The Fatal Idiocy of California


H/T Walter Russell Mead

There are some days when I log on to the internet, browse the handful of sites that I follow, and lean back in my computer chair and think to myself how great it would be to set sail to some distant tropical island where I could live out the rest of my days without having to hear the word “America” ever again.

“California is falling to pieces but its administrators are far too busy banning luxury foods to care. The state is failing to educate its kids, cannot house its prisoners or pay its bills; what was once the most vibrant and forward-looking state in the country has become a dismal failure — a social catastrophe that is a drag on the whole country’s performance.

It’s pathetic. A law passed in 2004 that bans foie gras across the state will come into effect on July 1. Animal protection agencies and their allies in the government ganged up and convinced their fellow Californians that this was the most important issue of the day. Geese and ducks, those poor birds and their tasty livers, fattened up and slaughtered to grace the tables at upscale restaurants, that’s just too much for a good Californian to have on his conscience. The animal activists really came out for this one. “People are allowed to eat food, not allowed to torture it first” — the president of the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “How would you like to have a tube crammed down your throat and corn forced down it? It’s very inhumane” — the chairman of the California Democratic Party.

Congratulations California, your elected representatives don’t have time for the state’s real problems. They are busy — banning foie gras because its method of production involves cruelty to geese.”

Democracy has failed.

In a liberal democracy, public opinion is politicized. The great issues of the day (such as race, immigration, changing demographics) can’t be discussed honestly in public because doing so would offend some minority voting bloc that might retaliate against one of the two mega parties that rule the country.

So we just keep drifting into one iceberg after another: Detroit, Birmingham, California. A whole continent of black people has failed under liberal democracy (in addition to their outposts in the Caribbean and Latin America) but it would be “racist” to draw any conclusions from experience.

Typical progressive “Ecotopia,” West Coast, New Age stupidity.

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  1. Joe,

    No, you’re the one making claims that there is cruelty taking place. You have the burden of proof. Let’s see some evidence of this pervasive cruelty. Quit making unsupported assertions. It is customary to back up claims in these discussions if you want to be taken seriously.

    That said, I’ve seen the “hidden” videos taken by animals “rights” activists for cattle and chicken production. They’re propaganda videos designed to mislead simplistic minds. They record hours and hours and hours of footage, find or two guys being cruel out of hundreds of people handling the animals, and then slice and dice a video focusing on those exceptions.

  2. @Lew
    I stand by what I said. Go do your own homework. It’s not my job to go find all the websites to go to and then hand them over to you.
    If you are so interested in this subject in the first place, one would think that you would already have some information about the subject already, before posting.
    Very rarely does anyone here post websites to back up their claims, neither shall I .
    If you go through all the articles here at the website, and read the commentaries, you will see that I do at times post websites to go to for info.
    I will not do so in this case, because if you were truly interested in this subject, you would already have some info already. As it is, you know nothing about the subject,yet you posted.

  3. @Lew
    there are other websites you can go to, as well. All kinds of websites. Go do more research.
    You don’t seem very interested that the 3rd world immigrants are treating the animals in the most horrific ways.
    Go look that up.

  4. Animals do not have rights in law.

    There are laws against cruelty to animals. Those laws do not protect animals’ rights; they have none. The laws are to protect the sensibilities of people who object to cruelty to animals.

    Foie gras is an enlarged liver. A goose will not voluntarily eat enough to enlarge its liver. It has to be force-fed to achieve that. That’s cruel. I have no problem with banning it.

    Are you seriously suggesting that the legislature should ignore all the little problems as long as the major problems remain unresolved?

  5. The biggest issue with animal torture is Halal and Glatt Kosher slaughter. The animal must be shackled and hung so that the meat is surging with adrenaline. Both should be banned.

  6. Real farmers (unlike “alternative farming” back-to-mother-earth sissies) regard “animal rights” as dangerous insanity that violates OUR right! God gave man dominion over them.

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