The Real Victims: The Black Undertow, Not Matthew Owens


H/T Gateway Pundit

A mob of black people beat Matthew Owens almost to death with pipes, brass knuckles, paint cans, and bricks on his own porch … therefore, black people are the real victims here.

Note: The Mainstream Media is determined to suppress this story because it accentuates the 11 known black-on-White revenge attacks that have been done in the name of Trayvon Martin.

If Matthew Owens had defended himself from Black Undertow aggression, or if the roles had been reversed, the anti-White Mainstream Media would be calling it a “teachable moment” and a story about “Race in America.”

The Mainstream Media wants to suppress this story … which is why you are strongly encouraged to use all the tools of social media to spread and publicize this story.

We’re not going to let this one go: No Justice, No Peace!

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  1. See the Chicago article for links.

    1 in Ohio, 1 in Illinois, 1 in Florida, 1 in Alabama, and 7 in Michigan. The same group of blacks attacked 7 people in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  2. I copied and pasted these from a free republic commenter. I sent this around to a bunch of people in an email. I don’t know if the links will show up here. Most could arguably be Trayvon related.

    March 04, 2012 Kansas City KS, Teens set kid on fire for being ‘white boy’

    Mar 24, 2012 St. Louis MO, St. Louis man recovering after unprovoked attack in Tower Grove — Kruchowski

    March 26, 2012 Pittsburg PA, Attack Victims May Have Been Targets Of ‘Point ‘Em Out, Knock ‘Em Out’

    Mar. 27 2012 St. Louis MO, Pete Kruchowski Was Not A Knockout Game Victim, According to Police — Kruchowski

    March 29, 2012 Seneca SC, 6 men charged in Seneca beating; hate crime possible

    Apr 1, 2012 Palmdale CA, Seven black California teens charged with beating Hispanic youth

    April 2, 2012 St. Louis MO, Police investigating mob attack in downtown St. Louis — 15 on 3

    April 05, 2012 East Toledo OH, Trayvon Martin case looms over beating of 78-year-old Ohio man — Dallas Watt

    Apr 5, 2012 Minneapolis MI, Victim describes ‘flash mob’ attack in downtown Mpls. — Matthew Collie

    April 7, 2012 Sanford FL, Was racial hatred the motive in the Sanford hammer beating?

    April 10, 2012 Gainsville FL, Gainesville beating case drawing national attention — 27 year old drunk

    April 12, 2012 Grand Rapids MI, Hate crime victim describes racially motivated mob attack in Grand Rapids — 5 on 1, beaten w/chains, letter to authorities

    April 12, 2012 Gainsville FL, ‘Trayvon’ shouted as group attacks Good Samaritan — purse snatch

    Apr 15, 2012, Baltimore MD, BPD Arrests St. Patrick’s Day Assault Suspect Cellphone Video Shows Man Beaten, Stripped, Robbed

    April 18, 2012 New York NY, Brutal slaying of teen in Melrose Houses, second murder in nabe in two days, has residents in fear

    April 20, 2012 Maywood IL, Suspect: I Beat Up White Man Because I Am Mad About Trayvon Martin Case

    April 24, 2012 Mobile AL, Man Beaten By Mob, In Critical Condition

  3. What Chicago article?

    And no, the attack with the 13 year old was set on fire wasn’t Trayvon related- that was before the case was widely publicized.

  4. The difference between these two cases: Zimmerman was plausibly acting in self-defense (two scufflers nearly matched in size, Z has evidence of physical injury).

    Owen was the victim of lynching (mob attack of 20 against one cornered guy, by a mob that was unquestionably gathered ahead of time — premeditated). If Owen dies it’s murder, no question. And, no, calling some kids a name, even assuming Owen did so, for which there is only the claims by the mob partakers, is NOT justification for murder. Because if it is, then Emmit Till’s lynching was justified, so shut up.

    Of course I’m not telling OD posters anything they didn’t know, but we need to make this point explicitly on implicitly-White blogs for confused Whites.

