Ja’Quares Walker Shot Dead In Birmingham

Ja'Quares Walker shot and killed after attempting to rob a Birmingham couple


There is a Trayvon Martin situation in developing here in Birmingham.

A 13-year-old African-American youth attempted to rob a White couple in a Lexus SUV in a gated community in Southwest Birmingham.

The driver pulled a gun and shot Ja’Quares Walker multiple times. He ran a few feet, collapsed, and died at the scene.

The Birmingham News is describing this robbery suspect as a “slain teen” and a “13-year-old” and is running this puff photo provided by the family to stir up the black community. This is how Ja’Quares Walker presented himself to the world on his Facebook page:

The Real Ja'Quares Walker

Note: Trayvon Martin’s family has come to Birmingham to participate in a “hoodie freedom walk.”

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  1. “Jack Ryan says:
    May 3, 2012 at 10:26 pm
    Our big spike in killings in Chicago is caused by Black gangs grooming younger teens to gang bang as they get a pass from juvenile court system.

    Our last police chief was good – Jody Weiss ( not a Jew). When some underage gang banger shot someone, Weiss would bring in the adult gang leaders and tell them he had enough dirt on them to put them away any time he wanted, so they had to reign in the younger punks or else. This worked. Our new police chief appointed by Rahm Emmanuel is terrible -McCarthy, he blames Black crime, Black murder on racism and Sarah Palin’s hunting TV show.”

    Rahm Emmanuel – Classic Spawn of Satan.

    That one is on my Top Ten List. Top 3, really.

  2. Fr John – exactly. I did a little rant up the thread. [It] was my gut reaction to reading that BEBO gibberish.

    That’s not adult Human language. They are hybrids. They contain chimpanzee DNA. I personally regard this….gene expression…as an affront to and a degredation of chimpanzee DNA.

    I had a lovely conversation with an adult Negro southern male, earlier. A much older man. He was obviously raised in the Segregated South. He was intelligent, very well-spoken, and very polite. Being held to White standards was a benefit to him

    Post Cibbil Rats, and the EBT cul-cha – the vast majority has resorted to the mean. They need to GO.

  3. I seriously doubt Ja’Quares was just hangin with the wrong crowd etc. I think Ja’Quares wanted in with the wrong crowd.

    It looks to me like Ja’Quares was trying to jump in with a gang that some rulz. Like initiation. Sounds to me like before he could jump in and run with the crowd he had to ‘do’ a gated community. Differenct initiations for different gangs – steal a cop car, ‘do’ a job in community X and turn over the loot. The higher the degree of difficulty, usually the more criminal the gang.

  4. Lynda

    I agree. Looks like an initiation.

    Try to spread this meme – that older Black gang members are corrupting Black teens and pressuring them in to the criminal life.

    So when some Black teen gets shot and killed by Whites defending their car, home, person – the bad guys aren’t the Whites or the Black teen, it’s the older Black gang members that corrupted the teen.

  5. uKn_Leo : thanks for posting. Just when I thought the IRS couldn’t sink any lower…

  6. Jack Ryan, the CPD is seriously short manpower (and paid very well, contrary to what the public is lead to believe). They hate Jody Weiss. Much of the city now goes unprotected and crime is on the rise because of it.

    It’s only going to get worse. Nothing is going to take them down of the Obamanous ego they have developed for their right to take what White people have or beat White people for the hell of it other than a serious fucking slapdown, and what I mean by that is massive deaths from military rifles. Without which, they may be uncontrollable from here on out.

  7. Rip

    We tore down the all Black public housing projects. From 2000 to 2010 Chicago lost 200,ooo Black African Americans.

    It’s not getting worse. It’s getting better.

    If Jody Weiss was named Jody O’Reilly the CPD would love him. That’s Irish life. The South Side St. Patrick’s Irish parade was restarted this year after getting suspended for 2 years because of mass drunkenness in ’09. I was there.

    Chicago will be fine. We know how to deal with all kinds of troublesome people… Blacks, Mexicans, homo rapist cannibals from Milwaukee (Dahmer) and…. The Irish


  8. No we won’t. The niggers are out of control. I live downtown. Somewhere where my street address is E. Xxxxxxxx Street. Chicago was kind of in control until November 2009. Then crime shot up immediately. The housing projects are not all gone. The Cabrini Row Houses still exist. What ever is up by the Sedgewick Brown line stop still exists. The Roosevelt stop is a major shit hole. There are niggers all over Lakeview just north of St Josephs Hospital all the time – and I can’t figure that one out.

    And the niggers are all more aggressive.

    And the police are all “Why do you want to know? Who are you?” when you ask what’s going on in your neighborhood. The police are assholes in this city and don’t do anything they are not ordered to do.

