Obama vs. Scots-Irish

Greater Appalachia

John Nolte on the Scots-Irish revolt against Obama in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Arkansas:

“Last night was more of the same for President Obama. In Arkansas, he lost over 40% of the vote and a full 36 countries to a relatively unknown attorney who lives in Tennessee. In Kentucky, Obama lost over 42% of the vote and a full 67 counties to “uncommitted.” Rather than blame the President’s failed economic policies, his racial and class divisiveness, his war on the coal industry, or the decision to stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage –Democrats prefer to describe their very own as racist”

But it’s true!

With the exception of Arkansas, the Democrats have lost both chambers of every state legislature in the 11 states of the old Confederacy. They have ceased to be competitive in Dixie.

Might this have something to do with the near extinction of the Blue Dogs? John Barrow is the last White Democrat standing in the House from the Deep South.

Kentucky and West Virginia are border states. They are two of the most racially homogeneous states in America. The two party system has endured longer there because those states are less blessed by the wonders of diversity.

Eventually though, as the Democratic Party becomes the anti-white party, the urban party, the “progressive” party, it will alienate the Whites in those states who are similar to other Southerners, but comfortably secure at the state level, and they too will dump the Democrats.

(1) Ta-Nehisi Coates

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(3) Washington Post

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  1. Dear White & Confederate:

    Fr. John- and Otherjohn are the local Ortho-cranks. Both post good things from time to time, but both are full of shit when it come to the one, real, original Catholic Church – the one with the pope, the one that wasn’t a directorate of the KGB for 70 years. I don’t waste time arguing with them because doing so does not help the white cause. Later, after we solve the black problem and destroy the Liberal Empire, perhaps I’ll choose to debate them. Until then my focus is 100% on the survival of white people

    PS. I personally admire the Orthodox churches, so the hatred is strictly one-way.

  2. “Scots are Celts. Apparently you haven’t heard. The traditional language for both and the Welsh (also Celts) is Gaelic.

    The Scots are mixed. The lowlands are more Germanic and the highlands more Celtic (plus the original Picts who may have been something else again). You just need to look at the placenames to see it e.g. Edinburgh (Germanic) vs Glasgow (Gaelic).

  3. Robert Oculus III, I don’t begrudge Fr. John his ardor for the Orthodox position. There is much worthy there in that tradition. I’m sure that there are good arguments for the positions he has taken and he referenced several sources for such arguments. But I’m just as certain that that are as equally good or better counter arguments in defense of Rome. Finally it is a matter of faith and not argument.

    Anon, thanks for the info. It’s to be expected that there would be some mixing between the Scots and English considering the long history of English domination over Scotland.

  4. I think there are both genetic and cultural differences between what are called Scots-Irish (even though most are of English descent)…


    …and the people descended from the English Puritans however i think the difference is regional rather than national i.e. the Puritans came from a region of England that had been *relatively* peaceful for hundreds of years whereas the “Scots-Irish” came from the various border regions where there’d been constant raiding warfare between
    – Irish vs Scottish
    – Scots highlanders vs Scots lowlanders
    – English vs Scots
    – English vs Irish
    for hundreds of years.

    Racially the various groups are very similar. The difference lies in the violence of the borders compared to the relative peace of the interior (in my opinion).

  5. The Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox and the Reformed all hold that God created man imago Dei from “created six” – the sixth Day or Creation time. Gen 1:26. None of these in their official, doctrinal statements claim that only one race, the Caucasian race, is here in view.

    At Ascensiontide we read Matt 2:18-19 our Lord’s words: “All power is given to me in heaven and earth. Going therefore, teach ye all nations (pan ethne)”, and in Mark 16:15 “to every creature” (kitsei), and in Luke “unto all nations” and Acts 1:8 “Ye shall be witnesses unto me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and even to the uttermost part of the earth.”

    In keeping with this the Orthodox have sent missions to Inonesia, to Africa and to the Innuit. The Roman Catholics have sent missions throughout the entire world. The Reformed have sent missions to China and Africa and Australia.

