Touré’s Latest: Inside The Racist Mind


There is just something about Touré that makes him the walking, talking mascot of Negro Fatigue in America.

Suppose the Civil Rights Movement was a photo album. In 1919, W.E.B. DuBois would be on page one raving about lynchings in The Crisis. In 2012, the smug, petulant Touré would be on the very last page in his sinecure at Time magazine.

Touré is the face of the end of White guilt.

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  1. When the “racism” industry finally shuts down because no White is interested anymore where will Toure and others like him find employment?

    I’m sure that thought must cross their minds.

  2. One must be a sentient, thinking being in order for any sort thought to cross their mind. This is their fatal flaw..

  3. “Inside the anti-White’s mind” now that would be interesting.

    I’m going to guess that this idiot anti-white Toure basically wants white women and nothing more. If I could clone VS models or bottle white genetics and held the exclusive patents I would own the universe, Buffet and Gates would be holding lanterns on my driveway and the rich billionaire jews would be cleaning my airconditioned hog barn (because I like hogs).

  4. How would he know what is inside your mind? If a white guy said he knew what was inside the black guy’s mind all and sundry would call BS. Piss off Mr. Toure.

    By the way, Toure is the last name of an extremely prominent west-African family. There run a lot of shit.

  5. From the Toilets article:

    After a recent event where I spoke about racial identity, a white woman sidled up to me, leaned in close so no one near us could hear, and said, “I’m racist.” Many people would be repelled. I was entranced.

    I am calling “Bullshit”.

  6. I am calling “Bullshit”.

    I’m not. White Womenz are the holy grail, no?

    Plus, there’s something about a feisty, openly WN woman that screams out “strong, unique, discriminating” that equates to a worthy sexual conquest.

  7. I just saw a half breed young Toure in walmart today being towed out by it’s undead white mother. There was literally no soul in the mother’s eyes, she looked dead inside. It’s really quite spooky. Get it? Spooky! Hahaha… I digress.

  8. HW said:
    “Touré is the face of the end of White guilt.”

    If only!

    “John says:
    April 20, 2012 at 12:38 pm


    Now THAT’S funny!

  9. “Toure is also half-Yid. A walking abomination . . . “ – Denise

    Yes, and I’m glad to see some of the folks over at Breitbart are starting to catch on to this fact. I noticed this seemingly innocent remark posted by one of the commentators: “Is it me or does Toure look like a black Andy Samberg?”

    Of course, the reason Touré resembles Andy Samberg is because they share the same gene pool. The “black” racialist Touré is indeed half-Yid.

    Incidentally, I suspected this for the same reason before it was confirmed to me on air, courtesy of Ari Melber. I mean, you can’t help but notice that Yiddish beak!

    What a schnozzola!

    Touré is simply using his “blackness” to flame racial tensions to advance his Tribe’s anti-white interests.

  10. @Scipio

    “Is it me or does Toure look like a black Andy Samberg?”

    THAT’S who it was !!

    Ever since his dust-up with Piers Morgan, I kept wondering to myself why that weirdo seemed so familiar. It was actually starting to gnaw at me. (Sad, I know.)

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