U Mad Bro? Virginian Pilot Upset With “White Supremacists”


H/T Patrick Cleburne

The Virginian Pilot is lashing out at the “white supremacists” who have hijacked the narrative and poisoned the discourse surrounding the Norfolk Beating:

“But that’s only one portion of the talk, which has been perverted on Internet sites from Facebook to political blogs to the most awful white supremacist precincts. Those emails and calls came from California and Cincinnati, from New York and from locations unknown.

This conversation cannot and should not be ceded to those people, most of whom couldn’t locate Hampton Roads on a map but have nevertheless taken it upon themselves to tell us what this attack means and how we all should react in its aftermath.

They have used email and Twitter and the Internet to stir racial animosity, to articulate the rankest bigotry and to spew vulgarity and cowardly threats at any and every one.

These are the kinds of visceral reactions typical of an anonymous Internet, where deliberative responses have no chance of keeping pace with the impulsive demand for more violence, for a nihilistic surrender to the inevitable.”

You will be mediated, damnit!

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  1. John- as far as weight is concerned. I would encourage folks to check out http://www.marksdailyapple.com/ and investigate the paleolithic diet.

    Not as severe as Atkins, but basically a non-grain, protein-based diet, with lots of low glycemic veggies. His (Marks’) major component, which I’ve been able to stick to over the last four months (!) is merely WALKING on a treadmill to get one’s pulse up to around 80% of maximum, which burns fat. I’m not dying, I can breathe normally, I barely break a sweat, yet my body is using up this damn fat! WHOO-hoo.

    I am a ‘big-boned’ guy. I don’t WANT bulk. I want to lose the bulk I have. And walking roughly 1.5 miles three times a week on a treadmill at my local ‘cheap gym’ where I can watch my heart rate, and keep it in the percentile ratings it’s supposed to be, has made a difference that even my wife can see. I’ve also pulled in the belt another notch- which is what I can see. What made the difference? Eliminating anything WHITE- rice, bread, pasta, sugar. Going to club soda, and saying goodbye to pop (that’s what we call it here) and only having a ‘treat’ of a sprouted grain piece of Ez. 4:9 bread once in a GREAT while. Thank God I like salads, and veggies, along with my side of cow…..or swine, or chicken, or turkey, or duck. Darn, now I’m hungry.

  2. @Meena:

    “This person has a point. The obesity epidemic is disgusting. It really is not that difficult to stay thin or in good shape. Don’t eat sugar, anytime or anywhere. Sugar in all forms including high fructose corn syrup is in almost all processed foods. So, don’t eat processed foods. No sodas. They are liquid sugar and the ones with aspartame and other artificial sweeteners will make your insulin spike just as if you ate a cupcake. Your body does not recognize it. Alcohol, especially beer, is another form of sugar and is broken down to glucose in the liver, which will also make your insulin spike and make you store fat.”

    I strongly suggest taking lots of Vitamin B-complex to curb any sweet cravings and flaxseed oil capsules to restore the leptins in your system that let you know when you are full. They worked for me.

  3. “Trucks!!! Without trucks how will we ever be able to cart away the bodies of all those thin, well-dressed, liberal elitist Asians after The Day Of The Rope?”

    Leave ’em for the coyotes?

    Do coyotes like stale noodles?

  4. The obsession with hyper-thinness is a modern elitist puritanical concept. When mechanized farming allowed the white grazers to but away a few extra pounds, the goofy effete elite need something other than a stocked pantry to set them apart. Modern avant garde homosexuality springs from the same avarice. The elites became wretched and debauched first. Not the other way around.

    Fuck ’em. Plenty of lower class whites with the same or better DNA. We’ll build a new elite. That’s why the white elite hates the white race. We remind them that they are expendable and replaceable.

  5. So…. they’re mad.

    Who cares. I’m mad. I’m mad they buried this story. I’m mad about the multicult cultural marxism this rag and thousands like it across the country have foisted upon us for years.

