Facebook Purged


Hunter Wallace is no more on Facebook … purged for “hate speech or singling people out based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or disease.”

The only speech tolerated on Facebook now is liberalism … another sign that liberalism always trends toward censorship, thought control, and conformity. It is just another bullshit fantasy ideology like communism that can’t withstand criticism.

Note: Facebook sucks anyway. I never really used it for anything but posting articles.

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  1. I got purged last week. I have mixed feelings about JooBook. I haven’t signed on yet. I may get another account, just to connected those I care about. I already have a buncha phone numbers, of the folks I really speak to.

    I may or may not go back on……..I have so many other thngs to do. I need to spend more time on SF, or the CoCC site, anyways.

  2. I only ever used it to spy on old girlfriends, and to see which people from high school got fat, went bald, became mudsharks, etc.

    Anyway, I’m on twitter – @cmonti77 if anyone wants to follow.

  3. Disease?

    Bwahahaha. Like every third negress being chock full of STDs?

    That’s a fucking public service announcement. A public health issue.

    It also explains why black men hunt down disease free whites to mate with and often kill her if the white broad dumps him.


  4. Hunter it’s worth being on FaceBook if for no more reason that you can use it to comment on many sites.

  5. I have like five fakebook accounts, and they are all just that. Fake. Use ’em for commenting, logging in, etc.

  6. After reading that employers are now looking up your likes, dislikes, affiliations, political comments, and a whole host of other ‘none-of-your-da*n-business’ stats,

    I said buh-bye to the FB over a year ago. But 313 Chris is right. it’s like a high school reunion…. that never ends.

    Thanks, but I already have a purgatory construct in my belief system…..

  7. Just listened to NPR.

    Very odd juxtaposition of Jewish west bank settlement story and holocaust weasal Obama story.

    Editors were having fun there.

  8. I’ve met very fun folks on FB. I have their real emails, etc. There are a few folks I do need to contact, though…..

  9. Considering the number of white nationalists and race realists there should be sufficient demand for websites marketed towards us. There should be dating sites and networking sites.

  10. I have been blocked from accessing my facebook page for three weeks now. No reason given. Just a red dialog box asking me to call them and after entering my number a note comes up telling me all lines are busy and please call back in a few minutes. Of course, the lines aren’t busy. It must be those Occidental Dissent articles I posted there. Some Liberals are just not liberal enough to handle diversity. Oh well….

  11. Getting banned is the norm for any Pro White activist, in anti-White society.

    If you aren’t willing to take it lying down, power down your modem so it can get a new IP address from your ISP provider (works best if the ISP is a big company), create a new Facebook or Youtube account, using a new email address and you are good to go.

  12. I could never tolerate FB. Total bollocks. I’m certainly not going to go out of my way to enrich a Harvard grad if I can help it as well.

  13. Tumblr is a good alternative to Facebook or Twitter. It is a dead simple blogging/sharing platform, and the ability to reblog entire posts can make it easier to disseminate articles and memes.

    Another big plus is that all you need for signing up is an email address. In just a minute or two, you have your own blogging platform (if you choose to blog or reblog), and you can start following people Twitter style.

    There are already some untamed right wingers on the platform already:

  14. What do you mean by “power down the modem” ? Turn it off? I have other email addys. ‘

    I wonder if I can log in via my JooTube account. I’ve been fighting with Kikes, and Shabbos Goy retardates, in a Sound of Music page. “Hitler was the good guy!” etc. makes ’em go mental. HAHAHA!!!!! The Shabbos Goy Defenders of DieJuden are worse than the freakin’ Jews.

    I’ll see what happens if I log in under JT.

  15. Any serious communication I do through an ip based email. Email is the epitome of instant personal electronic communication, IMO. The rest is for navel gazing or kids.

    Denise, to start a fake account, just make up a name and start an account. You can do it from an ip blocker, but to be honest that’s overkill imo. If you’re from a major city, that’s especially true. Unless you are doing something illegal, ip traces rarely happen.

  16. FB is nothing more than a vehicle for spying on the goyim and/or other patriots that pose (or will pose) a problem for ZOG when it’s time to clean house; Zuckerburg/FB has had ties to the intelligence commnunity since the beginning.

    Q. What is the best and easiest way to obtain intelligence?

    A. Have the lemmings give it to you!!

  17. Zuckerberg is most definitely owned lock stock and barrel by the powers that be. Facebook is a nice social front for intelligence gathering.

  18. I have a FaceBook page, but I try not to visit it over once a week. It makes you pessimistic about “middle class” white people and their chances. Mediocre is much too generous a description for most people. It is really not at all surprising “elites” have targeted them for extinction. I think that if that was to come to pass the blacks and brows would be gone within a year. Probably biological weapons.

  19. A sleazy trick one site used with my facebook comments:

    I post a politically incorrect comment about black on white crime on a liberal newspaper site and return to the site and see that my comment is still there but wonder why there are no replies as it usually would create outrage from the left. I return to the site on another computer and the comment is gone.

    So the site only posts my comment when it realizes that I have am viewing it. No one else can see the comment. Sneaky little cowards.

    “Liberalism has killed journalism”

  20. @Chairborne

    Yeah, Youtube and Facebook pull that trick, so I use TOR to check my YouTube comments are going up.

    If they aren’t, I abandon that account and create a new one.

  21. FB and twitter and the like are all there to establish what you can and cannot say.

    Notice that, more and more, you cannot comment if you’re not logged into their systems. What does that tell you?

    We know from experience that our comments worry them immensely, right?

    What’s so hard to grasp? Who needs it? What’s wrong with formats like the one we’re using here? No personal information is required so we’re free to speak our minds.

    Get away from these big ‘social media’ or you’ll regret it.

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