  5. What I think is interesting is how quickly a mob was formed. From what I understand it only took minutes for a violent mob to form and descend on Owens. Such a short amount of time indicates that many if not most Negros will resort to violence and do so quickly. I wonder if there were any who tried to calm the mob down before the left to attack Owens. Somehow I rather doubt it. At best any non-violent Negros would have remained silent instead of taking the ire of the mob.

  6. Revealing little video. I see the cute reporterette clearly embarrassed that her news report was interrupted by some incomprehensible animal noise, almost like a passing train but less civilized. She rolls her eyes. Then, when the noise ends the obviously human cameraman and the reporterette both leap to expressions of worshipful thankfulness for the animal’s excretions.

    Realizing that the humans’ reaction is the important thing in the video I ponder how my wife would react: The same. How my mother would’ve reacted: The same silent embarrassment but with a scowl instead of a motion of gratitude at the end. How my grandmother would’ve reacted: Probably with a weapon. How their respective spouses would’ve reacted: Slightly less politely.

    Then my mind drifts to the pathetic state white people are in, and how all the animal-on-human killings aren’t even important compared to the white women who are constantly raped by these animals. And white “men” do nothing.

    What’s it going to take? A little interbreeding with animals to give humans the spunk to fight back? But then what would be the point?

    Are there any other men out there who’re retired, whose children are grown, who see no more reasons not to do what men are supposed to do?

    Sorry, I’m drinking in the daytime now. Because I can’t stand it any more.

  7. Anticipated by my parody Guardian Headline.

    White Racist Just Punished By Massed Civil Rights Demonstrators: Apologizes From Hospital Bed.

  8. Yancey,

    The moment a white guy expresses anything like racial consciousness, white women cut you off socially. If breeding is the imperative that will chill candid political opinion.

  9. One reason for the rioting was the fact that delightful looking Blonde women from Highgate and St John’s Wood are buying up property in East London and driving out Pakistani and Black nerdowells.
    It’s quite noticable. Seeing that much yumminess around has a natural reactive effect. Riot Catalyst, I call it.

    If the whites want a race war just subsidize hipster colonies in the hood. Fund a trendy coffee shop and a bookshop. The rest will take care of itself.

  10. The moment a white guy expresses anything like racial consciousness, white women cut you off socially. If breeding is the imperative that will chill candid political opinion.

    That’s just not true. One of my close friends is married to a girl going for her masters in Social Work Of course, Social Work is a code-word for BRA-Worship/White-Genocide.

    My friend openly mocks black IQ and ‘chimpouts’ (his words), and blames the Jews for the Holocaust in front of her. She still decided to marry him.

    Hunter, a well done post compiling the Trayvon reprisal attacks, would be useful.

  11. Anecdotally there are examples of this. But as a rule it will bring on exclusion. No one on a college faculty expressing these ideas would last 5 minutes. I might have gone too far myself in my own little world btw.

  12. I’m wondering how they got to him in his own house before he got to a gun? You show up to my house with a gang you will get a surprise.

  13. I think they followed his car. He almost got home. Almost inside. Almost.

    You can’t live among them.

  14. He had not yet Unlocked door after returning home.

    That’s what I understand at least. those inside may not have understood he was in peril until the lynching commenced. No time to grab cleavers or knifes or firearms to deter the mob.

  15. “The moment a white guy expresses anything like racial consciousness, white women cut you off socially. If breeding is the imperative that will chill candid political opinion.”

    You’re looking at feminazis. Go to any fundamentalist/conservative/reactionary church, and there will often be MANY marriagable women, who LONG for a man to ‘tell them what to do.’ As you date, remind them of Federal Headship, teach and train them to submit, and get it in writing, and before witnesses (the “And obey” clause in the BCP Marriage Service for example) as well as (if you must) a ‘pre-nup.’ Just to clarify your RELIGIOUS reasons for female submission.

