Urban Youths Attacking Whites Again In Chicago


Here’s another video from Sally Kohn’s ginned up conservative race war:

Update: It turns out this wasn’t the only attack in Chicago over the weekend:

“I saw the mob of them … young teenagers, tweeners between 13 and 15 years old, like young kids you’d see at the mall,” the doctor said. “The thing I remember clearly was that they were enjoying frightening people. They went after a food delivery man on a bike. Then they went after me. It was like ‘Lord of the Flies.’

“And then they hit me with something, a hard blunt object on the back of the head, and I went down,” the doctor said.”

Maybe this Asian doctor missed Chauncey DeVega’s recent Alternet column: Inside the Fearful Conservative Mind: The Right-Wing’s Latest Race Terrors.

Note: I ran “you got to be aware of your surroundings” through Google Translate and it turned out “profile young black males, 13 to 39 dressed in suspicious attire.”

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  1. Did you see that Sally Kohn’s “conservative race war” article had 4 comments, all against her?

    4 Responses to ginned up conservative race war [colorlines]
    Athena says:
    May 30, 2012 at 3:25 am

    Athena says:
    May 30, 2012 at 3:27 am

    Perhaps you need to stop projecting, Ms. Kohn.

    Lee Manske says:
    May 31, 2012 at 6:00 pm
    How can you continue to make this stuff up? Are you on drugs when you write? Zimmerman was not immediately arrested because, at the time, evidence did not show (whether you like the law, or not) that he committed a crime. Only later, after the (flimsy)evidence was put together, did the arrest happen.

    On the racial animosity issue, I don’t know anyone who stirs the anger pot who is white, however, black leaders who fan the flames get prime time TV appearances. Hmmm… It seems to me that the issue is that young blacks tend to have a chip on their shoulder because of the illegitimately concieved notion that they are not being treated fairly by whites.

    Speaking of racial bias in voters….seems you forgot to state what percentage of blacks voted for Obama in 2008. Too large for you to state? Would it throw off your wall of fabricated data that you use to hide your inability to understand the depth of the issues?

    William Smith says:
    June 7, 2012 at 9:22 pm
    Lee, every point you make occurred to me as I read this article. I have never commented on articles before but this one seemed so one sided
    (this from a liberal who purports to be reasonable), I felt I had to point out the one-sidedness of her ‘reasonable’ article – only to find you had raised my objections point by point. Well done!


  2. But I thought them nigra 13 yo’s were just little babies, hardly capable of an ill thought, let alone assault and battery..

  3. I saw those my dear fellow. And no – none were from me. the Graphic of Sally, in the Upper Right hand corner – she looks like Christy Cummings, from “Best in Show”


  4. I found a link, via Auster’s site, for Second City Cop. Let’s see if my Comment goes through……

  5. Really you need to be moded -_-
    Another biased page full of blind one sided arguments. My job here is done.

  6. The blue-collar types that comment on shavedlongcock’s posts are fuuuuuuuucking HILARIOUS!

    Visiting always reminds me why I love working-class white people…they just don’t give a damn about social respectability. They love the truth as humor. So fun.

  7. @Eric Hale

    “The blue-collar types that comment on shavedlongcock’s posts are fuuuuuuuucking HILARIOUS!

    I’ll say! Check out the ‘White Victim of Red Line attack faults CTA’ entry, and then check out the comment from Anonymous June 13, 2012 9:11 PM — dude is speaking my language!

  8. I know the blacks produce alot of street criminals. It’s important to remain alert and streetwise and take measures to protect yourself.
    The blacks is not the only race that is violent, however.
    There are plenty of white Americans in uncle sam’s army, northerners, southerners, and white americans from all parts of the country, who are comitting horrrible war crimes* all over the world to people(s) who never did anything to us.
    What goes around,comes around. Something like that. It’s in the bible, I think. Something like that.
    My white race killed down about 70 million fellow whites during the 2 world wars. Alot more whites die at the hands of other whites than do whites at the hands of blacks.
    Never hear any complaining about that : That 70 million whites were dead on Europe’s battlefields after the 2 world wars.
    * uncle sam’s military is dropping tons of radioactive depleted uranium in the middle-east. uncle sam’s military destroyed Iraq in a war based on lies. uncle sam has admitted as such.
    And america’s “good” and “innocent” white american soldiers keep killing down people all over the middle east: people who never did anything to us.
    Never hear any complaining about that.

