Rule 10(h): Don’t Be a Good Samaritan


H/T Lew Rockwell

The Good Samaritan rule from Derb’s The Talk: Nonblack Version generated the most controversy.

Personally, I have observed this rule on numerous occasions. Just the other day, I refused to stop to provide roadside assistance to a stranded and suspicious looking African-American motorist.

Fully conscious that my actions were “racist,” I merrily went about my evening. This woman was not so fortunate:

“The woman claims she saw a person “slumped” over the wheel. Police say she rolled her window down to ask if the person needed help. Suddenly, police say, the driver of the second vehicle that remained behind her approached her with a stocking covering his face and a knife in his hand. The suspect allegedly demanded money and jewelry. Police say the suspect cut the woman on her arm and ripped her earrings from her body. Both vehicles then fled South on Old Port Republic Road back towards US Route 9.”

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  1. You’ve got to love un-moderated comments at a news site. Unfortunately for you Hunter it’s a FB login to comment.

  2. Drat! I wasn’t going to do Joobook again – but too many sites only use Joobook.

    FYI – I learned about Driving On By ages ago, in Killadelphia. I was driving South, on Broad St, one evening, after class. It was probably around 8:30-9:00PM. Darkness had already fallen.

    A small dyed blond White female was flagging motorists. She appread to be panicked. I let her into the passenger side of the car. I did shove my purse under my legs, though, before I did this. I was kind – but not totally stupid. She seemed to be panicked. She said she had been robbed. She was obviously not affluent, nor genteel, judging by her cheap, flashy clothing, and very bad dye job.

    Now get this – as we approached Broad and Girard, she wanted me to drive West, on Girard, in order to “get help”. We “had to turn down Girard”. To any of you who don’t know Philadelphia – even then, ages ago, that meant travelling to the African Jungle.

    I flatly refused. I suggested we go get a police officer – there were plenty of cop cars, all over. We could flag a cop down. She then grew genuinely alarmed, and nearly screamed, “No! We don’t need to do that! I recall that I asked her why not? I told her not to worry, that I would find a cop, to help her. I think we were almost at the intersection of Broad, and Spring Garden, by this time (traffic was light, and I was lucky with traffic lights tra la tra la…) – and at the first light she jumped out of the car, and took off. I realized she was up to nefarious deeds.

    So – don’t just pass by assorted Darks. Ignore any potential Mud Sharks, as well, in Mud Shark zones. They’ve chosen thier Fate. Don’t let their Fate affect YOURS.

  3. If you see packs of distressed blacks drop a CBU on them.
    End of problem.

    Never help a black in distress. Especially black school districts. Let them sink under the waves.

  4. Biblical point of illumination.

    Samaria was right next to the province of Judea in Biblical times. The Samaritans were ethnic RELATIONS to the Hebrews (note, I did not say ‘Jews’), but, instead of worshiping at the Temple, they (Samaritans) were sort of like Presbyterians are to Anglicans in English/British history. Both worshiped the same God, but one was more ‘isolated’ and ‘book only,’ while the other had ‘the priesthood, liturgy, and a Temple.’

    Thus, Christ’s parable is NOT about some non-racially related ‘stranger’ or ‘Xenos/Other,’ but a CALL TO RACIAL SOLIDARITY with those who may not worship (yet!) the way you do, but who (as my Greek friend says) have ‘the same face, [thus are the] same race.’

    I learned that whenever ANYONE uses the Parable of the Good Samaritan to preach ‘tolerance’ and ‘die-versity,’ that’s when I get up, kick the dust off my shoes in the aisle, and clearly walk out, without saying a word from that synagogue of Satan. My wife and the brood learned to do that MANY times, before I became a clergyman, because heresy deserves no less.
    (Kinda like John Piper pretending to be a Christian…. but I digress…)

  5. Fr John – before you walk out – call ’em out. It’s more fun. I LOVE telling the Clueless that they are WRONG.

  6. Not really Denise. One time in the middle of a March snow storm when I first moved up here, I used a payphone in the middle of Cabrini Green with out knowing where I was. The few that were outside just looked at the kwayzee kwacker that hopped out of his red F-250 to use the phone, Metallica playing, door open, truck running, Dixie flag plate on the front bumper. Probably lucky they didn’t start popping off shots for the hell of it, but maybe they figured I had more ammo than them, and knew how to hit a target …. ah, thats giving them too much credit.

    I have had a few of them try to set me up, I think, on the walk home in the last couple of months (weather has been nice in Chicago). But I am very cognizant of my surroundings, and don’t ever wear headphones, and as soon as I shifted my route or dropped back, they scurried like the rats they I was sure they were.

  7. helping folks is dangerous; my last friend to die was a cop, who pulled over to help a stranded motorist while off duty. While he was talking to the she-boon the rape-ape came out of the grass/ wood line and killed my freind with a shotgun.

  8. OK this won’t be popular but I’ll bite anyway, just as a data point if nothing else. Many years ago I was driving through a bad (yes, meaning “black”) part of Los Angeles with my multicult girlfriend (btw I’m almost comically white-looking, a poster boy for the Berlin Police) when the car broke down at an intersection: stuff right out of the movies.

    While I was still scratching my head, wondering what to do (we’re talking less than a minute here, y’all), a car screeched up, and out came a young (twenty-ish) Black guy who had his Momma in the car, had been driving her to church. He said, “You know you can’t stay here in the open like this, you’re dead out here.”

    He helped me push the car into a side-street driveway so it would be out of sight, showed us the closest pay phone (this was before the days of universal cell phones) and waited til we had a connection to a towing company before he left. He refused any sort of recompense for his help, said he had to hurry to church.

    And for that man’s sake I have to date rescued two black women from burning car wrecks, and I’d do it again, provided the situation wasn’t an obvious setup (blacks really just aren’t that good at faking this stuff, their setups usually seem obviously fake).

    Not a theory here; just sayin’.

  9. The story has more to do with who is likely to help out when you are in distress. A top religious leader? A high ranking pol? A wealthy merchant? After a bandit has beaten you up.

    Most likely it’ll be the white guy with a pickup truck. The guy who they make all the horror movies about, the actual despised minority in the world. the guy who is actually the best giver. Partly at least because the average white guy doesn’t rob, rap or kill and might even know a bit of CPR, or have rudimentary medical skills and have the means to help.

    Also if you dont claim any great moral character it really doesn’t matter who you help or don’t help. Seeing a black in distress actually makes me feel pleasure these days. They mean to take everything away in the long run. I’ll save my empathy for my own. I say fuck em.

  10. Do you guys think that some blacks use tricks to win your confidence? If so, what would be some of those tricks? How do you recognize them and what do you do?

  11. That’s easy Stan. If they aren’t actively trying to rob you, hurt you, kill you or rape your woman they are setting you up so they can rob, hurt kill or rape latter on

  12. MLK was a confidence trickster. He knew blacks were walking shitpiles. Yet he spun this storyout about character. Knowing full well that blacks are generally criminal untrustworthy and dangerous be still poured honey in the white liberal’s ear.

  13. “Not a theory here; just sayin’.”

    Yeah, occasionally you get lucky.

    But as a rule of thumb, when you see a random dog foaming at the mouth, you’ll be safer guessing hydrophobia than a taste for shampoo.

  14. When are the innocent people going to learn that they are nothing more than an easy target for these black baboon bastards.Keep some type of weapon you KNOW how to use with you at ALL times.Times have gotten worse and the black demons are much bolder in their evil tactics.

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