    If you are a decent White Man, don’t drink, or beat your wife, it actually helps the whole thing to work smoothly… going on 20+ years here. But realize that you have to TRAIN the wife to see you as Head. There’s a LOT of brainwashing to undo, especially as the age curve goes down…

  16. Klaos,

    When I was surviving “life” in NuJoizey, i knew a petite blonde social worker, who was a pint-sized dead ringer for young Grace Kelly.

    She told me interesting stories. She, life so many Whites, has a natural and beautiful sense of protection of living things, especially animals. She related one tale in which she paid a visit to a “family of Congoid Welfare Parasites, and the teenaged Trayvon kicked the poor family dog in front of her.

    She told the Nig, and it’s Mammy Sow, that is she EVER saw that again, or ANY signs of abuse on the animal, she’d RIP THEIR FUCKING LEGS OFF, on the spot. Now – this woman is a beautiful little porcelain blonde, all of 5 feet tall. The Congoids shrank in terror – because they KNEW she meant it. (She grew up in NJ. NJ-ites are BRUTAL. Even pretty little women.)

    With Nigs – it’s all about them sensing you will deliver brutal violence, in a second. Yu have to mean it.

    I lost touch with her, when I escaped, but I knew she really loathed most of her clientele.

  17. John, I’m not talking about 20 to 30 year old kids. I’m talking about grown men! Those who’re past hunting for pussy and despair at the deterioration of their society. I’m well aware of how stupid most women are. What frightens me more is how stupid men have become.

  18. 30-something to 40-something white men are the worst. So spineless and whipped. But I have seen a change in the attitudes of young men lately regarding the anti-white feminist matriarchy. They just opt out. Most guys would rather play xbox than chase the women their age. Can you blame them?

  19. Ah I see. Yes, beyond 35 you do tend to get racist. You certainly get conservative. Tell willing to pity fools.

  20. Yancey, you are on the right track with the ‘reporterette’ talk. She is a hot young reporterette. That is why she is on the Jew News with the all jew views and spin. She is demoralising the White race.

    And yes, John, attitudes of women let’s say 18 – 30 yrs are completely jewed in terms of liberal upbringing, some form of judeoXtian ‘faith community’ , Xtianzionism, 12 yrs of edjewmacation and the media of all jew news, all jew views, sitcoms, psychodramas, kosher baloney history, docos and award shows.

    This is really our worst news. The young women in their years of prime fertility are complete whackjobs and they have been weaponized against White men.

    Male and female are being socially engineered according to a mutually hostile and dysfunctional set of attitudes and behaviours that are guaranteed to socially self destruct the White race in its nations. The people, usually men, who wake up to it find themselves the sane ones in the asylum.

    I read over at The Irish Savant that young Chet – a striker for Sheffield United will be going to jail because he was convicted of raping a teenage girl (19 yrs). The charge was rape not because he was part of the threesome that went to a hotel from the nightclub, but because the teenage girl testified she was too drunk to remember anything. And so he and a black were charged with raping a woman – “too intoxicated to consent”. The black, of course, was acquitted. This is muliti-ethnic Britain.

    Now. You young blokes, I write as a grandmother, are going to have to Game them. I mean this seriously. Forget the theory (heartless, hopeless, hellbent), but there does exist a set of male alpha behaviours that is learned. Don’t argue with her about racial consciousness – learn how to be alpha about it and neg her.

    Once upon a time, Southern gentlemen had to learn these behaviours and express them in terms of Christian faith and love for kith and kin – purpose marriage and children.

    My son tells me that men who have no purpose other than to get laid with a lot of hot chicks are studying/learning these behaviours and devoting entire websites to Game. So it would stand to reason that men who are on the receiving end of self destruct social engineering for Whites, men who want to marry and give kindred to their people – should look into specifically that set of male behaviours that is Game.