    No one seriously believes that the Evangel is only for one race and was to be confined only to the part of the world that are the ancestral lands of the White race. No one teaches that the White race is the only human race.

    It is, however, the only race (in its nations) that was regenerate in Christ. You can not have an entire race of people who commune in the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the God man, the Second Adam, for over a thousand years and nothing to come of it.

    The modern sensibility and mind is totally allergic to ideas of this nature. But throughout creation, in the natural and human realm, in the spiritual realms, there exists order, election, hierarchy and precedence. This is God’s creation. Uniformity, equality and everything on the same level and ‘much of a muchness’ is the Satanic pattern of domination and damnation.

    I think you could argue theologically that Adam is a creation of the mystical ‘8th day’ , just as our Lord’s resurrection occurred after the 7th day of the old Sabbath. This would make Adam a special creation within the human race – formed from the clay of the ground into whom God breathed the breath of life.

    This would be something like J.R.R. Tolkien’s idea in The Lord of the Rings of a race of ‘the Kings of Men’. And it was to Adam that the Commandment about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was given. It was Adam’s sin, in this regard, that brought sin into the world. And in the Biblical account, it was through the race of Adam that sin was redeemed by the Second Adam, the Lord from Heaven.

    But you could not argue (and neither the Roman Catholics, nor the Orthodox, nor the Reformed do agrue in their official ecclesial statements) that non Caucasian races are not human beings created imago Dei. That image might be greatly defaced in unregenerate nations. But in Christ, it is to be restored.

    Whether you read the White Caucasian race as the Adamic race or as one race among other races, the efforts of the hereditary foes of the elect nation of Jacob descending from Adam utilizing the unregenerate nations to destroy a race that once was regenerate in Christ can not be tolerated. And the Whites must espouse our right to live and our right to mulitply our own kind, cultivate our own national traditions and customs, create our own societies. The key to our birthright, as well as this right of others, will be the Divine order for the redemption – the Church. It will not be some Utopian Jew scheme of equality that never existed or can exist unless one undertakes the Great Work against nature and God.

  6. >>>They don’t much like to get their hands dirty.<<<

    Whites have clean minds and dirty hands. Joos have the reverse.

  7. Kievsky, my home state is Kentucky. My family has lived there since the mid 18th century, before Kentucky was even a state. Moreover, they lived in the same region–the Eastern Coalfields. One branch of my ancestors I can trace back to Montrose, Scotland. That specific ancestor fought alongside his father at the Battle of Culloden to restore the Stewarts to the throne of Britain, but lost. As punishment, he and many others were expelled to the colonies, where he was granted the 2nd chance to fight Britain during the Revolution. For he and probably thousands like him, the Revolution was not about wordism, but about revenge.

  8. “I don’t waste time arguing with them because doing so does not help the white cause.”
    – the Blind leading the Blind (Oculus)

    Then, Robert, (as much as you admire the Greeks and the Russians) you don’t “get” that a culture cannot be sustained without a cultus to be its heart.

    FYI, I am NOT a Byzantine, but a Western Rite priest. Therein lies my problem, and my ‘cantankerousness’ when confronted by those who are still in darkness. I actually believe Rome (prior to Vatican II) had much to contribute to the West, as her remnants of orthodox Christianity suffuse our culture; but I also believe that her current head is both illegal, as well as the next in a long line of heresy makers.

    So, I stand for the Catholic faith, while denying that Rome has it as her exclusive posession. But that ancient faith, is the very heart of the West. That is why I argue time and time again, that only the Truth is going to help us in this battle against the Deicides and their ANTI-incarnational war.

    I’m sorry you can appreciate one element of Christianity, and yet not see its necessity in all of life.

  9. “In keeping with this the Orthodox have sent missions to Inonesia, to Africa and to the Innuit. The Roman Catholics have sent missions throughout the entire world. The Reformed have sent missions to China and Africa and Australia.

    No one seriously believes that the Evangel is only for one race and was to be confined only to the part of the world that are the ancestral lands of the White race. No one teaches that the White race is the only human race.”

