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  1. Gee kind of an interesting pattern in the incident reports. Do they suppress stats for white perps as well?

  2. Same thing in San Francisco,Oakland, and Sacramento,CA and other California cities. Lots of crime doesn’t make the news and doesn’t get recorded in the crime stats from the police department. We’re all supposed to pretend that everything is just fine.
    Be especially careful if you’re traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area this summer.Between the Occupy gang and the random street criminals,crime is on the rise.. Be alert and streetwise. Try to avoid Oakland and Richmond in the east bay, and stay out of the Hunter’s Point neighborhood in San Francisco.
    Be careful on and around Market St, especially when the sun goes down.
    The best advice I can give is to be alert. Enjoy the sights,but be alert. There are alot of troublemakers/drug addict criminals in the Bay Area.

  3. Reading about the Russian Empire 1890-17…

    … I see astonishing similarities. The level of hatred and contempt for Anglo’s in the media and among the liberal activist class is on a level that compares with the commies and anarchists at work in Russia back then. People with small shops farms and-what-not are all Kulaks (see Charles “Cookie” Thornton). Just like he attacked a council they are going into a restaurant with hammers and clubs? wtf is going on?

  4. “In slowing down surveillance video, and talking with witnesses, detectives now believe there were multiple guns present during the violence that took place in the 600 block of University Ave. They are still trying to determine how many weapons were fired, but it is believed it was more than one gun.

    The investigation, thus far, indicates this gun violence is part of an ongoing dispute between many people. Several persons of interest have been identified, but no suspects have yet been arrested.”

    Notice the cowardly police still haven’t specified what this “dispute” is. The bar was banning the nigger trash, and the bangers didn’t like it. But the “police” led by Madison’s affirmative action negro police chief NOble Wray will not square with the public about what is really going on. They are afraid of a backlash. For years the libtard madison whites have look down their noses at their “racist” redneck country brethren. This couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch.

  5. owners of shops, bars, diners, farms are all Kulak class now. Occupy is actually quite dangerous. Couple that leftie vangard with the vibrants …

  6. Hunter- you evidently missed the memo indicating the federal $$$$ being spent is so effective, we need more:

    March 23, 2012

    The Honorable Barbara A. Mikulski The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison Chairman Ranking Member
    Commerce, Justice & Science Subcommittee
    Senate Appropriations Committee
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    Dear Chairman Mikulski and Ranking Member Hutchison:

    We write in support of the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Program, and request that you fund the COPS Hiring Program at a minimum of $257 million in the FY 2013 Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations bill, the amount requested in the President’s budget. We also urge the Subcommittee to adequately fund the COPS technology grants that provide essential resources to train officers in community policing. As you make difficult decisions about spending, please remember that that the Brookings Institution found that the COPS program to be “one of the most cost-effective options available for fighting crime.” In addition, during this time of economic rebuilding, the COPS program not only helps to make our communities safer, but also immediately puts people to work.

    Since its creation in 1994, the COPS program has put more than 123,000 community police officers on the beat. When officers walk the beat they establish partnerships with the community which in turn gives them greater ability to solve local crime problems. They work closely with local businesses to address the crime and minimize crime risks that too often can drive businesses from distressed neighborhoods, taking with them economic opportunity. Officers on the ground in local communities will facilitate collaboration with parents, teachers and other community members to keep at-risk youth from slipping into a life of cycling in and out of the prison system. By preventing crime from occurring in the first place, we save taxpayers the high costs associated with incarceration and victims services.

    Recently, the COPS Office has taken steps to ensure that grant recipients are practicing community policing. For the first time last year, COPS Hiring Program applicants were required to identify a public safety problem and describe how they planned to address the problem using proven community policing strategies. We are pleased that the COPS Office will continue the practice this year.

    The COPS program advances community policing in ways beyond hiring more officers, and those efforts need our continued support as well. For instance, the COPS Office provides training and technical assistance to teach law enforcement officers community policing best practices. COPS technology grants are critical for local agencies to replace obsolete technology in order to more effectively and efficiently investigate, respond to, and prevent crime.

    We are supported in this request by law enforcement organizations representing nearly 500,000 state, local and tribal law enforcement officers across the nation, including the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Fraternal Order of Police, International Union of Police Associations, Major County Chiefs’ Association, Major County Sheriffs’ Association, National Association of Police Organizations, National Narcotics Officers Association Coalition, National Sheriffs’ Association, and National Troopers Coalition.

    It is clear that by making a commitment to the COPS program in the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill, we will continue to help our communities reap the benefits of lower crime rates and safer communities. Thank you for your consideration of this request. We look forward to working with you on these important issues during the FY 2013 appropriations process.


    Herb Kohl
    United States Senator
    and other signators I snipped.

  7. The cop shops used COPS grants to buy a lot of fancy new software programs and weaponry. Yeah, keep that COPS money coming! it was good for my business, anyway. Don’t know if it helped reduce crime or anything.

  8. Actually that last point isn’t a good example as it’s not a case of police manipulating the figures.

  9. I am surprised the Journal Sentinel actually reported this. They were one of the first eRacers.

    All cities getting federal grants do this, if they can or when they can. They have to show the grants are working, so they fake the numbers to simulate it.

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