Peak Oil and White Privilege


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This promises to be comedy gold:

“KMO welcomes Jay Smith and Jeff Wilburn to the C-Realm to reflect upon the Age of Limits conference. Jay and Jeff, along with their girlfriends, accounted for most of the African-American conference-goers, and this leads to a discussion of how the on-going Peak Oil conversation is one carried out primarily by whites and, to some extent, aims to preserve white privilege and assumes that whites must take the leadership role in deciding how best to address the challenges of the coming long emergency. Both Jay and Jeff initially found the work of James Howard Kunstler to be valuable but later came to chafe at Jim’s seemingly dismissive attitude about black culture and the supposed failure of African-Americans to assimilate into mainstream society.”

Jim is smart enough to know the score on race.

He wisely avoids punching that tar baby because he knows exactly how black people are going to react to the collapse of BRA. We’re talking about a race of people (half of whom have an IQ below 85) who shoot each other in Detroit in arguments over Kool-Aid.

Just imagine … No EBT card. No WIC. No TANF welfare. No Medicaid. No Section 8 housing vouchers. No energy assistance. No public transportation. No affirmative action. No diversity jobs. No government jobs. No free lunches.

In 2009, 97.5 percent of the farmers and ranchers in America were White. Also in 2009, 39 percent of African-Americans in Michigan were on the EBT card. The typical negro in America lives in an urban area and depends on either the EBT card or a government job to survive.

No population in America is more dependent on the state, more dependent on the good will of other people, more vulnerable to the economic disruptions that could be produced by Peak Oil. The changes will be felt most acutely by those least able to take care of themselves, which is to say, by black people.

Think about it: reality itself is making White people poorer, which means the tax base is shriveling, which means budget deficits, which eventually means cuts in government services and programs that black people are dependent upon like the SNAP EBT card.

Eventually, the costs of the criminal justice system (the police, courts, and prisons necessary to restrain the Black Undertow) become unaffordable, as is already happening now in California. The Day The Criminals Are Released From Prison unfolds in black communities already strained by massive cuts in government jobs and services.

Where does it end? What becomes of black people after the collapse? I can’t wait to see how that “unwinds.”

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  1. I don’t have any expertise in the oil industry. But I do know that our nation wastes a lot of oil. We could cut our usage substantially by focusing on conservation.

    We could rebuild our railroads and move materials by freight trains instead of trucking them long distance across the country. I don’t think many truckers would be distraught at working eight hour shifts closer to home.

    We could scuttle school busing by building smaller neighborhood schools for children to walk to. The schools are always crying for bus drivers. That job could be deleted by attrition and bus drivers left could just be on hand as traffic monitors and school crossing guards and still drive classes to field trips.

    Our government could offer substantial incentives to encourage telecommuting. Most folks drive to work only to work on a computer and a telephone. There is no reason why they are unable to do this at home.

  2. Jesus, Joe really has a hardon for the maniacs who turn all the animals loose from the zoo and then blame the zookeepers for the ensuing disaster. He’s %100 on their side, apparently. He brings this shit up in every fucking thread.

    Joe, this reflects some kind of personal defect on your part. Seek help.

  3. Seriously, this penchant you have for blaming the victim is not healthy. It suggests you’re highly fucked-up. Not to mention a monomaniac, since you bring it up constantly.

    Working through some issues, are we?

  4. The fact that there are plenty of blacks in Britain, Ireland, France, Canada, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe shows that liberalism would have brought the blacks here even if slavery had never existed.

  5. For the record, I fully expect the liberal element in the South would hit the exit ramp in the event of secession, and I have no problem replacing them with more solid people.

  6. “One poster above mentioned Science. He spoke of it as a monolithic solid rather than as it actually is. A few above do not understand exactly what a hydrocarbon is. One mentioned the supernova hypothesis…. Alt(ernative) political and ideology people generally know little of science.”

    Science is not “monolithic,” but it is distinguishable from much of pseudo-science, as orthodox medicine is from much of quackery.

  7. “I don’t have any expertise in the oil industry. But I do know that our nation wastes a lot of oil. We could cut our usage substantially by focusing on conservation.” – Paul Kersey over at SBPDL touches on this relentlessly, if we did not have to flee “bad” neighborhoods a great deal of oil consumption would vanish, we wouldn’t tear up farmland to build suburbs, cities wouldn’t be hemorrhaging taxpayers, and so on.

  8. “I have no problem replacing them (following an exodus of liberals from the south) with more solid people.” Presumably, this could include more solid people who were born and bred NORTH of the Line?

  9. But solid people aren’t inclined to flee from their good homelands in fear, nor to set out in search of distant racial Shangri Las.

  10. I do not bring it on every thread, not at all. I usually post about the black panthers declaring war on us and the importance of being prepared in case of any possible upcoming riots.
    You know that, Svigor, please don’t bust my chops.
    In addition to warning my fellow Americans about possible riots during the upcoming election, I am also working hard trying to improve my paragraph structure,because I know that annoys you also.( that is a joke, do not take seriously, please).
    You seem to get annoyed easily. I’m certainly not going to walk on eggs about it.

  11. What kind of solid people Hunter? I’d like to point our every damnyankee here expect Landshark spends a fair amount of time bashing the South. We don’t need it or them

  12. “We don’t need them.”

    You’re right. You don’t need and shouldn’t call for a migration of would-be-Southrons out of the North.

  13. “I have no problem replacing them (following an exodus of liberals from the south) with more solid people.” Presumably, this could include more solid people who were born and bred NORTH of the Line?

    Indeed, if, as Stonelifter suggests, “solid” includes being respectful and humble toward our culture.

    It isn’t hard to assimilate to Southern folkways. You just leave the Yankee bullshit at the border.

  14. You are correct Svigor it isn’t hard for them to assimilate to our ways, and yet yankees mostly fail to do so. However, respectful doesn’t seem to be part of the yankee DNA

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