Appeasing Organized Blackness



… is impossible.

“The new NAACP Report Card for the first session of the 112th Congress is out and it shows that every graded Republican member of the House and Senate received an F on issues considered important to the nation’s oldest civil rights group.”

After squandering trillions of taxpayer dollars on failed social programs, witch hunting every racist heretic in the “mainstream,” and suppressing all criticism of black people in “respectable” conservative publications, we find out that the NAACP rates every Republican in Congress an “F.”

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  1. Those con(job)servatives better listen up out there. After this “report-card” some soul-searching is in order and they will agree that they have been lax as of late in their awareness of black (minority) “concerns.” Then they will head in the direction that the wind blows them as per the BRA latest demands.

    I have watched them do this for decades now. Show a certain “front” to whites out their and lull them into thinking they have their interests at heart. Move incrementally toward BRA’s end-game and voila! It works like a charm. Just listen to all those white fools on Hannity or Limbaugh. Zombies can talk too!

  2. I assure you if I had been in Congress I would have earned that F and been damn proud if it. Heck it wouldn’t have been an F. It would have been ‘We got to kill that cracker’.

    But seriously appeasement is a very flawed strategy. It can’t work. It only encourages further demands and weakens your position by conceding to their arguments. What I’m interested in is the fallout. Will a few Republicans start to recognise that its base is white people and its most vocal opponents are those cherished minorities that it courts? Will the rainbow Republicans be discredited among the rank and file by this NAACP ‘report’? The Negroes are incredibility dimwitted. But that’s not a secret by any means. They are taking away the carrot and now only have the stick with which to bargain with the Republicans.

  3. If the jew founded NAACP had been organized now it would be called the NAABP. As has been said at other places on the internet, blacks care only about blacks and their agenda, nothing else. Blacks even have their own congress it’s called the congressional black caucus. If it ain’t about blacks, it’s racissss. According to blacks and jews if you are White you are a racist. Why Whites care about what blacks care about is beyond me.
    That 12 percent of the population that runs this country is really not important to Whites’ survival. Whites have to look out for themselves. Just what do Whites think the NAACP is going to do for them? Is it important what the NAACP thinks about Whites? Do Whites want the NAACP to love them? Just what do Whites think the NAACP is going to do for them? Is anyone surprised about what the NAACP thinks of the GOP? The NAACP is ran by a bunch of black racists. The only thing Whites need to know about the NAACP is it is a dangerous anti-White group of blacks.
    African-Americans are largely a US Government enterprise that is run by blacks for blacks. NAACP is just another part of BRA.

  4. Internal Democratic party politics, the blacks are throwing sharp elbows trying to push aside the browns and the white ideologues and long time government union hacks. BRA don’t play second fiddle to LaRaza or polar bear hugging white weenies and they want the loot from the government union rackets coming their way.

    Let the Black racists become the face of the left.

  5. “NAAAAP”
    on second thought thats not a good one either. So no one got an F-? we have to do better next time.

  6. If they do that to a party that bends over backward to court them, I think Romney ought to refuse to speak with them. There’s no point. Romney might get a boost from disaffected whites.

  7. Stonelifter!

    You stole my comment! That will be so awesome if someone actually runs on a platform “got an F from the NAACP” as a dogwhistle, and gets elected!

  8. Faileoconservatives are colorblind whites. They believe that the Civil Rights Act was conservative. They believe whites have no legitimacy unto themselves, and this is why they always seek a minority skirt to hide behind. They operate 100% on blind faith in the god of Equality, just has Hunter has pointed out. Conservatives have the truth on their side, they are just to gutless to wield it.

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