Denver McDonald’s Attack


Update: This happened in Denver, not Tampa.


OD reported this afternoon that the Drew Expo in Roanake, Virginia had to be shut down by police after hundreds of (update: confirmed) black people disrobed and began chimping out in the parking lot.

The action spilled over into a neighboring McDonald’s (listen to the 9/11 call). The youths then retrograded and mounted the tables and started jumping up and down in the restaurant.

In another “random” incident at a McDonald’s, a White woman in Denver was beaten by two black women after admonishing them for littering in the parking lot.

A black man threw a grape soda through her window and called her a white hitch.

Note: PK has amended Derb’s The Talk: Nonblack Version to include the following new rule: “10(d) Understand that even a simple, polite admonishment directed at a black may incite a violent response. Weigh this before you ask blacks to pick up their litter, to stop talking during a movie, or to put out cigarettes in a non-smoking area.”

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  1. I should have added that Denninger posted a link to a YT video that used the stats from AmRen’s “Color of Crime.” Yes folks the terrorism of the black lynch mobs is being noticed for what it is, but we hapless reactionaries keep calling it “violent crime” and therefore we deserve a good ass whipping for fucking stupidity.

    Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, its a mindset derived from social/political culture and therefor its not some chimpout out of the blue its about “woopin whitey’s pale ass” and that my friends is terrorism defined and not “violent crime.”

    We are our own worst enemies.

  2. I know all about the untold danger of admonishing bad black behavior, or even giving friendly advice.

    About 15-20 years ago, in NJ, an elderly Asian woman was murdered by a black woman on a NJ Transit bus in an especially savage attack.

    Why? The she-boon’s infant or toddler’s coat was open and it was very cold outside, and they were sitting near the door of the bus. The elderly Asian woman made the mistake of pointing out, in a friendly way, that her child was getting a terrible draft every time the bus door opened.

    The she-boon responded with such rage at being given some friendly advice from a old woman who was a mother and grandmother. She attacked the woman, at some point knocking her down and the old woman’s head hit something, killing her. And this was done in front of all the bus driver and all the other passengers on the bus, including the she-boon’s own child.

    Ironically, the Asian woman was married to a black man, and I saw her mixed black/Asian children on the news on TV, attending the she-boon’s court appearance. I wonder if she is still in prison today. Doubt she’s still in, at least not for this offense.

    In light of this, point # 10(d) in “The Talk” should be revised to warn people to avoid giving even friendly advice to blacks. It could be met with deadly rage.

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