Charleston (WV) Beating

West Virginia

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Eric Holder’s people have struck again in West Virginia in an incident that is not getting enough attention:

“Charleston detectives are looking for two men who robbed and beat a man unconscious in front of his girlfriend and children downtown.

The incident happened about 10 p.m. Saturday near the BrickStreet Insurance building. A 45-year-old man was leaving Tidewater Grill with his girlfriend and his 9- and 13-year old children, said Sgt. Bobby Eggleton, assistant chief of detectives.

Two men approached the group and started making rude comments, Eggleton said. The descriptions are fairly vague: Both were described as heavyset black men in their 20s.

“We don’t have a whole lot to go on,” Eggleton said.

The man asked the two suspects to stop making the comments, but the situation got worse. The two then attacked the man, knocking him down and kicking him repeatedly in the head and face, Eggleton said.”

It sounds like something that Trayvon Martin and Ja’Quares Walker would have done if they had attacked someone without a concealed carry permit. Even in West Virginia you are not safe from the Black Undertow.

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  1. Now in that Ja’Quares death, is the “white” couple actually “white”? Or are they “Zimmerman-white”?

  2. If it was a serious racial incident like Ashton Kutcher in brown-face, the media WOULD address it.

  3. Charleston is West Virginia’s blackest city, 15.5% of it’s 51,400 population. Kanawha County, with a population of 193,063, is 7.3% black. West Virginia’s total population is only 3.4% black.

    BrickStreet Insurance is West Virginia’s work comp insurance agency. It was started as quasi-governmental agency to end work comp abuse in West Virginia. So if it was near BrickStreet, being that they deny claims, I would guess they have cameras even thought the police say they saw nothing on the malls video.

    The Tidewater Grill is an expensive restaurant for WV.
    But it is in the mall …. oh the mall ….. Charleston Town Center.
    And I think we all know niggers and malls are the exact opposite of niggers and swimming pools. White people are always safe in the swimming pool.

  4. All I can say is I hope the victim recovers fully and that the thugs are caught.

  5. I think I can add something to John Derbyshire’s rules: if you address/correct/admonish blacks (even one or two), assume that your words will be “fighting words”. Be ready and able to defend yourself – so if you’re a 45 year old man correcting two 20 year old blacks, you better be in Chuck Norris (or similar) fighting shape. If you aren’t, keep quiet and ignore their rude behavior.

  6. But it is in the mall …. oh the mall ….. Charleston Town Center….

    It was one of those developments/complexes—- one of the ones that wiped out the traditional downtown there that then underwent various “renewals” trying to keep it alive. But the “town” moved to the mall, with the traditional main stores with history and longevity (which had been the whole shopping district) shutting down.

    Malls are such an inorganic idea. The stores first, shoppers later— very upside down. Manufactured demand.

  7. this White “man” must have been a DWL; I wonder if the feral negros beat any sense into him

  8. Two men approached the group and started making rude comments, Eggleton said. The descriptions are fairly vague: Both were described as heavyset black men in their 20s.

    There’s only one excuse for the fact that this man did not defend his family with pepper spray, taser/expandable baton, and pistol: poverty. The niggers were generous, and gave him ample warning.

  9. As painful as these stories are to listen to, if they are to be of any value at all, it is that they might prompt white people to get a good and reliable handgun, a Concealed-Carry permit, a lot of ammo, and a certain relish for using all-of-the-above when warranted.

    I can’t wait for the opportunity to utilize mine: My biggest fear is that it will be like beer or potato chips, so that the first time I use it I won’t be able to stop with just one.

    (That taxidermist around the corner is gonna have a heart-attack when he sees what I bring in…)

  10. As a young man from this area I can assure you that there are plenty of feral monkeyshines regardless of the low % of their population here. In some places in this town you will only see blacks. I can remember at least 5 times in my life, I am 24 years old, where blacks have attempted to rob or otherwise victimize me. Generally they just expect you to be an easy mark and leave you alone when you put up a fight. If approached by any spear chuckers even a simple question or asking for a lighter could escalate very quickly. Do not show any outward signs of fear, try to appear as threatening or unfriendly as possible, and if approached do not take your eyes off of them for even an instant. Be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes one will trail behind you and another will approach and ask for a light or directions and the other will come up behind you. I have seen this tactic in action. These animals are not like us. You do not turn your back on a dangerous wild animal and you should not turn your back on a nigger.

  11. Why do you need to be in Chuck Norris shape? Virginia is a “shall issue” state for concealed firearms. Just carry your legal concealed pistol when you are in any area where you likely to be assaulted by niggers.

  12. racist pieces of shite on this website I accidentally stumbled upon. so proud of your ulster scot heritage- you were used by the british to colonize northern ireland and institutionalize racism and bigotry against the catholics, as long as you get yours fuck everyone else, right? Despicable lot.

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