Alabama Passes New Immigration Law


SPLC legal director Mary Bauer arrested while singing negro carols in Montgomery:

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Note: Man, if this video doesn’t lift your spirits, I don’t know what what will! I only wish we could have used some firehoses and attack dogs on Jabba the Hutt!

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  1. WHAt button on the bottom right? The one at the bottom of this page? Or some Twitter button on the video? ARRRGGHH!

    I want to be a cop.

  2. Pretty good strategy to send in a bunch of lardbutt protestors. Theyre a heckuva lot more trouble to move out than people who don’t subsist on a diet of cheeseburgers and donuts.

  3. Treadmills, stationary bikes and weight machines should have been deployed. Absolute kryptonite to these human marshmallows. The lard arses would have stampeded out.

  4. Murph! Thanks! I figured it out on my own – I’m White after all – but I’m a woman – so I had to yell, first.

    John – no – just tie a line to 2 boxes – one filled with Krispy Kreme donuts, and another to a box filled with Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Drag the boxes in front of them….and then away from them…..

  5. I’d have also cranked up a stereo to play Ode To Joy or Ride of the Valkyrie. Put the speakers right up next to their lug holes.

  6. Thank you, Hunter. I haven’t laughed like that in a while. With opponents like these, we can’t lose.

  7. I love the beached whale at 1:03! He came here to get huge! Just give him a push and he’ll roll downhill.

  8. Johnny my lad – for you:

    I went to Temple University, in, Philadelphia. A million years ago. I was friends with tons of Art Geeks. Including European Art Music Geeks. We had lots of high-end stereo equipment. One fellow used to BLAST this out of his dorm room, when the campus Nigras would play their “soul” music. Several of us thought this was screechingly funny; we began coordinating the assault with our systems.

    We ALWAYS won!

  9. Anything that is loud, full-on orchestra, and contrapuntally dense (Wagner, Bruckner, Mahler, Bach, the German school) just drives the intellectually impaired nuts!

    When I hear the ‘thump-da-da-thump’ of [c]rap music in the car next to me, I put my speaker all the way up and roll down my windows- Opera works really well, too!

    they just have to get away, like cockroaches in the light. Hilarious.
    Den Heilige Deutsche Kunst wins again!

  10. The way Twitter works is that the more retweets a story gets the more it gets put in front of people. All you have to do is click a button and add a hashtag like #tcot.

  11. Whatever happened to the blackjack? Police need to beat this freaks black and blue. They act this way because they know police won’t do this. One good beating and it stops. And I’ll guarantee they would NEVER pull this stunt in Mexico.

  12. Denise — forget “Ride of the Valkyries”, it’s actually one of the weaker parts of The Ring, if you can believe it.

    What you want is the prelude and opening of Act Two of “Die Walkurie”. You can go for the prelude to Act One if you need to, it’s pretty great too. Wagner invented rock n roll. He was Jimi Hendrix before there was a Jimi Hendrix.

    Learn this stuff, people. How many of you can play Schumann’s solo piano music? I can. But I’ve got a whole bunch of you cretins calling me a tool. Grow. The Fuck. Up.

  13. Denise — if you want to hear the real emotional heart of The Ring, this is it:

    For my money, this is the center of the great tradition of Western art music: I know Fricka’s tirade by heart, in the original German. You should, too.
    The version I’ve linked to isn’t even the best version I can think of, though. Try to find the Solti production, with I believe Christa Ludwig singing Fricka, that’ll blow your mind.

    The Ring is a very, very, very great work of art.

  14. OK, I dug it up, so now prepare yourselves:

    This is Christa Ludwig’s jaw-dropping performance of Fricka’s tirade at the top of Act Two of Die Walkurie. Must be be heard to be believed:

    I’ll have a lot to say about this later. Meantime, learn what they’re debating about in German, it’s sort of important whether you think they’re right or not. Also, pay attention to that music, it’s very profound music, it set off a lot of debates, and it matters whether you like it or not.

  15. The blonde woman with the vacuous eyes said, “for the love of our neighbor and everybody is our neighbor.”

    This is the distilled essence of liberal insanity, and as so many have said before me, this woman needs to have MS-13 or Zanupfers or even just regular flash mob Trayvons for neighbors. This woman thinks she is saintly and righteous as she prescribes death to white families and functioning, safe white countries.