    I wondered when Lynda was going to undo her robes, and let her ‘filthy rags’ get an airing- she’s been lurking on this blog for some time.

    “All of us are like someone unclean, all our righteous deeds like menstrual rags; we wither, all of us, like leaves; and our misdeeds blow us away like the wind.” – Is. 64:6, CJB

    Well, the SHTF, it appears.

    I’ve pointed out on my blog that the very reason for the mess the world is in, is due to the Filioque, which was the enabling doctrine that permitted the Church of Rome’s presumption of ‘universal jurisdiction’ (first heresy/error). It was then applied with vigor, once the folk and nations of Christendom began to look further afield, which then allowed her [Rome’s] theologians to posit the equally fallacious ‘universal salvation’ as applied to RACE.

    None of the Orthodox churches had ‘missions to the heathen’ until roughly the time when the Roman [Papal] “theology of annihilation of God’s Israel” began to infect the Byzantines. I’ve discussed this at length over at my blog.





    So deep, so pernicious is this doctrine of Rome’s, that, unless one delves into either: a) the ideological positions of the Christian Identity folk, or b) the history of 1) pre-schism Europe, or 2) Orthodoxy before the tainting of her faith by Western papal models, you could go crazy.

    Indeed, Rome- with her ‘inculturation’ and her changing the very words of Scripture at the supreme moment of the Mass, indicate that she is a Whore, opening her very legs for the ‘goyim’ of the world. The original Greek, and the Anglican BCP has this verbatim quote from the Bible, in her Eucharistic liturgy: ‘This cup is the cup of my blood. It will be shed for MANY for the remission of sins.”

    In the Greek, the word even has a definite article ‘THE many.” (A small number- an ELECT number, in other words) Rome, OTOH, has: “‘This cup is the cup of my blood. It will be shed for ALL for the remission of sins.”

    Universalism. The very nadir of heresy in the historic Church. Yet Rome, like the bitch she is, doesn’t understand that YHWH will only be wed to ONE racial spouse, ONE bride, not ALL comers!

    Once you grasp this, the utter demonic nature of Rome and her mincing apologists (whether women such as Lynda, who should ‘keep silent’ in the Church- or the multitude of faggot priests, still rising (like scum) in the pederast sex scandals) demands that Church history be searched, to see where we have ‘gone astray’ from the Word and People (note, ONE people, one GENOS, ONE ‘am’) of God, and find the absolute necessity of iterating either: 3) a White Racial paradigm for rule and reign, or 4) the reality of White Supremacism due to genetics, beauty, intelligence, and divine predestination.

    Lynda, just like your false whoring mother, [ Rome] I call you out as a tramp, airing your menstrous rags before decent people. Your desire to elevate the Whore of Babylon to legitimate status- ideologically, or religiously- is nothing more than the action of a twerpy little adolescent prostitute defending the Madam of the brothel she works in.

    You’re an ideological HO.

  10. “More like Hundreds of B-B-Billions with a capital ‘B-B-B’.


    Yeah, yeah, possibly with a “T” even. Who knows? Thing is, the stashes that some claim to have (those posting on the “survival” blogs, for example- that is, if it is not just empty talk) of 10,000 or even 20,000 rounds are going to be very hard to conceal.

  11. Good to hear from you too, Fr John. It’s been awhile.

    Your hatred of the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Catholics is positively Talmudic. I think I have made this observation before. And your scatology is rabbinical. This is the way the Rabbis carry on. Please do read Michael Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered. I think he has your number.

    The words of the Mysterium Fidei of the Traditional Roman Rite which you feel free to trash on this website are: “qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum” – “which shall be shed for you and for many unto the remission of sins” . This is the cannonized rite of the Church and the Catechism of Trent goes into why the Mystery of Faith states that the words of the consecration are “pro multis” for many as opposed to “for all” . This is the rite that all Catholics who hold to Tradition follow.

    On a lighter note, you are telling the Messageboard of Occidental Dissent a whopper. Make that a Whopper with Cheese.

    The Orthodox Church does in fact have missions to the indigenous people of Alaska and Indonesia.

