us say in Situation B, the man is targeting a man who has stormed a school and is killing children. This motivation transforms the inherently meaningless physical activity into good. Indeed, necessary.

    This is why discussion of the Brevik shootings is impossible as between people with different views. To those who view the Utoya campers are mere schoolchildren, this resembles Situation A. To those who view the Utoya campers as apprentice members of a political body seeking the destruciton of the Norwegian people, the action takes on a much different meaning.

    There is no point arguing. Either one believes it is justified, or one does not. (Of course, the question of mere tactics and utility is a different discussion)

  18. This is what the LORD says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt. Every firstborn in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn of the slave girl, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well. There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again.’ ” — Exodus 11:4–6

    Those Christians and Jews who worship this god have no right to criticize Breivik.

  19. war is hell, and we are in a war, and as Robert posted, the Almighty doesn’t spare kids when He’s pissed and has command genocide on occasions

  20. “pro-homosexual , (something the commentators here overlook)”

    The reason some commentators overlook this is because they’ve probably taken the time to scan through his manifesto and found that this claim is false. He repeatedly refers to the liberal promotion of homosexuality as degenerate.

    Linder on VNN is right on the money when he says that many WN are simply lazy, not very bright, and unable to discern shades of grey.

  21. Alex Linder’s take on Norway’s Punisher:

    “And he [Breivik] hurt these traitors in the deepest way he could. If he had murdered muslims or assorted shitskins in Oslo randomly, then ordinary white Norwegians, to be redundant, would have suffered reprisals. Breivik knows the real enemy is the white traitors allied with international jewry to blacken and NWOize the country, and they will not fight back the way muslims would. They’ll just cry in their papers, and try to add to laws they already have banning speech and guns. Big deal. The judeo-left doesn’t allow opposition. So he took the only route left, for those unwilling to live under jew-multiculturalist tyranny. And he made a powerful example to others.”

    Alex Linder has a point. Short of hitting the white traitors in power, Breivik hit them where it would psychologically and emotionally hurt the most: by decapitating a segment of Norway’s deflowered youth and future leadership stratum.

  22. A percentage of WNists allege that Breivik was a monster because “he killed White kids” or because “he killed anti-Zionists.” This position can only be arrived at through poor analysis. First, he didn’t kill random Whites but rather the offspring of the Whites destroying Norway. And the fact that these were anti-Zionist Whites is meaningless. Outside of WNism, an anti-Zionist is almost always a person who opposes the policies of the Israeli government, not a person opposed to organized Jewry or Jewish aggression against Whites. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Most of them are anti-Zionist because they support multiculturalism for everyone, including Israel.

  23. Regardless of being either pro or con Breivik, his actions remind me of the movie The Dead Zone. The premise to the plot is the question whether one would murder Hitler beforehand, if one knew he were to kill so many “innocent” people. In the Breivik case, who knows what future Stalinist he freed Norway from with his actions.

  24. For those of you who still regard ol’Andy as some kind of hero, http://gatesof he doesn’t care about the white race, he only cares about himself.

  25. Lew, Breivik is a Zionist. He’s also a leftist, why else would he be giving a clenched fist salute? If Fjordman is a Jew, then he’s argueing against his best interest by denouncing a Zionist. The last time I looked at GOV, it was Anti-Muslim, Pro-western, Pro-Christian.

  26. Confed,

    GOV is only superficially pro-Western and pro-Christian. Are you familiar with the blogger Tanstaafl? He and others have done a good job exposing GOV as a Jewish site promoting counter-jihad as window dressing for advancing Jewish interests while undermining White interests.

    On the counter-jihad network of which GOV is a part:

    The counterjihadist network Khaled analyzes is a jewish movement. It is dressed up as Westerners concerned with a defense of the West, but it is in fact dominated by jews and others whose first and foremost concerns are for the best interests of Israel and jews. There are no prominent counterjihadists who defend the best interests of Whites as a people, separate and apart from jews. While they readily distinguish jews and muslims for special consideration, positive and negative, they regard other distinctions between people as wrong, especially if race or “white” is involved. They regard any distinction of Whites from jews as roughly comparable to the threat to jews they see coming from islamization – unthinkably evil.

  27. Denise, the only thing that’s not working here is the minds of most of the commemtators on this thread. The testimony that Breivik is spewing out of his own mouth at his trial shows he is either a psychopath or a psychotic. He claimed in court the other day, that he heard voices inside his head while he was on his killing spree on the island. That would point to a psychosis, rather than psychopathic personality disorder. Either way, many people are dead because of Breivik’s sick mind.
    Denise, you and the other commentators on this thread need to bone up on psychopathy and mental illness. If you and they knew something about these subjects, all of you would have seen Breivik for what he really is, a dangerously sick man in desperate need of medical treatment, not a ‘hero’ to be emulated.

  28. Jim, we can not save our race and our cultures by making a mass murderering psychopath/psychotic into a hero. Breivik’s barbaric act only strenghened the hand of our enemies. The evidence coming out of his sanity trial shows he’s a totally mixed up individual. He will be used to cripple our cause as a union of loons. And what saddens me is that you and several other people on this thread are so anxious for a hero that you will embrace anyone withot looking at the context of his character and his actions. If there’s anyone who needs to “chill” it’s you and your fellow hotheads.

  29. Confed – Kikes have “pathologized ” normal human drives and instincts. I am HIGHLY suspicious of any-one that suggests “boning up” on Jew Spew.

