U.S. Economy in a Depression

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“Depression” isn’t even the right word. The economy would eventually bounce back from a depression. This is more like the death of the economy.

Note: If you a long time OD reader, which places you in the Top 1 percent of intelligent people who can tell you America is doomed, you know that what we are really facing is the steady convergence of six catastrophes:

There is the debt crisis/financial crisis, the racial crisis, the diversity/political crisis, the cultural crisis, the aging crisis, and the energy crisis.

Each of these crises also operates upon the other ones: the racial crisis has an impact on the energy crisis, which is affected by the political crisis, which is affected by the cultural crisis, etc.

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  1. Denise: I have made exactly the same intellectual pilgrimage that you have. I didn’t mean to end up where I am today, it has been where my head and heart have led me. I totally agree that the air must absolutley be cleared regarding to the events leading up to WWII.
    Lawrence of Arabia: I am glad that you are enjoying your new home, but will you ever be an Arab? I lived in Japan a number of years. Had I married a Japanese woman, I might (a very big MIGHT) have gained permission to live there my entire life, but I would have never been Japanese, I would have always been a stranger in a strange land. I want to live with people like me, who share my culture, heritage, history, language, etc. Unfortunately, as the Time article posted by Hunter proves, my true country has declared itself to be proposition immigrant nation, and I feel more and more like a stranger here to. The Aneid of Virgil comes to mind–searching for a homeland.

  2. I have no interest in the survival of any US soldiers who is not on the border with Mexico.

  3. @Wayne

    I’ll take the Odyssey instead — Odysseus battling petty gods with nothing but his wits and his guts, fighting his way back to his rightful home, and slaughtering all bastards squatting on it.

  4. Only military types can be trusted because they do whatever uncle sam tells them to do without questions or objections. They supposedly don’t like uncle sam’s agenda but they will follow his orders to a T.
    And they don’t even have to be drafted. They volunteer themselves to become cannon-fodder for uncle sam’s communist army.
    Forcing uncle sam’s agenda down-the-throats of people all over the world while complaining that uncle sam is forcing the communist agenda down their throats.
    What a joke.
    Great strategy to undermine uncle sam– Follow his orders to a T.

  5. Uncle sam wanted to take over puerto rico. Now we have puerto ricans. Uncle sam wanted to fight in korea. Now we have koreans. Uncle sam fought in vietnam. Now we have vietnamese,hmongs, and cambodians. Uncle sam is fighting in the middle east now, now we are getting immigrants from the middle east. Uncle sam is waging low-level warfare against pakistan, now we have pakistani immigrants.
    Everytime uncle sam makes war against any country, we white Americans are then flooded with immigrants from the very same country (ies) that our military just fought in/ fighting in.
    I’m against immigration. That’s one reason I’m against uncle sam’s empire building. Every time there is a war, we get even more immigrants and even more war refugees.
    The empire is here now in the states.
    Now white americans are surrounded by foreigners. It’s makes it that more difficult to put up any kind of effective resistance against Washington.

  6. “Everytime uncle sam makes war against any country, we white Americans are then flooded with immigrants from the very same country (ies) that our military just fought in/ fighting in.” It’s the tar baby, the more you foolishly strike it for nothing the more you get tarred.

  7. “The traditions of Prophet Muhammad remind us that humankind was put on this earth to be the custodian of God’s creation. Treating animals with kindness and mercy is just one of the responsibilities embedded in that custodianship. Prophet Muhammad’s words and behaviour make it clear that causing defenceless creatures pain and suffering is not only completely unacceptable, but we will also be answerable to God for such actions.

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  8. Re: “it sure is swell to have such anti White White folk around here”:

    Does that mean the anti-war crowd, or the pro-Islamic, or who?

  9. Re: “i learn to dislike and distrust non veterans/ military and non farm kids more everyday”: Although having worked in a military career is generally taken as a likely indication of trustworthiness, I don’t see how it follows that NOT having worked in the military profession makes anyone un-trustworthy, The “non-farm” scrutiny I CAN understand, though: Beware of cosmopolitan, slick city ways.

  10. Stonelifter-

    “. . .personally I’m not 100% anti union. I believe in checks and balances on power, and labor unions are that check and balance vs employers. However, unions and labor laws of the here and now are out of control. I don’t know enough about the topic to speak at length on it, but I do think labor unions were important at one point and time and would be again if there was less legal preference for them and the labor unions had more workable/ more realistic goals. . .”

    I know this matter cold. I am 1000% anti-union. I could write a long piece on it.
    Unions get monopoly power mostly from the Wagner Act of 1935. The underlying “theory” is Marx’s labor theory of value. It asserts that profits arise from underpaying workers. and that wages would drop to subsistence on a free market.
    The boss steals from workers. The labor laws are to return the booty to rightful owners- the workers. Union power (from government) is claimed to be good for ALL workers, including non-union workers.

