White Jogger Killed In Drive-By Shooting


Shot completely at random by two African-Americans … do you think the MSM will pick up this story like Tulsa?

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  1. I suggest we call them “lynchings”, this black on white violence does have social/political undertones as did past lynchings. Its also a tag that people will remember and leftist anti-whites will have a cow over.

  2. St. Lois and Missouri for that matter is a hot spot in the anti-white dirty war. Anyone have any thoughts on why that is the case?

  3. A particularly vicious strain of negro has been breeding in east St. Louis for decades now. You couldn’t design a better reverse-eugenics program than the one they implimented. My dad grew up in St Louis and has all kinds of darky stories about his trips across the river.

  4. There’s very little Mexican settlement in St Louis. The place is almost stuck in the 1950s that way. The white burbs are blissfully free of problems though. Defacto segregation in the wider conurbation.

    East St Louis is another city in another state. It’s full of strip clubs and drug dens. The effluent so to speak washes over there.

    St Louis proper, it pretty rough though. There are various areas I’d not step into even armed. The Mayor suffers from Stockholm Syndrome too. He’s very nervous about pissing off the blacks and perhaps the local Jewery.

  5. Infact I might go further and say that St Louis might well be the last Metropolitan remnant of the racial demographics that characterized the old south.

  6. You can imagine the noise from the MSM if it was the other way round. You could probably hear it in China.

    “A particularly vicious strain of negro has been breeding in east St. Louis for decades now.”

    The welfare underclass model of dealing with the unemployment created by offshoring is breeding sociopaths – literally.

  7. Rob,

    You’re absolutely right, these are lynchings. They are executions for purported crimes without legal sanction. We need to reclaim that word.

  8. If obAma had a son with a latina he’d have kids that look like Zimmerman. It’s also quite possible that the kid would be called Barry Hernandez as well.

    The case against civil rights and integration is building. This Zimmerman fellow is the future face of America. Part black part mezoamerican part European.

    The resulting cases are very confusing, the potential for media deceeit is overwhelming
    rational discourse.

  9. In an Atlanta suburb a White man and his date were at a drive in movie last night. He couldn’t get his car to start after the movie. He walked up to a black man and asked if he could get a jump with this cables to try and start his car. The black pulled out a pistol and shot the White man in the chest, killing him. The black got in his truck and left. He was caught. I read this story online in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution aka The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, not a word about race was mentioned. Was this a lynching of a White man by a black? I think so.

  10. LYNCHING is what it is. I’m referring to all black-on-white crimes as lynching from here on in. In fact, I’m taking a lot of the advice on here that I’m being offered by other white race realists, I went on twitter and set up but have yet to see any decent or good come of that; still I trust in those who know more/have done more research on this whole matter than I have. I think if we all link up, exchange ideas and take direction for the advancement of our own, we may yet be able to not only save ourselves but once again be able to live safely and happily. So that’s what I intend to do – as hard as I can. I don’t want to see my husband, brothers, sons, nephews etc. lynched by savage mobs, nor do I want to see these beautiful little girls in my life hurt in unspeakable ways. We have to do what we can to ensure our safety and continuance b/c we are literally fighting for our lives…

  11. They say they want to get rid of a flag… But what they really want to do is destroy the flesh and blood evidence that something finer and greater and more beautiful than they could ever hope to might have existed.

  12. If any other species of wildlife killed as many humans per year, it would be hunted to extinction.

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