    Wait until the NATO Summit. If half the people show up the snaggle tooth faggot on TV says will show up, this city is going to be a mess. While they are trying to squelch the protesters, the niggers will be smash and grabbing and doing the Twitter flash mob thing on all of Michigan Avenue.

    They burnt a serious portion of the city down in ’68. It hasn’t been rebuilt to this day. Riding south on Metra trains all you see are neighborhoods that only have about 50% of the houses they should have on the blocks. If it is higher than that they are boarded up or look burned out.

    This shitty is a hole run by niggers for the niggers that live in Morgan Park. You couldn’t pay me to live in Morgan Park.

    I am out of this shitty as soon as my job ends, if it doesn’t end, well it means good things are happening and I will never ever have to deal with them except by choice, not likely. Even now, when I go to work in the morning I try to avoid using nigger cab drivers, because I don’t feel like getting milked like an idiot first thing in the morning. nigger cab drivers love the flashing hand that warns pedestrians and they start slowing down based on that, not the color of the fucking green light. I fucking hate the piece of shit thieving niggers in this city.

    Actually I hate this city. It’s full of niggers, faggots, and hipsters. and they are all bathed in “Nigger Bath”. niggers are all on the down low, and so are hipsters; that means this is a city of Sodomites.

  9. Rip

    I think you have an unfair, negative view of our city. Yes, we certainly have problems with crime, racial problems – but if you know how to handle yourself, Chicago is great.

    With cab drivers – go with West African drivers. They are nice, fun and have great accents. They don’t like low life Black Americans as they are the worst customers.

    Downtown, lakefront Chicago is the most beautiful modern city in the world.

    Chicago – love our great City!

  10. White men must learn we cannot hold anyone but White men to our ideals of rational mature actions. Expecting it out of others will only leave you disappointed or worse

  11. One simple thought about upcoming open Black/White warfare.

    The thoroughfare from the Upper Midwest (where I live) to ANYWHERE in the East Coast, MUST PASS through SE Chi-town and the hell that is known as NW Indiana- the Niggeropolis.

    When having to stop for gas the last time I went East, I foolishly took a turn off in NW In. MY GOD, it was like being in AFRICA. Not only the melanin quotient, but the UTTER THURD WORLDNESS of it all!

    Unless we sincerely seek to eliminate all blacks (and their enablers- i.e., the Deicides such as R. EmmanuHELL) full-on Mogadishu scenarios could cut America in half, if Gary, Indiana is any indication. (I’ve not been to Detroit in twenty years, and then, I only drove through to get as far away from it as possible)

    BTW, how do y’all know how to type ‘Nigbonics?’ I can’t even read that crap, and youse guys are all honkeys?!? lol

  12. Why waste money and time on little niglet gang banger wannabe’s by building schools?!? They don’t want to learn, and most public schools are holding tanks until they end up going to ni99er college. Just start building private prisons and start using those FEMA Camps, that’s where most of the little bastards will end up anyway. Better yet, abortion and sterilization of ni99er ho’s on welfare will go much further to solving the ni99er crime problem.

    Until the race war starts for real, and we can hunt down and lynch and shoot ni99gers on sight, just start throwing them in prisons and throw away the keys!

  13. Jack Ryan,
    I’m so glad Chicago tore down the Projects and negroes are leaving.EXCEPT the bl**k bastards are invading white communities in the surrounding states.Keep your jigaboo parasites in Chicago where they belong.

  14. I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice, but from what I understand, a wrongful death lawsuit is much easier to defend against than a wrongful injury suit. See, when your assailant is in a pine box, he isn’t in the courtroom, in a wheelchair, dabbing tears and blowing his nose and such. And dead men don’t need compensation for impaired futures; crippled men do.

    Just FYI.

  15. And yes, I love happy endings too. What I wonder is, how many self-defense stories get suppressed? Whether due to a second-amendment-hating, YT-hating press, or recalcitrant victims who just want to go on with their lives and avoid trouble, or both?

    I ask because I sure would like to see more stories like this. Self-defense shootings are great. Thug thought he was going to terrorize, rob, and maybe murder a couple of decent human beings, next thing you know, he’s won the wet t-shirt contest.

    We don’t see enough of these, and I suspect they’re very common.

  16. From the Kosher Republic thread:

    I believe the other hoodielums in the car can be charged with murder for the death of Ja’Quares since they all were involved with this armed robbery.

    Pls confirm?

    No, it doesn’t work that way. He’s referring to “felony murder,” which basically means that if you aid someone in the commission of a felony, and that someone murders someone, you could wind up on the hook for murder, too (e.g., getaway drivers can be charged with murder if the shooter is charged). But there’s no murder here, just a homicide in self-defense. And the someone in question is the recipient of the homicide, not the deliverer.