    Here is the horrible truth: union monopolies limit the supply of labor in a certain field (probably left field). This leads to higher wages FOR UNION MEMBERS ONLY, not for non-union workers. The supply of labor is increased in the non-union arena, THUS LOWERING WAGES FOR NON-UNION WORKERS.


    The pro-union laws LOWER THE WAGES OF THE NON-UNION WORKERS. The unions STEAL from the non-unions. Whether they know, or want to know, is a moot point. Unions do evil not good- that is the horrible truth.

    Where do profits come from, if not from underpaying workers? Profits are from a transfer of capital from LOSING business to WINNING business. Profits and losses.
    The left is very reluctant to talk about losses under capitalism. Or risks. The profit for the ENTIRE economy is a big fat goose egg- zero, believe it or not. (True for a free market with sound money. Today there are huge printing press gains. Accounting assumes a stable unit of account.)

    If all the workers were unionized there would be no one to shear. No victims.

    Unions claimed to represent “LABOR”, and not just UNIONS, so as to give the impression that pro-union legislation was good for ALL workers.

  11. Robert in Arabia: Unlike your average Judeo-Christian Republitard, I have no beef whatsoever with the Islamic world in traditionally Islamic lands. I respect their civilization and culture greatly. They have great histroy, art and cities.
    I detest Islam in Western lands because it doesn’t belong here. That said, I don’t blame the Muslims, I blame the DWL’s who let them flood our countries while waging war in theirs.

  12. Wayne, I have the feeling you don’t know much about moslems in moslem lands. What islam expects and how they act is 180 degrees out of phase. Animal curlerty and bestiality is rampant in moslem lands

    the best way I know to turn anti moslelm is read the hadith. It’s a horrid book

    i simply don’t trust non vets because the non vets don’t know shit about how those type of things work. I know a man with a scroll or tab on his shoulder is a proven man, wont’ steal your food when he is starving, or run from incoming fire, or have no regard for others on his team. Non vets aren’t my people and are foreign to me in many ways, but mostly I’d like to punch them in the face when they speak on matters they know nothing about or disregard our well being

  13. “Non vets aren’t my people and are foreign to me…but mostly I’d like to punch them in the face….” It’s not only Anglo-Celts and other whites born and bred north of the Line (“Yankees”) who are not my people, but also all non-military experienced. Does this allow any dialogue or discussion with them, then?

  14. Maybe some non-vets Do know alot of “shit about how these type of things do work”, maybe that’s why some non-vets want no part of it. Because ” how it works” surely isn’t in white America’s favor.

  15. Stonelifter: I really don’t give a shit about what Muslims do in their own lands. It’s not America’s job to be the global cop, telling them how to live there while importing them here and letting them run rampant is just plain stupid…or maybe not. Importing Muslims into the West makes them the West’s problem, just like they are Israel’s problem. America had no Muslim enemies before Israel came into being.

  16. Stonelifter: IMO Muslims are scared shitless of the West’s degenerate, toxic, corrosive culture of liberal democracy that the USA, Britain and Isreael are spreading like a bad case of the clap. They don’t want efemate sons a la Justin Beiber, they don’t want disgusting rebellious women like the Kardashians. They don’t want their young girls behaving like Lady Gaga and Madonna. They want their children to maintain thier culture and heritage, same as us in the South want for our own children. And who, pray tell, is seeking to destroy both?

  17. Stonelifter: I have worked very closely with the military in my day and I can tell you there isn’t 1 in 50 who has any appreciation for the Declaration of Independence or Constitution. They are diversity, tolerance and multiculti programmed, or at least the officers are. I hope that there is enough true American who can see in the military who will protect our people and states should it come to blows, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  18. limited dialogue on certain topics, full dialogue on others. But look at it from my end, I have 28 years of experience living in a world completely foreign to yours. My world isn’t hostile to yours, but yours is hostile to the men in mine. Why should I trust you? How has put you to the test? Who on review board has looked at you and said yes this man is worthy to be among other picked men?

    there should be no non Whites in the military. None. They are nothing but problems

    no joe, you don’t know a thing about anything and need to keep studying like you allude to on a regular bases

  19. Wayne, I agree I don’t care what hajjis do in there own land, but there is nothing about them to use such glowing terms. Our 1st overseas military action was against…. hajjis when Jefferson sent the Navy to north africa. islam was not an iusse for the West for a long time because they were weak and we were strong. Now those things are becoming more balanced and moslems are back to their original ways. If I were king of the USA, and sent all the jews to israel, you can be damn sure the hajjis would balk at it. They only botch now because the West is weak.

