Robert Barnwell Rhett on Independence

South Carolina

I’ve continued reading William C. Davis’ Rhett: The Turbulent Life and Times of a Fire-Eater in preparation for a review. In the meantime, I was struck by this passage which is worth sharing here:

“Slavery in the South made it worse. Almost every colony in the world where African slavery once existed had seen it overthrown by rulers in the home country, and from that Rhett derived the lesson that a society with slavery “must rule themselves or perish.”

The Yankees did not realize the inferiority of the blacks nor the impossibility of social amalgamation of the two races on any basis of equality. Thus the Yankees would press and press until they finally destroyed what they did not understand.”

The modern corollary is that any society with racial diversity “must rule themselves or perish.” There can be no union in a liberal democracy with homogeneous areas like Vermont because the Whites in those areas have no experience with blacks, lack racial consciousness, and see nothing wrong with forming political alliances with non-Whites for political advantage.

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  1. It’s amazing he took exactly the wrong lesson here — the right one would have been that Africans needed repatriation to Africa before they got loose and made life a mess.

  2. “like Vermont because the Whites in those areas have no experience with blacks, lack racial consciousness, and see nothing wrong with forming political alliances with non-Whites for political advantage. ”

    Historically in the past this wouldn’t have been a problem for them. nonwhites could not even travel too far north, but their white “enemies” could. Today they’d outright subsidize this displacement.

  3. WNs have never grasped the lesson of the War Between the States because it challenges their ideology in several important ways.

    The problem for the South wasn’t the blacks, who at that time were under control, but the White liberal egalitarian fanatics in New England who were removed by distance from understanding race and who desired to use the power of the federal government to combine with the blacks to increase their own power and to implement their wild utopian schemes.

    (1) It challenges the theory that the Jews are responsible for all our problems.

    Jews had little to do with the most devastating war in American history that freed the slaves, made them into citizens, and elevated them over Whites in the Reconstruction amendments and through the first civil rights laws.

    The same thing happened in Saint-Domingue where the French Jacobins in metropolitan France thought it was a good idea to elevate blacks over Whites in the colonies in the name of freedom and equality.

    The same thing happened in the British West Indies where moralizing philanthropists in England thousands of miles of way decided to abolish slavery and ruin the prosperity of their own colonies in the West Indies.

    (2) It challenges the value they attach to whiteness.

    White racial consciousness is a byproduct of living in a multiracial society in close proximity to blacks and other races. “White Nationalism” only becomes an aspiration in the context of a multiracial society.

    (3) It challenges the value of the ethnostate because virtually all our racial and cultural problems flow out of the most homogeneous areas.

    Vermont is hands down the most fucked up state in America. It is the whitest state, but it also the most liberal state, and has been at the forefront of destroying our culture and making life miserable for millions of people who live elsewhere.

    The latest example is that Vermont and 10 other states are trying to block Arizona’s immigration law.

  4. The immigration debate is a great example of this: Arizona, which has been invaded by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, has the most sympathizers in the Deep South where race is the best understood.

    Similarly, Southern California found itself locked in a Union with the DWLs in Northern California in the Bay Area, who saw the accumulation of large numbers of illegal aliens as a positive good because it drove out white conservatives and increased their own political power in Sacramento.

    The DWLs have their own border in the form of high property values.

  5. Nostalgia for the days of black slavery miss the bus completely: each race needs its own land free from mixing

    Blacks should have never been brought here. Period.

  6. Even if blacks had never been brought here as slaves, who is to say that White liberals would not have imported a race problem? That’s what they have done in Minnesota and Maine with Somalians.

    Canada, Australia, Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden and the rest all have a race problem that was created by their own mindblowing stupidity. The American counterpart is the Immigration Act of 1965.

  7. Then strategically to undercut our ideological enemies we must entice Negroes into to Whitetopias in sufficient numbers to make them suffer the pathologies of Negro dysfunction. If they can not or will not learn from us the true nature of the Negro then they must learn by personal experience. The difficult part is how to do it.

  8. What on earth was Washington thinking (along with thebrest of the landowning Virginians) in siding with Boston Radicals of America (BRoA).

    They must have understood their grandsons were going to fight their northern counter parts at some point? All the problems were present at that time.

    Why did so few Planters see it coming?

