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  1. sounds horrible but I’m sure when dealing with nigglets with their low IQ and genetic disposition for crime, tough punishment is required to maintain order

  2. sounds horrible but I’m sure when dealing with nigglets and their low IQ and genetic disposition for crime, tough punishment is required to maintain order

  3. In addition to Normal run of the levels of evil, civil rights (civil war on whites) adds the wrinkle of evil niggers.

  4. Baltimore is a city that’s 64 percent black, and the jury will likely have eight or nine black members. So race will be a factor, said University of Baltimore School of Law professor and practicing attorney Byron Warnken.

    holy crap…..64%!!!!

  5. Baltimore can’t go on for long. The corruption must be endemic.

    Also can’t we just fence off the animals? District 9 them to begin with…

  6. Children don’t belong in “day care”, they belong at home with mommy who also belongs at home. Don’t bother handing me that crap about single mothers, or ” what if the mother has to work”?, horse patui.

  7. John – look at the White women in a video. They are THE MOST DISDAINED dempographic in the JooSA. No one has taken anytime to warn them. Everything they know comes from Talmusvision. TV.

    Howver – note their- to-the marrow anger. The kid is in another school already. Lesson learned.

  8. Aaaah, they’ll be backing taking care of other little white kids as soon as the case is dismissed or they plead guilty to much lesser charges.

    The point we should be focusing on is why do white people leave their most precious of all things on this planet with alien races? And, Brandon is right. White women and their children should be at home enjoying life together. Not serving the machine that has reduced all of us to second class citizens.

    Opt out of the maxtrix!

  9. The Creek woman was the main perpetrator, the Black woman was just an accomplice.

    Beware “BRA” tunnel vision.

    America is not run for the benefit of Blacks, it is run for the detriment of Whites.

    We are not up against color-blind philantropists from the 1860s, who at least sincerely believed their program would benefit all.

    We are up against people like Susan Sontag, who thinks people of European Christian descent are the “cancer of human history”. We are up against people like Tim Wise who can’t wait for elderly people of European Chrstian descent to die “tick . . . tock”.

    You know why they accuse us of of hatred? Projection.

    They have no sincere interest in benefitting Black people. Their only desire is to hurt White people.

  10. Wise is a real piece of work. I listened to the Jared Taylor debate with him. He fillibustered the entire time. The guy didn’t stop talking. Taylor’s view was perhaps the novel one yet he got 10% of the mic. Wise is just boiler plate PC. One thing that made me laugh was Wise claimed to like ethnic European culture while kelt saying unlimited immigration in the US was a good. Irishness In Ireland will not survive the Nigerification that’s happening right now. Let alone here. Wise also tip toes around what will happen to whites once we go below 50%. Everywhere this has happened worldwide whites are basically massacred or pogromed. Haiti, Rhodesia, SA, Detroit, Baltimore… Same thing again and again.

    He’s evil.

    Wise ought to be put out of his misery.

  11. “They have no interest in benefiting Black people. Their only desire is to hurt White people.”

    Correct. Jews use blacks to attack and destroy European peoples. In Europe, Jews have been bringing in blacks to commit violence against Europeans and miscegenate with Europeans. When Europeans reject this genocide, Jews label the Europeans racist and Nazis, etc. Jews get hate speech laws passed to make it a crime for Europeans to reject their own genocide.

  12. Thank you, Whites Unite.

    Idk if the Indian was Creek, but it was a Creek school, and she looks also somewhat Asian. NOT ONLY was she the main perpetrator, but she had done this sort of thing before. Interesting that the black woman “went along with it but does not know why,” indicating a sort of befuddled mob mentality— following orders of Hicks, but who knows.

    No need to glaze over the effect of One Tin Soldier Riding Away:

  13. remember the scene where the sweet little indians get flour tossed in their faces?

    msm does truly have it coming.

  14. oh, here it is:


    if only people had the intelligence, decency, presence, whatever— to separate out their emotional world which has been and is built on propaganda from their thoughts, feelings and emotional responses built on what they actually experienced.

    facilitating that is the challenge.

    even the apprehension of that, the depth perception that this are two different realities, and reality-formations, seems more sophisticated than most ever muster

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