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  1. “Nonetheless, a white man in a business suit at dusk in a racially tense neighborhood under a national spotlight is wise not to ask too many questions of angry black people on the street.”

    Mr. Hillyer won’t be writing for National Review, I see.

  2. I enjoyed the American Spectator article – the writer went out to the scene of the crime and got locals (Whites) to talk to him, gave him an honest report on what they saw and heard.

    I think the truth is pretty clear to see here. Out of control Black youths, teens just causing trouble, running in to people’s yards, insulting people. Owens was one White man who talked back, he did it in a lower class White to lower class Black way, whereas an upper class, educated White man might have been able to pay a visit to some of the Black parents of the offenders – my father did this all the time and I remember my father confronting border line mobs of 8 and 9 year old Blacks who were tearing up our commons park in a no ball playing zone. My father went so far as to publicly spank one insulting Black 9 year old and his parents supported my father, but that could have gone bad.

    The insulting Black 9 year old reportedly grew up to be a nice, successful man.

  3. Rawls appears to live on Robinson Dr in Mobile, about a mile from Delmar Dr where this took place. the rest of the mob probably came from same area

  4. The truly insane nature of ZOG is revealed by its actions. It is encouraging the mud crud to flood all white societies and granting them privileges not afforded to the white citizens. This we are well aware of. ZOG gets its power from the white people and once they are swamped, who will remain to provide the blood, sweat and money for ZOG to reign supreme? Do those judeo-idiots really believe they can control the Frankenstein monster they’ve created? They cannot. We are entering a dark age albeit loaded with electronic toys but the potato chip factories will cease to operate when whitey is no longer a factor. Copycats aside, technology remains a totally white endeavor. If whitey were to disappear, whom would the copycats copy from? On the bright side — if whitey were gone, the Chinese would quickly solve the mestizo, jew and negro problem.

  5. This Alabama policeman seems like a very fair, decent man. So it sounds less like a 30 person Black lynch mob, more like 3 or 4 Black dudes who’ve been feuding with Owens for many years and a large party went along to see, cheer on the fight. The underlying moral to the story is to try to live in a place with good neighbors, obviously these Black folks were very bad neighbors. Bad neighbors make for bad neighborhoods.

    And as we speak English, not Ebonics – “Bad” does not mean “good”.

  6. The ‘one drop’ rule certainly applies here.

    They not only have egg on their face, their heads are up the chicken’s ***.

    Lying, two-faced Jewsmedia.

  7. This incident has been an object lesson in how Jewish/DWL media ignore black-on-white violence.

    1) The local media gives it perfunctory coverage with no mention of race.

    2) The police seize on any pretext to deny it was hate crime.

    3) If the news gets out on social media, the police simply reiterate the denial, and muddle the issues with statements like “let’s not rush to judgment,” “the facts are not clear,” etc.

    4) If the news makes it to Fox, Beck, Breitbart, ect., the media uses the fact that “the police say it was not a hate crime” to justify ignoring the story.

    Somehow, pressure needs to be brought to bear on the cops to enforce these hate crime laws. In addition to getting justice for the white victim, it would take away the media’s main excuse for not reporting the story.

  8. Let them read you so long as they fear you.

    Randi Roads or whomever can go jump into a ghetto. East St Louis preferably.

  9. Wow! That Reuters story is not walking this media slander “back” – it’s RACING back.

    Randi Rhodes is an American African “talk radio” creature. What was the name of that radio network, that was supposed to challenge so-called “Conservative” talk radio? Too lazy to look up the name, tonight. The one that was a total failure, and Al FrankenJew stole money from some ostensible kid’s charity? Anyway – that’s her great claim to fame. She one of these Hates Her Own Nappy Hair, as Well as YT Negresses.

  10. “whereas an upper class, educated White man might have been able to pay a visit to some of the Black parents of the offenders”

    This may have been true 25 years ago, but not today.

  11. @ Denise: Rhodes – an Aryan-looking crypto-Jewess – was a talking head on the JewSoros-funded “Air America” network that helped organize the (now disappointed) HardLeft for Obama. Got kicked off a couple of times for excessive potty-mouthing. Overtly on her own now, but prolly still getting Soros $$$.

  12. SeaDragon – YIKES!!! Thanks! I’m DEAD tired tonight. I ought to just pack it in. Who am I thinking of, then? At least I was right about her Air America antecedents. Oh well.

    Arrghhh. I’m off to sleep. I know there’s some Negress, involved with that AA disaster. I’ll think about it tomorrow, in the words of Scarlett O.

  13. Terry Rawls?

    That name sounds familiar. Has been in news or something before. I’m almost certain I have heard that name before in the past.

  14. This is all made up. Blacks would never dare to attack a proud Southern man, especially in the snow white state of Alabama. They only prey on cowardly Yankees who believe in gun control.

  15. Randi Rhodes (not her real name) is a old whore from “Air(err) America” the failed lefty talk radio network.

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