The Fatal Idiocy of California


H/T Walter Russell Mead

There are some days when I log on to the internet, browse the handful of sites that I follow, and lean back in my computer chair and think to myself how great it would be to set sail to some distant tropical island where I could live out the rest of my days without having to hear the word “America” ever again.

“California is falling to pieces but its administrators are far too busy banning luxury foods to care. The state is failing to educate its kids, cannot house its prisoners or pay its bills; what was once the most vibrant and forward-looking state in the country has become a dismal failure — a social catastrophe that is a drag on the whole country’s performance.

It’s pathetic. A law passed in 2004 that bans foie gras across the state will come into effect on July 1. Animal protection agencies and their allies in the government ganged up and convinced their fellow Californians that this was the most important issue of the day. Geese and ducks, those poor birds and their tasty livers, fattened up and slaughtered to grace the tables at upscale restaurants, that’s just too much for a good Californian to have on his conscience. The animal activists really came out for this one. “People are allowed to eat food, not allowed to torture it first” — the president of the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “How would you like to have a tube crammed down your throat and corn forced down it? It’s very inhumane” — the chairman of the California Democratic Party.

Congratulations California, your elected representatives don’t have time for the state’s real problems. They are busy — banning foie gras because its method of production involves cruelty to geese.”

Democracy has failed.

In a liberal democracy, public opinion is politicized. The great issues of the day (such as race, immigration, changing demographics) can’t be discussed honestly in public because doing so would offend some minority voting bloc that might retaliate against one of the two mega parties that rule the country.

So we just keep drifting into one iceberg after another: Detroit, Birmingham, California. A whole continent of black people has failed under liberal democracy (in addition to their outposts in the Caribbean and Latin America) but it would be “racist” to draw any conclusions from experience.

Typical progressive “Ecotopia,” West Coast, New Age stupidity.

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  1. hEy liKe duDeS…I meAn we HaVe guVnors wHo ArE likE MoviE StarS…
    I beT youR sTaTe doN’t HavE mOvIE StARs 4 guV’s…..
    wE haD a Guv whO coUld bRenCHpreSS 3,000 lbs duDes…
    aNd We haD A cowBoY moVie STaR roNNey dudes….
    tHe StaTe RocKS DudEs…..
    …… anD tHe wEEd is LiKe AwESoMe…..

  2. Pretty soon Federal tax payers will be forced to bail out California as it descends into a Third World basket-case. And as usual in this wonderful democracy we won’t have a say in the matter.

  3. Pray for an earthquake!!!!!!!!!!! Let it fall into the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let The Portuguese fisherman sort ’em out!!!!!!!!!!!
    His Most Blessed Pope Saint Phonifacus 69th
    May His Memory Live Forever!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let Us March Unto Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill or Deport The Californians!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. California…

    I’ve surfed at Point Reyes a few times… Used to knock around the Funakoshi Shotokan dojo in Milpitas when I was a young(er) hardnose… Back in 2004, I met the most beautiful girl on earth while I was waiting for the Greyhound bus in the Mission. Never did get to visit southern cali in her heyday, though. Oh well.

    I dunno, despite whatever the place has become, I still have quite a few happy California memories.

  5. Meeting beautiful girls in the Mission is the first thing of good sense you’ve said, Chris! Glad you enjoyed my home state!

  6. Nothing wrong with sticking up for animals if you ask me. Surely the legislators have time to help the geese and deport the illegals?

  7. @KevinV

    Thanks…I think.

    (Hey, what about my butchering the periodic nigger trolls on these threads? At least tell me you dig that !)

  8. Pure pain. I was born in Santa Monica long before it became the peeple’s repubic.

    I know what it was like to see the start of surfing. My buddy’s Greg Noll board in 1959. Off to the beach in the winter at Torrance beach in ’59 Impala convertible with top down.

    Mr. Moto- the first surf song (’61)- written by my second buddy Paul Johnson.