  9. I don’t know exactly what happened between Trayvon and Zimmerman ( and yes, I read all the accounts of the incident. Trayvon most likely was looking for trouble). Still, Zimmerman is not an angel or hero.
    He has a long history of causing trouble, also.
    Very strange: Zimmerman’s father was a federal judge. Zimmerman failed to make it into the police academy. Zimmerman supposedly loved working with the police as a neighborhood watchman.
    This Zimmerman that so many white Americans are supporting announced to the media, to the world, that the Sanford police dept is racist against blacks; This Zimmerman announced his “proclamation” the day the black panthers showed up in Sanford : This same Zimmerman who supposedly loved working side-by-side with the police dept.
    Zimmerman is not any kind of character that any white American should be supporting so whole-heartily.
    White Americans should remain neutral about what happened in Sanford.
    Zimmerman has a murky background.
    The trail is not over. We don’t know what possibly can come up in the trail concerning Zimmerman’s background.
    White Americans could be left with egg on it’s collective face. That would just give the race baiters even more reason to attack us.
    I think it’s best for white Americans to remain neutral and not give Zimmerman so much verbal support.
    Just wait and see how the trail goes. With a background like Zimmerman’s, anything can happen, all kinds of very unsavory things about his background can come to light, and white americans will look like sh*t for supporting him.

  10. The latest in Zimmerman is that his wife was charged with perjury. They’re going all out to make it appear there doing everything they can to nail him up just to keep the blacks from rioting in the hot weather – there’s a correlation between crime/civil-unrest and temperature.

  11. the anti White comes out of the yankee from California

    depleted uranium is to costly to drop a ton of it on any one, and only used on armored targets, not high-luxs with hajjis and an rpk. My guess is we stopped using it almost completely before the 1st year was out. It’s rarely used and I saw no large number of deformed kids in 5 years I spent in iraq

    simply put sparky doesn’t know what he’s talking about; starting with a false premise destroys an argument, and islam has always been hostile to the West and non moslems. They don’t need an excuse other than the koran and the hadith

  12. I’m very sure it’s costly to drop. That’s why congress and the president always makes sure the pentagon has all the money it needs (to wage war against people(s) who never did the US any harm).
    They never seem to get around to guarding America’s border with Mexico to protect white Americans.
    All one has to do is go online and find out the truth about how much radioactive depleted uranium was dropped on the middle east. Tons and tons of it.
    The truth is out already,stonelifter.

  13. @Stonelifter
    You don’t like what the yankees did to the south,but you don’t seem very upset when the yankees do the same in other countries against people who never did us any harm.
    You’re more of a yankee, at least in spirit, than I am.

  14. The war-like aspect of Islam was in abeyance for centuries ( since the Spanish kicked the Moors out of Iberia) until israel showed up on the scene, and uncle sam took to supporting israel unconditionally.

  15. i simply don’t care what happens to brown people because i do not think they are people, and the world is more complex than you make it out to be.

    islam stopped its war on the West because it was weaker than the West, now they thing they are gaining on us and picking up their attacks. given how soft people are on brown skins and hajjis, they are correct.

    ooo the internet is the source of all truth is it? riiiiight

  16. “she looks like Christy Cummings, from “Best in Show”

    the attempt at a “lesbian but cooler than ellen” image is funny

  17. http://www.jewsnotzionists.org
    http://www.revilo-oliver.com ( very good historian,very pro-white race).
    Just some websites out of many where one can go to find out more about what’s going on in the middle east and around the world.
    “Out Of The Widerness” website also is a good place for info about the middle-east and world news. ” Sinclair News” also very good source for news in general (very anti-communist).
    And yes, of course one must be discerning when reading any book,magazine, paper or website. This has always been the case throughout history.