    For those who might be interested to follow this through, check out the Jacob’s Well website of The Orthodox Church in America NY and NJ. Now that would supposedly be your outfit wouldn’t it? “Two hundred years ago this Sept, the first overseas mission of the Russian Orthodox Church arrived at Kodiak, Alaska, founding what would become in 1970 the Orthodox Church in America…their primary goal was the conversion of the indigenous peoples of the Aleutian and Kodiak Archipelagos”

    And look. The Orthodox Church under the jurisdiction of Constantinople has a mission to Indonesia in Surabaya. They even have a “Help the Indonesian Orthodox Mission (Ecumenical Patriarchate) on their website. I see Fr Jyohanes Bambang is on Facebook.

    Rather than launch into diatribes on Roman Catholic theology (I can see the eyes glazing over now) why don’t you contact Fr Bambang on Facebook? I’m sure he’d love to hear from you and tell you all about the progress the Orthodox are making over there with the Gospel in Indonesia. These people have all sorts of crazy ideas about sacrificing pigs to volanoes and genital mutilation and jihad. It sounds like the Orthodox Church is doing a good work there. Why are you (supposedly an Orthodox) so opposed to this?

    Do the people who would supposedly be your fellow Orthodox Christians know about all the rabbinical shyte you do on these blogs?

  12. ““which shall be shed for you and for many unto the remission of sins” . This is the cannonized rite of the Church and the Catechism of Trent goes into why the Mystery of Faith states that the words of the consecration are “pro multis” for many as opposed to “for all”…

    Lynda, yes the TRADITIONAL rite has the Biblical verses. But the Vatican II rite- the Obama wing of the RC Church- in other words, those in power- mandates and uses the ‘ALL’ verse.

    You proved nothing.

    As to Michael Hoffman’s books, yes, they were the first inkling that what passes for Rome today, is not the Rome of yesteryear. So, your point? It was from that reading of Judaism’s Strange Gods that I realized EVERYTHING about Rome was a lie, because Rome had seperated herself from Christendom, a thousand years ago.

    I am no more talmudic than you, Shiksa woman, if you would only be truthful. You carry on as if you have a right, and the authority to speak the things of God. You don’t. Neither as a Christian, nor as a Catholic.

    And your comment about the modernist Orthodox ‘converting the heathen’? yes, I know that and you know that. Hell, we all know that. But my point, if you would be honest (for once) is that Modernist Orthodoxy is not True Orthodoxy, just as your claim to be a part of the One Church is false as well.

    The Difference lies in the fact that Rome’s p0lity DEMANDS adherence to the reigning pontiff as a sine qua non of being a Catholic. Orthodoxy does not see the EP as the ‘Byzantine Pope’ -indeed, the fulness of the Church is contained in every Bishop.

    So, contrary to your fallacious diatribes, I can still have the fullness of the Church, as long as there is one faithful bishop on this earth, under whose omophor I reside, like a chick under her mother’s wings, as Christ alluded to, prior to his crucifixion.

    Rome, OTOH, mandates total subservience like a slave to her Egyptian Pharaoh. And, as you well know, if you are a sedevacantist, you are no longer an RC- for, to be an RC, you have to submit to the Modernist Papacy. THAT is why I am no longer a Romanist… on grounds of not losing my sanity, trying to be the ‘on again, off again’ sort of Christian that makes up most Roman parishes- but unlike the gay catholic, or the ‘right to choose’ feminist catholic, or the ‘I’m voting Democratic catholic,’ you think you occupy a different order. Nah. It’s all the same. Your own denomination has you between a rock and a hard place, and you choose to be lukewarm toward God.

    Just close the door when you get spewed out. TYVM.

  13. ‘Fr’ / rabbi John,

    After defacing this Messageboard your diatribe on menstrual rags, whores, brothels and religious bigotry (of which there is a further heaping helping on your own website), I do think you should wash out your mouth with holo-soap. And I think you should learn the polite art of rational discussion.