  17. Actually, that wiki page supports the Kosher Republic poster’s speculation, but I’ve never seen it applied that way.

  18. Favorite comment, to date, on the Kosher Republic thread:

    To: JustaDumbBlonde

    It’s Latin for “going to prison”.

    That is good. This is another good dog whistle type comment:

    I wonder why they didn’t interview the dad?

    Hehe. 🙂

  19. More of these black baboon ba$tard punk negros need this kind of treatment.They are nothing more than evil demons and should be terminated when the opportunity is given.I sincerely hope I am lucky enough to remove some of these ignorant negro.

  20. Robert Oculus III says:
    May 3, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    Lol, nice one Bob.

    Police with their new lexicon like to call a carjacking like this a robbery gone wrong. Okay, a robbery gone wrong means that robberies go right.

    Let me describe a robbery gone right: no bodies. Ergo, no headlines. Hell, they might even have a shot at statistically manipulating a robbery right off the books. Can’t do that when there’s a body.

    I got a feeling this white man is going to get the GZ treatment.

    No. The kid had a mask on, and was committing armed robbery. They nogs will add the kid to the talking points and marching slogans, maybe, but there will be no charges from the State (assuming the gun used was legit).

    Walker said Friday night around 9 p.m., she and her husband arrived at their East Lake home to find her middle son Jaqures, known as “Tez,” sitting with some friends. A short time later, she says she saw a gray Chevy Trailblazer pull up. Tez told his mom they were friends and hopped inside. Walker says she went out to see how old the friends were.

    “I said, ‘Hey Tez, where you going son?’ And he said, “Mom, I’m going to the store, I’ll be right back…I didn’t get a chance to see them but normally, if he says he’s going to the store, he’s going to the store because it was Friday and 9 p.m. You know your curfew,” Walker said.

    If moms had established better boundaries for her son, who clearly could not handle the level of responsibility she’d given him, he might be alive today. At the very least, she’d be singing a different tune to the media.

    Like, the boy is dead now, let him rest and stfu ! I knew him, and he was not a bad boy. He just hung around the wrong crowd , but all you “people” that’s posting bs , if you die , over some bs , you wouldn’t want nobody to sit here and trash you , so stfu and let him rest in best.

    Armed robbery = bad boy.

    I had a lovely conversation with an adult Negro southern male, earlier. A much older man. He was obviously raised in the Segregated South. He was intelligent, very well-spoken, and very polite. Being held to White standards was a benefit to him.

    Chris Rock says this fellow hates your guts. Saw him riff on how these old, polite negroes despise Whites. Not saying it’s true, but, food for thought.

  21. Even the lefty Jim Kunstler acknowledges that blacks cannot be made to conform to white culture or civilization. He related a story back in his college days that the first thing the blacks did upon the civil rights revolution on his college campus was demand seperate everything.

    Way too many ditto head comments on this site thinking that whites and blacks should just intermarry and “assimilate” and Amurica will save the world.

  22. “He also says there are girl gangs and that members include all races and can be found in all parts of the city. ”

    I liked that line. The gangs might be 95% Negro, but hey there’s 5% that aren’t, so this statement was makes sense.


  23. Luckily for our intrepid would be Zimmerman they haven’t a telegenic photograph of the young man he shot.

  24. Luckily for our intrepid would be Zimmerman they haven’t a telegenic photograph of the young man he shot.

    There’s got to be a baby picture somewhere.

  25. New best quote from Kosher Republic:

    His thug buddies claim he is in “a betta place”. Does this mean they think their neighborhood is worse than Hell?

  26. Y’all don’t even know the truth. Nobody Jones but god and JaQuares. So stop descrimanating because you dont know what you future or your childs future look like. He was wrong but he still was young a made a mistake. Y’all make them all the time. What if you made somebody mad and they killed you. Think about it like that

  27. The man who ventilated Ja’Quares Walker saved the state tens of millions in future incarceration costs, the inevitable costs of trial and prosecution, and the dozens of illegitimate litters that the baby-mommas of Ja’Quarres would doubtless drop, also needing to be housed, fed, clothed and educated.

    That man is a HERO to me!!!

  28. Where did the aspiring thug get a handgun? Sporting goods stores won’t sell those to anyone under 21. Even ammunition requires one to be 18. At least Walker won’t be doing this again.

    If blacks want to feign outrage at someone for these incidents, they could usefully go after the recording industry for promoting the sort of lifestyle that involves 13 year-olds robbing innocent people at gunpoint. They won’t do that, however, because the people getting rich by producing this disgusting, violence-promoting music are also black. Hypocrites!

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