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  1. This brings up an important point. The movement cannot be allowed to be dependent on its leaders, but rather on those who hear them taking up the mantle. If the mission dies with the missionary, then it was just a cult of personality. Sam Francis was probably the most brilliant pure intellectual among WNs; after he died, I would honestly bestow that honor on Alex Kurtagic. Jared Taylor is probably the best in a radio-televised debate setting, or PR forum, but he is already in his 60s and has been doing too much heavy lifting for far too long.

    Dollars to donuts says that James Edwards becomes the leading figure in the movement over the next decade or so. He is well-read, tough, and can hold his own on a national stage, re: his appearance on CNN, opposite race-baiter extraordinaire Roland Martin.

    I had only heard of Bowden in passing. RIP.

  2. Yes, Bowden truly was the most interesting and effective speaker, that I’m aware of, among British conservatives. Also an actor and artist.

  3. I was depressed this evening thinking about this. It’s a sad day, indeed. At a time when things are beginning (at least in some fronts) to move in our direction, it’s so sad to lose such a great man. And the fact that he was also a relatively young man makes it even harder. He will certainly be missed. He already is.

  4. I wonder if Bowden was poisoned, or something. ZOG murders the good ones. I’m just sayin’…..

    RIP, you good White Man.

    Wait – don’t RIP. Come back, and haunt Abe Foxman, and the rest of the AIPAC vermin. That’s what I plan to do. Death won’t get rid of me.

  5. Where did you hear about this? I haven’t read anything about this on Alt Right or Counter Currents and they frequently posted speeches and interviews with Mr. Bowden. The man was a great orator and a real asset to the new right movement. He will be missed.

  6. Extremely sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan on a few occasions and first heard him speak in 2006. A great man who will be sorely missed.

    A big loss to the Nationalist movement.

    RIP Jonathan


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