    For anyone familiar with Hoffman’s work, you tick all the boxes for ‘rabbi doing shyte as a crypto Jew’ – here posing as an ‘Orthodox priest’. ‘Shicksa woman’ is also Yiddish term, btw. So I am giving you another tick of recognition – rabbi. You are on my Jewdar. And I am on your case.

    Your argument that ‘traditional’ Orthodoxy is 3) “a White, Racial paradigm for rule and reign” was refuted decisively by my quotation of Archpriest Michael J Oleksa of the Jacob’s Well website of the Orthodox Church of America.

    In that essay he acknowledges that Russian Orthodoxy came to N America OVER 200 YEARS AGO as a mission of conversion to the [non-Caucasian] Aleutian and Kodiak natives. The outreach into Indonesia is further proof that Russian Orthodoxy does not confine its outreach to the Causasian race.

    By these historic, facts alone (and apart from any other evidence) you are demonstrated to be a liar who is deliberately misleading people people here into thinking that the Christianity of the Russian Orthodox Church is a model and slave’s flattery of that supreme doctrine of racial supremacism: the Talmud.

    You have tried this shyte over at the website of Br Nathanael Kapner and he has called you on it. And I am calling you on it here.

    That fact that you resort to blasphemies and obsenities rather than argument is further proof that what I say is correct. Hasta la vista rabbi.

  14. “Always with the negative waves, Moriarity. Always with the negatives waves.” – Oddball played by Donald Sutherland in Kelley’s Heroes

    One of our three sons is now a baptized member of the Western Orthodox Church, and the particular one he attends in the northwestern most state in the lower 48 does indeed have a few orientals in attendance. He was somewhat distressed by this and I found it to be so as well, not to mention rather interesting.

    Somewhere in Paul’s discussions with Timothy he proffered advise to the young man regarding how to approach those who needed to be converted to the truths of Christ, and one fact that is damned sure evident here is that someone might wish to go re-read Timothy if he so intends to help those see the presumed errors of their ways.

    Another certainty is that the Greek word “enemy” has multiple definitions, and when Christ spoke the words “Love your enemy” he was referring to both His and our kinsmen and kinswomen, not those outside of the covenant. Unfortunately what I see all to often amongst the kin who have eyes to see and ears to hear is the treatment that should be reserved for those not of us, and it is nothing less than destructive and to some degree, wearying.

    Last year I had some repeated personal correspondence of some length with a rather intelligent chap who writes regularly under the name “Farnham O’Reilly” at Kevin McDonald’s site, The Occidental Observer. Even though “Farnham” is not a Christian (though bears no grudges by any means) and leans towards Odinism, we got along well, for in the main our goals were and remain generally common. During these discussions we wrested with the question, almost a conundrum really, of how we could unite at least a critical mass of whites to create enough impetus for viable secessionist movements to be possible.

    My argued position was that he would have to reserve his Odinist leanings almost to the point of privatizing them, because without the Christ-Bearing People it the idea would never gain any sort of traction let alone the numbers required to even make the proposal at all possible. All one has to do as look at the divisions, oft times these being quite visceral that sadly exist within the makeup of those who follow these sites to see that we are our own worst enemies and too often treat each other in the manner that should be reserved for the real and quite recognized “enemy”; the “other”.

    Lashing out may make one feel righteous and proud, particularly when it comes to “defending the faith”, but, is the continued lashing out actually doing more harm than good? “We” here (discounting the spies and provocateurs) are all the same people, and as both George Washington and John Jay stated, in general terms, “of the same religion with slight differences”. (Yes, I know. Therein lies another point of instant disputation!)

    At this particular moment, slicing throats over these differences, as important as they truly are in the overall, isn’t helping with a damn thing. Our enemies sit back in laughter at such behaviors, for what they are witness to is nothing more that the continued self-destruction of their enemies. We have been admonished by one far wiser than us to be “wise as serpents and as harmless as doves”, the latter portion regarding how we treat each other. The “serpents” understand this admonition quite well even though it was not meant for them, which partially explains their closely-woven unity and the litany of successes they have had against us over the millenia. Psychologically, they know us far better than we know them, and whilst we bicker amongst ourselves they move forward against us with deliberate earnest.