  18. Joe – Whites cannot be nuetral aobut zimmerman. He’s a Brown Man – but ZOG tried to fob him off as “White” in order to demonize Whites. No matter to Negroes, though; they’ve been busily ATTACKING random Whites, in order to obtain “Justiss fo Tray Tray”

    FYI – his Jewish Judge father is an adoptive, not genetic, father. Zimmerman’s a Guatamalan. He’s probably more intelligent than most – maybe around 100 IQ points – but he stil has the Orc-y Guatamalan temperament, doesn’t he? He’s definitely being hoisted on his own racial petard, is’t he? I saw the befuddlement and fear in his face, in his court-room appearances.

    He’s down. He’s being persecuted. He may or may not learn his lesson. But I’m not going to join in, in kicking him, since I am not a member of a Negro Flash Mob pack.

  19. @Denise
    Yes, but he turned on the white cops the very same day the black panthers showed up in town. He is not truly on our side.
    And, I did not “kick” him. Just pointed out some of his faults. ” Kicking” implies unfairness. My post was fair in that I mentioned truthful things about Zimmerman. That is not kicking. Just mentioned some facts about him. Facts are facts, not “kicking”.

  20. Something doesn’t seem quite right about Joe. The critique of ww1 and 2 is quite strong here. Preaching to the crowd he is. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with warring on the Africans and Asians. If there’s plunder to be had at least.

    Zimmerman seems like a pretty good guy. Not someone I’d want as a friend per se but a good neigbour. He’s also interesting because he is a liberal product. Everything about him is typically progressive. Defending him seems to piss off the professional blacks as well. Anything that humiliates Sharpton is a good.

  21. @Stonelifter
    You may be interested in my latest very compelling post I just posted under “u.s. economy in depression”.
    It’s the one about chickens coming home to roost and even more “brown people” coming to America. You know, the ” brown people” you don’t just don’t care about, you know, the “brown people” who are really not human.
    Wrote a post about apple strudels also.

  22. Something about urban youts, I would presume these thugs would be wearing gang colors of some sort, but what I see is nothing but white t-shirts. Is it some sort of code nowadays not to wear gang colors? Is it only when leaving the territory do they drop gang colors? And when they go outside of gang territory do they become neutral to one another in some sort of truce between themselves?

    My hypothesis is that this is loosely organized via “community organizers” (Democratic slush funds) and other black thugs. I think John Kass of the Tribune thinks this as well, since previously on a different subject he has noted that the gangs in some precincts are the political muscle.

    Now you see why the Ds do not want to make this election about blacks since a desperate R candidate might break taboo and expose this.

  23. Possibly ” Joe” is an undercover agent for the chinese. “Joe” keeps talking about ancient chinese war strategy and all that. “Joe” is not quite apple pie , or even apple strudel for that matter. LOL

  24. no spark I’m not interested because the people who did the fighting don’t want the hajjis here and it was done on the sly. But don’t let facts slow you down

  25. @Stonelifter
    The war in Iraq, based on lies, uncle sam has admitted as such, created alot of Iraqi war refugees, and the refugees ( alot of “em ) wound up here in the states. The “hajjis” will very soon be your “fellow american citizens”.
    The war in Iraq brought alot of “brown people” you don’t like and think are not even human to this country, and uncle sam is going to make these “non-human brown hajjiis” equal to you in law.
    Congratulations! Great strategy.

  26. The proprietor of this site has been quite critical of the Iraq war.
    Back then I opposed it for quite different reasons, but this site is sympatico in ways I never considered when every conservative I saw in the press was a neo-con.

    Yeah you are a bit too keen to scrap. Stonelifter is a chilled out dude, with a sense of humour. A little bit too harsh on art but still quite genuine.

