Matthew Owens Beating: Where Is The Mainstream Media?


More heat is producing more coverage:

Update: Recall my prediction after the Illinois beating: “Undoubtedly, there have been many more of these incidents. These are the only ones that have surfaced so far on our radar screen. I’m sure there will be more.”

Note: Remember, it was the heat that Al Sharpton and Organized Blackness brought on the Trayvon Martin story that pushed it to the top of the national agenda.

If Organized Whiteness could get its act together (a critical mass of sites is starting to act in unison), we could have a similar effect and might succeed in pushing our narrative (“The War Against White People”) into the “mainstream.”

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  1. Those left behind in the ghetto must counter organize and strike back very very very hard.

    That’s a scene right out of a zombie flick. The bakkaball players are just numbskulls. The thud thud thud of the ball is just a war drum beat. It’s worse than anything you could make up.

  2. It’s a shame that those in the house did not shoot the savages. Equally it is a shame that they failed to video the beating or part of the crowd. Imagine the footage! A mob of zombies would have been priceless propaganda, because it is actually true.

    I expect there will be retaliation for this somehow. Very direct tit for tat. The riots in London were previewed by extensive violence that spring. Same thing is happening.

  3. John,

    Gangs of New York is more my model. My fantasy is that White men stop watching basketball and instead train MMA and gladiatorial fighting such as Comhrac Bas.

    Whites can be a superior bare fisted force because they can use superior intelligence and discipline and hard training that their adversaries won’t bother with. The adversaries rely on natural athletic ability and a savage culture where fighting is pretty common, which helps them best the “guys” who sit around watching blacks play football.

    If you spend your days watching blacks play games in BRA, expect to be the subject of dominance games by the relatives of your sports heroes.

    It’s going to have to become unbearable, so YT turns off the tube and goes out and deals with real life as it is. But once he gets started, he will be unstoppable.

  4. I reckon you could walk through that neighborhood and randomly arrest people without profiling mind you, and arrest 20 odd people for outstanding warrants. Then squeeze em for their role in the lynching.

    Equally just drop a CBU on the next bakkaball game.

  5. The EDL are essentially street fighters. The cops corral them though.

    What the English have is the football Hooligan. A much underrated and unutilized embassy of England’s Englishness.

    See the end scene of “Looking For Eric”

    three bus loads of hooligans bust into a drug dealer’s mansion and utterly humiliate him.

  6. Abstract concepts like justice are impossible for blacks to comprehend.

    To them justice means having a temper tantrum and getting away with everything. Words don’t have deeper, intrinsic meaning to negros. They are just clubs with which to obtain cargo.

  7. “Justice for Trayvon” means beating a man into a coma who has never met or been near anyone or anything related to Trayvon in any way. Yeah, that makes sense.

  8. Really, the Onion has nothing left to parody. One of their editors is mugged and they still wah-bag on the right.

  9. Hunter Wallace writes:

    “Pushing our narrative (“The War Against White People”) into the “mainstream.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I prefer the narrative “Racism cuts many ways”.

    In this manner we agree that all racial hatred, racial violence is wrong. And when there really are instances of White on Black racial violence, then yes – the media and the government should take action; but the same must be true when it is Black on White racial hatred, racial violence and we then proceed to show 100% factually proven cases of Black on White racial violence and also show the MSM are censoring these terrible attacks.

  10. Please sign the petition on this website to have the police pursue this as a hate crime

    Comment from the site:

    “i’m signing this because this is my uncle, and i think it is just horrible what they did to him. and nitice now in the article they say “this is justice for trayvon martin” this is a hate crime. and they also say he confronted the kid for playing basketball, no he confronted the kid for stealing out of his neighbors yard. so they beat him with bricks and paint cans till he passes out. they have their 5 and 10 year old kids out there hitting him with things too. my uncle was in a coma. his brain was swolen and bleading, he has tubes in his throat to breath..and all this was “for treyvon martin” ….yeah”

  11. This beating is just the tip of the iceberg. It happens nationwide on the streets, in parks, in schools, etc, etc. And it has been happening for almost 50 years and is downplayed ,censored and spun away, by a Corrupt Liberal Media and their toadies in the PC police force whenever possible.

    Ironically, if Zimmerman is acquitted of state charges, Holder will file bogus federal ‘Civil Rights” charges against him under the theory that Trayvon had the civil right to walk on a public street with out being attacked because of his race. Obviously that “civil right” does not apply to white Americans.

    135 brutal attacks for being white on a public street:

  12. this is why i always go armed in bra and if this had happened to a neighbor i would have used my 12 gage loaded with flechettes.

  13. “Hate Crime” legislation, was created by liberals, as a tool for liberals. Since it is their creation, only they can pronounce a crime, a “Hate Crime”. It has to meet their definition of such. A “Hate Crime”, is a crime, committed by a gentile, Caucasian male, against someone, considered by the vast left wing agenda, to be a designated minority.

    In each and every case, a crime will be weighed, by the liberal media, before a headline can be published, with those two words. A “Hate Crime” is never, a crime committed by one minority against another, unless, there is a desperate need for a “Hate Crime” to occur, during a time of liberal political upheaval. Then, it is okay, to conveniently mistake a Hispanic man for a Caucasian.

    Their goal is to get agitated black people and liberal milquetoasts, to unite under their failed political leaders, against “The Man”. This is their tool, to create the allusion of racial hatred, where none exists and to magnify the intensity of injustice and victimization. This serves as a distraction from all of the liberal-socialist failures, which have led to the highest food, oil, and gas prices, the lowest employment rates, real estate prices, and economic growth.

  14. “In this manner we agree that all racial hatred, racial violence is wrong.”
    -Jack Ryan

    Sir, I beg to differ.

    The history of the West is replete with altruistic concepts of ‘right’ and ‘justice’ and
    ‘retribution’ as well as ‘restitution.’

    Africa’s denizens have none of this in their history.

    Europe is the Home of the White Man.
    Africa is the Home of the Negro.

    It is both disingenuous and folly to presume humanity on the Negro, just as much as it is to presume intelligence, moral capability, or the attribution of White Racial/Cultural/Societal norms of them.

    We’re done with that malarkey.
    The ruling ideology is ‘An eye for an eye.’ Only Whites battling similar race (and moral) Whites may use Christ’s words to ‘love one’s enemy.’

    As St. Theodosius has said, “Live in peace not only with your friends, but also with your enemies; But only with your personal enemies, and not with the enemies of God.”

    Negroes, both as pagans, as well as non-Adamic, as well as by 400 years of observable moral, intellectual, and psychic (predestined states of a race) behavior, ARE those ‘enemies of God.’ Only the VERY, VERY few exhibit the grace of God- and all of those are of a passing generation (70-plus- those who ‘knew their place’ in a prior age). Today’s Negroes are ‘pimps and hos,’ and WANT to be unregenerate.

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