Soccer Euro 2012 – It’s a White Thing


So Southeastern Conference college football has gone from being all White in 1967 to being virtually all Black in 2012 (the lone exception my Vanderbilt team – how ’bout them Dores?!). But, there is good news for our people in the world of sport:

Euro 2012 Soccer Championships

Is he Swedish or Ukrainian?

I am enjoying the Euro 2012 Soccer Championships being held in Poland and Ukraine – it’s a decidedly White affair. Yesterday, I watched host Ukraine play Sweden – a very close match, won by Ukraine with 2 goals by Ukrainian soccer hero Andriy Shevchenko. The best news is that the Ukrainian team looked… Ukrainian and the Swedish team – virtually every man a handsome Nordic Swede! Since both teams have the same colors (yellow and blue), it was hard to tell the Swedes from the Ukrainians – the stands were packed by handsome yellow clad Whites, one would have thought Germany and her Ukrainian allies had won World War II.

Swedish Soccer Team Looks.... Swedish!

France sent a virtually all Black/Arab team to the World Cup in South Africa – and the team lost every match. The starting French national team at Euro 2012 is now about half White.

England seems to be the Tournament’s multi racial propaganda team. English team captain Steven Gerrard has threatened to pull the English team off of the field if spectators shout racial insults at Black English players. But this isn’t such a big threat as the English national soccer team has been basically walking off the field in international competitions since 1966 – the last time England won either the World Cup or Euro Cup.

So I encourage OD readers to check out the 2012 Soccer Euro Cup. Try to find a sports bar with some European ex pats and encourage pan European sportsmanship. I root for the team that has the prettiest White gals in the stands; so far I give the nod to the beautiful women of the Ukraine.


  1. BRA rules “Ammurica” so our beta overlords pick the most “athletic” players for the national team which basically means blacks who can run and jump, never mind if they can play soccer at World Cup levels. Pure social engineering the never ending quest to destroy whites and the country they built.

  2. soccer and all non contact/ non combat sports are pretty much an embarrassment to White people.

  3. Spain are walking talking evidence of racially homogenous sporting superiority. Technique, grace, intelligence, patience, genius.

    England are a divisive team with big headed carping blacks. Sol Campbell and Rio Ferdinand are a disgrace.

    However Terry is the really racist white man in the tourney. So have a care for him. I’d like to see Terry captain England in the final and lift the trophy.

  4. Stonelifter. Footie is the only real sport.

    Additionally I liked it when Italy subbed off the Black Balotelli and the white substitute Natali scored with his first effort. Balotelli was the single black on the field.

    I really dislike Sol Campbell’s hysterics about Ukraine. They have been polite enough so far.

  5. The FA uses football in England as a wedge to hurt the natives. Evra’s bitching about Suarez was a case in point. Sol Campbell is now in on the act. Rio Ferdinand also nudged and winked to the higher up witz’s berg’s in the FA.

    Many of the vaunted black players in England shirts seem to do wellin their teens and then rapidly become liabilities in their mid twenties. Meanwhile the English lads have been cut out of selection process and end up in minor teams with less hope for national team selection.

  6. John hits on something I think. Negroes mature physically prior to whites. The teens are their prime which is when sporting reputations are often made thereby gaining access into collegiate and professional sports. Whites maturing later are actually in our prime in our 20’s. Obviously this isn’t ironclad and there are numerous exceptions. But it is a general trend.

  7. England seems to be the Tournament’s multi racial propaganda team.

    They even made the politically correct pilgrimage to Auschwitz. The German team, too, but only three members.

    Controversy after German Soccer Team Visits Auschwitz

    “Dieter Graumann, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, expressed dismay on Sunday that ,only three players from the national team made the trip, saying the whole squad should have taken part, Spiegel Online reported on Monday.”

    Before going, they should have watched these first – “”

  8. The rules for American football have been tweaked to favor exclusively fast twitch muscles, hopefully soccer won’t fall to the same issue, being a more global sport.

  9. Spain are a very pure side.

    As for the Germans, those 20-30 year old lads didn’t do nuffin. It’s not their problem.

  10. I lived in Spain for several years and as John says, it’s an all-White team. I always root for them (though I also enjoy watching Holland and Portugal – both of which are mostly White teams).

  11. Why anyone would watch grown men play a sport obviously intended for teenage girls is beyond me.

    If you’re looking for a good, solid European-American sport that embodies our virtues and our sportsmanship, try the NHL.

    Sure, it’s pretty watching a graceful shot on goal, but it’s even better when that graceful shot on goal comes from a guy who was stitched up 14 minutes earlier and scored even though two Saskatchewan farmers were beating him with wooden sticks……

  12. Enjoy it while it lasts, eastern Europe is probably one of the last bastions of proud (and Christian) Caucasians. Check out the Ukrainian one hryvna banknote for evidence of this.