    Nope, not all vets are saints, and its getting worse, but at the same time the combatants are getting better. Almost every SpecOp’s vet I know is sick of BRA, and almost every one of the young White men in my son’s platoon knows the deal with BRA. They are more laid back about it because they’ve never known anything else, but they are for the most part race aware. Much more so then the typical White person. non Whites in the Army are good at making White men “racist”

    I have no idea what pouges and remf’s are like because they aren’t in my day to day work, but I imagine they are pretty low down which is why they didn’t have the balls to take a mans job. And I’ve criticized senior officers here before. You don’t make 04 with out being PC.

  20. I shall continue to study as I usually do. We all should.
    For all your “bravery”, you can never comment on any one of my points in any rational way, with facts, or post websites where we can possibly go to learn all the incredible things you know.
    You never approach any of my points in a straight-forward way. You always avoid my points, one way or another.
    If you have so much knowledge, and you care so much about your fellow whites, I would think you wouldn’t have any hesistation to share your great knowledge.
    But, you never do. I know you don’t like me, or what I have to say– I couldn’t care less– but you never get around to sharing any true knowledge, or hard facts, with anyone period.
    I posted yesterday a veteran website. I would suggest to all readers to find out what’s really going on in our military. “gulfwarvets” is the name of it.

  21. Years ago I worked on MCB Camp Pendelton. Contract work (not security or anything even close, civilian).
    The place was a ghetto with niggers, wiggers and mexicans everywhere. Rap music blasting in the housing areas. I saw the ghetto tricked out cars and SUVs all over the place. Not what I’d had expected at all.
    The young Marines I worked with were just average guys who partied and drank excessively.
    From what I understand 90% of active duty personel never even come close to a battlefield. Mostly support and clerical workers.

  22. Stonelifter: The action in North Africa was against pirates who were operating along their own shores. It’s certainly the Navy’s job to protect our ships and crews, but it’s not the Army or Marine Corps’ job to restructure foreign socities in the image of liberal democrazy.
    I agree the West is week and the world knows it, not just Muslims, but the Asians too (The Africans are just out for a free lunch). Muslims are an immediate threat to us because our own traitorous elite have allowed them into our midsts, among our wives, children and parents. They are not a threat in their own countries, but they are a threat in ours. If the West took action tomorrow to round up and deport every single Muslim in our lands, I’d be as happy as a pig in shit. But to fight them there and import them here is madness.

  23. Sorry, that should be “weak” not “week”.

    The DWL elite’s behavior reminds me of the line from Full Metal Jacket “Inside every gook is an American trying to get out”. Yeah, right.

  24. agreed Wayne, agreed. But the regular people who want to do the fighting aren’t the people who want to important them. It’s just about always been the “elites” vs the rest of us, through out the entire recorded history. To accuse the regular folks of the sins of the “elite” is bogus

  25. Stonelifter, do you honestly think these ME wars are beneficial to this nation?
    In my opinion the wars should be focused on the southern border, not half way around the earth against a backwards people with little to no capabilty to harm us in any real way.

  26. To accuse the regular folks of the sins of the “elite” is bogus
    The regular folks, (meaning young active duty military, I assume), enforce the sins of the elite. The elites don’t kill, their armies do.
    They are tied in, the arm and the hammer. When’s the last time the military has not been the strong arm to the elites?
    They are on the Federal payroll. The yankee payroll.
    How do you justify living off of and servicing the every need of the same entity you hate?

  27. Without the global military threat/enforcement, the Union would collapse(tomorrow).
    The military has not done anything pro-White for well over a hundred years. The elites have made sure of this and will continue to do so, so long as they sign the paychecks.

  28. No the ME wars are not a direct benefit to the nation. They could be if we took their resources for ourselves and did a few other things differently but… sadly we don’t do that. I didn’t support either war very much because I knew we’d get bogged down in the silly and un-doable nation building shit. Which, hay the army doesn’t want to do either. But we don’t get a perfect world to live in. We have to deal with the reality at hand. mexico is a bigger short term threat, islam the bigger long term threat.

    On the other hand, we now have a large pool of combat tested, combat proven White men to form a cadre to train other White men if things go bad in the next 10-20 years. That will benefit us in its own way.

