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  1. Why the fuck was he taken to the hospital? The cop was just trying to drop him by hitting him on the backs of the legs. But I guess drunk niggers always have to be taken to the hospital first …… check their blood for other drugs, etc, make sure they aren’t supposed to be taking lithium or something, etc.

    That Asian turning over the video of her screaming about the nigger trying to grab the gun is sweet, as Rod Blagovich would say, “it’s fucking golden”. Nigger is going to jail ….. unless a jury of niggers think it’s okay for another nigger to grab a cop’s gun.

  2. They take those things to the hospital to avoid lawsuits. They OUGHT to take ’em to empty mineshafts.

  3. The police in this video showed restraint. fights are brutal and ugly and sombody is geting hurt…going home is the #1 priority for a police officer. They are paid to do what none of the civilians want to do…

  4. I used to give policemen the benefit of doubt but not so much any more. They seem to just beat the hell of anyone these days who doesn’t bend over and kiss their asses. They seem more interested in dominance strategies than in keeping people safe. I believe it’s because of affirmative action driving down the quality of all public servants.

  5. “They are paid to do what none of the civilians want to do…”

    hassle honest White folk? Because I would pay good money to beat feral negros with a stick

  6. The poor girl was Hispanic? Anyway, brutal. The murderer looks emotionless, cold as ice. Why do we have to get this news from UK paper, instead of the local media? This is ridiculous!

  7. When the man says, “GET ON THE GROUND” what part of that does the criminal not understand?
    Good job officer.

  8. Why can’t we hear this from the local press? Because the press in America is controlled, lock, stock and barrel, by a very hostile minority who sees no benefit in whites knowing what they are up against.

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