Pat Buchanan: Has the Bell Begun to Toll for the GOP?


“The Union is dissolved. By the fist of South Carolina, it will be amongst the wrecks of past things. . . The long weary night of our humiliation, oppression and danger is passing away, and the glorious dawn of a Southern Confederacy breaks on our view.”
– Robert Barnwell Rhett, 1860

Pat Buchanan writes:

“That book and chapter proved the proximate cause of my departure from MSNBC, where the network president declared that subjects such as these are inappropriate for “the national dialogue.”

Apparently, the mainstream media are reassessing that.

For, in rare unanimity, The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today all led yesterday with the same story.

“Whites Account for Under Half of Births in U.S.,” blared the Times headline. “Minority Babies Majority in U.S.,” echoed the Post. “Minorities Are Now a Majority of Births,” proclaimed USA Today.

The USA Today story continued, “The nation’s growing diversity has huge implications for education, economics and politics.”

Huge is right.”

If the GOP is doomed as a national governing institution because of changing demographics, it follows that the South will permanently lose control of the White House and Supreme Court.

The MSM assumes there will be huge demographic changes in America that will work to the advantage of the Democratic Party, but no corresponding changes in the composition the Union.

Remember the debt ceiling debate? If the Union becomes an economic death sentence for the states, it is not far fetched to imagine that one day a group of states might decide to dissolve the Union.

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  1. I read buchanans book and thought it was pretty tame actually.mostly just a logical collection of facts and historical reference that did as much tiptoing as possible around the reality of brown inferiority. Hunter, if you havent read it i strongly suggest you do. He basically lays out the inevitability of societal collapse in all artificially diverse countries and how those countries always dissolve into smaller ethnostates which would seem to mesh well with your ideas about secession.

  2. i’ve been telling this to all my extended family as well as my liberal minded parents, the tea-party is essentially the new right, the nucleus (of course the real one being a phoney charade) still, there is this new mentality (similar to the spread of the enlightenment’s egalitarianism centuries ago) that things don’t work. the would be libtarded hipster class (of which i am a yankee part of), is decidedly “racist” (ironically, but easily made truely) and anti-federal, this new right will have footsoldiers for sure, this is the vanguard here. states rights —>demographics–
    –>white states

  3. The difference, of course, is that Pat dialogue was one of sounding the alarm, of calling on whites to really consider what was becoming of their country. The one of the Piss Stream Media is matter-of-fact, it’s already done, nothing you can do about it whitey, and if you have any misgivings, second thoughts, regrets or anything less that pure bliss at becoming a minority, you WHITEY, are a racist.
    The media knows this is a kick in the teeth to white men every time they do this, all tongue in cheek matter of factly.

  4. Because Pat didn’t realize that whites becoming a minority was a GOOD thing, to be celebrated!
    Honestly, besides maybe Communist Russia and South Africa, I have never EVER seen a country turn against it’s founding stock like America has.

  5. Given that “immigrant” fertility is concentrated in the 1st generation, what does this headline imply about the idea that “immigration” is slowing down?

  6. Voting doesn’t matter. We’ve been outnumbered since the 1960’s, when the majority of whites were pacified by television.

    We can be well under 50% and exert way more power than we do now, once Whites are militant. Even Tim Wise says this — in his talks nowadays, he warns that when Whites feel the brunt of no longer dominating the country, we will start to resist in a systemic way. He is right.

    Apathy is our biggest problem. The corrupt, insane Judeo-Negro government is going to destroy this apathy.

  7. I think maybe the Gay Marriage debate between states and the Federal government (providing that Fed wants to make gay marraige legal) might be just the amount of gunpowder for conservative states to talk about secession. Am I crazy for thinking this?

  8. ” it is not far fetched to imagine that one day a group of states might decide to dissolve the Union. “

    We’ve seen that movie before, and how did that turn out?

    And that was with an independent, free citzenry, unlike today’s dependent, propagandized masses. Whites today are not only standing by while their country is taken from them, not only paying for their own demographic demise, but are actually being forced to applaud and celebrate their extinction.

    Some serious shit is going to have to hit the fan before that idea becomes anything but “farfetched”.

