AP Article: Mainstream Media Censors Matthew Owens Beating


The Montgomery Advertiser has picked up the AP article on the Matthew Owens beating:

Alabama man beaten after reprimanding children

MOBILE —Authorities say a Mobile man was savagely beaten by several adults after reprimanding a group of children for playing basketball in the street.

Matthew Owens is in serious condition at the University of South Alabama Medical Center after police say a group of adults possibly armed with chairs, paint cans and baseball bats attacked the 40-year-old on Saturday night.

Police say they do not have any suspects yet.

The AP says “several adults” have savagely beaten “a Mobile man” after he reprimanded “a group of children.”

Such is BRA’s media! Black people must be promoted at all costs!

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  1. I like the AP’s use of the term “savagely beaten”.

    I think readers in Alabama can figure out the race of savages doing such things in their state.

  2. I just had success writing a Chicago Tribune columnist who has shown some fairness in the past on reporting racial conflict issues. He’s aware of the story and concedes that the MSM has done a poor job reporting the Trayvon Martin story and suppressing attacks like this one.

    I urge other O.D. readers to subscribe to local papers, get to low low to mid level (White) reporters who are not high paid, big media stars/whores. It’s similar to the situations with organized politics, organized religion in the US – you find more truth and honesty in the lower levels.

  3. XYZ, it’s time to take the ‘African’ out of ‘African-American’. They’re African and can never be anything else. You’re definitely right. They must go back to Africa.

  4. Doh, it should read “it’s time to take the ‘American’ out of ‘African-American’.”

  5. Jack Ryan – we must PUSH the Race issue. People may figure out the Race of the savages – but then they have loads of room to make EXCUSES.

    This must end. The wiggle room. The idea that it’s “nurture/poverty/education”.


    It’s Race.

    We know that not every White is wonderful and brilliant, not EVERY Jew is pure Satanic evil (I’ve met 3 or 4 that are not) and that every Negro is not a savage violent mindlest beast.

    I had a long conversation with my dear pal Annie Oakley last night. She just had a pleasant exchange with what is apparently a decent Haitian man. She and he was civil, their social interaction went off successfully, and there were no problems. He apparetnyl understands the horrors of living in a Black Community, as he’s had lots of difficulties with members of hs own Race. Lots of problems.

    Annie, and I, wish the best for this fellow. What we know, though, is that his problems are NPT our problems. That, as White women, we ave a responsibility to behave in a civil fashion towards him, and he has that duty towards us – but that’s where it ends.

    Our Race is our Religion. We have to change the prevailing meme that “Whites are Responsible for EVERYTHING” to “Whites are responsible to OUR OWN people”.

    We must push Race. Blatantly.

  6. Now it comes out that Matthew Owens had come out screaming at the children with two butcher knives in hand. The kids ran away–God forbid, their basketball had rolled into (his) yard.

    Owns has a violent rap sheet, starting in 1990, for assault, domestic violence, harassment, public intoxication, and sexual abuse. His sister kicked him out of her house. He fractured another guy’s nose.

    He is definitely not without blame for instigating trouble. Should the crowd have attacked? No. But would the police have responded? I have no idea.

    Terry Rawls, who also has a long rap sheet, has been arrested. Apparently he and Owens have a long history of animosity

    Police say this situation had nothing to do with race and that Trayvon was not mentioned.

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