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Palmetto Patriot is plugging away at our Caribbean Project and has turned up an important find about the Barbados connection in Walter Edgar’s South Carolina: A History.

The cult of Americanism holds that the Lower South shares a common origin (the Mayflower, Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, etc.) with the Yankee colonies in New England. It is not even remotely true.

You won’t learn about the origins of the Deep South (why do children in Dixie about learn about multicultural Yankees celebrating Thanksgiving?) in American history textbooks in the public school system. Southern culture was spawned in Barbados, a very different animal with classical authoritarian impulses, and spread up through the British Antilles to the South Carolina lowcountry:

“English adventurers established colonies on the Lesser Antilles islands of St. Christopher, Barbados, and Nevis during the 1620s. While St. Christopher, which England shared with France, was settled first, (1624), Barbados (1627) would become the cultural hearth, the model for the rest of the English West Indies – and South Carolina.

On Barbados between 1640 and 1670 there evolved a powerful local culture whose institutions, with some slight alteration, would be re-created throughout the English-speaking Caribbean and along the South Carolina coast. “South Carolina and the Lower South culture that developed out of those small beginnings,” writes a modern historian, “was as much the offspring of Barbados as was Jamaica or the other English Caribbean colonies.” South Carolina, then, arose from a different cultural tradition than the colonies of New England and the Chesapeake….

During the 1640s sugar cane from Brazil was introduced into Barbados. Within twenty years the entire nature of the colony was dramatically altered. There seemed to be an insatiable worldwide demand for sugar as well as its by-products, rum and molasses. The price of land skyrocketed. Smaller planters were bought out and tenant farmers pushed off the land, White indentured servants were replaced by African slaves. A small, fantastically wealthy elite emerged that dominated the colony….

Supplying the labor that produced this wealth were thousands of Africans. Initially the labor on the island was performed primarily by young white males. However, as white labor costs remained high and white laborers were difficult to manage, Barbadians soon turned to the Brazilian model of African slavery….

In 1638, before the introduction of sugar cane, two hundred enslaved Africans were only about 3 percent of the population; fourteen years later there were twenty thousand and they outnumbered whites….

In 1663 a group calling themselves the Barbadian Adventurers commissioned William Hilton to explore the Caroline coast….

A company of Barbadians, led by John Vassall, established Charles Town on the Cape Fear River….”

Northeastern Yankees like Marc Ferguson do not share our mentalité.

In one of the great flukes of history, South Carolina and Georgia were separated by the American Revolution – or more accurately, by the Royal Navy – from the six other British Caribbean colonies with whom we shared a common origin and domestic institutions.

In another geopolitical fluke of history, the obvious fear and self interest in maintaining independence from predatory European powers forced us into a closer “Union” with the Northern states, an unnatural association which over time proved to be far worse than the British yoke we had escaped from.

Perhaps after the entity known as the United States continues to decline and loses its legitimacy in the eyes of its citizens (one day it will die from its utopian push for negro equality) knowledge of our true origins will become more widespread.

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  1. Yoke? Come now.

    The Hanover’s would have probably handed over Yankeedom to you lot to do as you see fit, if a 30,000 strong Tory Army had been raised in Georgia, Carolinas and parts of Virgina and struck north to bury the revolutionaries. Yoke?

    You’d certainly not have the Negro problem today if that had happened.

  2. In our ancestors defense, BRA is a despotism that was so far outside their experience that it simply never occurred to them as a real possibility. The spectre of BRA didn’t appear until John C. Calhoun’s generation in the aftermath of the Second Great Awakening.

  3. If George III had said like Joe Biden that gay marriage is perfectly legitimate, he would have been denounced as madder than Caligula. BTW, George III had mental problems, but he was comparatively sane compared to any sitting member of the U.S. Congress.

    Now it is perfectly “mainstream” to believe that White men should be governed by negroes!

  4. George had his nice German wife to edit him. Pitt did all the governing.

    Oh yes Biden. He’s a disgrace to white men. If Obama politically survives the Trayvon amendment fallout from the NRA and gay marriage is legalized there’s really not much left of Anglo-Saxon manhood. We might as well all report for a Trayvonic curb stomping.

    I’m sick of listening to Obama’s whistling lispy Sssss sounds. He’s like the Disney add on
    beaver character in Winnie the Pooh. “Tsssshufferin’ sssshhhtttukatash.”

  5. Anyway uh huh, Biden is Macro to Obama’s Caligula. Hopefully the bumbling Claudius can be found someplace. The Praetorian guard must be looking at the rising tide of negro hostility and planning a crackdown.

  6. “John says:
    May 9, 2012 at 5:06 am
    George had his nice German wife to edit him. Pitt did all the governing.