    Gone with the wind. . .someone deserves to pay for this carnage.

  9. tabu, I feel you pain, man. L.A. was my home and when I visit now I just want to throw up and never stop. People in the South and the east coast seem to think that blacks are our number one worry; when they get a load of the latino tsunami..well.

  10. That’s the thing, Hunter. You think the brown tide has reached you, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. 10 more years and you’ll be nostalgic for niggers. True story.

  11. They can and they will, Chris. See, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    2 days in London and you will see personally just how bad it can get. There, literally, the barbarians walk on the streets of Empire and the former master race begs to be left alone as they scurry to earn money to be distributed to their brown and black masters….they, who once ruled the world, where the sun never set.

  12. “When a commonwealth, after warding off many great dangers, has arrived at a high pitch of prosperity and undisputed power, it is evident that, by the lengthened continuance of great wealth within it, the manner of life of its citizens will become more extravagant; and that the rivalry for office, and in other spheres of activity, will become fiercer than it ought to be. And as this state of things goes on more and more, the desire of office and the shame of losing reputation, as well as the ostentation and extravagance of living, will prove the beginning of a deterioration. And of this change the people will be credited with being the authors, when they become convinced that they are being cheated by some from avarice, and are puffed up with flattery by others from love of office. For when that comes about, in their passionate resentment and acting under the dictates of anger, they will refuse to obey any longer, or to be content with having equal powers with their leaders, but will demand to have all or far the greatest themselves. And when that comes to pass the constitution will receive a new name, which sounds better than any other in the world, liberty or democracy; but, in fact, it will become that worst of all governments, mob-rule.”
    -Polybius early 2nd Century BC. Nothing is new under the Sun.

  13. Polybius, living over 2200 years ago, understood that diversity is not a strength:

    “This is just what happened in this case. There were in the army Iberians and Celts, men from Liguria and the Balearic Islands, and a considerable number of half-bred Greeks, mostly deserters and slaves; while the main body consisted of Libyans. Consequently it was impossible to collect and address them en masse, or to approach them with this view by any means whatever. There was no help for it: the general could not possibly know their several languages; and to make a speech four or five times on the same subject, by the mouths of several interpreters, was almost more impossible, if I may say so, than that. The only alternative was for him to address his entreaties and exhortations to the soldiers through their officers. And this Hanno continually endeavoured to do. But there was the same difficulty with them. Sometimes they failed to understand what he said: at others they received his words with expressions of approval to his face, and yet from error or malice reported them in a contrary sense to the common soldiers. The result was a general scene of uncertainty, mistrust, and misunderstanding.”

  14. What kind of nutty people fight to ban foie gras? I was in the Santa Monica part of LA not too long ago for a business function. Saw a lot of White people who looked like they were filthy rich.

  15. Baning foie gras? What’s next. Banning wine because of the sulfites, and histimines?

    Oh Lord, what did I just say???

    Could you even IMAGINE a Frenchman even thinking such a thing? Jamais.
    California- what isn’t fruits and nuts, is flakes.

  16. They also want to ban raw milk, the family farm, the vegetable garden. Those who oppose GMOs and pharmafoods genetically spliced with drug co-factors and biotech corporate agriculture are labelled ‘food extremists’ and find themselves on ‘terrorist watch’.

  17. the old ways were often the best ways. Those men had wisdom that has lasted through the ages

  18. I’ve been to California a few times, once for a couple of months. I didn’t get the draw. Nice weather, yay. WGAS, I like cloudy days.

  19. What are they going to do when the muds run out of EBT and start eating each other? Is beaner liver off limits?

  20. “Amerika” is predicting a new Cold War with Russia and China:

    Can’t see it. The West is broke and preoccupied with making making war against its majority population. Not to mention that the Empire’s Defense establishment would be rendered helpless if the Chinese cut off supplies of crucial components.

