Auburn Shooting


Got a call from my brother about the Auburn shooting earlier this morning … mumbled “probably niggers,” rolled over, went back to sleep … waking up, drinking a cup of coffee, there isn’t much else to say about the poolside chimpout on the Plains last night involving Turquorius and Ladarius.

Update: After getting into an argument with Turquorius Vines, Desmonte Leonard shot and killed Ladarius Phillips, Ed Christian, and Demario Pitts, while also shooting Ed Mack, Xavier Moss, and John Robertson.

Note: Three black football players involved in the shooting. Two former black players are dead. This is what happens when Tuskegee and Alabama State is imported into Auburn.

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  1. Now you see the basis for my WAG that the last adults of the Left do not want to make this election about blacks. Its like the Chicago election for mayor where the semi-competent “race men” were sidelined and a couple of retarded negresses were left in the race to compete for the 20% and Rahm cakewalked into office to the great relief of people who did not want their city to “go Detroit.”

  2. Looks like a decent neighborhood. This is why you don’t want to call blacks who move in near you the N-Word (Neighbor). I don’t have to tell the regulars here that, but in case there’s any lurkers……

    Even if “some good ones” move in near you, expect this kind of crap to happen at some point.

  3. Right you are YT, even the ‘good ones’ have family and friends who aren’t nearly as domesticated and guests can cause as much trouble as an actual neighbor particularly when you add racial solidarity among Negroes with it. Your decent neighbor is going to side with his family and friends.

  4. YT, yep our neighborhood had a section 8 family move in thanks to some sonofabitch. Anyway it was a 40 year old grandmother trying to raise her daughter’s 5 children while she was bouncing around prison and crackhouses. It was fine for a few years but then the two twin boys became teenagers then the lady and her older relatives who were trying just must have given up because it became a flophouse for derelicts, you didn’t know who was really living there. Well one day one of the little geniuses decided he needed to break into the neighbor’s shed and that ended that little experiment in social uplift. As one black women said, “one day cute little black boys turn into the devil”, and for the most part HW is right they are not cut out for “freedom”, they need a heavy hand.

  5. Glad to see that WSFA was able to “immobilized our crews over here” to get this story.

    No what I am really glad to see is that everyone everywhere gets to experience negroes who don’t even have a basic grasp of the English language reporting the news.

    Don’t think Rahm wouldn’t let this city get Detroit-ed if he thought it would get him in the White House. Rahm serves Rahm. Rahm has big problems here. If he actually care about quality of life, he actually crack down on the beach crime (mahogony mobs), but he doesn’t. Neighborhoods nearby just look like police zones. He doesn’t give a shit about one side or the other, just not offending either by pretending he cares.

  6. “Your decent neighbor is going to side with his family and friends.”


    Exhibit 1: Trayvon Martin.

  7. Slightly off topic (not really)

    There was a negro riot for reasons of TNB in Washington DC this past Wednesday, it never made the national news, only local news. The original story says 100 groids, the follow-up says 20. I think 100 groids is more accurate.

    Posted: Thu 8:55 AM, Jun 07, 2012
    Reporter: April Davis
    Updated: Fri 2:20 PM, Jun 08, 2012

    Riots broke out in Washington overnight, with people outraged about a dramatic drug bust. The man who lawmen said tried to swallow drugs as deputies came up to him during an alleged drug deal is listed in stable condition at the hospital. The drug bust sparked so much trouble in Washington that police called in extra personnel and made arrests early Thursday morning.

    It was just after 7 p.m. Wednesday that about 100 people spilled into the streets of Washington, after a dramatic drug deal bust. Beaufort County deputies said 33-year-old Keith Small shoved baggies of drugs – believed to be marijuana and cocaine – down his throat when deputies approached him.

    Witnesses told WITN about Small choking on the baggies and not breathing. Some people are criticizing law enforcement, saying they were too violent with Small.

    The anger boiled over again overnight. Washington police said groups of people started causing trouble around midnight. They set fires in trashcans, threw bottles at buildings, and even tore up stop signs. Most of the rioting happened between 5th and 13th Streets, and on 9th Street between Market and Gladden.

    Washington Police Sgt. Sheppard said they arrested a handful of people, and they have warrants for a few more arrests. The trouble stopped once people started getting arrested with the help of extra Washington police officers and Beaufort County Sheriff’s deputies.

    They believe these riots were the result of the drug bust that ended with Keith Small in the hospital.


    June 07, 2012

    Update: Streets quiet after man’s drug arrest prompts riot

    WASHINGTON, N.C. – The streets of Washington are quiet now, but Wednesday night was a different story.

    That’s when witnesses say 20 to 30 people took to the streets, destroying everything in their path. A dramatic reaction to a drug bust gone wrong.

    Washington Police were called in to help.

    So why were people so upset? What prompted them to react that way? [BECAUSE THEY ARE NIGGERS, DUH]

  8. Said to be fighting over wimminz, would that be as in filthy vile mud sharks? Possibly like the ones interviewed? Look the part to me.

  9. “Even if “some good ones” move in near you, expect this kind of crap to happen at some point.”

    If they move in under their own steam it will almost certainly be good ones because they’re the ones capable of working and saving and the ones who most want to get their kids out of black schools – but as mentioned already eventually their relatives follow like a black tide.

  10. As blacks are the first to admit, everytime a group of them get together for any activity there is violence. There are shootings at funerals, wedding receptions, parties, baby showers… anyone can’t view them as violent animals is beyond me. I try and think back on how many social gatherings I have been to over the last 47 years and I lose count. I can say that the number of times there were fist fights I could count on one hand, and the number of homicides = zero! But then again, I hang only with White folk.

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