    I’m sick of listening to Obama’s whistling lispy Sssss sounds. He’s like the Disney add on
    beaver character in Winnie the Pooh. “Tsssshufferin’ sssshhhtttukatash.””

    John! You’re on fire tonight!!!! Excellent!

  7. It should be something comedians parody him with, his Ssss sound drives me up the wall. Others must have noticed it?

  8. It’s a shame Jefferson couldn’t have penned “all WHITE men are created equal” in the Declaration, or that Alexander Hamilton couldn’t have specified “for our WHITE Posterity” in the Constitution. Was this an oversight or on purpose? I think it was an oversight. Who in the Hell could have ever imagined that their descendants would hand over the reigns of their nation to radicalized, white-hating Marxists?

  9. Hunter, I would be curious to know your opinion of Alexander Hamilton. He was originally from the Caribbean plantation system you describe, but he also pushed for a central bank and was, in my opinion, an imperialist intent on strong central government.

  10. This was just a “given” at the time.

    Lincoln knew what he was doing, racial comments not withstanding, but
    Washington et al had not quite the imagination.

    Edmund Burke nailed the hypocritical fools with his observations about equality and slavery coexisting. He knew what would happen.

  11. In 1700’s they couldn’t have dreamt of Obama in their worst laudanum induced nightmares. Did they even think to include blacks? Lincoln new he was ensuring a BRA situation.

  12. “Others must have noticed (his ssss sound)?”

    Well the reason I haven’t noticed it is I don’t listen to him speak at all. The minute he shows up on TV somewhere or opens his mouth, I hit mute or leave the room. Of course, I did the same thing with George Bush, too.

    I don’t really understand why people call him a great orator, he isn’t. I guess he can complete a sentence, which is still better than Bush, but it’s hardly an achievement, let alone a sign of greatness.

  13. I see that N. Carolinians voted 4 to 10 to SUPPORT gay marriage. This seems to support one commenters insistence that 4 of 10 Southerners are liberal contra Hunter’s that it is 1 to 2 of 10 liberal.

    In any case bringing in blacks to any place where they weren’t previously is blameworthy. Bringing them in to replace a majority white population is beyond madness and no amount of apologizing by way of the old “they could never have imagined…” routine can satisfy any reasonable mind. Does it wash with the readers here? I think not.

    Also, does it REALLY comfort most Southerners to distinguish themselves from Northern whites in such a way that they are practically classed with blacks themselves. The opprobrium is poisonous. I am a Northerner by birth and breeding but CERTAINLY identify with Southern whites and easily acknowledge all their historical grievances. Otherwise I could not put-up with the laisser faire Yankee bashing.

  14. “Also, does it REALLY comfort most Southerners to distinguish themselves from Northern whites in such a way that they are practically classed with blacks themselves. The opprobrium is poisonous. I am a Northerner by birth and breeding but CERTAINLY identify with Southern whites and easily acknowledge all their historical grievances. Otherwise I could not put-up with the laisser faire Yankee bashing.”

    (It’s spelled ‘laissez-faire’ – It’s French)

    Hunter- I agree with HarryO here.

    I would like to see what you are aiming for, if you believe that there is a cultural difference between the Anglos of SC and the Anglos of older, pre-1960’s America.
    I use that delimiter, because the post-1967 generations are all “#$%^-ed up,” culturally speaking, and we will need a hundred years of ‘re-education’ to throw off the jewish/communist bs yoke… speaking of yokes!

    If SC and her culture are so ideologically different, how is that difference to be expressed, today? We now have machines that do the work of slaves. We know now all over the USA, in growing dribs and drabs, day by day, that Blacks and Hispanics are NOT ‘US’ (get it? – U+S= “US”).. but where will that leave us, if and when (I am optimistic) we finally restore White/Anglo/Christendom hegemony?

    For it’s clear that blacks are an UTTERLY USELESS race, and offer NO positive endowment to our White, Anglo culture- at ALL. But where, then, are we to be constituted ONE people, even if we split along North-South lines? I admire and recognize my ethnic brother in the Southern gentleman of yore, as well as in the novels of Sir Walter Scott….

    But I don’t recognize my “brother” (nor do I really want to) in the ‘good ol’ boy’ caricature of a dumb-ass, levis-toting, hard swearing/drinking modern Moron that passes for the standard C/W singer/object of most songs of the Chesney type, today. (I don’t know all the groups or their names, that one just came to mind to point out what I mean- sorry, big learning curve lack here….)

