Urban Youths Flash Robbing In Chicago


The flash mobs are back in Chicago …

Note: In The Color of Crime: Chicago, we learned that 85.2 percent of robbery is committed by African-Americans and 10.8 percent is committed by Hispanics. Several of the patrons in this bar racially profiled the African-American youths and hid their cell phones.

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  1. Trayvons were all over the place last night when I went to the store at 8PM, lots of tourists in town for some reason too. Don’t know if anything happened, I am sure something did, but will it make the news.

  2. Go to 1:50 in that video and it’s hilarious. What an clueless idiot. That moron deserved to be robbed.

  3. We Illinoisans have to be wary of the Trayvons all the time when we must go to Chicago.

    Let the NATO knuckleheads put uop with them now.

    No concealed carry in this pathetic state so it’s easy pickin’ for the tourists and non-Americans.

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