Listen Up, Indiana: It Is Time To Defeat Dick Lugar

Defeating Dick Lugar: Change we can believe in


OD readers in Indiana (this means you Parrott) are strongly encouraged vote against Dick Lugar, the face of La Reconquista in Indiana, next week in the Republican primary:

“INDIANAPOLIS — Republican Sen. Richard Lugar is asking Democrats and independents to cross party lines and save him next week in the political fight of his life. . .

Lugar told reporters he is best suited to represent Jewish and female Hoosiers along with ethnic minorities.”

Lugar is trailing Richard Mourdock by ten points. Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal is pleading for you to vote for Lugar.

Note: Aside from Lindsey Graham, Dick “La Raza” Lugar is arguably the biggest Republican piece of shit in the U.S. Senate. He voted for the DREAM Act twice. Richard Mourdock can’t possibly be worse than this guy.

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  1. Well said. With Utah’s Chris Cannon gone – Lugar is in the top 3 of worst RINOs (SC Graham, Utah’s Orin Hatch and IN Dick Lugar).

    Lugar’s been bad for a very, long, long time.

    Instauration Magazine – the best intellectual WN magazine of the 70s, 80s and 90s awarded Lugar the award for worst White American Majority Renegade/Traitor of
    the year in 1987.

    Instauration Magazine editor Wilmot Robertson slammed Lugar in 87 for betraying his very White constituents of Indiana to grandstand for sanctions against White ruled South Africa.

    Lugar was bad then, he’s basically senile bad now. Time to take him down.

  2. Lugar told reporters he is best suited to represent Jewish and female Hoosiers along with ethnic minorities

    anti-racist is code for anti-white male.

  3. Sorry to see that Lugar’s challenger is losing the support of White auto workers in Indiana. Mourdoch rose to prominence in Indiana opposing the Fed bailout of Chrysler and White union auto workers in the state feel that he wanted to take away their jobs. Populists like George Wallace and Pat Buchanan and some others (Hitler) worked very hard to be known to support White workers and not let the Left, Marxists win the votes of White workers.

    Here’s a link to a Huffington Post story indicating that Indiana White auto workers might make the difference in re-electing horrible RINO Dick Lugar:

    “In 2009, Mourdock launched what some saw as a quixotic bid to block the federal bailout of Chrysler, saying it violated bankruptcy law by giving unsecured creditors more than secured creditors, including some Indiana employee pension funds. He lost when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to rule on his objections, but won national recognition from conservatives looking for someone willing to challenge the status quo.

    “I would just be another guy from Indianapolis coming to events like this, if it hadn’t been for Chrysler,” Mourdock told the party faithful during the Morgan County dinner. “Chrysler defined me as the guy from Indianapolis who will take a stand, the guy who will fight for something.”

    Yet his opposition to the Chrysler bailout is also his biggest weakness with voters who question the $2.8 million tab for legal fees in the case, as well as the threat the challenge posed to the auto industry, a backbone of Indiana’s manufacturing-dependent economy.

    “The guy was trying to take our jobs away,” said Richie Boruff, president of the United Autoworkers Local 685 representing Chrysler workers in Kokomo, Ind. He’s asking members to vote for Lugar, whether they’re Republican or Democrat.

  4. Someone should tell that Autoworker that he’d be fine one way or the other. Lugar is dispossessing you by handing the country over to blacks and as he said Jewesses. There will be nothing left once the termites start munching on the loan that constitutes the bailout.

  5. John says:
    May 4, 2012 at 8:47 pm
    Someone should tell that Autoworker that he’d be fine one way or the other. Lugar is dispossessing you by handing the country over to blacks and as he said Jewesses. There will be nothing left once the termites start munching on the loan that constitutes the bailout.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Or someone else should tell Mourdock and other Tea Party, economic conservatives, Libertarians etc to try to take the side of poor and working class Whites. There is no reason hard working White United Autoworkers in Indiana shouldn’t be on our side. Why do we let the likes of Eric my people Holder, Obama, Elena Kagan, MSNBC, SPLC – why do we let them get away with the lie that they are championing the cause of American (White) workers?

    Nixon, Reagan, George Wallace, Pat Buchanan, George Romney all did fine with White Union Workers, hard hats etc.

    Economic Conservatism, libertarianism is the kiss of death in national American politics – it’s a huge turn off for White workers, White poor people. Go with what works, just take the side of White working people, it’s not hard.

  6. That too Jack.

    I’m all for state that replicate Swedish social democracy. Except for welcoming in niggers.

  7. The “auto bailout” (i.e. a Federally funded alternate bankruptcy path) was done for one reason only — To save the pensions and health benefits of retired union auto workers. If the car company bankruptcies would have gone to regular bankruptcy court, bondholders would have taken precedent over union contracts. And don’t forget, car company bonds aren’t all the play toys of millionaires, a lot of retired people with not much else depend on those proceeds.

    The best idea would have been a special bankruptcy path that would have split the damage about 50/50 between the unions and the bondholders.

  8. One more thing: A consequence of the “auto bailout” was that a lot of white collar car industry related jobs were outsourced to India, on the countenance of the President who promised to end outsourcing.

  9. It’s just going to prolong the inevitable. The manufacturing base
    is being killed off between stupid sullen Gibs and cutthroat Execs.