    Unless we can overcome this propensity for internecine combat, we shall lose and lose utterly.

  15. John (other) I couldn’t agree with you more. But we have an enemy in our midst, and that is Lynda.

    She continually will laud her untenable position, and her false intelligence hides the fact that, as a supposedly ‘trad RC’ her own sex accuses her, in that she should know that lay women in the church, should wear their babushka, and keep silent in the face of an ordained cleric, when said cleric holds to the faith ‘once delivered unto the saints.’

    But, you see, Lynda does not. Over and over again at SWB, she prates on in comparative safety (for filioquists of a feather stick together) about the ‘medieval church’ because she KNOWS that those who have not studied the Fathers, won’t understand the Schism that Rome engaged in, in 1054 AD. Armed with that duplicitous knowledge, she feels she can ‘slash and burn’ like some erstwhile Boadiccea, when, (in actuality) she neither partakes of that Apostolic Faith, nor is telling the Truth.

    For instance, her comment about the OCA above:

    “In that essay he acknowledges that Russian Orthodoxy came to N America OVER 200 YEARS AGO as a mission of conversion to the [non-Caucasian] Aleutian and Kodiak natives. The outreach into Indonesia is further proof that Russian Orthodoxy does not confine its outreach to the Causasian race.

    By these historic, facts alone (and apart from any other evidence) you are demonstrated to be a liar who is deliberately misleading people people here into thinking that the Christianity of the Russian Orthodox Church is a model and slave’s flattery of that supreme doctrine of racial supremacism: the Talmud.”

    You all need to know two things. 1) The OCA (which Lynda mentions above- and for what reason? She isn’t even Orthodox?) was given her ‘autocephaly’ (or grant of self-rule as a ‘valid’ Orthodox jurisdicion) at the hands of a communist stooge portraying the Chief Hierarch of Russia, in 1970. Because the Russian Orthodox Church in Exile (ROCOR) in America called the Metropolia (what they were called before they took the fallacious name of OCA) on this, there was little love left between the OCA and the ROCOR. Why this is so, is because, by accepting hierachy at the hands of the Soviets, the OCA broke so many Church canons, they rendered themselves invalid- apart from the greatest error, accepting the ‘laying on of hands’ by an apostate Hierarchy in the first place! This blasphemy, ROCOR in their 1980’s canon, finally said was the culmination of all of the actions the Soviet Church had engaged in, since 1928, when they forsook the Faith of Czarist Russia, for that of the ‘Sergianists’ (the people who followed the compromiser Sergius, rather than the martyr Tikhon) – all of this was part of the ‘pan-heresy of Ecumenism,’ which carried it’s own anathemas.

    So, Lynda, knowing that you all won’t know any of this, makes it appear that I am wrong, and her multicultural mamzerization religion (Rome) is ‘just the same’ as ‘all the other Orthodox’ modernist groups out there. Sorry, but that won’t fly.

    The OCA is still ‘uncanonical.’ The Russian hierarchs have not ‘officially’ lifted the curse on the Sergianists, and the KGB agents that led up to, and included the Hierarch in Russia, who supposedly gave the OCA their ‘legitimacy’ to begin with.

    As to Russian ‘missionary endeavors’ to the non-Whites, I’ve pointed out that such did not occur, until FIRST the Judaizing tendencies of the Papal west, ‘infected’ the Orthodox in looking further afield for their converts. I also question the efficacy of such missionary endeavors, though I admit that in ‘the Kingdom’ there can be doorkeepers and sweepers, as well as the King’s Kids. But I will say, the sacramental efficacy of true Orthodox sacraments are far better than Rome’s modern Vatican II rites, that’s for sure.