    These douchelords buried the story and are now embarrassed that a) the incident happened at all as it contradicts all the muticult “equality” bullshit they have crammed down our throats and b) that one of their editors had the conscience to publish the story, therefore exposing them for burying it. So, their best defense is a good offense: lash out at the “racists” for pointing out their moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy.

    The Virginia-Pilot has officially jumped the shark. It’s obvious they no longer serve the interests of their readers. They need to go out of business, or get a complete house cleaning where libtard editors/reporters are replaced with conservative ones who are interested in the truth.

    Telling the truth apparently has become “hate speech.”

    That Orwell quote keeps coming to mind: “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    Viva La Revolución.

  6. The link from Mangans is pure trolling. That said on the weight loss front it is difficult, but absolutely worth it.

  7. “Fuck ‘em. Plenty of lower class whites with the same or better DNA. We’ll build a new elite. That’s why the white elite hates the white race. ”

    Precisely. The old reversion-t0-the-mean bugaboo means the elites’ kids are likely to be not so hot.

    Meanwhile Germanic farmer- and working-class types (a/k/a pickup-truck-driving baseball-cap wearers to the local anti-White) are *awesome* at spawning the occasional polymath.
    Exs.: Isaac Newton, son of a farmer; Carl Freidrich Gauss (greatest mathematician in history) son of poor parents — his mother was illiterate; Storey Musgrave (piloted all 5 shuttles and fixed Hubble, dropped out of high school to join the Air Force where he learned to fly, holder of multiple advanced degrees, did trauma surgery as a weekend job) grew up on a dairy farm fixing tractors.

    The only people realistically capable of outcompeting the elites’ reverted-to-the-mean children for the plum spots in society are those White kids from the sticks who happen to possess the fortuitous gene combinations that occur now and then among the White working and middle classes.

    The elites well know this. They know it, and they don’t like it. Not one bit.

    In order to prevent the conception of any such upstarts, it is to the hostile elites’ advantage to promote obesity and miscegenation in the middle and lower classes of Whites.

  8. It’s called pop where I hailed from originally. Or fizzy drinks.

    I was a middle distance runner in my youth. Weightlifting (you don’t need to lift much) is important because it replaces fat with muscle. You gain weight but it’s functional. Squats, bench press, skull crushers, chin ups, curls, dips but take it really easy with lighter weights. The results in year are great and permanent.

    I like the machines that imitate cross coutry ski motions. Easy on my knees.
    300-400 cals a session. Alternating with weights and 100 cal sessions of cardio.

    No injuries yet.

  9. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but the intersection where this attack took place is home to Norfolk’s hideous MLKjr memorial. If any of you Google-map the intersection of Brambleton and Church street, you’ll see a three-story tall, black pinnacle, dedicated to the most holy of negros. How ironic.

    I live close to Norfolk and am familiar with the area. I drove by this evening to get a feel for the demographics. Sure enough, there is a sprawling government housing community located right where upper middle-class whites can conveniently get a taste of negro culture just before (or after) attending a symphony, play, or hockey game.

    I prayed that a group of negros would accost me this evening — but seems like negros and lightening are the same: they never strike the same place twice.

  10. personally I think the paleo diet is bullshit; I know a number of high level athletes and none us it. I guess it’s the type of think that works when you don’t train hard, but being lean doesn’t mean your ready to beat down negros.

    training is something I know lot about; it isn’t that difficult but it takes work.

    The war has been good for White men. We have lost men, many more are ruined physically and that sucks. I’ve lost friends and friends have lost sons over the years. However, many White men have found their strength and now have the experience and mental hardness to care for their own when the usa falls apart

  11. The war has been good for White men. We have lost men, many more are ruined physically and that sucks. I’ve lost friends and friends have lost sons over the years.

    Dude, are you serious? Am I reading this out of context?
    The wars have been a disaster for White men. How does fighting wars for a foreign nation benefit White soldiers?

