Obama’s Son Bryan Clay Arrested In Las Vegas

Obama's son Bryan Clay arrested in Las Vegas double rape and double homicide


H/T Free Republic

The Daily Mail is reporting on a particularly savage black-on-Hispanic rape and double murder in Las Vegas.

Note: Clay also raped a 50-year-old woman in the Nevada desert the day before the murders. The race of the victim is unspecified.

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  1. I DONT understand ANY of this crap where you all say Our President said he is Bryans Dad. Please explain this to me AND also please GIVE and POST A LINK OF Obama stating that! THEN OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AT THE WINNER BRYAN CLAY *not* the psychopath who murdered but there is ANOTHER BRYAN CLAY WHO IS THIS GUY! IS THIS THE GUY OBAMA REFERRED TO AS HE ALLEGEDLY STATED ” IF I HAD A SON HE WOULD BE BRYAN CLAY?

    THIS GUY???? >>>>

  2. Steve, sorry man, but it seems I have to be the one telling you that the real world is way too complicated place for you.

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