    AB is not perfect – but he’s a gadjillion times better than the pussified Race Traitor castratis, wot have colluded with Kikenvermin devils, and conned up into celebrating our own destruction. I am ONLY sorry that AB did not get that bloody PM. As well as other wonks. From this we take our Lesson.

    Go away. You awnt the Last Word on this thead.

    You’re not getting it.

    I am Queen of the Hill.

    You will not have the Last word on AB. Nope. Nosiree. Go somewhere else. Loads of sites will buy into your thought system. We are OBVIOUSLY not interested. EVERY time you post one of your Joo-day-ized “Anders is a sociopath treacles clutch the pearls!” – I will post a denunciation..

    So go right ahead. I have til the End of Days.

    I am Queen of the Hill.

  30. “Confed – Kikes have “pathologized ” normal human drives and instincts. I am HIGHLY suspicious of any-one that suggests “boning up” on Jew Spew. ”

    Haha, yeah. “If only Anders had visited a shrink”. Then he could be like all the other millions of happy, “well adjusted” people on Zoloft.

  31. Denise and Jim, I really don’t give a damm about having “the last word”. All I care about is telling the truth in the hope that someone will listen. The truth is that mental illnesses are real. They affect all ethnic groups. Any talk about them isn’t “Jew Spew”. Jesus Christ healed mentally ill people. (Called lunacy in the Bible) All cultures, Christian, Jew, and pagan recongize mental illnesses as a reality. Go ahead and laugh at that, if you want. If a member of your family or a friend is ever afflicted with bi-polar, schziophrenia, or some other mental disorder, you won’t be laughing for long.
    “Pathologized normal human behaviour”. Hearing disembodied voices and seeing things that don’t exist in reality isn’t normal human behavior. Committing mass murder like Jim Jones is pathological, not normal.
    Denise and Jim, it’s a pity that Breivik wasn’t under psychiatric care earlier in his life for what his sanity trial is showing to be an untreated mental illness. He would have had a decent chance to be able to function in society, just like thousands of other successfully treated patients do every day. However, because of the horrendous nature of his crimes, I doubt wheither he will ever be allowed to be a free man. BTW Denise, your calling psychiatry “Jew Spew” shows you know nothing about it. Psychiatrists come from all kinds of ethnic and religious backgrounds. If you’re talking about Freudian psychoanalysis, that is “Jew Spew”, but hardly any modern shrinks use or believe in it, since scientific research is proving mental illnesses are biologically based, not caused by unresolved conflicts in the mind.
    Denise, if you want to be”Queen of the hill” be my guest. I won’t fight you for your exalted position. You have shown that your mind is made up, and you don’t want to be confused with the facts.

  32. You are the one that doesn’t want t obe confused with facts, ConfedNothy. I never said that mental illness wasn’t real – I SAID that a lot of normal human drives and instincts have been pathologized by Jewry. They use their Kabbalistic verbal incantations to confuse and confound. and ALWAYS have.

    Ever read Freud? He was BONKERS. A rotten little egist creep. He was also a fraud. He got downright vicious with Jung – or any-one who contradicted him. Yet, due to Jewish ownership of media – he’s revered. Held up as an Icon. Just like the plagiarst fraud Einstein.

    Jews absoutely demand the right to BE Jewish. They regard IOsrael as their “homeland”. Jews have murdered MILLIONS of innocents to obtain and maintain their little patch of scrubby land. NO apologies given, and shrieking deragned vicious slander, attack, and murder to any-one that questions the right of Jews to be Jews, and Israel to exist.

    Breivik simply wants the SAME thing that Jews want, vis a vis Norway, and Whites. Yet HE’S pathologized, and thus his position de-legitimized, for saying the same things.

    Is he perfect? No? Is he confusing? A bit.





    Why are you so invested in denouncing him?

    I am Queen of the Hill.

  33. Denise, I know Freud and Jung were frauds. I’ve read “The Jung Cult” by Noll and “Freudian Fraud” by Torrey, and “Degenerate Moderns’ by Jones, so I’m very well informed about these crackpots.
    Yes, a lot of normal drives and instincts have been pathologized by jews (and many Gentiles.) But we’re not talking about ‘normal’ here. We’re talking about a man who’s behaviour was abnormal by the standards of any civilized society.
    You moan about how Breivik has been “pathologized”. By his own actions, and his admission that he heard voices inside his head, he has “pathologized” himself.
    Face the facts Denise, Breivik has injured our cause. Many people, who share our concerns about the race issue, will be turned off. A lot of them will wrongly conclude that race realists are pathologically violent. I was one of those folks for many years. It wasn’t until I came across sites like OD, AR, and others that this was not true of the majority of race realists. If I have to defend my self or a fellow man, I’m willing to use violent force. However, I’m not going to bring dishonor upon myself or my race by killing innocent people.

  34. Nobody is being turned off by him, name one example. Not a personal anecdote please. Is someone actively working to steal the birthright and nation from one’s people innocent? Please. GFYS. Quick using jewish memes and talking points, you out yourself. And, for the very slim chance you are for real, just admit you have tiny shrived balls and could never do anything as big as what Anders did. Hey, I can admit I don’t have the guts to do what he did. It’s ok. We all can’t be the Punisher. Just don’t be a disingenuous pussy just because he’s far more committed than you.

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