Tales From Detroit: Nike Air Yeezy II


Are sneaker riots coming to the D? How many African-Americans do you think will be killed over the Nike Air Yeezy II?

“ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Outside Burn Rubber, a sneaker boutique that plans to sell Kanye West’s highly anticipated Nike Air Yeezy II Saturday morning at a 400% markup, a secondary economy flourishes amid the colorful camping chairs lined up on the sidewalk. The two dozen people — mostly young men — sell their spots in line or pay others to hold their place.

Some have been there since last Friday, waiting for the chance to pay $1,000 for $245 kicks.

Dariante Dubose, 21, a student who lives on Detroit’s west side, arrived Tuesday and is fourth in line because he bought someone’s spot for $400 to ensure he’ll be able to buy his size, 9.”

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  1. Make sure the chimp-outs are posted here. It will be better than than the Yenta riots at the panty-hose sale at Macy’s.

  2. This is insane. I can’t understand spending $245 on shoes – much less $1,000 just to get the same ugly (I looked them up and yes, they are horrid) shoes a few days earlier than everyone else. lol Insane.

  3. How do niggers afford $45, let alone $1000 sneakers?

    I boycotted Nike about 15 years ago, over hyped/priced monkey shoes.

  4. Howard Hughes used to just run into a thrift store and pick up pairs of khakis when he ran out of stuff to wear. The richest guy in the world (really smart, accomplished and good looking too, all of which are hard things to be nowadays)— and they dumped him outside a mexican hospital on the street with broken bones hours after he was gone.

    Just fyi— never say never, but nothing is as unappealing as a man going around in logo clothes (Battle Flag excepted, of course). I don’t even like it on the motors of boats.

    This seems one of the reasons Corporatism overlooks my demographic. It’s just really hard to get certain types of white people to spend on obvious scams.

    Biblically— (now referring to the teachings of the orthodox youknowwhos) — the allowable markup is 16%. Not 400.

    And statistics would show that some of those shoes were bought with public money.

  5. — oh… they said all that happened to Howard because he was “eccentric.” Just one of those crazy old rich white people, you know. He wanted to live that way.

  6. — in a Welfare State, spots such as this really make people angry. So many cannot even think about expenditures such as this.

  7. These shoes probably cost about $1 to make in China.

    Phil Knight will be laughing all the way to the (Swiss) bank.

    Meanwhile, NBs, made in America (although I get the feeling that native born white Americans aren’t working in NB’s “American” factory) don’t cost anywhere near this much.

  8. Yeah, any time I think Whites have gone completely nuts with consumerism, I just look up blacks and Nikes. For God’s sake, how $&#@ing dumb do you have to be to pay $1400 ($1k for the x5 markup, $400 for the spot in line) for mass-produced athletic shoes?

    You could put that into a compounding financial instrument now and pay for your kid’s college fund when he’s grown up.

  9. That’s why I always buy NB. Made in America (even if it is by Yankees), reasonably priced, and they last 5x as long as Nikes.

  10. If you ride any of the buses out of the Loop that go up Michigan Avenue in Chicago, all the negroes get off at two stops. The one in front of Nike Town and the one at Watertower Place Mall.

    If they are at any place where they seem out of place. They are.

    My first thought is Nike is derelict in selling them to a retailer in an area where most of the population is on the EBT. But actually that is the best thing they can do as it keeps them (the apes) from leaving to go where they are sold.

  11. For the last two years, New Balance has been my shoe of choice. Rest assured about the workforce too. I’m from Massachusetts and knew someone from one of the towns with a New Balance plant, and he said the plant is really good for their economy. Just make sure you buy a pair labelled Made in USA, like my No. 993s, because only some of their shoes are domestic.

    While we’re on the subject, in case anyone’s planning to buy headphones in the near future, try Grado Labs. Almost all their models are made in Manhattan, albeit by mestizos, but in an old-fashioned workshop owned by an Italian-American. And the sound is unparalleled for the price!

  12. Re: Urban footwear:

    I don’t want to advertise here, but you can still buy GOOD leather work shoes and boots manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Like Merle Haggard sang, in “Okie from Muskogee”: “Boots are still in style in manly footwear, beads and Roman sandals won’t be seen!” Nor “Nikes.”

  13. Since when did you get politically correct with all the “African American” b.s.? 🙂 People are going to start wondering about your racist bona fides.

  14. @crusader
    spot on
    @mosin nagant
    nothing wrong with advertising if the product is good.
    very well made furniture is made in Lancaster County as well.
    “roman sandals” should be shipped back to rome. “defective merchandise”.

  15. Tariff foreign shoes based on actual retail price. Because nig shoes usually cost s few dollars to make but retail high it means a lot of revenue.

  16. Their neighborhoods are a warzone, the streetlights don’t work, the buildings are burnt out hulks and boarded up, everyone is on foodstamps, section8, wic, and every other govt entitlement you can name and some you can’t, BUT they have the money to waste on ridiculously expensive nikes! This should make clear to everyone how f***ked up our society and our govt (at the federal, state and county/city level) are. To the people in D, the real suckers are those who pay taxes and actually work for a living. They’re just sucking up air and taking up space on our dime. All the mainstream critics blame ‘democrats’ for the mess that D is and never mention the only reason, ABRA, for D being a sh**hole.

  17. some white unemployed people need to go rob the bongo lines waiting top fork over tax payer money for something do stupid and over priced

  18. I’ve paid $300 or so for some boots. Bought them about 10 years ago and still wear them nearly every day. There is a big difference between buying quality and buying a label. A label by the way that will only make you a target for being robbed or even murdered for a pair of shoes. No one will even consider so much as asking for my boots much less try to steal them.

  19. Where inthe HELL does some Negro get:

    1) $400.00 to PAY for a place in a line for stupid SNEAKERS?
    2) $1000 for a pair

  20. where does negro money come from? Crime, welfare or what they save up working minimum wage jobs while living off welfare or some other negros crime money

  21. A nigger and his money are soon parted.

    Reminds me of an old joke that I’ve told here before, but I’ll tell it again:

    A White man, a Jew, and a nigger die and go to Heaven. They get to the pearly gates, and St. Peter tells them they get one wish before they enter the City. The White man says he wants a car so he can get around the city. St. Peter gives him his car and he goes inside. Now it’s the nigger’s turn. He says he’s never seen 10,000 in cash before, so he wants a caddy and 10k in cash. St. Peter gives him his car and his cash and he enters the city. Finally it’s the Jew’s turn. St. Peter says, “what’s your wish? A nice car? Cash? What can I get you?” The Jew says, “nah, keep ya money; just give me $200 worth of stereo equipment and tell me vich vay da nigga vent!”

  22. American whites, for better or worse, tend to invest the bulk of their wealth in their homes. American blacks, on the other hand, invest in their shoes. I suppose this makes them more liquid since they can simply walk their “fortune” somewhere else.

  23. I think the Nikes shoe company should just come to terms with what they have created and change there name. Replace the ‘k’ with ‘gg’.

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