  9. “The MSM assumes there will be huge demographic changes in America that will work to the advantage of the Democratic Party, but no corresponding changes in the composition the Union.”

    The country they rule via “minority” majority will be like the states they rule now. And about the same size.

  10. “Honestly, besides maybe Communist Russia and South Africa, I have never EVER seen a country turn against it’s founding stock like America has.”

    Common denominator? I know russia had plenty, America hordes…. so how many jews in SA? There must have been a faction, they’re always on the inside as well as without.

  11. Yes, the GOP can look forward to a future as an ever-shrinking permanent minority party that will never again win the White House. And Republicans can think their leaders such as Ronald Reagen, Geoge Bush, Lindsey Graham and John McCain for helping achieve the demographic transformation of the US into a Third World land. Remember Reagen’s amnesty for 3 million Mexicans? All the others listed above have likewise supported displacing Whites.

    The question is, what will be the conservatives’ response? More of the same? If so they can respect more of the same results.

  12. You young folks need to learn everything you can about Brazil. Figure out how the White folks survive in that shit hole and you will be way ahead of the little White dipshits who are too busy playing with their goddamn phones to realize where we are headed.

  13. There are two issues that have been overlooked or obscured by the powers that be.

    The demographic reporting likely obscures that many of those born were born to illegal aliens. Since the parents are not here legally, the legal decisions that accord citizenship to the offspring of non-citizens arguably don’t apply. Citizenship was accorded to these children because the parents were subject to the laws of the US as legal residents. See Wong Kim Ark. The Supreme Court could provide legal basis to deport all these illegals and their offspring by revisiting the issue and holding that Wong Kim Ark only applies to the offspring of legal residents and that all the offspring of illegal aliens as such don’t fall under the decision. They are in no meaningful way “subject to” the laws of the US since they are here illegally.

    The second issue is that hispanic births have been subsidized by the Federal government – both directly (through transfer payments) and indirectly (by allowing illegals to work). If the incentives dry up – and are effectively transferred to whites – than the situation could change overnight. All it requires is will on the part of whites.

  14. “…Honestly, besides maybe Communist Russia and South Africa, I have never EVER seen a country turn against it’s founding stock like America has….”

    Yes… it is a very real and scary thing. Those who gain do not realize the history behind such changes as this, and if they did (fully understand) then they, too, would be frightened. Only very foolish people with no knowledge of history are not made afraid by such things.

    I remember reading that the propaganda against the kulaks ran about ten years.

    What is the history of this propaganda against the South? How many years?

    Look at that movie “The Help.” A black maid feeds a southern-identified woman an excrement pie, this is the big punchline joke.

    Imagine this scene in a “blockbuster” movie, with the races shifted in ANY way.

    Has there ever been propaganda quite like that??? Or look at the make of the Mamet film, Edmond, arguably the most stunning of anti-white propaganda and authorial wish fulfillment.

    Southern people who have lived with their eyes open (reacting to such endless scenes for what they are)— must be very afraid.

    Surely, ANYONE would be stunned to hear that a southerner (any of them) would really see themselves as “citizens” of the country after that. Can you really have allegiance to a country (really feel it is yours) when this is the “party line?”

    Deeply, these things raise —for every southerner and their allies and friends, and those who wish to see them survive— questions about the intent in these things.

    The Macy character in Edmond—signaled a new push into the old west (the pioneer stock), as did Brokeback Mountain (the destruction of the cowboy icon), and many more.

    It is —in the final analysis— far more shocking maybe than Russia or S.A. And with less comprehensible animosity (of what? People who fled oppressive government and religion and Europe and who made good? which is what they’re thinking).

    At any rate, they cannot see through Southern eyes, or hear though southern ears.

  15. really—

    has another place really turned so hard against its founding people? They say they want “the constitutions” or “freedoms” and so on— yet the genuine relatives of people who wrote those documents, as well as those who most deeply share their folkways, values, history, etc, are disrespected entirely.

  16. The conservative base keeps wandering off the Republican plantation: the latest evidence is Nebraska and Indiana. Nobody really knows what they will do next.

