The “People United” Go Down In Flames


Walter Russell Mead has the unbeatable wrap up on post-recall Wisconsin:

“The American left as we have come to know it suffered a devastating blow in Wisconsin last night. The organized heart of the left gave everything it had to the fight against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: heart, shoe leather, wallet and soul. The left picked this fight, on the issue and in the place of its choice; it chose to recall Walker because it believed it could win a showcase victory. That judgement was fatally flawed; it is part of a larger failure to grasp the nature of American politics and the times in which we live.

The left gave this fight everything it had. It called all the troops it could find; it raised all the money it could; it summoned the passion of its grassroots supporters, all the moral weight and momentum remaining to the American labor movement and every ounce of its strength and its will.

And it failed.

The tribes of the left danced and rallied in the streets of Madison. They knocked on doors. They staffed phone banks. They passed fliers. They organized on social media. They picketed. They sang. They brought in the celebrities and the stars; they marched seven times around the city blowing the trumpets and beating the drums. They hurled invective; they booed; they cheered.

And they failed.”

Update: Scott Walker got 57 percent of the White vote in Wisconsin. The exit polls also show Barrett got 94 percent of the black vote.

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  1. Slightly off topic, but the right is gaining steam …..

    Belgian politician offers burqa bounty – Right-wing official offers $250 to anyone who reports women openly wearing face-veils to police

    A right-wing Belgian politician has offered a financial reward of more than $250 to anyone who reports a woman wearing a face veil in public to the police.

    The wearing of veils in public, worn by a small minority of Muslim women, was banned by the government last year.

    Right-wing groups say the ban is not being enforced, however, because police are afraid doing so might lead to riots.

  2. Because they put one tribe ahead of the rest. None of the tribes of the left engender much love, if any of them became the focus of the election like public sector unions did in cheese land they would lose.

  3. During the election coverage last night, the media made sure to point out how many of Walker’s supporters also supported the so-called Tea Party. Ultimately, that’s what this was all about. It wasn’t about a “War on Working Families”–the left could not give a damn about blue-collar White people. This was about our Rainbow Nation and the end of racism, sexism, homophobia and all the other evils that White people do. It was about the re-election of His Most Sacred Blackness in November. It was about the continuing genocide of us.

    Epic fail. Anybody want to call up Tim Wise and just whisper “Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock”?

  4. It’s not going to be as easy as this. They will make war. They will shut down the internet. They will do something. Something bad is coming to change the direction of the conversation. They are too close to the Gold Cup to just give it up because the pesky voters disagree. I’m worried. But I’m paranoid. Of course I wouldn’t be paranoid if they weren’t out to kill us.

  5. Did government employee unions do anything to help their private sector brothers during the rush to globalization and outsourcing, or did a large portion of them (e.g., teachers) cheerlead for their dispossession by pushing multiculturalism and diversity (i.e., immigration)? What should have frightened the navel-gazing public sector unions out of their solipsism is when private sector wages failed to keep up with productivity gains over the last twenty years. Private wages lagging productivity and inflation means decreasing ability to support the public sector. Maybe these idiots will wake up and realize that without a growing and prosperous middle class (the people they hate the most) they can kiss their high-paying public sector job good bye.

  6. That dude was almost as upset as Stewie Griffin when he realized that the Dr. Pepper vending machine in the desert was actually a mirage of an RC Cola vending machine.

  7. Despite Obama’s coming out of the closet in support of homosexual marriage and the token response from Negro pastors there was no reduction in Wisconsin Negro turnout. Which is not a surprise at all. The Cargo Cult is the Negroes’ true religion.

  8. Landshark,

    They can shut down the internet. It will have unintended consequences. Shutting down the Internet is the equivalent of trying to put toothpaste back into the tube, or trying to turn a kettle of fish back into an aquarium.

    All business is done on the Internet. The internet has made it possible to maintain a high level of “productivity” with less resources. Taking down the Internet will spur a Great Depression and force people back into the public square.

    If people go back into the public square, it’s like Firepower says — 60 days to Civil War.

  9. It is interesting. WRM has basically been picking apart modern “liberalism” without offering any serious alternatives. In article after article. I think many liberals are starting to see the handwriting on the wall.

  10. Betas for Barrett… that’s funny. But isn’t the whole leftist idolatry driven by beta males? gees they sound just like women, reason like women and vote like women. Want men to become women. They fear guns and free independent White men who haven’t allowed themselves to be emasculated. They always want you to think about the children in some vague way, not your kids, but other peoples kids. I mean the list would go on for ever.