  27. The depleted uranium that uncle sam loves to use in his wars ( especially in Iraq 1&2)is having a very detrimental effect on US servicemen and women as well.
    Go to ” gulfwarvets” website for some good,solid info about this topic.
    One can google the effects of depleted uranium on the people of Iraq, and the effect on the new-born by a simple engine search.
    The depleted uranium used is also causing american children of US servicemen and women to be born with deformities as well.
    In the meantime, Iraqi war refugees immigrated to this country.
    Many of them–it’s a good guess– have a chip on their shoulder about the war. Uncle Sam doesn’t interview every refugee, hardly interviews any refugee.
    We don’t know who exactly came to this country because of the turmoil caused in Iraq by uncle sam.
    I find nothing humorous in it, and nothing humorous about anyone who supports it.

  28. Joe, your repetitive nature makes you sound like a brainwashing liberal.

    Now the Iraq war. People really fail to see it as it was. If you had a time machine and wanted to prevent the Iraq war the best time to go to would be 1990. And once you got there, the thing to do is ban all imports of middle eastern oil. With that done no one would have given two shits if Saddam invaded Kuwait (if he would still have had a military to do it with). But he did so we decided to help the Kuwaitis and keep Saddam from controlling more of the oil market. The terms of the seize fire after Saddams defeat banned him from having certain conventional weapons and WMDs and set up a no fly zone. Here’s a little nugget everyone forgets as well: Saddam had WMDs at that time for sure and the UN was actually dismantling/disposing of them until the inspectors were kicked out in the late 90s. So either you believe Saddam decided to dispose of his weapons himself or something else happened to them. The Bush lied routine is rediculous, especially onsidering independent Intelligence from our allies led them to the same conclusion. Clinton actually bombed WMD sites in the 90s after Saddam kicked the inspectors out and there was not 1 peep from a liberal anywhere. Bush II got the inspectors back in, a UN resolution stated military action would happen if he didn’t comply. After a year or so the inspectors reported that he was not complying, so we took him out. Also, he was firing at our planes in the no fly zone every day for 10 years.

    To hear liberals tell the story you’d think Bush threw a dart at a map. I’m no supporter of being there this damn long but I’m sick of hearing the war framed outside of historical context. Most Americans supported the war at the time not because of WMD rhetoric, but because we knew he was insane and we were sick of dealing with him. All throughout the 90s people who wanted to sound smart and liberals who wanted to stick it to Bush I would say about the first gulf war “we should have finished the job”. Well, Bush II called their bluff.

  29. “White Americans should remain neutral about what happened in Sanford.
    Zimmerman has a murky background.”

    You’re delusional. St. Skittlesboy doesn’t have a murky background? Zimmerman was deemed white at first (and rumblings of jewish given his name-ooh Bernie Goetz part2) then white-hispanic. If they’ll sell out one of their own useful idiots, they’ll sure as hell do it to anyone else, especially those evil white “racists” who dare defend themselves against violence.

  30. People forget that saddam wanted the world to think iraq had NBC weapons; he was playing a game and got his bluffed called. We also found chemical rounds in iraq, not as many as folks thought, and most in bad shape, but we found them. For awhile it was my job to take big wigs to the site where we found most of them, and there is a good circumstantial case to be made that saddam had the WMD’s removed during the build up, like he sent his more high tech fighter planes to hide in iran during round 1. The invasion got libya to agree to inspections, iran and north korea shut down their programs for a while, and it was also a good move in regards to killing a shit load of hajjis that potentially would have come to the usa to pull of terror attacks. Terror recruiters were literally begging for hajjis to sign up for missions inside the usa vs iraq. saddam tried to have GWB 1 killed which is an act of war clinton should have addressed.