    Stuff everyone here knows-but well rendered:

  21. Foie gras is one thing, torturing a poor animal so we humans can go to some fancy restaurant and act like big-shots is another thing.
    And, the French don’t torture the geese to get their foie gras.
    You can have foie-gras without actually torturing the poor animal.
    The animals exist in this world in their own right. They were put here by the Lord and Giver of Life , for whatever reason He had– I don’t care what the bible says or doesn’t say about this– it is disgusting to torture an animal for any reason.
    If the big shots in the world want foie-gras, and they want to torture animals to have their foie-gras, then they will now have to get off their own big-shot butts and torture the animals themselves.
    I don’t think they should, I think it’s disgusting.
    f*ck them and their foie-gras and their mentality that the animals exist here solely for our needs : That we can even torture the animals if we so chose; It’s okay to torture animals because they don’t have “souls”. The animals are not “special” like we are.
    Only us “special” ones should be comfortable and safe and free from harm and pain, the un-special ones, animals for example ; Well, who gives a sh*t, they’re not “special” like “we” are : “We shall torture them if we so chose”.
    It’s a disgusting mentality.
    I’m glad I live in California. The “radicals” are not entirely wrong about everything. And that old-fashioned christian world was not entirely correct about everything.
    Our culture is in a state of flux, for a million complicated reasons, and that old world just ain’t coming back.
    I mourn some things that have been lost, but I don’t mourn everything that has been lost. Some things about our christian culture should have been thrown in the collective garbage dumpster a long time ago.

  22. Joe, animals are here for us. They are valuable so long as their existence is beneficial. This Kantian deontology where animals are considered viable ends in and of themselves is ridiculous.

  23. The Christian dominionist view served us well. What is the track record of the the alienist view Joe? Oh wait, you already know, you live in Mexifornia.

  24. I think the new law is silly, animals are the property of the owner and have no rights. However, I believe in states rights and this new CA law doesn’t harm me in NC, don’t see how it’s any of my business one way or the others

  25. @Joe

    Since when do you have be a big shot to enjoy foie-gras? Banning foie-gras is not the way to go. You ban inhumane methods not the product. If I didn’t know it were real, I would have thought this proposal a satirical caricature of Sameul Francis’s concept of anarcho-tyranny. California is sliding in to squalor, but the authorities have a handle on banning foie-gras. Great.

  26. I never said that animals have “rights”. Just said it’s disgusting to torture animals for any reason.
    If any law protecting animals from torture is considered a “right”, then so be it, I will support the animal’s “right” not to be tortured.
    The world is not going to come to end if the animals aren’t tortured; And Christianity is not the least bit undermined or usurped by any law that protects an animal from torture.
    Owning an animal does not give the owner the right to torture the animal. The owner did not create that animal. We are to be stewards, not torturers.
    That was the Christianity I was taught.

  27. There would no ban on it in the first place if the animals weren’t being tortured. You can have foie-gras without the torture.

  28. In the meantime, while we slide to squalor, some people have a heart for the animals.
    They are not your enemy and they are not the ones destroying the country.

  29. And yes, there are other matters very important that need to be addressed here in California, but the state government is communist to the core and it has nothing to do with the people here in California who don’t want to see the animals being tortured.
    The important matters are not being attended to because the communists in California want it that way and they have all the power.

  30. Joe is right.

    Cruelty is immoral whether applied to man or animal.

    I live in California and in simple terms its screwed. Too much time trying to create a progressive multi-cult universalist utopia and not enough minding the store that makes the money that makes it possible.

    California can’t run off Silicon Valley and Dying Hollywood while its schools turn out idiots as when when the seed corn runs out, it will go right into a pit.

    Univeralsism makes you stupid, people are not cogs and cannot be interchanged . If you drive the Whites and eventually the Asians out, the Browns and Blacks cannot replace them economically or socially and the few remaining Elite Whites will not enjoy the results of that folly. The budget is already creaking and if California like most states couldn’t borrow they’d be humped.