  21. #28 well they have to be taught to stand up again, is all. YKW indoctrination has taken that out of them and the concept just needs to be reintroduced. I grew up in an environment that shared more than one border with the jungle, but not one of those creatures ever so much as touched me, because they could tell not to. That’s what you need to project. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  22. Back in the early 70’s, our family went to visit the cousins in Anaheim, CA. They lived in a formerly white neighborhood that turned very black.
    My brother and I were standing on the front lawn with both cousins when two negro kids rode by us on bikes throwing stones. Our cousins exchanged words with them and threatened that we would beat them up. We were a few years older than these Negro kids but I wasn’t too keen on hurting someone younger than myself.
    These kids just said we should wait a little while. In no time, three 18 year-old black guys showed up on the street. I was only thirteen! My brother and I turned towards the house and called for our father. He and my cousin’s dad came out. Once these teenagers saw that, out popped their fathers.
    The dads talked and the situation was defused. It could have turned ugly but did not. This was my first experience with black people and it wasn’t pretty. Years later, I was told how my cousins were always harrassed or beat up by their black schoolmates. Imagine, this was happening 40 years ago!

  23. @Bill Yancey

    I think you’re being a bit harsh toward your own people. I realize that it’s probably the alchohol talking, and I’m not judging because I’ve been there once or twice myself, but you have to remember, we’re basically all alone in the world; white people, I mean. And those of our kind, who for whatever accident or miracle, could not be broken and domesticated by our racial enemies, are fewer still. We’re all of us doing the best we can. And even among those of us who aren’t explicitely racial, not all women are stupid and not all men are craven children. Just like us fire-breathers, they’re between a rock and hard place and have to choose their battles wisely. Cut ’em a little slack.

    There will be a time for justice for all of us, very soon. Until then, you be the one who decides your own state of mind, not the words and actions of some flimsy tyranny that’s in it’s death throws. If anything at all, use this adversity to forge a strong will; embrace it as a sort of crucible of the spirit. So don’t give up.

    Durate et vosmet rebus servate secundis. Got it?

  24. “houston says:
    April 25, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    SHOCKING Tweets About Crackas, Killing Zimmerman, Riots, Etc…

    Read your blog post. This tweet stands out:

    The user has an avatar pic of a black female, her real name listed as LordisMyShepherd and her twitter username is @FollowJesusNow_

    And what does her tweet say?……wait for it……
    “if zimmerman make bond i will personally kill him”


    One thing I noticed about many blacks is that they give the appearance of being super religious. Always talking about The Lord and Jesus, etc. But in reality, they will stab you in the back and commit any type of wrong behavior you can think of, all the while talking about how much they love Jesus.


  25. Zimmerman is black. At least as black as Pushkin or some nog like Rio Ferdinand or maybe even Halie Berry. Ot that Mulatto Princes Caroline.

    Fucking niggers are only niggers according to some mysterious quotient only deemed to be niggy by some cabal of nogs on a secret Nigga committeeeeee.

  26. “Now. You young blokes, I write as a grandmother, are going to have to Game them. I mean this seriously. Forget the theory (heartless, hopeless, hellbent), but there does exist a set of male alpha behaviours that is learned. Don’t argue with her about racial consciousness – learn how to be alpha about it and neg her.”

    I told my my future wife the first time the marriage subject came up soon after we began dating that I would always have veto power in the relationship. I was judge, jury, and executioner. I thought it would scare her away. It didn’t. I knew nothing about game at the time, I was just sick of fucking around and parsing words, and decided to be bluntly honest and let my inner patriarchal authoritarian out of the cage. I was always an authoritarian, I just kept it hidden for years because I thought that’s what women wanted. I am absolute dictator in our home, but I have been known to be benevolent from time to time.

  27. Stormfront doesn’t allow four-letter words or, ironically, racial slurs. I’ve had an account there since 2009, but I’ve never made a single post. I have nothing against the place, it’s just that all the discussion threads are literally dozens of pages deep! You’d have to take a day off from work just to get going on one of them! On here, people can casually come by, make a couple posts, and find themselves settled right in.

    That’s why I like Occidental Dissent. It’s got that ‘little neighborhood bar’ kind of vibe, and yet there are regulars here all the way from the UK and South Africa.

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