Mobile Mayor Addresses Matthew Owens Assault


Mobile’s black mayor Sam Jones is shocked that the Matthew Owens beating has received national attention … perhaps he missed the hundreds of black people who rallied in Mobile for Trayvon Martin.

Note: In The Color of Crime: Alabama, we learned that African-Americans are 26.2 percent of the population, but are responsible for 62 percent of homicide, 55 percent of rape, 77 percent of robbery, 55 percent of aggravated assault, 59 percent of burglary, and 91.5 percent of interracial rape.

Mayor addresses Matthew Owens assault:

Peaceful march and vigil held for Trayvon Martin:

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  1. Black ethnic cleansing interupted. For a moment. Presiding mayor shocked, very much like a roach scuttling away when the light is switched on.

  2. “It’s finally Morning in America.

    Whites are waking up to the Jewsmedia’s perennial lies…. sort of.”

    Let the long painful hangover begin!

  3. Yeah, the Blacks, like the Jews, are always the eternal victims of the debbil whites. However, their days of playing the victim card will be soon be over, because when enough white folks get hurt or killed, nobody is going to give a damm about their victimhood anymore.

  4. Contact info for Fox Mobile:

    WALA FOX10 (Mobile, AL)
    1501 Satchel Paige Dr.
    Mobile, AL 36606

    News Tips:
    1-800-876-8810 or

    If Negress answers the phone, at the 800 number, ask to be sent through to Bob Cashen’s (News Director) direct line. Leave a pointed, outraged message, demanding to know WHY they are trying to paint Mr Owen’s as the bad guy.

  5. because when enough white folks get hurt or killed, nobody is going to give a damm about their victimhood anymore….”

    It’s not really that. The number of assaults, robberies, murders, etc, not to mention victim-of-propaganda type things (the people warehousing and drug and drug rehab industries, visits from child services for political reasons, demoralization in schools leading to “acting outs,” and on and on…)

    A building tide of crime is not what is feared—- but that what has already occurred will be framed as significant… that it will no longer be rationalized by the white public as “what they deserve.” (Which is why they tolerate it.)

    One catch-22 has been the breakdown of “heritage” as important, because they can’t have it both ways: either it IS important (and therefore one really can be accountable for sins of your past ancestors, such as slavery) OR it is not important (and everyone gets a clean slate, the way non-whites do, for instance, during “immigration”)—and this would mean whites can never be held accountable for their past ancestors sins, either.

    A) whites stand behind their past, slavery and all, because heritage is important, or b) they are not responsible because heritage “doesn’t matter.”

  6. Funny, ain’t it: we’re such terrible evil racists and anti-semites and yet they always always always want to come live near us.

    They never, ever just go away, which is what a rational actor would do in the circumstance they whine about.

  7. “You white racist goyim are the most evil racist monsters who ever lived.

    And plus I really, really, really want to make love to your women.”

  8. You round-eyed gweilo white goy ghost devils are so damned evil, that I want to attend all the universities you built. THAT’S how evil you are, white man, you’re so evil that I greedily seek the degrees you confer, especially the advanced ones. Such is my rage.

    I am good and you are bad. Which is why I haven’t built any decent universities of my own, and would prefer to elbow my way into yours.

    Don’t notice it, though. Or I’ll call you racist. And really, how terrible would that be?

    Now shut up and build me more stuff, for no good reason that anyone can think of. Put another mosque over there.

    Because, racist.

  9. I’ve had good success contacting Congressional staff members BY NAME and expressing concerns about issues like the illegal alien amnesty, Federal Hate crime bill.

    US Senators and Congressmen have bright, young staff members who’s job it is to listen to constituent concerns, so you can start a dialogue and not just WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMEN like old Right wing conservatives do to little effect. When you ask for the staff member BY NAME you get right through and then can follow up with a “thank you for listening to my concerns” e-mail and C.C. other staff members, include links to news articles supporting our position.

    A year’s unlimited service is a bit pricey ~ $600. I’ve paid for it a couple of times. But you can get a 2 week free trial if you can convince the CQPress people that you are an officer in a non profit organization (Just make one up, something criminal victims group that sort of thing).

    I’ve exhausted my free 2 week trials, can someone else give it a go and we can share our information?

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