Amurrica Series: White Babies Now Minority In United States


I will reiterate my proposal of how to reimagine the American social contract: we ought to withdraw from that contract, rip it to shreds, and negotiate a new contract among our own people.

“Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 49.6 percent of all births in the 12-month period that ended last July, according to Census Bureau data made public on Thursday, while minorities – including Hispanics, blacks, Asians and those of mixed race – reached 50.4 percent, representing a majority for the first time in the country’s history.

Such a turn has been long expected, but no one was certain when the moment would arrive – signaling a milestone for a nation whose government was founded by white Europeans and has wrestled mightily with issues of race, from the days of slavery, through a civil war, bitter civil rights battles and, most recently, highly charged debates over efforts to restrict immigration. …

The question is, how do we reimagine the social contract when the generations don’t look like one another?” said Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, co-director of Immigration studies at New York University.”

Americanism is suicide.

I will say it again: my fundamental idea, which is the first thing you notice after stumbling upon this website, is the dissolution of the Union.

I know this must sound ridiculous in the present political context. It will sound less and less ridiculous over time. For all kinds of reasons (the soaring, unsustainable national debt being just one), the dissolution of the Union is the only way to ensure our racial survival on this continent.

If the Union were dissolved, African-Americans and Hispanics would cease to be citizens and voters in the Republic of Dixie. It is the only way we will ever even have a shot at solving the problem.

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  1. Once I would have been shocked at many of these comments. The implications are still disturbing, but I now understand. This is about self-preservation, and self-preservation demands whatever it takes.

    The anti-white triumphalists — you can almost hear their cackling in the news stories about white births now being the minority — will not be moved by sweet reason. They will not willingly accept anything less than the complete subjugation, if not elimination, of whites.

    You understand blacks and mestizos wanting to crush us. They don’t have the brain wattage to comprehend the storm they are brewing. That excuse doesn’t hold for the whites and Jews who are their enablers, because they are generally intelligent and know what they’re doing. We will remember.

  2. “polygamy-patriarchy” – I doubt that it is genuinely workable, and it certainly isn’t a patriarchy at that point.

  3. Jennifer: Notice he reward for taking in this poor Jew from Germany, after our ancestors fought and died in droves to beat the Axis, this is our reward. Now do you understand why Jews have been kicked of of over 100 countries???

  4. To all you saying that Whites need to have more kids, I disagree. The Earth has plenty of people and a decrease in population will improve the overall quality of life of everyone. While I agree that divorce, broken homes, and out-of-wedlock marriages is a curse on Whites, we could easily live with millions less people, IF we keep our borders. The descision was made to flood us with unassimilable foreigners was first and foremost about diluting our hegemony as a White nation, although below “replacement level birthrates” and labor are always trumpeted as the economic drivers.

  5. And the Republicans will double their efforts to court the non-white vote by sliding ever more to the left.

  6. The borders are open and they are going to stay open. Uncle Sam has no intention of closing the borders and stopping immigration. The only way to close the borders now would require a massive insurrection against the Federal govenment. This is not going to happen anytime soon and in the meantime we are being flooded with thirld world foreigners.
    Demographics is everything. We have lost control because we were not forming families and having children ( at least a very large number of whites).To continue to collectively behave as we, white Americans, did in the last 50 years of doing your own thing immorality is collective suicide.
    Our enemies can see very well that we are not very interested in having children,and this makes them even bolder. They see that if we don’t care enough to have families and children then we are not very sincere to our race and heritage. They see this as a weakness and they are correct: It is a weakness.
    It is absolute suicide to acquiesce to our own genocide.Our enemies would love nothing better than for us to acquiesce to our own genocide. It makes their work easier.
    You need to rethink the issue.

  7. Svigor, remember that “parasitic” Mennonite boys fought much larger forces of Bolsheviks to a standstill, defending their land.

  8. Right, Fr John, “Why we care about land, is because God tells us that the Land is our inheritance. We are incarnated beings, whose flesh and blood are tied to the earth we live on, the rivers and lakes we fish, and the graveyards we adorn with our parents and grandparents. THAT’s WHY land matters.” Some land is better than others, too good to ever abandon, and some of the best land is on the front line now, above as well as below the Mason Dixon.

  9. Right, Joe: “To continue to collectively behave as we, white Americans, did in the last 50 years of doing your own thing immorality is collective suicide.” There’s that matter of true, authentic RELIGION supposedly no longer needed. Anything but that!

  10. Well said Dropout

    Good Lord I hope we aren’t relying on women for our race. If so we are surely doomed

  11. Wayne@10:34,

    You are right. Trying to outbreed the Third World immivasion will only result in a further degradation of the environment and the quality of life. Even if whites reproducing more than non-whites were possible, which is highly unlikely because most whites are responsible about family formation, it would be trading one problem for another.

    End immigration. Send illegals back where they came from. Secure the borders. Secession. Any and all are better than having a baby contest that will only increase overpopulation.

  12. @Sensitivity training dropout
    I never said that we should try to outbreed the immigrants, or anyone else.
    I said that Uncle Sam is not going to close the borders.
    I said , and it was very much impilicit in what I said, that our enemies would love for us white Americans not to have children. That plays right into their hands and is exactly what they want us to do:Do not have children. No families.
    Your advice about closing the border,stopping immigration, and sending the illegals back is good advice,but it is advive that Uncle Sam couldn’t give a sh*t about and it’s not going to happen.
    I never mentioned anything about a “baby contest”.
    I said that white Americans need to collectively return to morality and stop doing your own thing immorality because it is greatly weakening us as a race, as a people.
    I said we lost control because are not forming families and having children ( many white Americans do not a family and children). This is the exact reason we are losing the country.
    I said not to have families and children is to acquiesce to our own genocide.
    You completely dismissed all the points I made and twisted my words around to give the impression I was talking about a “baby contest”, when there is nothing in my post about a baby contest or outbreeding immigrants or anyone else.
    I accuse you of twisting my words around on purpose and I question your loyalty to white Americans, if indeed you are a white American. You slyly respond to Wayne’s post while all the while trying to deflect the points I made. It was my post you had in mind. Very underhanded.

  13. I agree that Amerikwa is not going to shut down the borders or end the Afro-Asian and Mestizo invasion into our nation. Whites must have bigger families; otherwise Whites are toast. There is no way we will be able to defend any of our own interests without the numbers of strong young Whites to back us in any resistance we offer to our own racial dispossession.

  14. Ron Paul the nazi candidate said it best:

    “Damage may already have been made, maybe its too late” He meant, you cannot undue multiculturalism. Already too many minorities in the US, it is too late to create your white country.
    You cannot get rid of 150 million non whites., they will eventually absorb the white race and rightly so like BRAZIL A COLORBLIND SOCIETY LIVING IN PEACE


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