    None of this is actually important in our long-range struggle, I agree with you, except for one small thing. I’ve read at other sites, the need for a valid ‘myth’ for a people to ‘break free’ of their chains from a former master. Here’s the quote:

    “Regarding the power of myth, O’Meara remarks: “Myth, not coincidentally, undergirds the foundation of our culture. It operates still in the highest reaches of scientific speculation. It speaks to us as a collective solidarity, not as an individual conscience.” (p. 35) He adds, “For myth, the world is not a product of rational calculation, but rather a primordial legacy – world-open to the next level of human consciousness and informed by the forces of blood and spirit.” (p. 35)” – from http://unitedwhite.org/?p=548

    I have been pointing out, as has Cambria over at his blog, that the myth that Rome is the One True faith, is the very ideology that has LED to the Jewification of the West- not Orthodoxy. And that Lynda (as a rabid proponent of that myth- that ‘Rome is the one true Church’) is saying the exact opposite.

    I have used biblical imagery, and biblical allusions to shame Lynda (who, if she truly were a child of the Angles and Saxons, would feel such shame), and yet, in doing so, Lynda says I am acting ‘Rabbinically,’ and merely confirms her position as a shiksa- a Yiddish/Hebrew term, to be sure- meaning a defiled women. But isn’t the whole method of rabbinism to deflect one away from the truth? And is not the Word of God, ‘Truth’ itself? So, if she deflects my criticism, whose side is she serving?

    I preach that the older patristic consensus holds to pre- CI constructs (surprisingly enough, even to me, when I first discovered it!) in its very actions and praxis. That blew me away, when I first realized it, and it has been confirmed by the multitude of statements I have culled from Orthodox holy men and teachers over at my blog.

    Lynda, OTOH, merely quotes teh Papal lies, and never once points out that EVERY element of the Modern Multicultural [False Myth] Faith, goes along with the Genocidists of the White race! For Rome clearly is both ‘permitting’ (passive fault) and ‘encouraging’ (active fault) the immigration of the Mestizo hordes into the Southwest. I watched Roman parishes being taken over by Mexicans and Phillipinos in the Cal. SW thirty years ago. I saw more and more, the Whites whose money and infrastructure built all of the beautiful Catholic Chapels and Colleges, basically ‘give gthem up’ to the “Thurd world” (the ‘h’ is silent) a generation ago. Yet, Lynda rests in the bosom of this ‘false faith’ and calls it ‘beneficial’ for the White Man?

    How is this any different than the DWL’s on the political end of things?

    If ‘by their fruits ye shall know them,’ then how can I, who advocate the separation and cleansing of taint of racial pollution of Whites, as did Ezra, Nehemiah, and the entire OT, as well as Christ, and St. Paul, be wrong?

    Conversely, how can a ‘faith’ (such as Rome’s ‘myth’) be biblical, when they preach, even among their (supposed) Trads. (i.e., Lynda) the same multicultural lies as the most apostate Episcopalian gay bishop in NYC? For what I am saying is that the Whites of Europe should keep themselves pure, and separate, and see themselves, ‘as “God sees them in eternity.” (Pomazansky) What Lynda is saying, is that Rome welcomes the ‘unwashed’ of the world, and your daughters should spread their legs (whether ideologically or actually, the sin is the same) as Lynda has done, in aping the Whore of Babylon?

    Know this. Lynda is both theological as well as racial poison. Trouble is, she’s smart. Too smart for a woman’s own good. But, in stepping outside of ‘her place’ (for the Bible commands women to call their husbands/elders “Lord” and “Master”, if we are truly being ‘biblical’) Lynda can use the sophistry of Satan, that Rome has engaged in via Thomism for over a thousand years. Talmudic? I? Lord God. You’ve never met Talmudism in a gentile guise, until you’ve traded words with a Jesuit. Perhaps that’s what Lynda is. She certainly is not a Christian, or a race-loving White Woman.

    Something that anyone can observe, by simply looking where the missionary endeavors of the first millennium went, before the Roman Schism.

  16. “Membership in the two churches is not mutually exclusive nor is it necessarily mutually inclusive. A man can profess belief in Jesus Christ while maintaining a mystical faith in the negro, and a man might eschew the outward ceremonies of religious worship and yet maintain a mystical connection to the living God. Charity demands that we assume a man believes what he professes, until he proves, by revealing where his treasure lies, that his true faith is other than his professed faith.