  12. Stonelifter, from what I understand from your posts, your a mercenary.
    The long arm of corporate intrests. The bankers strong arm.
    No problem here with your profession. I have a family member who worked with KBR providing security in Iraq.
    He made a very good living, still does.
    In conversations with him, he maintains his time with the Army was one as a mercenary role as well, he needed a career and this seemed like a viable way to do so. At least he was honest about it and never gave me the BS about enlisting for God and country.
    Unfortunetly, alot of young White guys enlisted under the false pretense of defending their nation. And, as you are very well aware of, came home in pieces. As you know as well, many are mentally damaged.
    My personal opinion is that the wars in the ME were a disaster on thousands of young Whites.
    Although it worked out for some(financially), I’d say an equal amount are scarred for life.
    But the real thorn in my side is that you guys fought for the benefit of Israel. The wars had nothing to do with defending American intrests and definetly had nothing to do with White intrests.
    I’m not knocking you at all, I just dissagree with you on the wars.

  13. “The only people realistically capable of outcompeting the elites’ reverted-to-the-mean children for the plum spots in society are those White kids from the sticks who happen to possess the fortuitous gene combinations that occur now and then among the White working and middle classes. ”

    Exactly what I was trying to say, only better. The much vaunted, idolized elite is really a hollowed out, incestuous, degenerate shell. Their descendents are week mentally and physically. Mating for business advantage with other old money has spawned ever weaker generations. I don’t think it’s a coincidence the British royal family can’t seem to get enough commoner DNA these days.

  14. “The beating ensued after Forster confronted a rock thrower who likely had responded to seeing Rostami locking their car door, they told police.”

    Can you believe what they write? As if locking our car door is justification for somebody throwing a rock at your window. Like, “You shouldn’t have locked your door. You should have just let them open her door and pull her out”?

    “Never lock your car door when encountering a black mob, because it might offend them.”

    That sentence trying to justify the rock thrower is really insane, sick in the head. Everybody locks their doors when they see threatening people outside, since cars were invented. Probably happens thousands of time per day, whether the people outside see it or don’t.

  15. When I post an article with an address that you disagree with, it is easy enough to go to that website and comment. When I post news items from the Daily Mail you can ofter, but not always, post comments.

  16. race war is coming on some scale; it is good we now have large number of White men to form the core of our peoples defense. War is a skill that only war teaches. Our people are better off for it, and we have lost relatively few men.

    what you say about false pretenses and all is true, but it still doesn’t change the fact we have large number of “combat hard” men to form a cadre for our peoples defense

  17. http://diamondbar.patch.com/articles/the-la-riots-20-years-later#photo-9620722

    Here is another area where we can ‘affect the dialogue.’ When I read this sentence, I almost fumed: “Round-numbered anniversaries are always a good time for reflection. Twenty years after the L.A. Riots—and with the recent killings of two black youths in Florida and Pasadena fresh in our minds—what lessons have we learned? We’d love to hear your thoughts.”

    Pardon me, but after all the BULLSHIT about Trayvon now recognized as Media bias on STEROIDS, we now have multiple documented incidences of Black on WHITE HATE CRIMES – so what does the death of two black youths in Florida matter, above, if we fail to mention the WHITES who have been killed or maimed, raped, and murdered as well? If Jews can say 10,000 Palestinians aren’t worth a jewish fingernail (and they have) isn’t it time to totally DECONSTRUCT the fallacy of ‘equality’ and point out that one White death is definitely worth 5,000 niggers, in terms of intelligence, DNA, beauty, work ethic, morality, and contributions to society on the part of a dead white, vs. the Trayvons of the world? For that is all Trayvon is/was- just a younger version of Rodney King, who- at last count, is still just ‘trying to get along’ – as a thug, a villain, a criminal, and a nigger.

    Have at them, me hearties. ORION.

  18. Clytemnestra: Rigth on! You notice his ilk would never say this about low class blacks, mestizos, indians, Vietnamese, etc. His only problem is with whites. He is anti-white, plain and simple.
    I think if our salvation as a nation comes, it will not come from the brainwashed, Harvard class. They are hopelessly indoctrinated.

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