    The invasion wasn’t the mistake, the dumb ass DWL notion of nation building was the problem. Which is why I never fully supported the invasion. I knew the invasion part would be cake but that Bush and the rest of the liberals would fuck up the “peace”

    the problem for you sparky, is this topic is my job, and the South my passion. I’ve done a whole shit ton of studying these things at a depth you’ve most likely haven’t. like you thinking highly of jfk…

    The men fighting the war don’t want hajjis to be here. The govt entrenched liberals at the state department running the refugee program are not the men in the sand w/ M4’s. sparky likes to tie unrelated events together to run down White men

    WW1 & WW2 occurred at a time when our average White men where God fearing, but or “elites” where not. If sparky did any real in depth reading on either topic he would know that was a common criticism of our “leadership” at the time. Both of those wars had to do with a lack of God not because a faith in the Almighty.

    Oh no, I’ve done a poor job expressing myself on art. I don’t care for what passes for modern art, John, or the modern crowd that plays our old music, does the old plays, operas etc. I some what enjoy art from before the 1900’s, very much classical music, and some of Shakespeare plays, and I respect the efforts of the great men who created those things before art was taken over by women, queers, anti White liberals and the like who hate us/ act as our enemy. They should be starved of our resources. I also think that in times like these, men should put away soft things like art, fancy food and the like. We should spend our free time making extra money to see our families through the hard times; learning useful skills like how to repair things/ build things; and getting our bodies, minds and souls ready for war. Art, music, the classics etc, thats for our descendants a few generations from now. Those of us alive today have to do the hard things which will ensure we have safe, stable nations for our descendants.

  31. The Zimmerman story isn’t really about the events themselves, it’s about the treasonous media lying to throw whites under the bus and getting caught red-handed. It’s about the anti-white media. We should never let them live it down. They lied about Zimmerman, then they’ve lied about the past 80 years of history too!

  32. I know the southerners detest uncle sam because they trip over themselves in droves to join the yankee army. And they think they are going to have secession and their own country while simultaneously being joined- at- the -hip with uncle sam’s yank army.
    LOL/ More great strategy!

  33. Many who posted here overlooked my main point: That uncle sam’s wars in Iraq ( and everywhere else) just results in more immigration into this country. Even more immigrants and even more war refugees.
    My main point was overlooked.

  34. no joe you don’t have a point because the people who do X are not the people who do Y.

    and yes Southrons like to fight, like to join the army and fight. It’s who we are. It’s why we were sent here in the 1st place. Get over it or bugger off.

  35. I guess the southerners do like to fight. Problem is they never seem to win anything substantial for themselves ( in the past) and now that they are fighting uncle sam’s wars all over the world, they’re not winning anything substantial for present-day white americans either ( though,of course, there are many in the military from other regions of the country also, ).
    After all the wars , the country is in a bigger mess than ever. After every war, things only get worse for white americans.
    Through all the wars, and throughout all the wars, the immigrants still keep pouring in.
    Throughout all the wars, our border with Mexico is still open.
    X +Y = Open borders and continual immigration from the third world, even immigration from the countries the US miltary is fighting in!
    Southern fighting spirit– while I do respect it to a degree– ain’t doing present-day america very much good.
    The US military is not doing anything to save america. That’s not part of uncle sam’s communist agenda.
    The foot-soldiers in uncle sam’s communist army, while not outright communists themselves, Do follow the communist orders coming out of Washington.
    This is not true resistance, nor will it lead to secession for the south, as so many southerners love to volunteer in uncle sam’s military.
    While proclaiming love of folk and kin and heritage and culture the southerners simultaneously proclaim to us their mercenary fighting spirit.
    I guess “they”, the southerners, were put here in the first place to be mercenary foot-soldiers for whatever government that happens to be in ascendant ruling power at the time, without thought of the consequences of their thinking and behavior, for all their talk of love for kin and folk ; Even if that means providing their mercenary fighting talents to a military/government that is doing everything to run their own folk and kin into the ground.
    Great strategy.

  36. Criticizing youths for delinquency is, according to my expensive cultural marxist (no intellectual diversity), education, positively misogynist. These boys roaming the streets have no fathers. But single mothers are all saints. And the government has taught them according to progressive standards (moral relativism, self-esteem, group guilt, etc.) “The nuclear family must be destroyed” according to one NYU professor. Clawar-Pivin, Alinsky, Marcuse rule!

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