    These sorts of ‘southern men’ are as utterly foreign (well not Utterly, but close) to me and my older patristic, European, genteel cuture, as are they of the gyrating [c]rap-moves white-Boy ‘whigger’ types, like Eminem. When both are aiming to make women into ‘bitches and hoes’ or ‘badangdangdong’ (or whatever that wretched song is?) how are our white Children ANY different from the thugs that infect our culture, today, with names like Trayvon, IceT, or 2Puck?

    I wonder sometimes if your desire on this blog is to truly find a common ground, or merely to stir up a Civil War II? If the former, or the latter, I am with you. But what are our ultimate ends, if we do? Do we, like the Jewish Marxists of 1905, have a GOAL? If so, what is that goal in dredging up history that is informative, but useless, if we don’t have a set ‘statement of principles’ that is as inflexible as it is inspirational?

    Do you understand what I am getting at, here, Hunter? Because even I am not sure what I am trying to say… though I know it needs to be said…. just as sure as I know taht Obama is the enemy, and the Democrats are the party of Antichrist… though the Republicans aren’t far behind.

  15. @ Fr. John

    Aware that “laissez-faire” is French – “laisser faire” is the British variant.

  16. North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida are full of transplants. The majority of people who live in Florida were not born there. That and the Voting Rights Act is the only reason those states are competitive.

  17. I said that 1 to 2 out of 10 Southerners in the Deep South are liberals: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana. Parts of Florida and Texas.

  18. NS is full of damnyankees and my guess is the 4 out of 10 will come from the counties around our lost cities; them folks are not Southron

  19. I have no problem with “good ole boys.” Lots of the yankees in the “new south” say they “identity” with the “old south,” but to them what that really means is they saw the movie Mandingo or whatever too many times— and they want to be some old supposedly movie-style slave owner from t.v. (pipe smoking, wig wearing, supposedly erudite, and strutting around a lot, maybe riding a horse, and saying witty things, lol). They think the whole plantation life would make them classy.

    Real plantations weren’t like on t.v.

  20. America as the 13 colonies should never have happened.

    It was too big then and it’s far too big now. Everyone of you strain under that yoke today–paying for non colonizing wars (seriously who has a war if not to conquer?) while niggers at home rob you of equity.

  21. @John

    In that case, the British colonization of Africa and Asia should never have happened, either. You British natives languish in an Orwellian nightmare-state, utterly disinherited from your own national birthright, while your former colonial subjects burn your cities and gang-rape your women.

    Don’t tell me my country had no right to exist. And we didn’t just “happen”. We won our nationhood against your British Empire, against hordes of red savages, and against anything and everything else God and Man could throw at us.

  22. Wayne – Hamilton was a Rothschild’s agent. Burr ought to have shot him decades earlier. Look it up.

  23. The Charleston colony was a separate thing from the rest of South Carolina. Of course they came together in their own defense later on. SC, except for the Charleston area, was populated mostly by the Scots-Irish influx into Virginia who moved south. So yes, it is two distinct waves, but they had more in common with each other than with anyone else. I have ancestry in both of these areas, my mother descending from the Charleston group and my father descending from the upstate group. While both were worthy groups, I find myself more in admiration of the upstaters. Calhoun was born a mile from where my father was born. Ben of the red shirts is a distant relative. Thurmond lived around the corner from my grandparents. But I would never, ever give up claim to me like Rhett.

  24. There were roughly four cultural waves:

    (1) The Tidewater beachhead centered in Virginia.

    (2) The Scots-Irish who came down the Appalachians from Pennsylvania.

    (3) The English wave that swept across Lower South from Charleston.

    (4) The French who settled in Louisiana and around the Gulf Coast.

    In South Carolina, John C. Calhoun was of Scots-Irish ancestry from the Upcountry. Robert Barnwell Rhett was of English ancestry from the Lowcountry.

  25. Hunter,

    here you see the problem. Even on a Confederate site the sentimental American
    still clings to America.

    The Empire was (perhaps still is) a conquest and sujugation. It’s not quite as bad in terms of foreigners as you think either. We are prjected to survive as a majority 30 years after whites in the US are submerged by Hispanics and Chinese.

    The black population is somewhere around 2%. Arabs, ME and whatnot could be
    shoved into the sea in a day or two. America is probably in slightly worse shale as you have a termite locust black problem that consumes you daily.

    The entire point Hunter is making on this site is that the 13 colonies were not a natural fit as a single nation. You two miss the point. If the CSA had been formed in 1776 you’d have no Negro proplem today.

  26. Well Fthr John you probably don’t want to come down here because most Southron men wear jeans and don’t want much more than to be left alone, have a good job with a little money left over, maybe do some hunting, fishing and little drinking when they can and be dealt with respectfully. Hell even the country boy’s who are now wealthy still don’t want much more than that. That’s long and short of their politics too

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