  13. If you’re looking for a good, solid European-American sport that embodies our virtues and our sportsmanship, try the NHL.

    There are few blacks in the NHL.

    Pro European road cycling is probably the most exclusive. The Giro d’Italia was in May, next up is Tour de France. The only negative is that the 2011 winner Aussie Cadel Evans adopted an Ethiopian baby last year.

  14. KevinV says:
    June 12, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    If you’re looking for a good, solid European-American sport that embodies our virtues and our sportsmanship, try the NHL… it’s even better when that graceful shot on goal comes from a guy who was stitched up 14 minutes earlier and scored even though two Saskatchewan farmers were beating him with wooden sticks.

    Jack Ryan.

    I agree that hockey is one of the best White sports. I just think the NHL season goes for too long – it should be a winter sport , Oct – early March. The regular NHL season is pretty much meaningless, the games don’t count for much, that’s why there are so many fights.

    College hockey in the Midwest and Northeast is really good. The young White lads play hard every game. I wish the SEC would take up college hockey and give up on all Black college football. Hockey does very well in Southern cities like Dallas, St. Louis and Nashville. We should buy a minor league hockey franchise, put it in some White Southern town and call the team something like:

    The Alabama Rebels – feature low cost tickets for White families, cheap beer, White guys fighting each other and great Southern Rock music and the crowd sings “Dixie” between the 2nd and 3rd period.


    International hockey is the best hockey – the Winter Olympics, Juniors – it’s like war between White nations. Some countries you think are hopeless in terms of politics – like Sweden are very good at international hockey. Who could envision a time where the nation of Sweden could challenge say the Russians in war – well in hockey, the Swedes to challenge the Russians and Canadians are outstanding.

  15. John says:
    June 12, 2012 at 11:56 pm
    Biathlon is the ultimate white man sport.

    Shooting and skiing.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I’m not sure that it’s called the “biathlon” but the Winter Olympic sport where the women, cross country ski and then shoot riffles at targets has to be the greatest White sport in world history. These women are so sexy, in skin tight winter outfits, then they shoot the guns. Sweden, Russia, Finland dominate this sport and I think many White men dream of facing some enemy of winter women warriors and I would surrender.


  16. I did see a Kenyan Nordic skier (i.e cross country) once, and I think it was the Calgary games during the “Eddie the Eagle” era. I guess someone thought if a Kenyan can run fast, then they should be able to ski a fast 10 km, but it was a disaster. After those games they came up with minimal standards to keep those clowns out.

    Its called “Nordic” for a reason, I guess. Besides, the waxing is too complicated and that should keep them out.

  17. I fully support hockey, it teaches White men how to be hard, ignore pain etc and gets young White men ready for hard times to come.

    The local team is good family entertainment. Doesn’t cost much to get in, no negros, no rap music and the like

  18. Hockey ,Rugby, and Australian Rules football are the best sports around these days.
    American football and baseball were pretty wonderful in the past before intergration and the changing of so many old rules ( because of intergration to a large degree).
    ” Caste Football” is an excellent website to read to find out what’s really going on in the world of sports ( including the lock-out of alot excellent white sportsmen in baseball, football, and basketball especially).
    There’s alot of great info about white sportsmen that never makes the mainstream news ( especially in the world of boxing as well as in all other sports ).
    The website is under the blogroll here on Occidental Dissent.
    “Caste Football” is an excellent source for sports news.

  19. There was some nationalist soccer violence in the run up to the Russia vs Poland match. I have mixed feelings about these nationalist, soccer hooliganism. I note that an Algerian and a Pakistani were either injured or arrested in these disturbances, so the violence wasn’t all White vs White. I hope that Russia and Germany are better guests this time than the last time they invaded Poland together (was it 1941?)

    “The injured included 14 Russians, a German, an American and a Pakistani, Warsaw ambulance service spokeswoman Edyta Galazkowska said. The nationality of the seven others was being established. None was in life-threatening condition, she said. About 50 people were taken to hospitals, eight of whom were still there Wednesday morning, according to the Warsaw province office.
    Police detained 156 Poles, more than 20 Russians, a Hungarian, a Spaniard and an Algerian, “

  20. Since when is Spain a homogenous racial country. Basque’s are one example (Nobody knows where they came from, but they’re sure that they’re not related to anyone else in Europe or Asia or Africa), the other is the fact that Spain was called Al-Andalus for seven hundred years as they were occupied by the Arabs and North Africans.

    So yeah, calling Spain an all white side is a misnomer.

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