  17. As long as the GOP is the waterboy of Jewish military and financial global hegemony, they deserve to disappear.

    Call me when they stop dog whistling and start using power to help Us, rather than Tel Aviv and New York City.

  18. yes there were a significant number of jews in SA, through the diamond and gold trade of the BE days.
    they were distinct in their over-involvement in the violent “spear of the nation” and revolutionary ANC.

  19. Oppenheimer was the diamond man. He was more of a white man run things guy.

    Joe Slovo, a Lithuanian Jew stirred it up. He should have been tagged.

  20. “…Honestly, besides maybe Communist Russia and South Africa, I have never EVER seen a country turn against it’s founding stock like America has….”

    Don’t forget the People’s Republik of Kanada! Most here have been so indoctrinated with the multi-CULT that any reference to the traditional founding culture (British, with some French) is often met with scorn and derision. People up here are even more asleep, if anything, since there are areas away from the big cities that are still overly White.

    I’d say we are about 10-15 years behind the U.S. in terms of being displaced, but it’s coming here too. On a per capita basis Canada imports more non-Whites per annum than any other Western nation.

  21. John: Oppenheimer was the diamond man. He was more of a white man run things guy.

    Diamonds, through De Beers Corporation, and gold, through Anglo American. He was a snake in the grass. He boasted on television, with a chuckle, “Yes, I was the quiet engine behind the ANC”.

    He was a practising jew until his marriage, whereafter he converted to Church of England. Jews and the Anglican Church – chief among the traitors to South Africa. The church boasts that it donated more money to the ANC than anybody else.

  22. Your average Republican is the type you find on sites like American Thinker. “White” is an anathema to them when used in any postive context. Colorblind is their by-word, they have no problems whatsoever whith whites becoming a minority because they know all these 3rd world immigrants are going to get jobs, settle down and become “Americans” just like us. Thier insane, out of context interpretation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence is their Bible, Equality is their God. To them, the Repbulicans greatest acheivement was Civil Rights. Just ask Ann Coulter.

  23. The Republican Party actively distances itself from it’s base. If it is to survive as a relevant force, it must explicity speak up for the interests of white people. If it doesn’t, it’s toast.

  24. ” Jews and the Anglican Church – chief among the traitors to South Africa. The church boasts that it donated more money to the ANC than anybody else.”

    Analog- if you think that Desmond Tutu is an Anglican, then you had better read again. The “Southern Cone” Anglican (Black) Bishops all LOATHE Tutu, and what he stands for (wolf masquerading as sheep) and it is these ‘conservatives’ that are what are keeping your conservative White [‘Traditionalist’] Anglican priests, parishes, and sometimes almost entire dioceses, ‘afloat’ as the Anglican Communion implodes- here in the US, and in GB as well, all because of Marxist infiltrations, Multicultural Brainwashing, Sodomite/Lesbean propaganda, and a bizarre ‘lets import the nogs here’ misplaced sense of British Superiority/Condescension.

    If ever C.S. Lewis’ image of the ‘Return of the King’ [Arthur] as he wrote of in his ‘That Hideous Strength’ were needed, it is NOW.

  25. Apathy is our biggest problem. The corrupt, insane Judeo-Negro government is going to destroy this apathy.

    True. Sociopaths aren’t good at stopping themselves. They tend to have to be stopped. The process of stopping them enough times to teach them to behave is transformative (to both parties, but I’m mostly referring to the stopper).

    And we are definitely dealing with sociopaths.

  26. As long as the GOP is the waterboy of Jewish military and financial global hegemony, they deserve to disappear.

    Those two things are way down on my list. And they score high on the “worse is better” meter.

    Immigration, judicial appointments. Until the GOP does an about-face on immigration, they can kiss my ass.

  27. I could live with the pro-Israel IF they were just as pro-White.

    But, of course, they are anti-White. It makes the pro-Israel a constant thorn in the side, especially when you see the Jews running their country the way “conservatives” should be running ours.

