European Bank Runs


Will the shit hit the fan with the zombie banks in Europe this summer or before the 2012 presidential election? It could be happening right now.

Note: We always knew it would happen in the long run. It is impossible to time these things in the short term though.

Is it a real possibility that between now and then that the European situation could deteriorate to the point where it tanks Obama?

I’ve long said that there are more unknowns that could break against Obama than Romney.

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  1. I’m worried that something like this could force Obama into a corner and make him attack Iran to try to drum up imperial patriotism for him in the election.

  2. Never mind the Iranians! Obama will attack those racist Greeks coz of all the gypshun sheit dey stole, gnomesayin?

  3. The edifice is rotten, it’s a matter of time before it falls on their heads. I just hope the fall will sweep away B. Hussein Obongo and his minions.

  4. Obama is set for a triple dipper recession.

    Well we are anyway. He’s a rich man from now on.

  5. the negro in chief won’t invade Iran. It would totally shut down his base support groups

  6. I don’t think an attack on Iran will happen anytime soon. As much as the hofjuden wants it, the pieces are not yet in place.
    They are not done with Syria yet.
    Long term, yes, that’s the plan.

  7. There was a report yesterday that Greeks citizens are pulling there money out of the banks. This will be contagious.

  8. Nothing that has happen since William Jefferson Clinton was in office has swept anyone away yet, except the citizens of this country. Everyone is still in office or in power in some way. I don’t think anything can hurt the power elites.

  9. Watch the cds and TED spreads for blowout. Ironically money fleeing Europe to the US will ne good for the dollar, our indebted government and markets….hence good for obama. The Shit will hit the fan here after Europe gets dome imploding. Read Martin Armstrong’s writings on the history of the great depression. His hand written notes from ft Leavenworth are very good

  10. FacePlant the IPO is screwing up the works today. Systems are down all over the place and I wouldn’t doubt that some quasi legal offshore hacker/traders are sending a shot across our bows today, but then again I’m in a conspiratorial mindset today.

  11. George,

    the continued resilience of the elites as they mismanage the world deprives the elites of negative feedback, allowing them to constantly “up the ante” of their craziness.

    Whom the gods would destroy,they first make mad. Read the book “Last Light” by Alex Scarrow, it is about this. The 12 people that rule the world decide ot make an “artificial peak oil scenario” but they massively overshoot the target, and rest assured, their own power is destroyed in the consequences.

  12. Anyone out there that practices voodoo or demon summoning (preferably with the demon’s willing consent) can send curses and demons to prey on these crooks.
    Render to Satan the things (people) that are satan’s.
    Deliver them to Satan for their destruction that we may be saved on the day(s) of reckoning.

  13. From what I understand, there was a quasi-bank run in Greece, but an even bigger one in Spain. Spain’s biggest bank was just nationalized.

    I read a financial web site called that is VERY interesting. Lots of stories about Europe, and Greece in particular. Lots of discussions and debates in the comments section on each article that pertained to Greece about the nature of Golden Dawn. Plenty of commenters agree with Golden Dawn. Many are saying there are only 2 options for Europe: 1) go forward with the whole Eurozone sham and have the nations unite politically, similar to the US (won’t work), or 2) dismantle this whole Eurozone bullshit and return to national currencies.

    Oh, and there are lots of comments there on the role of Jews in this whole financial nightmare.

    The abuses by the financial sector in the US continue, as well. We were all sold the bill of goods in the 2008-9 bailouts of the financial sector and Government Motors (GM).

    Today, some recent stories are: 1) Chase/JP Morgan just lost 2 billion on what they call “hedge” trades that may very well be illegal (they called these trades a hedge when they are just the opposite; they “doubled down” on an already risky trade), and now there is talk that the full losses connected to this trade might be 3-9 billion. 2) Goldman Sachs has just been exposed for illegal trades called “naked short selling” and they also fed data regarding their retail customers’ trading positions to a hedge fund so that the hedge fund could use that information to their advantage.

    I used to trade stocks and took a hiatus after some life events. I might try making a few occasional trades these days, but the extent to which our whole financial system is rigged and set up for the benefit of a very small number of people, is startling to say the least.

  14. Oh, P.S., regarding the lackluster opening day of Facebook, aka JewBook, stock: Way overpriced. Remember the Internet bubble? Sure, you do. FB users are getting increasingly annoyed at the incessant censorship and privacy invasions, and companies who bought advertising on FB are increasingly disappointed with the results, or lack thereof.

    And…. there’s that pesky lockout period issue. The lockout period is the length of time after an IPO is issued in which company insiders are forbidden to sell their stock. Normal lockout periods are 6 months, Facebook’s will only be 91 days.

    Guess what’s going to happen after 91 days?

  15. The Europeans Elites are trying to live within their means causing a popular backlash.

    American Elites continue an orgy of debt and the public is fairly content.

    If Europe collapses politically, Obama will argue it was because they didn’t do what he suggested.

    If the GOP attempts to cut back in America, they better have a non-democratic solution ready (i.e. fascism) or they will be swept from power by democracy. When you look at the GOP do they look ready to pull the trigger? Is there enough pride there?

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