  16. A swift squirt of CS pepper spray to the face of each blocking the hallway would have been nice.

    That way no risk of hernias trying to move the lard asses out of the way. Just spray and stand back.

  17. First thing I notice?

    How fuckin’ old they all are.

    Where’s all the angry young yoots? I thought they loved the multicult?

  18. You don’t need pepper spray. Just pass out ice cream and cake. They’ll all pass out in a diabetic coma, and you can just drag them out in the street and let the bums piss on all the old fatties.

  19. Actually I think the police handled it quite well. They would have loved to see anything they could call police brutality while the cameras were rolling. I’m sure that was part of the plan.

    This is an Americanism love in service. The belief that anyone of the black and brown races can become a White person and aspire to White ideals and White behavior has been deeply inculcated into the white participants. But at what cost? Look at the fairly good looking white woman babbling about everyone is my neighbor. She’s drugged on something.

    Of course the black and brown participants have a different idea about ideals and behavior and Americanism. They must have nothing but contempt for their white brothers in arms for the fools and idiots they are.

    BTW Denise, I like your new picture.

  20. Alas, some white women are in total abject rebellion against the Almighty and His natural order. They will do anything, even up to and including allying with an enemy to be relieved of the obligation to have and raise 3 or more white babies. Of course, in their own mind they never conclude that their willingness to get caught up in out-group causes (like the one evident here) that distract them from childbearing constitutes an effective refusal to have white children. But don’t think that because of their unwillingness to fulfill their natural obligations they will let white men off the hook and not expect you to die in wars, cede seats in lifeboats to them, or let them cut in front of you when you have been waiting 10 minutes to hail a cab. Remember the response of the two women when Jamie Kelso was interacting with them at the conference a few years back? They denied any responsibility to have children to perpetuate the race. This is what happens when white men let the sexual balance of power swing too far in one direction. I’m not convinced that race relations should be the target for white activists – I believe the better target is the whole effing feminist regime. Heck, the spectacle of women’s concerns intruding into sports (e.g., the effrontery of having baseball players where something pink on mother’s day) should begin to rouse men from their slumber. This generation of women with their millions of abortions and their ready resort to no-fault divorce is the least deserving of such honor!

  21. I share this woman’s deep concern about families being torn apart and agree with her that family reunification is in order. In fact, I support extended family reunification, and even reunification with their friends. Deport their friends, too. After all, it would be cruel to deprive deported illegals of the company of the friends they made in America.

    Aside from their being fat, funny looking, older, and off-key, what caught my attention was their evasive and awkward eyes. They all looked really socially uncomfortable and timid. The whole thing had that tired and disappointing feel of an aging hippy trying to reclaim his glory days.

  22. They were hoping that Bull Conner would show up chewing a ceegaar and the Nazi pigs would Billy club them. That’s what their Vacant eyes betrayed.

    The cops probably gave them coffee and dropped them off at their houses.

    “don’t repress me pig!”

    “shall I drop you off in front? Or pull up around the corner so the Jones don’t the squad car see?”

    “round the corner pig!”

  23. Oscar I agree Solti has the best version that I have heard. I’m no expert and my German is almost non-existent but I love Wagner, Tristan and Isolde being my favorite ( I even liked the Franco movie).

  24. For the benefit of the drugged out SWPL/DWLs someone should ask the glorious people of color what they think of whites right in front of her. Give her a good taste of reality.

  25. “The whole thing had that tired and disappointing feel of an aging hippy trying to reclaim his glory days.”

    Exactly what I was getting at, you just said it better.

    They’re on the wrong side of history. Their way ends in annihilation, once people know that, who wants a part in that sort of thing?

  26. I share this woman’s deep concern about families being torn apart and agree with her that family reunification is in order.

    Maybe one day I’ll write “The Encyclopedia of Liberal Sociopathy” (yes, I know “Liberal Sociopathy” is redundant, but we must speak the language of the delusional, if we’re going to talk them down from the ledge).

    It’ll be chock full of “arguments” like this. Libtards are a never-ending fountain of sociopathic shit like this. Guy breaks into your house, you shut and lock the door so the rest of his burglar-family can’t break in, and you’re “breaking up his family.”

  27. The young White woman needs to be at home with 4 or 5 white kids, 6 loads of laundry and sinkful of dishes. This is what happens when they are allowed off the leash, at least some of them.

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