  9. How far off was the mechanization of agriculture when the shtf?

    Is it possible that leading men on all sides expected mechanization and simply wanted to settle some scores before it happened? The egalitarians wanted to immediately demolish an aristocracy and create a lumpenprole mass of blacks, while the confederates saw it coming but wished to preserve the level autonomy/possibility of deportation before Lincoln could pass equal rights legislation?

  10. 1930s.

    The mechanization of agriculture has transformed the whole region. If you visit the Black Belt in 2012, you will find most of the old cotton lands planted in timber, and other crops like soybeans and peanuts with some cotton. Farmers don’t need blacks to pick the cotton anymore.

    The typical Black Belt county is majority black because of the Voting Rights Act. No one really lives there though. The counties are depopulating. Virtually all the lands is owned by large landowners who don’t live there.

  11. It is the rest of the country that is rapidly changing. Where I live in the Republic of New Afrika, the demographics haven’t changed much in a century or more, aside from blacks and Whites leaving for the big cities.

  12. White & Confederate says:

    “Then strategically to undercut our ideological enemies we must entice Negroes into to Whitetopias in sufficient numbers to make them suffer the pathologies of Negro dysfunction. If they can not or will not learn from us the true nature of the Negro then they must learn by personal experience. ”

    There is no evidence that this works. I shall quote a good poster from our side from another site that is relevant here:

    “While it is undeniably true that cultural Marxism(political correctness) has led our Race to the brink of destruction during the last century, and cultural Marxism is entirely jewish in origin, your dream of fixing our problem by annihilating the jew is flawed.

    I was born and reared in the South, and have spent most of my life in Dixie. I also have a graduate degree from an Ivy League university, and spent more than a decade in the rat race of Yankeeland.

    Having spent years in academia, where three quarters of the students in my graduate school were Jews from the Greater New Your City area, and more than a decade in the upper Midwest where the concentration of Jews is minute, I can assure you that what I call “The Yankee mindset” originated before the Jewish penetration of our country, it still exists today independently of the nefarious effects of jewish cultural Marxism, and would continue in the future if your dream of a juden-free world came to fruition.

    During the second quarter of the 19th century, when the intellectual elite of New England were being regaled in their drawing rooms by the quadroon, Frederick Douglas, there were no jews in attendance. When Douglas and his “Sno Ho” left the scene, it was not jews who convinced the Yankee elite that the 3 million African slaves in the South were all Frederick Douglasses, who needed only freedom from the tyranny of the White man to bust out in all their glory.

    It was the mental disorder known as egalitarianism. We now, since the jewish Marxists brought the word “Racist” into common usage three quarters of a century ago, call the disorder “Anti-racism.”

    Anti-racism is what Dostoevsky was writing about in his diaries when he foretold a contagious mental illness that would sweep the world in the 20th century. Unfortunately all the dark races proved to be immune to the pathogen, leaving only our people susceptible, and we have been thoroughly infected.

    It wasn’t jews who caused the Yankee abolitionists to seek the destruction of the White South, but, rather, it was that their mental capacities were diminished by the disease of egalitarianism. It wasn’t jews who put negroes in office all over the South during Reconstruction—it was mentally deformed Yankees.

    Do not misunderstand me on the Jewish Question: I do not believe that a White nation can allow jews to infest it and survive as a White nation. But I also believe that when the jews have been excluded, there will remain the problem of the “Yankee mindset,” that will accomplish the same destruction that comes from jewry, and it must be dealt with.

    My conclusion, after half a century of observation and study, is that the disease is incurable.

    In 1969, while working as a lobbyist in DC, I was in the office of a Southern Democrat(racist)Senator, when Hubert Humphrey burst in, unannounced, and began to flail the Senator with reasons why Affirmative Action was moral and necessary. After the Minnesota blow-hard left, the Senator told us,” Aw, Hubert is not really that bad, he’s just ignorant. All it would take to straighten him out would be for us to send a couple hundred thousand of our Delta negroes to Minnesota.

    The Senator was wrong!

    Minnesota now incarcerates its negroes at a rate TEN times the White rate. Minnesota jails negroes at a proportional rate twice as high as Alabama, and three times as high as Georgia.…dethnicity.pdf

    All the members of the “Most Wanted” list for Hennepin County(St. Paul) are non-Whites. Yet a majority of the Whites in Minnesota voted for the Kenyan for POTUS in 2008, and will do so again.