  11. The whiner says “Democracy died tonight”. If only it were true! Drive a steak through it’s heart, kill it! I hate democracy, as the founding fathers did. Democracy is Marxism. Democracy is one person one vote idiocy, dumbing down our government to the lowest common denomintor. We need LESS people voting, namely those who own land and/or pay taxes. Nobody else.

  12. Anyone notice that anytime a leftist is elected, even by the slimmest of margins, it’s a mandate for more Marxist politics. Whenever a conservative (in this case a very middle of the road conservative) wins, it’s a tragedy that was pulled off by financial interests? Anyone notice Schultz’s comment regarding the possibility that the Dems win the State Senate (that it would impede “radical” conservative actions)? No, Mr. Schultz, you maggot, “radical” is what the Marxist left has been up to since then end of WWII! Damn, I hate, I mean H A T E the news services, all of them. I would love to see everyone of them shut down, the owners fined and their assets seized.

  13. “…57% of the white vote….”

    Please excuse my “glass-half-empty” cast of mind but 57% is damned depressing to me.

    After all the rage and nausea inducing record and deportment of BO, dems, public unions and the left generally how can it be that less than 6 of 10 whites could insist on more of the same poison that has so sickened them.

    And this in the face of startlingly observable turnarounds in Wisconsin’s overall fiscal health in but 18 months. These white fools are unbearable. In that brave new world they at the very least would be marked with the scarlet letters of BRA on their detestable foreheads.

  14. “Epic fail. Anybody want to call up Tim Wise and just whisper “Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock”?


    These faggots, jews, and liberal bastards MUST BE MADE TO SEE THEIR UTTER FAILURE, over and over and over again. Until they FEAR us.

    We must do to them, What they have done to us, for the last fifty years. TURN THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE AGAINST THEM.


    Jews aren’t having children- either in the West or [sic] ‘Isra-Hell.
    Sodomites can’t- or have mentally defective mixed-race spawn, whose IQ isn’t even close to Whites’.
    Liberals aborted theirs long ago.

    Just as Muslims having multiple children will take over the Occupied Territory ‘formerly known as Israel,’ so, too, white quiverful, anti-abortion Christian Americans are finally awakening to the LIES, in order to regain rule and reign, as we are predestined to do, IF we realize this IS a WAR to the death. And act righteously, and accordingly.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy. It’s time to turn our plowshares into swords! Yes, you heard right. THAT’S in the BIBLE, TOO. [Joel 3:10] Death to the Antichrists.

    Oh, happy day.

  15. Public employee unions have literally destroyed California. That’s one of the reasons I left, that alongside the continued explosion of illegal orcs and their sympathizers.

    According to the blog pension tsunami there are over 5,000 public employee pukes who are earning 100K a year or more in pension salary. And guess what? Anyone left with a job is paying higher state income tax and other forms of theft to keep the ponzi scheme.

    I was thrilled to hear Walker win. These government pukes (most of them) have never ever held a real job in the private sector their entire life. Most of them look like the Orcs in the movie the Lord of the Rings. Most of them are anti-white, anti-gun, pro big government and cheer on the nanny state invading your entire life.

    Fr. John – you are absolutely dead on correct when you say they must fear us. The white man and woman who is paying the freight for these pukes must end and must end now.

    Admirer – you are spot on as well. These same government officials clapped with glee as American jobs were sucked out of this country and being outsourced by the brown vermin. When Zenith TV was moved out of Joplin, Missouri in the 80’s, the city really never recovered. When BF Goodrich was moved out of Miami, OK, the entire town went to hell after that. These 2 towns were mostly white.

    I loathe most of these government employees, public employee unions, and any media jackass. I hope they all rot in hell when they die.

  16. “…57% of the white vote….”

    I wonder how that 57% broke down, protestants vs catholics, secular vs believers, men vs women.

  17. “Please excuse my “glass-half-empty” cast of mind but 57% is damned depressing to me.” My first reaction also, in nearly all elections. Why so very few on the side of right?

    “I wonder how that 57% broke down, protestants vs catholics, secular vs believers, men vs women.” My next question also, but I do have a rough idea.

  18. What’s your rough idea on the topic Mosin?

    I was thinking the numbers would run like they did for the last presidential election, with a few less protestant White men voting for Barrett/ DNC. Economic times are bad, so I imagine an uptick in White women voters for Barrett/ DNC.

    I almost said enemy instead of DNC, which is true, but the GOP isn’t our freind either

  19. I’m willing to bet that crying sissy takes it in the behind. Looks like a drag queen with the wig off.

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