    I think because the State is so big they think it is sovereign and it is not

    As for the foie-gras – a law prohibiting cruel versions is right and just . Non cruel versions however ought to be allowed .

  31. French foie gras can only be produced on the family farm, not the factory farm. The animals whose organs were to be foie gras were free pastured. That is because the endocrines were also harvested and preserved in French brandy to boost human endocrine function. The traditional French farming methods didn’t see it that way they saw that if people whose energy was low ate them, their energy levels (thyroid, thymus, liver and kidney improved) The endrocrine harvest had to be immediate with the relevant organs being rinsed in spring water and directly into French brandy about 100 proof.

    People whose endocrines are under continuous assualt from synthetic hormones should rediscover real foie gras.

  32. the reason why the State can tell you what to do with what you own is you no longer have rights to your property. You have no rights regarding your children, or fire arms, or affairs in your marriage, not your house, not your pets etc not anything. That’s why we should oppose animal rights laws. Decent people won’t be unnecessarily cruel with or without the laws in place.

  33. The “state” replaced individual rights some time ago.
    The people were not told this explicitly- they may have objected.

    Goys exist only for joo purposes? No- also for STATE purposes.

    Either we or they will enter the meat grinder.

  34. @Stonelifter
    You don’t have the Right to Habeas Corpus either.
    Go complain about that.
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about– then go find out.
    No one is trying to put the animals on the same legal footing as you.
    They just want stop the torture of animals. That’s all.
    In the meantime, you do not have:
    Go complain about that, if you want to complain.

  35. I don’t support cruelty to animals for food. No one does. But, I need more evidence that cruelty is taking place than the word of some liberal nuts in California. Animals have to be killed to feed humans. Assuming the animals are not subjected to unnecessary cruelty, there is nothing wrong with this. In most cases, they are not subjected to cruelty. Feeding humans is moral. It’s the way of nature. Animals eat other animals, and human life takes precedence over animal life. Simple as that!

  36. Joe, if you spent any time here you’d know I have complained about stuff like that. however, that’s not the point of this thread now is it?

  37. @Lew
    If you want proof, go online and go find the proof. No one is obligated to get it for you.
    Go do some work getting as much info about the subject matter as you can, then come to a decision based on the info you find.
    No one is obligated to the work for you.
    Get informed- it’s your responsibilty.

  38. The animal “rights” people tried for at least ten years working with the foie-gras producers to plaese stop torturing the geese. The producers were insistent about doing things their way, in other words torture, so now there is a law in place so the animals don’t get tortured.
    Another aspect of this story being overlooked: California now has a large thirld world population of newly arrived immigrants. They are, overwhelmingly, very cruel to the animals : Hmongs, Mexicans,Vietnamese, Pakistanis,Chinese,etc.
    There are alot of white Americans here in California who are disgusted by what’s going on. I am one of them.
    None of this was ever an issue in California until we got flooded with thirld world foreigners.
    In the meantime, the law is neither going to save California, nor destroy California. The law is nuetral in that sense.
    I do not want to live in a state, a country, where the animals are tortured, some of them horrifically so. It’s barbaric.
    No one is trying to make the animals “citizens”, we are just trying to put an end to the goddamnned torture and cruelty to the animals.
    The thirld world foreigners are the cause of about 98% of it. We are trying to put an end to thirld world practices, if you don’t mind.
    The foie-gras story is just the tip of the iceberg here as to what’s going on in regards cruelty to animals.
    More and more dogs, cats, horses, and other animals are being brutally tortured,mutilated, starved, die of lack of water, by these 3rd world foreigners. It gets worse every year.
    Your fellow white Americans here in California are beside ourselves with disgust and horror at the situation.

  39. …and those christian types here who go around saying that animals don’t have souls and turn their eyes from the situation of are no help in this matter.

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