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Lawrence Auster explains why VFR has begun to singlemindedly focus on black-on-white crime:

“Nonwhite violence against whites is the ultimate concretization of white America’s inclusion of and surrender to nonwhite and non-Western peoples. It is where the rubber meets the road on the path to national suicide.”

The CofCC is similarly focused on black crime.

(1) I’m convinced the White aversion to blacks is greater and cuts deeper than any other racial issue. It is the rock on which the ship of anti-racism will be split. Historically, black people have played the starring role in such transitions.

(2) The spread of smart phones and social media has reinvigorated the issue. Now Whites can see black crime, the information gets past the MSM censors, and it confirms racial stereotypes and hardens racial attitudes more than any other wedge issue.

(3) The Obama presidency has “painted the White House black” which has stoked White racial anxiety.

(4) In hindsight, the attacks on the Tea Party as “racist” was a huge turning point because it diminished the fear of being labeled a “racist” among ordinary conservatives, and pushed lots of them over the Rubicon into iconoclasm.

(5) As the economy has soured, illegals have been shifting about the country. Large numbers of them have left communities in which they used to work as construction laborers.

Ever since South Carolina passed its immigration law, the front in the immigration wars has shifted to the federal courts. Immigration is not as hot an issue as it was a few years ago.

(6) Black Memorial Day 2011 and the rise of flash mobbing was a turning point that led to a groundswell of interest in the racialist and conservative blogosphere.

(7) As the recent BuzzFeed article illustrates, the slow burning race war has finally broken out and gained traction, which is why you see racialists pushing the speer deeper with renewed enthusiasm.

(8) There is a palpable fear in White America that a Negro Revolt is just over the horizon. The Trayvon Martin story crystallized those fears.

(9) Racialists want to be on top of the story when something like the 2011 UK Riots break out here.

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  1. Blacks, Mestizos, & Asians are the symptoms. Jews are the disease.

    Auster needs to preach to his own people—the Jews!

  2. (3) The Obama presidency has “painted the White House black” which has stoked White racial anxiety.

    I would instead say:

    (3) The Obama presidency has “painted the White House black” which has stoked the black ego in that it now has a right to commit crimes against White people.

  3. (8) There is a palpable fear in White America that a Negro Revolt is just over the horizon

    fear my cracker ass. I’m damn near giddy at the thought

  4. Ernest it is not “violent crime” it is terrorism. It was violent crime when the white man was in charge and ol’ Rastus could be taken out of his cage and killed, today it is terrorism derived from a political culture of intimidation. We keep calling it “violent crime” all we will get are a bunch of professors hopped up on their credentials endlessly debating “Nature vs Nurture” blah, blah, blah.

  5. RRS – I just wanted YOU to know I’m USING the Mantra on the Lefty forums. As per usual. Rob Roy Snarkass.

  6. “Fear my cracker ass. I’m damn near giddy at the thought.” – Stonelifter

    Et tu, Brute? Yeah, I’m giddy over the prospect too. The only problem is that most white people won’t be directly affected by the rioting and mayhem and thus will continue on pitifully with ovine docility reminiscent of sheep standing before a shearing shed. It’s only at the point of physical suffering that most will wake up from their masochistic slumber. Until then, they may complain about it privately, but they will basically continue living as before, paying homage to the negro for the past “sins” of “racism” and “bigotry.” Besides, what would their lives be without their favorite black NBA and NFL sports stars to cheer for over the weekends?

  7. What, Where, When, Why!
    What are we going to do when the $&!t hit’s the fan?
    Where will it happen?
    When it dose, what will you do?
    Why will you be a part of it?
    Be ready people, it will come, be clear on your motivation, and fight like hell!!!!

  8. Denise I just want you to know that Chilton Williamson in his monthly essay in “Chronicles” (The journal for cranky old men) even named the jew, but in the usual acceptable murder/suicide angle.

  9. Scipio – Screw the Schmoo. They won’t matter, in the end, anyways. They’ll either be delivered unto Trayvon Justiss, and get what they deserve – or come Home to Their Race.

  10. Hunter,

    Off topic.

    Would you care to do a post on Matt Taibi with Rolling Stone’s latest on the Goldman shenanigans?

    This part is very apt:

    “Good old Goldman — they can’t answer any criticism without describing their critics as losers, conspiracy theorists, or, most frequently, both.”

    Goldman is jewish to the bone.
    Hysterically smearing anyone who dares criticize jews as a loser and conspiracy theorist (implying insanity) has been a powerful silencer our jewish enemies have used to shut up good White people for far too long.

    Makes ya kinda wonder if those ol’ Protocols (that, you know, only lunatic conspiracy theorists would notice have an amazing correspondence to reality as she is presently constituted) are approximately as nutty as Overstock’s allegations that Goldman was naked-shorting Overstock (that is to say, not nutty ‘tall but absolute fact.)

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