    It is my contention that the members of visible, organized Christianity (with a few exceptions, which is always the case) have severed their mystical ties with Christ and become members of the mystical church of the liberals. This is painfully evident when we see where their treasure, and therefore their heart, lies. Their hearts lie with the unrepentant Jews, the unsexed women called feminists, and above all else, with the negroes. The liberals who are not members of the visible Christian church nor the mystical Christian church are easier to detect than the professed Christians who are mystical liberals. But the antique European, who still has a mystical connection to his God, must not be deceived by the outward professions of faith of the halfway-house Christians. They are our enemies. It’s very unpleasant to think that no one has our backs – on the contrary, those who profess Christ will stab us in the back in the name of Christ — but that is the reality, and our Lord told us it would be so:

    They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God good service.

    And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.

    Those words should resonate with us. Don’t the halfway house Christians seek to kill the old “racist” Christianity and the people who still adhere to it? And haven’t the halfway-house Christians severed their mystical ties to Christ by cutting themselves off from their own people, past and present? The mystical ties of honor and blood that bind us to our kith and kin also bind us to God. When we have only the outward visible signs of faith but lack the inner, invisible current of faith, we have not faith.”

    This is what I mean. This is where I stand – incarnate faith of the Last Adam, forever joined in flesh with we who are his Kinsman, the White Race of Europe, the “Adam of God.” This is what Lynda, with her Multicultural Thomism, her ‘inculturated Romanism,’ and her duplicitious Talmudic mouth, clearly denies.

    Anathema sit.

  17. ‘Fr’ / rabbi John,

    Your Disney World eTicket has definitely expired.

    The mission of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Aleutian and Kodiak Indians of over 200 years ago – (as acknowledged on the link I gave @ May 25 11:42 pm) was the Orthodox faith of Czarist Russia not some Bolshevik stooge psy-op. All the pompous twaddle from the bottomless pit of pompous twaddle that is the reprobate mind and rabbinic imagination can not obscure this.

    The historic mission of the Russian Orthodox Church to these Mongolian peoples is not Ecumenism. This is evangelism. You know this and I know this.

    This event of over two hundred years ago is an historical fact. No matter how you personally insult me and carry on about the Filioque and Thomism and pre-Adamic homids and whatnot – this historic fact of the Russian Orthodox Aleutian Mission proves my statement that Russian Orthodoxy of Czarist Russia (like the Roman Catholic Church of Tradition and the Reformed national churches) does not believe that the Redemption of Christ is only for the White race. And it proves your contrary assertion to be wrong. Period.

    You are the biggest anathema sitter on the Web and your mockery of Apostolic works means nothing.

  18. @ Fr. John-

    Do me a kindness here over at your blog regarding the following statement you posited above:

    “I preach that the older patristic consensus holds to pre-CI constructs (surprisingly enough, even to me, when I first discovered it!) in its very actions and praxis. That blew me away, when I first realized it, and it has been confirmed by the multitude of statements I have culled from Orthodox holy men and teachers over at my blog.”

    The phraseology is a bit unclear to me in that I cannot think of anything that can be “pre-C.I. constructs”, for C.I. does not disagree with the very early Church fathers and we sure as hell understand the O.T. and exactly what peoples are involved. If you would be so kind?

    Further, as a point of information I think it a bit unwise to believe that all Caucasians are the people of the Book, and in that care and caution must be exercised. The Day 6 people, the descendents of Cain and many others of Adam prior to Abraham are not part of the arrangement, not to mention our “good friend” Esau. They too are tares, and simply because someone is Caucasian and not a professed Judaist hardly argues that they are people of the Covenant; i.e., the marriage to Christ. Actually, when one thinks about the matter in the starkest of terms, even amongst Caucasians, God’s covenant people are grossly outnumbered by a lily-white Fifth Column that is almost impossible to detect short of the admonition, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

    That practice is also an exercise in patience in that it takes years of observation to determine the fruits.

    Needless to say, some clarification at WhiteChrist please???

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