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  1. Dude, at end of the day you are still a nigger. All the niggers who go into the courthouse are likely the absolute scum of society. A flag is a rag on a steel pole. No confederates died for the flag. They died for their peoples’ survival.

    Of course understands this. What he wants to do is erase white people from existence. It’s just the first step as he said…

    In reality it’s actually the 99th step and this nigger wants to take 999 more steps on his never end quest to erase evidence of his own inferiority.

  2. What are the odds that there were more blacks inside the courthouse awaiting trial than outside in support of the flag

  3. Were I an American Negro, I’d promote the Old South as well.

    I’ve been doing some research into the ideological defense of the Southern slave institution, and it really doesn’t seem that bad. When slavery is seen aright, the common saying about how, after the war, the plantation became national instead of private, takes on profound socio-economic implications.

    Of course, the negros in this clip are clueless about all that. I’m sure they’ve bought into the Rainbow Confederacy nonsense — similar to Edgerton.

  4. Tom – excellent point. The thing i noticed was the enormous Negress, in the background, wearing a frightening Wig Hat – it’s the color of fresh algae. And [it’s] not even properly installed! EEK!

  5. Shotgun,

    In many European societies the end of an agricultural lifestyle (a few months of backbreaking work followed by a great deal of nothing much except festivals) was seen as great loss. The industrial age by comparison was inhuman on so many levels
    that I Truly wonder WTF these blacks are talking about. The textile factories in Manchester were probably far worse than field work. Many of the machinists would have been forced from farming to tend weaving machines against their own desires.

    It seems that blacks had plenty of time to loaf around inventing banjos and new forms of dance music while everyone else was adapting to boom and bust factory working conditions.

  6. There was a black secretary in the Manhattan central office of a firm that I worked for a few years ago, before I became “aware,” for want of a better term, of all the shenanigans that the cultural marxist scum have been getting up to. It was actually around the time of 9/11 and I was a good little product of the media brainwashing machine. We got along, there was never any real issues just what I considered typical black surliness. Anyway, whenever I would ask her to do anything like make copies or call about something or help me with something she would always suck her teeth and say in this sort of obnoxious way “Shuuure will do, no problem at allllll, AFTER ALL it ain’t like pickin’ cotton.” One day I got sort of tired of that and I asked her why, after every request anyone made of her, did she say this little comment. She proceeded to launch into how easy her job is compared to how awful it would have been to have to pick cotton – the back-breaking bending over, the cuts into all the fingers, and the long hours. I was astounded that someone would have such a detailed knowledge of this, and I told her. I said I had no idea how it was picked, whether it was difficult etc. She said I was a typical white woman who never gave one thought to how hard others had it. I was going to let her know that MY forebears were so grateful to come here they nearly ran across the Atlantic on some seashells, stark naked, to get here then rolled up their sleeves with joy at the amount of WORK they’d be able to get, and wouldn’t sleep ‘cos it would get in WORK’S WAY! Their true love – WORK. Where we evil whites get the WORK ETHIC. Instead, I decided I couldn’t be bothered wasting my breath so I just rolled my eyes and walked away cursing under my breath, the things that I used to not admit to myself which was that I hope back then service with a smile and a shut mouth would be far more appreciated. I always remembered that story and that woman as an example of how blacks think they are killing themselves and lily white women don’t work but have everything handed to them. My grandmother had 9 kids – raised them all to be good people, and while she was doing that she was cooking three meals a day, handwashing clothes for all, planting, sowing, sewing, (yes both kinds), footing turf (picking cotton me arse) and God knows what else. Now, tell me who is the princess? Thinking about it and worrying about it all these years later INSTEAD of getting on with life. They will never get on, as long as they so enjoy being mired in the past and feeling sorry for themselves. They are one seriously fucked up crowd, despite us hearing all the time about this one and that one Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, being heroes. You want heroes? Boudicca, Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Curie. How about those heroes? Oh excusez moi – heroines! I must be politically correct! What’s that you say? Gender what, oh, I was right in the first place? For Pity’s Sake! This is our world? LOL. I guess it’s better than pick’in cott’in…..

  7. I strongly doubt it was actually all that bad. Back then, you either did something like that in a field or you worked around very dangerous machinery.

    Even someone like a cowboy would die young of emphesema (sp).

    What options were even open back then?

  8. @Shotgun

    Would you be so kind as to name some books you’ve been reading on the topic of slavery? It would be helpful, I want to study it too. Thanks.

  9. Hey DD,

    I’ve recently written a short review of “Slavery Defended” (a book of essays by prominent Southern writers like Calhoun, Fitzhugh and others).

    Click on “Shotgun Barrel Straight” in OD’s blog-roll.

    It’s a fascinating topic, especially since these antebellum writers anticipate the more contemporary “Distributist” and Southern Agrarian positions. You make some great points, John.

    I hate to sound trendy, but with all this “Occupy Wallstreet” stuff right now, (class-angst), we may be able to re-package these old Southern talking-points in contemporary language that would appeal to the masses — not that I care about appealing to the masses. Still, it might be possible.

  10. Re: “an agricultural lifestyle…a few months of backbreaking work followed by a great deal of nothing much except festivals” sounds like some pretty bad farmers, probably serfs pressed into seasonal service by landowners.

  11. Re: “defense of slavery”: Some think slaves were necessary to farm the hot, humid South without modern air conditioned cab tractors. But the Germans who settled mostly in Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri and eastern Texas were outstandingly successful without any.