    Wisconsin incarcerates negroes at a rate TEN times the White rate, compared with Mississippi’s rate of THREE times. Wisconsin Whites are now afraid to attend their own State Fair, because they fear being attacked as they exit by feral negroes. Yet a majority of Whites in Wisconsin voted for Obama in 2008, and will do so again this year.

    Contrast that with Louisiana, where the non-white population is 38%, and Obama got 38% of the vote. In Wisconsin, the odds are that every White person you meet is an Obama voter. In Louisiana, the odds are that 9 out of every 10 Whites you meet voted against the African.

    I don’t want to live among negroes, but I sure as heck don’t want to live among insane White egalitarians, either. George Zimmeran and Corey Rose would stand a better chance before an all colored jury in Miami than they will with a jury containing a majority of retired Yankees in Sanford.

    I will soon be leaving Florida and going home, where the demographics are 98% white, but where a solid majority of those Whites are racially conscious White people.

    I suggest that any Whites who don’t wish to endure the torture of winter in the Northern Rockies and who are financially able, take a look at East Tennessee, Western North Carolina and Southwest Virginia. Dostoevsky’s disease has not noticeably penetrated those precincts.”

  13. Ah the cannibal vision of Raskolnikov!

    Yes. It’s the great prophetic moment in literature. Basically equality turns us all into zombies.

  14. The guy quoted above sees the world in much the same way that I do: anyone familiar with the history of the nineteenth century knows that the Single Jewish Cause Neo-Nazis are ridiculous.

    To be sure, there is a Jewish problem, but it needs to be seen as another layer of sediment that has accumulated in the twentieth century upon the preexisting Yankee problem. It is no coincidence that virtually all Jews in Congress are from Yankee states or enclaves like South Florida.

    Isn’t Eric Cantor in the House is the only Republican Jew left standing in Dixie? Compare that with the number of Jews from Northeastern states. Connecticut has two Jewish senators.

    OD’s very own Rudel has explained why flooding the North with blacks hasn’t changed racial attitudes. It is because they are all penned up in Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philly, Minneapolis and so on.

    Blacks in the North are concentrated in cities whereas they are more dispersed in the South. If Detroit’s negro population was dispersed across Michigan to where everyone had a stake in the negro question, racial attitudes would harden there.

    Most people who read this site and post comments are not even Southerners. The only thing that everyone has in common though is proximity to diversity. So you will find Chicagoans like Jack or Detroiters like Chris who perfectly understand the negro question.

    Who here is from Vermont though? The sort of people who read this site are not coming here at random. It is the areas hardest hit by diversity that seek out these websites.

  15. There are more blacks in the Detroit area than there are in the Alabama Black Belt. 800,000 blacks piled into a handful of counties. That’s unfathomable around here.

    In my county, there are only about 6,000 blacks. This area looks heavily black on census maps but it really isn’t densely populated.

  16. Re: “The only thing that everyone has in common though is proximity to diversity.”

    There are exceptions to this rule. It really is possible to come to this position other than by experience.

  17. Mosin Nagant. An interesting choice for an ID.

    Simo Häyhä is the Finish sniper sometimes mentioned by WN’s, though they often do not know his name. He used the Mosin Nagant for many of his 505 kills.

  18. elevated them over Whites in the Reconstruction amendments and through the first civil rights laws.

    Both of which were ended by Yankees. A Yankee dominated USSC struck down the first civil rights law and Jim Crow reigned unimpeached until FDR, who was supported overwhelmingly by Southerners, issued Executive Order 8802. Southerners were the strongest supporters of FDR’s desire to destroy Germany, selling their racially aware souls for those precious New Deal Yankee dollars.

    For every Strom Thurmond, that is, the south produces a Lyndon Johnson. And for all the screaming, kicking, and fighting that took place, it was Johnson, a born-and-bred Southerner, who brought civil rights to the courtrooms and schoolrooms and voting halls of America.