  10. Jack Ryan – I know we disagree on the JooThang – but I just wanted to say kudos to your [above] post. You are a truly good man!

  11. Well said Jack.

    I’d pay my kid twenty bucks to mow the yard before I would pay a Mexican five. Outsourcing something you can pay one of your own to do is bad policy. Trade is fine, if they have something you need and cannot make yourself.

  12. Did anybody else notice the picture looks like Obongo is playing knock out king? LOL.

  13. I hate unions. However the reason union workers asked for so much was they saw the way management was loading their pockets. They put less into the auto companies and lined their pockets deep. Give them credit they wanted a little of that cheese for themselves. I can’t blame them for that.
    Have you noticed our “captain of the universe” fearless corporate leaders make wages well in excess of other managers throughout the world. Mainly by continuously selling off technology and manufacturing skills. Hmm… What if we passed a law that if you used foreign parts or labor you could only make 20 times your lowest wage workers salary? Without all those high executive wages the shareholders could really rack it in and of course it’s all about the shareholders. If you make something with American parts, labor and machines you can make all the money you want.

  14. “Nixon, Reagan, George Wallace, Pat Buchanan, George Romney all did fine with White Union Workers, hard hats etc. ”

    Who told you that?!

    Union workers in Indiana, Ohio and everywhere else HATED Reagan and all the rest. I was an ironworker in the 90s and that was ALL I heard was continuous cussing of Reagan. ALL the union workers hate and despise Republicans like the Jews Hate Hitler. All you hear is anti-Republican, anti-Conservative, anti-right wing rhetoric from 95 percent of union workers.

    I don’t care what book or stats or what you are using by saying any of the Republicans you mentioned “did fine with white union workers, hard hats, etc.,” if ANY claim that, they are dead wrong. Anyone who knows union workers can testify to the truth of my comments. It is no exaggeration to say your comment is as wrong as a statement that Lincoln and Reconstruction are well liked here on OD.

  15. The Jews hate Hitler because he wiped the floor with them.

    Skilled labor in America rightfully has an issue with Reagan on this score. The 80s was
    a period of western deindustrialization. Thatcher and Reagan both supported the outsourcing and free trade that is at root the cause of the current rot. Before Thatcher England was white. After, not so much. She adored Lincoln too.

  16. Brutus and John and others please understand my point:

    Nixon, Reagan, Thatcher, Hitler all WON electoral power by appealing to (just enough) White workers. Buchanan and Wallace did very, very well by convincing lots of working class and poor Whites that they were on their side. This is not the same thing as saying that Reagan, Thatcher or Hitler (in power) actually were socialist, hard core trade unionist leaders. They were not.

    It’s a question of electoral strategy – as we (and Germans in the 30s) lived in democracies where everybody gets to vote and the vote of one under employed, high school educated White union worker counts as much as a White voter with PHDs in in Austrian style free market economics, who supposedly “knows it all” and insists on trying to ram down his “truth” on working class Whites who don’t want his “truth”.

    As the great American WN leader Rockwell explained in ~ 1966, “Economic conservatism, free market economics sells about as well to poor Whites, working class Whites as snow balls at the North Pole”!

    So my point is simply:

    Go with what works, try very hard to convince poor and working class Whites that you are on their side and when you win, try to give them a fair deal a better deal than the likes of White hating cultural Marxists like Obama, Tim Wise, the SPLC, Eric Holder, Elena Kagan, Tim Warner Communication, Norman Lear, George Soros. Is that so hard? These anti White, NWs, Jews hate White Americans, including White American union workers – they depict White American workers with pro White views as Archie Bunkers who deserve to be humiliated, insulted and then simply replaced by mass NW immigration.

  17. Well put, Jack! If the Faileoconservatives would focus on the fact that middle class whites will not only lose their jobs, but their children will be hated minorities and second class citizens it their very country, they would go far. This, IMO, is the elephant in the room, the real issue. You can tell it is because both parties will not touch it with a 10ft pole.

  18. No, it is not well put. No, it does not matter if we here at OD or any other pro white site agree with Jack Ryan. What I and only about a dozen others on ALL these sites are trying to tell you is that about 3/4 of the white workers in these “Rust Belt” states are NOT going to vote for Republicans. Period. These states are far more unionized than almost all sources reveal. I keep trying to point out WHY so many white people are NOT going to go along with the message presented by pro white folks, no matter how strong the racial message. I keep trying to point out to Southern pro whites the supreme importance of labor. I keep trying to point out to people like Fryer John who want white people to move to places out west. These white people are NOT going to vote for, move to or support people and/or ideas that are going to put them on wages less than they made 30 years ago as high school kids. Yes, I know all of your arguments, I even agree with most of them, but that is not relevant. These millions of white workers are not going to go for your ideas. Many of these white people are living in whitelandia right this second and most don’t even have any liberal problems, they may not even know of any liberals. In other words, much, much of our argument is lost upon them because that is not their reality, as far as they know. (Yes, again, I know it is but they are not yet seeing it because it has not “hit” them yet.) They ONLY understand WORK and their PAYCHECKS. (Yes, once again, I know. I know they are materialists and this and that, etc. But that is what is on the ground nevertheless.)

    That is my point.

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