  12. I got blocked by the owner of the video. What an idiot!

    Anyway – Gem – I’ve had Nigras run that cotton picking crapola on me. I cut thme short -and I’ve done this for YEARS – long, long, loooooooong before Racialism – and told thme that MY relatives came to the USA as coal-miners. That they can shut up about field work, as at least they got fresh air and sunshine. I have told them to ggo to a coal mine, and go INSIDE. Go miles undergrounds, for HOURS, in the darkness and cold, and pray the mine doesn’t cave in. Id’ tell ’em to look up the Molly Maguires – and then shut the Hell up for good about picking cotton.

    They never knew what to say.

  13. According to Thomas Sowell in Ethnic America, the condition of the American Negro in the Old South was comparable to and in some cases actually better than the European peasantry of the same era.

    It totally makes sense then when Hunter says that slavery actually improved the Negro. Slavery is certainly better than living like diseased cannibals in some African mud-hut.

    Think about it. If anything the Negro should be thankful that some noble, paternalistic master forced them to be civilized, to work, take care of their families, not be obese, not smoke crack, not have AIDS, not slaughter each other in meaningless gang wars, etc.

  14. Niggers don’t understand that whites literally entered hades (mines) or the satanic mills (textile and steel factories) to create the industrial revolution. Look at Germany after ww2. Those poor bastards died young rebuilding their factories poisoned, cancer ridden maimed. They pulled off a modern miracle 1945-60.

    Blacks moaned about being in a fucking field reaping a harvest.

  15. I say that as someone with three generations if coal miners on one side of the family tree. They literally destroyed themselves digging up coal.

  16. Even though it’s written by a leftist, the Jungle by Upton Sinclair is a great book that illustrates how bad it was for the typical white peasant during the industrial revolution.

  17. Agricultural life in the UK wasn’t anywhere near as harsh as factory life.
    50-70 years of industrialization turned a reasonably healthy agrarian population into material unfit for conscription in the boer war. (At least according the the rowntree and Beverage report).

  18. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with caring about the bottom half of your own population. Conservatives were paternalistic once upon a time. We know for a fact that the Czars treated peasants better than the Bolsheviks or newer breeds of capitalist factory owners.

    Kings are stuck with their peasants in a way that a dictator or board director never is.

  19. John – if your family had 3 generations of coal-miners – then you gnomesayin.

    Any Nigra can just suut the HELL up.

    My Dad was not a coal-miner – but his relatives were. He was the first one in his family to go to University. He was involved in Real Estate, in his working years. He had to go to a coal mining co – once – for legal/insurance issues. He actually went down into a mine. This was years ago. He told me, with very hushed tones, that whatever they were paying those guys – it wasn’t enough. I’ll never forget the expression on his face, when he told my sisters and I about the descent, and the coldness.

    Niggers can shut the HELL up.

  20. People who say “they would have picked their own cotton” have never picked cotton by hand. or chopped tobacco

    My forefathers came here to either make it rich off slave labor or to kill Indians (or be killed by them. No one had it easy, not even the tidewater folks; they simply had a different kind of tough

  21. A coalminer didn’t know if he’s getting out of the hell at the end of the day. Tin miners used to leave food offerings down there to the devil. Devils portion or devils bite. I think coal miners did this too. I understand it’s almost a universal custom among miners.

  22. What gives you the absurd idea that these men are “black Confederates?” They are clearly not in support of displaying the Confederate flag in front of public buildings, such as court houses. I suspect you have badly misinterpreted what they are saying. Your site remains one of the most egregiously racist stops on the internet.

  23. “Niggers don’t understand that whites literally entered hades (mines) or the satanic mills (textile and steel factories) to create the industrial revolution. Look at Germany after ww2. Those poor bastards died young rebuilding their factories poisoned, cancer ridden maimed. They pulled off a modern miracle 1945-60.

    Blacks moaned about being in a fucking field reaping a harvest.”

    “Nobody knows…….. “

  24. Marc Ferguson : Your site remains one of the most egregiously racist stops on the internet.

    Why, thank you, Marc. You say the sweetest things.

  25. “Your site remains one of the most factually accurate portrayal of negros stops on the internet.”

    Fixed it for him

  26. Marc Ferguson: I’ll bet you spend an equal amount of your time complaining about those evil racists over on the La Raza sites, don’t you? No? I see, so you’re just against White “racism”. I see. You are anti-white.
    You seem to be ok with your descendants being a hated minority and second class citizens in the very lands their fathers built FOR THEM. I’m not, I think better of my children.

  27. Your site remains one of the most egregiously racist stops on the internet.

    I don’t know, Marc. Have you checked out niggermania or chimpout. Those are pretty egregious — often hilarious, too.

    If all this appalls you, please remember it results from your side’s pathological denial (and probably hatred) of reality, and the associated insistence that whites are to blame for all of blacks’ shortcomings. In fewer words, normal people (not egregiously delusional twits like you) are tired of nigger (and pro-nigger) bullshit.

    And if you’re genuinely surprised by why many whites are tired of pro-nigger bullshit, consider what whites have gotten in the bargain: continually forced to apologize for their racial existence; continually made to feel miserable about their racial existence, but simultaneously told their race doesn’t exist should they ever try to feel good about their racial existence; continually forced to elevate niggers above their own race; continually forced to pretend that niggers’ problems are more important than their own (they don’t have any anyway, since their race doesn’t exist); and ordered to celebrate their fast-proceeding erasure from the planet. What a deal!

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