    When he signed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill into law, there was genuine emotion in his voice as he explained its meaning:

    “We believe that all men are created equal, yet many are denied equal treatment. We believe that all men have certain unalienable rights, yet many Americans do not enjoy those rights. We believe that all men are entitled to the blessings of liberty, yet millions are being deprived of those blessings, not because of their own failures, but because of the color of the skin.”
    In Johnson’s own presidency, civil rights legislation was an integral part of the Great Society, including Voting Rights, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the creation of HUD, urban redevelopment, and an open-housing civil rights bill.
    And in 1967 came one of LBJ’s most outstanding legacies: ‘the right man at the right time in the right place, the right thing to do’ to paraphrase only slightly LBJ’s statement to the press upon his nomination of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Thurgood Marshall was an enduring force for civil rights on the Supreme Court, outlasting James Kilpatrick’s gloomy prediction of ” the next ten years at least” by fourteen years. Justice Marshall rated Johnson as “the greatest civil rights president we ever had.”

    In 1965 Lyndon Johnson gave a commencement address at Howard University. He said there what he had long believed:

    “You do not take a person who for years has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race, then say, you’re free to compete with all the others…. Much of the Negro community is buried under a blanket of history and circumstance. It is not a lasting solution to lift just one corner of the blanket.”

    Canada’s race problem was initiated by the migration of eastern and southern Europeans who were quite happy to ally with Jews and blacks and yellows and reds to end the individual right to discriminate.

  19. (1) Canada was the destination of the Underground Railroad and had been accommodating negroes ever since the ex-slaves who fought for Britain were resettled in Nova Scotia.

    (2) The first federal civil rights law was the Civil Rights Act of 1866 that Andrew Johnson was impeached for opposing. It was never repealed. You are referring to the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which was a full blown integration bill.

    (3) The history of Jim Crow can be seen here:

    “As early as 1843, Massachusetts began repealing segregation laws passed earlier in the state’s history. Twelve statutes barring segregation were enacted between 1865 and 1957, making Massachusetts’ legislative record one of the most progressive in the nation. The state did, however, impose a language requirement for electors in 1892, and ordered that race be considered in adoption petitions in 1955.”

    (4) “Jim Crow” emerges in fits and starts in the 1880s, but doesn’t blossom throughout the South until after the Plessy decision in 1896.

    (5) It would be a mistake to assume that Yankees gave up on civil rights. The Jim Crow website shows that virtually all of the Northern states starting with Massachusetts passed integration laws at the state level from 1865 until 1965.

    Boston Confronts Jim Crow:

    (6) The first real blow against Jim Crow was the Gaines decision in 1938:

    (7) It was the first real blow that landed (in the succession of blows that knocked out Jim Crow) because Southern filibusters in the Senate had repeatedly defeated Republican led pushes for federal anti-lynching legislation.

    (8) Guinn vs. United States struck down the grandfather clause in 1916.

    (9) Buchanan vs. Warley invalidated a Kentucky law that required segregation of neighborhoods in 1917.

    (10) Southerners supported FDR out of loyalty to the Democratic Party, not because of the New Deal; the New Deal divided Southerners like “Cotton Ed” Smith from FDR.

    (11) Southerners opposed the Republicans for obvious reasons. The Republicans were the party of blacks and the party of integration and civil rights.

    (12) Ultimately, Southerners had no control over the Northern wing of the Democratic Party, which was infiltrated by Jews and blacks in the Northern states during the Great Depression.

    (13) LBJ was pushing through JFK’s civil rights agenda. It was JFK who had integrated Ole Miss, sent troops to Alabama to integrate the University of Alabama, and endorsed the Civil Rights Movement after MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

    (14) 90 percent of Southerners in Congress voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Like Harry Truman, LBJ was trying to curry favor with the Northern wing of the Democratic Party. Hubert Humphrey was his Vice President.

  20. “Even if blacks had never been brought here as slaves, who is to say that White liberals would not have imported a race problem? That’s what they have done in Minnesota and Maine with Somalians.”

    The Dred Scott decision was the last sane racial present that Minnesota ever gave the Nation.

  21. “It was the mental disorder known as egalitarianism. We now, since the jewish Marxists brought the word “Racist” into common usage three quarters of a century ago, call the disorder “Anti-racism.”

    Anti-racism is what Dostoevsky was writing about in his diaries when he foretold a contagious mental illness that would sweep the world in the 20th century. ”

    This is NOTHING LESS than the heresy of filioquism that is endemic in the West.