  28. I never tire of this one:


    It was not part of their blood
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the SAXONS began to hate,

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy-willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved
    Ere the SAXONS began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight,
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the SAXONS began to hate.
    It was not preached to the crowd
    It was not taught by the State,
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the SAXONS began to hate.
    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate
    Through the chilled years ahead
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the SAXONS began to hate.

    – by Rudyard Kipling

  29. Jews in South Africa led the black groups in their takeover of South Africa and their destruction of Germanic Afrikaaners.

    Here is the article which proves it and lists the books that were written about those Jews:


    Read it, print it out, and save the article.

  30. Heh, just look at the leaders of feminism. I’ve had many recoil in horror for just asking them to look at the names/heritage and the political affliations of feminist leaders. Heaven help you if you bring up what Phil etc. bring up as it contradicts the accepted storyline.

  31. Jews are anti-white because we are their ONLY competition. As for England, the Rothschild scum has as much control over it as the crown-wearing trash at Buckingham Palace. A Rothschild is the queen’s financial advisor. This scum has moved to the background in the past one hundred years but they are more active than ever.

    “Off with their heads” will be the battlecry of the next great conflict. And, the royals of Europe and the Rothschilds should be at the center of our rage. If you don’t believe the whole world is their stage, then you don’t have clarity of history.

  32. The criminals that are too many white people ALLOWED, PROMOTED, and PUSHED it for decades.. Now we see the results… Of course it will be over for the Republican Party if there is not a massive shift in demographics.. we need to not only let in any more illegals, get rid of those whom are here as well, but also to reduce legal immigration and promote more Europeans coming here.. This is what capitalism at all costs white business types have allowed along with neo cons.. Then throw in the anti white party- the dems of course- with their socialism and this is what we get… IT is OUTRAGEOUS this has happened… Do not forget something,,, A state like Texas will soon go Blue as well Unless the situation is dealt with… Whites are the biggest idiots going- divided, politically correct, racially suicidal, clueless. Meantime every other group looks out for themselves.. 40-45 years of massive immigration- both legal and illegal have and will make America into a banana republic.. many cities are already there as well as California.. If we don’t change, yes, it is over… SICK COUNTRY…

  33. It looks like the Republican party is toast now that whites are in the minority. Good riddance to it. It never protected our interests anyway. The party did nothing to keep our industry from being dismantled and moved to China, did nothing to close our borders, did nothing to stop massive immigration, did nothing when we were taken off the gold standard and given fiat money, did nothing to protect us from communists woking inside the goverment, did nothing to protect the Constitution: Did nothing to stop our presidents from issuing executive orders ; The president writes an executive order. It becomes the law, yet it doesn’t go through Congress or the courts. It’s just the law. Our presidents issue laws (executive orders) like kings and emperors do. The Republicans couldn’t give a damn.
    The Republicans never stopped any war based on lies and bullsh*t. Hardly any of the wars fought have to do with protecting the States. The wars are about expanding the power of the banks and the multi-national corporations around the world and, many times, “our” wars are on orders from Israel.. The Republicans couldn’t care less that our blood and treasure is squandered for bullsh*t wars and for Israeli interests while at the same time, the wars are inimical to American interests. Quite amazing.
    In no way have the Republicans protected America. They play a good game of golf, that’s about it. Good riddance to the smirky-faced bastards.
    I am not a Democrat ( the dems are very communistic in spirit and agenda. I detest them). Yet, the Republicans always tag along, always giving the Democrats what they want. The Republicans are useless, and always were.
    I don’t know what the answers are to solving our problems, but either do the Republicans. In the meantime, The Republicans sell America down-the-river while flying the flag and smirking in our faces. Good riddance to the lying bastards.

  34. AFAIC, the Repugnants are worse for the Whites than a single-party socialist system, because they can be relied on to pander to conservative causes for cheap political gain only long enough to stab conservatives in the back at the first given opportunity as soon as they are elected.

    Contrary to what many White Nationalists believe, the Democrats offer White race realists the best hope of retaking any real power in the country. The Democrats are experts at playing the race game not to mention other street fighting techniques the Repugnant golfing AIRAC ass kissers disdain.

    I would strongly recommend any White Nationalist with political aspirations and no electronic or paper trail to infiltrate the Democrat party.

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