    People who fall for cons are victims not criminals joe, they’ve been conned. The military gives poor and middle class White men the chance at adventure and job skills. There are no other programs to help them out. I am a PMC and I work for who I want at very high rate of pay. Who else would pay me a daily rate more than most peoples weekly wage? Or give me the skills to earn that kind of money? What other job would I earn 100k plus a year with part time work? Ulster Scots have a long and proud tradition of doing the exact same thing I am doing. Lots of men do the same version of what I do, but with different jobs. These things have been our way for 100’s of years, and have worked for us for 100’s of years

  29. Ok, I think I have finally figured out your position, Stonelifter. You don’t give a damn about anything but you and your own.
    The job you have is for your own self intrests, nothing to do with the broad spectrum of US global terrorism and wars of pure aggression that don’t benefit anyone, but the elite.
    You use the money to live the good life and the real life experience to one day help out others when it all goes belly up.
    Fair enough. I don’t really care much about this nation anymore myself. I used to, not anymore.
    Never meant to put you down, I just couldn’t make sence of your posts.

  30. LOL, I also use to care, but that was when I was a young man and not wise to the way things work. Things are worse now then in the 80’s so young people are aware of somethings sooner if life, but lack perspective. I go easy on those who don’t understand because I was 20 and relatively clueless once. I however didn’t spout off like knew everything because my old man would put a boot in my ass if I did.

    No worries Sean. I do care a fair amount about a lot of things, however there is very little I can affect. In practical terms, I don’t give a damn about much of anything past what is good for me and mine, because I lack the ability to affect things beyond a limited scope. I’m not a broad horizon kind of guy by nature. What I can do is put my family in the best possible situation to ride out the hard times to come. I fully support others doing the same thing, even if it puts them at cross purposes from me because I understand family 1st. A wise man saves up an inheritance for his children’s children. That requires money. My particular skill set doesn’t command a high price stateside. GWOT or not I’d still make way above average money, but the GWOT drove up demand which drove up wages. Just like any other line of work. I don’t care about the GWOT one way or the other. I didn’t start it, I can’t end it. It’s a job. So was the drug war, so was working in africa etc. The type of contracts I do like don’t come up very often, and I wouldn’t qualify for them at all if I didn’t keep my skills sharp with more every day work. On second thought, I enjoyed working in africa. The work was ok, but I meet a lot of nerdy, beta type White men working there and came to respect them greatly. Its those types of guys who make nations great but never get much respect for it. I very much benefited from working with them in non materiel ways.

    If, when things go belly up, I will be able to help not just my kin, but many of those living around me. I have things, food and plans. When times are hard, men will look for leaders, and there I will be, with ideas, fully formed with a life time of experience in shit wholes to back up my ideas. Who will other men and other families look to for guidance? Their elected leaders who no idea, or their freind and neighbor with his shit together?

    The Ulster Scots were brought here to keep injuns in check, and we fought for the Brits for along time despite not liking them. We have a national/ genetic temperament that makes us very good soldiers. We like to fight and hardships don’t phases us. The military is a good route for a lot of young White men for a variety of reasons. My father paid off his farm by going the PMC route after his 20+ SF career. I went the PMC route after getting a crap OER ( for not supporting EO stuff), and have spent the last 21 years doing that kind of work. It’s been a great life, lots of money, lots of adventure, lots of working with the best of White men, lots of time off. ( expect the last few years of a shit marriage). It’s an all male job. I rarely work with non-Whites. It’s been 5-7 years since I worked with a non White on my crew. The White men in our line of work are, for the most part, very aware, very un-PC. No one to file false EO or sexual harassment suit against me. Were else can a man do those things and say those things about their co-workers? My son is under 30, went my route and has paid off his house/ farm and now is in school going for an Ag degree. Which BRA is paying for. If you think about it, me and mine have looted BRA. Which would be uncool if we lived in a righteous nation but since we don’t… The young lady I am “dating”, her brother became a doctor on BRA’s tab because he went the army route.

    Folks need to stop thinking about how it benefits BRA and start thinking about how it benefits them

    Now is that the best way for everyone? Clearly the answer is no. But we all have to do the best we can with what we have and respect others route in these confusing times.

    I don’t really live the “good life” though. I enjoy my life very much but I don’t live a soft life, no luxury cars or vacations etc. I put my money to work to make more money and live way bellow my means. I have no debt, I wear wrangles from wal-mart, I drive used Ford trucks etc. Didn’t really pay off like it should have because of WRA, but I did my part for my kin and that’s a separate issue. I do have a few high(ish) end luxury items as defined by rednecks and a semi impressive firearm collection, but mostly I own things that add value to life. Mine and others.

    I would/ do fully support aggressive wars that secured resources and benefits for my people/ nation. One of my chief complains about the usa is, its the worse empire in history as in, it’s an empire but it doesn’t do the things empires use to do to benefit its founding stock. I’m not advocating that route, but I have no moral qualms with it either.

    If I were king of america, the GWOT would be a much different critter and probably enjoy more support, but like I said, I don’t live in a perfect world or have my way. I do look for the good within the bad, and the upside is we now have a cadre of very combat capable White men to train other White men. I can’t say for sure if that will ever be needed or not, but it’s there.

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