    Dostoyevsky was outlining (if anyone would just read some Orthodox writers analyzing the very Russian, VERY Orthodox FD, you’d see what we mean) the evil that the West’s Rationalism, and the theological wedge known as Filioquism, were causing, as they were making serious inroads into “Holy Mother Russia” at the time FD was living (he died in 1881). Those young minds who were teenagers, then, were full adults by 1905, when the anarchic (both Gentile and Jew) sought to do a ‘French Revolution’ then… and finally succeeded when the Jewish BEAST was unleashed in 1917. What we are seeing here in America, is the joining of the Deicide (Jewish Christ-killer/hater) with the Rationalists of the Englightenment (DWL’s, basically) tied to the unique American secularized Puritanism, that equates monetary success with Divine Election.

    That is why Hunter is correct. Jews are not TOTALLY at fault. But they Aid and Abet, and almost act like a ‘spark’ or a ‘HIV’ to cause cultural AIDS, which is where we are at, at this point. Our problems are political, ideological, and cultural… to be sure. But they are also, and always have been, profoundly RELIGIOUS as well. And we cannot presume that what has worked in the past (Evangelicalism/Protestantism/Catholi-schism) is going to work in the future…. and thank God, the recent house of cards collapse on EVERY FRONT with Western Religious structures, shows I am right.

    Because Putin, and Orthodoxy, and Russia, are shining (amazingly) like lights in the firmament, because Putin understands that TRUTH (Orthodox religion) comes before SUCCESS (Stable economy, homogenous population, peace at home, normalcy in family, etc.). If y’all care, please read Brother Nathanael Kapner’s website on this point- Kapner is a jew who is now a Russian Orthodox MONK, who converted to Orthodoxy- as astounding (even more so than the RC’s Edith Stein) as his insights into both religion and politics. But here’s the Putin links –

    Those who still think Russia is America’s enemy a la cold war ideology, may need to retool their brains. We may still be Russia’s Enemy today, but for a different reason- by virtue of our last four presidents, by virtue of an Obamanation representing (incarnating? – ugh) His Bastard self as the “Little Father” or us all, has CHANGED US. Perhaps Russia hates us today, because today, America has become CHRIST’S ENEMY. (talk amongst yourselves)

    This is why, when reading Cambria’s posts, some of your readers on this blog, say ‘Cam just doesn’t ‘get’ it.’ Au contraire. The fact that I keep linking to Cambria on my blog, sometimes weekly- even though I know he is not Orthodox- is precisely because, as a Westerner, he DOES ‘get it’- and so clearly, I wonder that he is not some old-calendarist Russian Orthodox layman, with a beard to rival the Patriarch, his insights are SO ‘orthodox.’

    Here’s a column to think on, vis a vis what I am talking about.

    So, in analyzing stuff here, folks, I am asking that you begin to realize there IS a ‘third position’ that is neither Puritan or Papal. It is Orthodoxy- and it alone, is the ‘right way’ to understand how to both be a) freed from the Jews and b) freed from the heresy of Yankee Supremacism.

  22. “Our problems are…and always have been, profoundly RELIGIOUS as well.” Aren’t irreligious and heretical “conservatives” effectively anti-conservative?

  23. Dominion is Mankind’s birthright! Genesis 1: 28. And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” We are born into this world free and Sovereign. Where did we go wrong? The moment we are born there are agencies that are lining up to have us sign and register and give away our sovereignty. For thousands of years now Rome has been making slaves and fools of mankind! The time has come to be free forever from the inventions of the most powerful empire the world has ever known. The inventions of the Kingdom of ideas that is Rome, are; The Julio/ Gregorian Calendar, the Latin Language, Capitalism, Fictional Christianity, Democracy, Cannon Law (Maritime Law), Phoney Money (Fiat currency, interest laden Money) and the Corporation. All of the above are fictional creations of the Elite families of the world, through which Rome has subjugated the whole inhabited Earth. Imperialism is the order of the day, land grabbing, inquisitions, crusades, medicating the masses, Industrial Military Complex, inflation, constant wars, all these are the services that Rome has to offer.

  24. “Fictional Christianity,” yes, and apostate Protestantism is among the offspring of apostate “Rome.”

  25. Fr John, are you ordained in the Orthodox church? I’m fair certain I will be attending a Russian Orthodox church when I move to AK, and was thinking about going to a Greek Orthodox church between the time I get back and move

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