“War Against White People”: Violent Flash Rob In Portland



There has been another “flash rob” in Southeast Portland. The “teens” arrived via the MAX trains.

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  1. What a gang of fucking stupid hick motherfuckers on this site. Thank goodness I live in a good socialist country with good welfare and a high standard of living unlike your piece of shit capitalist shithole USA. My friend Trine referred me to this site, we live in Norway. In Norway we don`t believe in fairytales about GOD. You are a bunch of dumb American idiots, while we are the master people , we hate USA in Norway because you are so goddamn fucking stupid.

  2. All this TNB would end if everybody would pay the negroes their fair share. In Europe they have a VAT (Value added tax up to 25%). It’s a fine you pay to the gubment for every financial transaction you make. What America needs is NAT and it should be 50%, because all invenshuns belong to the niggers and they deserve a reasonable piece of the action.

  3. The store clerk said the white woman “used the N word.” So that’s what happens when a Portland liberal gets attacked by a gang of blacks!

  4. I mean, that’s the real scandal here. Never mind that a mob of youths were attacking her; why did she have to go and use the “N” word? Doesn’t she know that there’s a lot of black youths who wouldn’t attack her? How would they feel if they knew she was using the N word! They would be berry berry sad, and their self esteem would be destoryed and then they wouldn’t grow up to become a brilliant surgeon.

  5. Kievsky,

    Indeed, I laughed at the “n-word” claim. I half expect Mayor Sam to pontificate on it or have the station employees arrested for defending themselves with pepper spray, if he’s not too busy twittering nonsense or banging boys in the city council bathrooms.

    The police have apparently decided to do little besides arresting law abiding folks for loitering on train stations. Transit cops ticketed a woman (white naturally) for waiting for a train her friend was on recently. The crime train developers have a riot on their hands in a neighboring county that does not want to pay via more bad loans to transport more crime to their cities via Max. They vote this year on it.

  6. Hey Kari,

    I’m one of the Crazy Norwegians as you Norwegians like to say.

    I’m Athiest as well. Hick? No. I’m also quite in favour of social democracy. Just no niggers please.

    The Confederacy has been given a bad rap. It was the only way blacks could be productively integrated into a white society. We only need to look at Haiti, Rhodesia, SA etc to know this.

  7. My, my…isn’t this where “the battle of Portland” is supposed to take place? Where is Covington (the old man) and his NW Front volunteers? It’s really starting to wear thin.
    How is he going to finance a NW front when he already owes Will Williams over $200G’s? Do the math on that one.

  8. There was just recently a big dust-up over at Occidental Observer, about HAC and his novels. And now he’s apparently created a new blog dedicated to people he calls “goat dancers”, whatever the hell that is.

  9. Now Kari, you were running this stupid ‘Noweigan’ schtik on another one of Hunter Wallace’s posts. Let us run through the J assessment list shall we

    The Judaic writes in under the cover of another nationality or religion as a bigot. In this case a Noweigan master race bigot. Check

    Refuses to address the issues of the main post in terms of reason or evidence. Check

    The entire Judaic ebyte is taken up with hatred of the target group of goyim (here Americans) in terms of anal focus and motherfucking. Check

    Can not resist insulting God or Christ because the Judaic has no rivals in the divinity competition. Check

    I realize that your urge to wind up the goyim is not something you are fully in control of, ‘Kari’ but the method to the madness should be here pointed out. You all do this schtik in order to keep the assimilated Jews in line and manage them by making the Tribe hated throughout the host nation. The Protocols of Zion call this “lesser brethern management strategy”. Right now you are trying to give them all the heebee jeebies and stampede them to Israel thinking the goyim are right behind them with pitchforks. As desirable as it might be for all of you to make alliyah, Americans are not so easily manipulated as you would like to think.

    This schtik is famously satirized in Cohen’s stupid movie Borat in the scene called “The Running of the Jew”. Bet you saw it, liked it and favourited it on YouTube.

  10. ‘crime train’

    That is exactly what is happening! These Blacks are hopping on the max and taking their savagery else-where!

    Maybe things really were better in the Old South? At least Blacks who spent all their time picking cotton did not have access to mass transit to use to wreck havoc!

    Portland SWPLs better wake up! The Pacific Northwest has a wonderful history of White Nationalism: Robert Jay Matthews, Pastor Butler, etc.,… There are good examples just in the back-yard for the newly racially awakened!

  11. If we trust no one, then we are obliged to check everything we encounter from dawn to dusk. If we trust everyone, we are not likely to recognize dawn from dusk. Take the word “Adam” for example.

    * Adam (âdam) as revealed in a Hebrew or Chaldee dictionary means to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy. A variation, âdôm — sorry, no Hebrew letters available — means rosy, ruddy. Put away your books and answer this:

    * When was the last time you saw Ming Chan blush? When was the last time you saw Al Sharpton blush? When was the last time you saw Rajesh Patel blush? When was the last time you saw Juan Valdez blush? Which race can show blood in the face — blush? Which race can have ruddy complexions? Which race just might be descended from Adam? Which race has translucent skin which allows venous blood to show blue (blood) in the wrists, and in other areas?

    Get it? If not, keep repeating out loud the above paragraphs marked with an *.

    No wonder the honkies are losing. They don’t know who in hell they are.

  12. Whenever this happens in Sweden we just have to grit our teeth!
    We are not allowed to own weapons (licenses are EXPENSIVE and prohibitive)
    or even protest!

  13. I have noticed over the last year that alot of Black people are moving to SE Portland, OR from N/NE Portland. I don’t have a problem with this. However, what I do have a problem with is how they treat the White people, property and neighborhoods. They let their children hang from and destroy trees in our parks. Why so much destruction? No respect for anything. A group of 10 females started a fight with our softball team because we didn’t want their children running through our field. WTF? I hear all this stuff from the black population, but where is the voice of the White people? This has been my neighborhood for 40 years and I won’t put up with what you call entitlement that isn’t yours. It isn’t yours because you don’t respect it. Do the universe a favor. Teach your children manners, respect and most of all, educate them. Your attitude and behavior are disgusting. Attack our team again and next time you won’t get away with minor injuries.

  14. They moved into Greasham, thanks to the low income housing. Slowly they have made there way down into southeast. The shootings and violence have followed there migration. First you saw 122nd Division “area” getting hit in droves. You began seeing blacks moving to 90th, then 80th, now they are to 70th street line. As I said the crime comes with the blacks.
    Once I saw it at the in Greasham…I said watch as they get closer to 82nd in SE so will shootings. I have NOT been proven wrong.
    Along the way the neighborhoods are dirty, vandalised, and are now unsafe.
    Just watch were they move and see the problems unfold! Fact!

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